Chapter 602 – Luo Jun’s Grievances!

Almighty Sword Domain

Luo Jun smiled without any restraint, and it was filled with arrogance. It was like he was afraid others wouldn’t be able to hear his laughter, so he’d even enhanced it with profound energy, causing it to spread far and wide. It resounded throughout Ancient Domain City.

Luo Jun was a man with aspirations. He desired to unify the entire human world, but that wasn’t his goal. His goal was to unify the entire continent, and then utilize its Karmic Luck to become a Saint Emperor. Because a Mortal Emperor who had attained the Saint Realm wasn’t addressed as Mortal Emperor but Saint Emperor!

But he had a huge barrier in his path, and that was Yang Ye!

But now, Yang Ye was dead, so no one was left to stop him on his path to unifying the continent. Luo Jun’s laughter grew louder, and it swept even further when he thought of this….

It wasn’t long before a strange scene had appeared here.

Everyone was looking at Luo Jun just like that….

On the other hand, Lan Yun’s countenance was ghastly pale while her eyes were filled with horror….

“Mortal Emperor….” Zhao Zhangfei called out softly to Luo Jun who was still roaring with laughter.

Luo Jun waved his hand and spoke with slight displeasure, “Zhangfei, didn’t I order you to gather the army? Why haven’t you gone and done it? Yang Ye is dead, and Ancient Domain City’s morale is low. It’s the best opportunity for us to strike! It would take an army of 300,000 soldiers and 1,000 Exalt Realm experts at most to conquer Ancient Domain City….”

As he spoke and spoke, Luo Jun noticed that something was off because all the subordinates before him had unsightly expressions, and some even revealed terror. So, his eyes narrowed slightly as he swiftly turned around, and then he saw a familiar face.

At this moment, the sword formation had dispersed, and Yang Ye wasn’t far away from where Luo Jun stood.

Luo Jun’s face was truly a sight to behold when he saw Yang Ye....

“So you desired my death that strongly!?” Yang Ye smiled, and then he shot forward explosively while countless strands of sword qi emerged from the wooden sword in his hand and shot swiftly towards Luo Jun’s group.

“Mortal Emperor, leave! Hurry!” Zhao Zhangfei was shocked. He hadn’t expected that Yang Ye was actually still alive and even such a monstrous genius from the Hallowed Grounds had died at Yang Ye’s hands. Exactly how strong is he?

Luo Jun had only brought a few hundred Exalt Realm experts with him this time, so Zhao Zhangfei was very clearly aware that Luo Jun’s life would definitely be in danger if Luo Jun didn’t leave right away. Thus, he’d asked Luo Jun to leave at the moment Yang Ye had attacked.


Some of the Exalt Realm experts had charged forward towards Yang Ye in order to protect Yang Ye, but their bodies were instantly penetrated upon coming into contact with Yang Ye’s sword qi. All of them didn’t even have the strength to resist Yang Ye’s sword qi, and this even included their spatial barriers because it was utterly ineffective right now. The cause of this was that those strands of sword qi had been enhanced by the wooden sword and 10th level Sword Intent!

“Mortal Emperor! Hurry up and leave!” Zhao Zhangfei spoke in a low voice because he noticed that Yang Ye seemed to be even stronger than before!

“Leave?” Luo Jun shook his head and said, “You want me to abandon all of you and flee? I’m unable to do that. Moreover, why would I, Luo Jun, fear him?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Luo Jun drew the Mortal Emperor Sword before transforming into a ray of white light that shot explosively towards Yang Ye and entered into battle with Yang Ye.

“Quickly order all the other Exalt Realm experts to rush over!” Zhao Zhangfei gave the order to the troops behind him, and then his figure flashed and charged towards Yang Ye.

“Motherfuckers! They’re actually ganging up on him! How shameless! Young Miss Ding, please deactivate the grand formation so that we can lend Yang Ye a hand….”

“Young Miss Ding, please deactivate the grand formation, my blade thirsty for blood….”

“Deactivate the grand formation so that we can annihilate Luo Jun and his gang of cowardly trash….”

The violet mink had instantly transformed into a ray of violet light that appeared outside the city when she saw Yang Ye attack Luo Jun’s group…. Such a scene caused Ding Shaoyao’s eyelids to twitch because she noticed that the grand formation which covered the city seemed to be completely useless before the little fellow. Fortunately, that little fellow is on Yang Ye’s side, otherwise we would probably have a huge headache dealing with her!

Xiao Yuxi tightened her grip on Sheerwing as she gazed at Ding Shaoyao. The latter grinned and said, “Deactivate the grand formation!”

As soon as the grand formation was removed, all the countless experts within the city cheered before flashing out from above the city walls.

“Mortal Emperor, leave immediately!” Zhao Zhangfei arrived by Luo Jun’s side and resisted Yang Ye with some of the other Exalt Realm experts and prevented Yang Ye from approaching Luo Jun. The southern territory would crumble right away once Yang Ye died, and it was the same for the alliance of the central territory and Luo Jun. So, no harm could be allowed to befall Luo Jun!

Luo Jun’s face had turned gloomy upon noticing countless experts charging out from Ancient Domain City, and he hesitated for a moment before he said, “Everyone retreat!”

If they were only facing Yang Ye, then even if their joint forces couldn’t kill Yang Ye, they would be able to suppress him. Yet now, Yang Ye had help as well, so his side had no chance at victory!

As soon as he finished speaking, Luo Jun turned around and transformed into a black ray of light that vanished into the distance.

Even though Luo Jun had ordered them to retreat, Zhao Zhangfei and the others hadn’t because someone had to keep Yang Ye here.

“Don’t even think of leaving!” Yang Ye grunted coldly when he saw Luo Jun attempt to flee, and the profound energy within him surged into the Stellar Shuttle. At the same time, the Ninth Hell Swordwings appeared on his back, and his figure transformed into a ray of light that shot forward explosively. But right at this moment, Zhao Zhangfei suddenly obstructed his path.

“Yang Ye, you can dream of….” Zhao Zhangfei hadn’t even been able to express his resolve to keep Yang Ye from Luo Jun when a ray of light shot explosively towards him. Such a scene horrified Zhao Zhangfei, and he swiftly stabbed his spear forward.


The tip of his spear collided with the ray of light, and then the ray of light was blasted into pieces. However, Yang Ye suddenly flashed by while Zhao Zhangfei’s eyes opened wide….

“How formidable….” He’d just finished speaking these words when his head tilted to the side, and then it rolled off to the ground….

Yang Ye felt that his speed was extremely swift, but he hadn’t imagined that Luo Jun’s speed was actually not inferior to him at all. So, he’d actually been unable to close the distance between him and Luo Jun.

Suddenly, Luo Jun stopped in midair while countless strands of white energy converged in the sky above him before ceaselessly surging towards him. Luo Jun turned around as he swiftly drew the Mortal Emperor Sword, and then a huge wave of white sword energy tore space apart as it slashed down at Yang Ye!

A cold glow flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes a dazzling glow erupted from the wooden sword. Just like that, Yang Ye shot forward along with his sword towards Luo Jun’s white sword energy.


An enormous explosion immediately resounded upon collision, and then a ray of light charged through the white sword energy and didn’t lose momentum at all as it shot violently towards Luo Jun.

Luo Jun’s eyelids twitched as he witnessed this scene, and then he turned around and fled towards the Ocean of Anarchy. He was sure that Yang Ye hadn’t just avoided suffering any injuries from the previous battle, Yang Ye had even become stronger!

Even though he wished for nothing more than to kill Yang Ye, he had no choice but to admit that while his current strength was sufficient to fight Yang Ye, he was absolutely unable to defeat Yang Ye. There was quite a gap between him and Yang Ye right now. So, unless he conquered the northern territory or southern territory and obtained the Faith Energy of 4 territories, otherwise he would absolutely be unable to defeat Yang Ye!

Luo Jun wanted to kill Yang Ye, and the same could be said for Yang Ye! He had to head to the Hallowed Grounds with the Sword Spirit to retrieve that sword. But he couldn’t head to the Hallowed Grounds without resolving the dangers that the southern territory faced. Thus, so long as he had an opportunity, he would do all he could to annihilate Luo Jun. Unfortunately, while Luo Jun’s strength was inferior to him, Luo Jun’s backing was much more superior….

Regardless of which world one resided in, strength wasn’t the only factor that was important. Backing and support was important as well….

In next to no time, Luo Jun had arrived above the Ocean of Anarchy, and it could be considered to be his territory.

Yang Ye stopped in midair because Luo Jun had fled to the back of the army garrisoned on the Ocean of Anarchy, and he was facing an army of 1,000,000 strong.

Even though he wasn’t in danger anymore, Luo Jun’s expression had become even more gloomy and unsightly because Yang Ye had utterly humiliated him again. Moreover, he’d lost a few hundred Exalt Realm experts as well. Luo Jun swore that he would never believe anyone from the Hallowed Grounds again because he lost so many forces every single time he did that….

“Luo Jun, do you dare to come out here and fight me?” Yang Ye stood in midair as he gazed at Luo Jun who was standing amidst the army, and he enhanced his voice with profound energy. So, it swept through the surroundings and resounded by the ears of every single member of Luo Jun’s army.

“Zhuge!” Luo Jun shouted with a gloomy expression, and it wasn’t long before Zhuge appeared before Luo Jun.

Luo Jun said, “How long more do you need to awaken those fellows?”

Zhuge pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “At least five days. Even though I can forcefully awaken them right now, it would cause their strengths to be weakened greatly, and it wouldn’t be worth it. I know you want to annihilate Yang Ye, but we can’t be impulsive because if we were to awaken them right now, then their strengths wouldn’t be sufficient to kill Yang Ye at all!”

“Five day?” Luo Jun took a deep breath as he held tightly onto the Mortal Emperor Sword with his left hand. He really didn’t want to wait for even another moment.

“Luo Jun, are you a pussy?” Yang Ye’s voice resounded from midair once more, “A person like you calls himself the Mortal Emperor? You should just call yourself the doggy emperor. Tell me what else can you do besides hiding behind others and making your subordinates die on your behalf? Besides that, are all of you clans and sects of the central territory blind? You’re actually following such a person? Do you know what he just did? He made Zhao Zhangfei and the others hold the line so that he could escape with his life. Now, all of them are dead. Open your eyes and look, this is your Mortal Emperor!”

Yang Ye wasn’t a man who liked to waste his breath, but he suddenly felt that words were sometimes more effective than force. Since he couldn’t kill Luo Jun, he intended to anger Luo Jun to death….

Indeed, Luo Jun was on the verge of going mad with rage….

“Kill!” Luo Jun hurriedly gave the order when he noticed that Yang Ye intended to continue speaking, and then countless Exalt Realm experts and Spirit Realm profounders flashed into the sky towards Yang Ye.

“That’s exactly what I was waiting for!” Yang Ye chuckled as the black sword chest appeared behind him….

“Retreat immediately!” Luo Jun was horrified when he witnessed this scene.

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