Chapter 603 – The Plan!

Almighty Sword Domain

Luo Jun had witnessed the might of that sword chest with his own eyes. It had 100,000 swords within it! So how terrifying would it be when it was utilized by Yang Ye instead?

Luo Jun had shouted immediately, but it was still too late!

Sword qi rained down like a heavy storm from the sword chest on Yang Ye’s back, and it only took an instant to blot out the entire sky. The 100,000 swords from the sword chest were swift and fierce from being enhanced by Yang Ye’s 10th level Sword Intent, and besides a few Exalt Realm experts who were able to dodge them in time, all the other experts were instantly struck and killed on the spot!

In just an instant, a few thousand profounders had perished, and more and more were joining them in death….


A sharp and ear piercing whistle resounded as a strand of white sword energy tore through the sky towards Yang Ye, and Luo Jun had the Mortal Emperor Sword in his hand as he followed right behind it!

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly when he saw Luo Jun attack, and he immediately issued a command in his heart. The swords started attacking everything around them while Yang Ye collided with Luo Jun.


The wooden sword and Mortal Emperor Sword collided forcefully, and then two strands of sword qi suddenly erupted from the point of collision. The formidable strength contained within the strands of sword qi instantly blasted both of them over 1km backward.

“Haha! Yang Ye, how could you do this? Why didn’t you invite me to something this fun?” Right at this moment, a blood red ray of light shot over from the horizon, and a string of wails and howls resounded in its path.

At the same time, a ray of violet light flickered over from afar, and it wasn’t long before the violet light appeared in front of Yang Ye. The violet light dispersed and revealed the fluffy violet mink that was within it.

Both Yang Ye and Luo Jun didn’t launch another attack because all Luo Jun’s soldiers and the experts on his side had converged together and gotten into formation. Even though those 100,000 swords were formidable, Luo Jun had a huge amount of forces, and the swords would be instantly restrained if they were to split up and deal with each sword as a group.

Yang Ye issued a command in his heart and all the swords returned to the sword chest. Luo Jun didn’t order another attack because it was completely meaningless. After all, if Yang Ye’s group fled, then he was the only one on his side who could catch up to them!

Yang Ye’s group of 3 stood in confrontation with Luo Jun’s army from afar.

Yang Ye glanced coldly at Luo Jun’s army and said, “This slaughter wasn’t the first, and it isn’t the last. I’ll kill anyone who dares to come within 50km of Ancient Domain City. Come give it a try if you don’t believe me. You can see if your so-called Mortal Emperor is able to protect your lives!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye held the violet mink in his arms as he turned around and left with Corpse Ancestor.

Luo Jun’s expression was gloomy as he remained silent. Luo Jun’s army was silent as well. They wanted to step forward and fight Yang Ye as well. They wanted to use their strength to tell Yang Ye that one should be humble. Unfortunately, they were very clearly aware that attacking Yang Ye was no different than giving their lives away.

Can anyone within the Exalt Realm fight that monster, Yang Ye? Our Mortal Emperor…?

The central territory’s morale had been crushed to an unprecedented low by Yang Ye, and it was even to the extent that many powers and sects had aroused the intent to retreat….

Luo Jun fell silent for a while in midair before he said, “Retreat. Send the army north and conquer the northern territory first!”

“That’ll waste a huge amount of time!” One of the old men by Luo Jun’s side spoke in a low voice, “If we are to retreat now, then it wouldn’t just waste a huge amount of time, it will cause our morale to drop even further. Please reconsider your decision, Mortal Emperor!”

Luo Jun shook his head and said, “Our morale will fall even more if we stay. We need a victory now. Only a victory can improve the morale of our forces, and only a victory would be able to renew their confidence in my Exalted Han Empire. Most importantly, it’s meaningless for us to stay here. We can take Ancient Domain City by force, but the price we pay will be extremely huge. If our losses are too severe, then how would we go against the demon race and devil race in the future even if we conquer the northern territory?”

The old man fell silent for a while before he sighed softly. All of them were in such high spirits when they just came to the southern territory! Yet now, a drastic change has occurred once Yang Ye showed himself.

The Mortal Emperor really shouldn’t have made Yang Ye his enemy just for the sake of the Flower Palace….

It wasn’t long before Luo Jun’s army retreated from the southern territory. However, Luo Jun and some of the ninth rank Exalt Realm experts didn’t travel to the northern territory. After all, just the northern territory wasn’t worthy of him, Luo Jun, leading the army himself. He had more important matters to attend to….

The entire southern territory seethed with excitement when they found out that Luo Jun’s army had retreated from the southern territory.

Yang Ye, Ding Shaoyao, and the others heaved sighs of relief as well. Because they could finally catch their breaths and make some plans. On the other hand, Yang Ye finally had some time to cultivate and practice on his sword techniques. Of course, most importantly, he had time to be with Su Qingshi, Yang Nianxue, Little Yao, and the others….

“You want me to go to the demon territory? To the Heavenly Lightning Pool?” Yang Ye gazed at the Demon Emperor in his room and spoke with astonishment. The Demon Emperor arrived at Ancient Domain City just moments ago, and he’d asked Yang Ye to come with him to the Heavenly Lightning Pool in the demon territory.

The Demon Emperor nodded and said, “If you use ordinary methods to improve your strength in order to attain the Monarch Realm. No, even if it’s the ninth rank of the Monarch Realm, it would probably take you over 10 years or even longer. But you should be very well aware that you don’t have such time. So, we can only utilize unusual methods to improve your strength.”

“What’s the Heavenly Lightning Pool?” asked Yang Ye.

“It’s the place that the Divine Gold Dragon Clan utilizes to temper their physical body!” The Demon Emperor said, “It’s the cultivation paradise of the Divine Gold Dragon Clan. I’d wanted to let you go there to improve your strength and temper your physical body a long time ago. However, the Dragon Emperor refused to allow it at that time. But he’s prepared to side with the Hallowed Grounds now, so he has no choice but to agree. If he refuses, then just ask Elder Mu to show himself there and we’ll see if the Divine Gold Dragon Clan will dare to refuse!”

The place that the Divine Golden Dragon Clan utilizes to temper their physical bodies? Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched. He’d experienced the physical defense of the Divine Gold Dragon Clan for himself, and it was something his physical body couldn’t compare to, even if they didn’t activate the Divine Dragon Armor. He was able to break through their defenses, but it didn’t represent that his own physical defense could compare to them. Does the Demon Emperor intend to act against the Divine Gold Dragon Clan? Otherwise, why would he ask me to do that to the Divine Gold Dragon Clan?

The Demon Emperor spoke abruptly, “You’re aware of the Divine Dragon Armor, right?”

Yang Ye nodded. He was naturally aware of it because he would have been absolutely helpless against that divine gold dragon if he hadn’t activated his Sword Domain. Such defenses were truly too abnormal within the Exalt Realm. Of course, it was much weaker when compared to how abnormal Corpse Ancestor’s physical defense was. But it was still very terrifying.

The Demon Emperor continued, “The Dragon Race’s Divine Dragon Armor is obtained there. They’re able to obtain the gifts of the Divine Dragon Clan by overcoming the tests there. Moreover, the Divine Dragon Armor isn’t the best gift. There’s another superior technique called the Divine Dragon Ancestor Armor. It’s countless times stronger than the Divine Dragon Armor because it’s a gift from the ancestor of the Divine Dragon Clan. However, there hasn’t been a single member of the Dragon Race that has obtained it….”

“Why?” asked Yang Ye.

The Demon Emperor shook his head and said, “I don’t know. Perhaps the Dragon Emperor might know the answer. In short, heading to the Heavenly Lightning Pool would be extremely beneficial to you, and even if you can’t obtain the Divine Dragon Armor or other gifts from the Divine Dragon Clan, just allowing your physical body to be tempered within the Heavenly Lightning Pool would cause your physical strength and defense to improve greatly.

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “If I were to head to the demon territory, then what would everyone in Ancient Domain City do if Luo Jun or the Hallowed Grounds attack?” Truthfully speaking, he was truly unable to leave Ancient Domain City without feeling worried. He was especially worried because of the Hallowed Grounds. Because the battle with Zuo Dengfeng allowed him to gain a completely new understanding of the Hallowed Grounds’ strength. Not to mention Monarch Realm or Half-Saint Realm experts, Ancient Domain City would probably be in great trouble if the Hallowed Grounds just sent a few of those monstrous geniuses in the Exalt Realm who were ranked higher than Zuo Dengfeng.

“You’re wrong!” The Demon Emperor spoke in a solemn tone, “Ancient Domain City would truly be in trouble if you don’t improve your strength. It wouldn’t just be Ancient Domain City, even all of us who are resisting the Exalted Han Empire and Hallowed Grounds with you would be in deep trouble. Because everyone is abiding by a rule right now, and it’s one that prohibits interference by Monarch Realm experts. So, all of you Exalt Realm experts are the key. Just like this very moment, the Exalted Han Empire’s actual strength is numerous times stronger than the southern territory, but it doesn’t dare to storm the southern territory because of that rule. But how long will everyone abide by this rule? Do you think that you would be able to resist the Exalted Han Empire if it stopped abiding by that rule?”

Yang Ye shook his head. If it weren’t for Elder Mu who’d forced the Exalted Han Empire’s Monarch Realm experts to abide by that rule, the southern territory wouldn’t be able to resist the Exalted Han Empire at all.

“You don’t have to worry about Ancient Domain City. Ordinary people aren’t able to defeat that fellow, Corpse Ancestor, at all. Even if the Hallowed Grounds sends its experts here, they would probably be unable to gain an advantage over him. After all, his physical body is practically invincible in the Exalt Realm. Besides that, even though Monarch Realm experts of the Hallowed Grounds have headed to the Exalted Han Empire, they haven’t taken any action. I presume that they won’t be making any moves in the near future. Otherwise, Luo Jun wouldn’t have retreated!” said the Demon Emperor.

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Allow me to make some arrangements and then we’ll depart immediately!”

In next to no time, Yang Ye made arrangements for everything within Ancient Domain City and left Corpse Ancestor in the city before he headed to the demon territory with the Demon Emperor and the violet mink.

The central territory.

There wasn’t a single soul within the throne room.

“My Hallowed Grounds has given the order to kill Yang Ye. What’s your Exalted Han Empire’s stance on the matter?”


“Since that’s the case, then I’ll notify the Hallowed Grounds right now. The Half-Saints of my Hallowed Grounds aren’t able to come here with ease, so I hope Brother Luo will lend us your strength when the time comes.”

“Of course!”

“In that case, we’ll begin the plan to slaughter a saint once the experts of my Hallowed Grounds arrive….”

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