Chapter 604 – The Violetcloud Lightning is Trembling!

Almighty Sword Domain

The demon territory. Heavenly Lightning Pool.

The sky here was dark and filled with lightning clouds; the ground here was covered in towering peaks that pierced the sky. Numerous enormous divine gold dragons were circling the air above the towering peaks.

Yang Ye was shocked when he witnessed this scene. Because he’d noticed no less than 10 Monarch Rank divine gold dragons with a single glance, and there were at least 500 or 600 at the Exalt Rank….

Yang Ye’s face turned grim when he thought about how the Divine Gold Dragon Clan was about to head to the Hallowed Grounds and might join forces with the Hallowed Grounds. If all of these divine gold dragons were to swarm out, then not to mention the southern territory, even Luo Jun’s army would probably find them difficult to deal with. After all, the physical defense and speed of these colossi wasn’t something that just any Exalt Realm expert could deal with!

As if she’d sensed Yang Ye’s emotions, the violet mink rubbed her forehead against Yang Ye’s face, and then she waved her little claw against the enormous dragons in the distance. It was like she was trying to tell him that they were nothing worth mentioning….

The Demon Emperor sighed lightly in his heart when he noticed how close Yang Ye and the violet mink were. Yang Ye’s future was unknown because he’d made too many enemies. Moreover, his character was too unyielding, and he didn’t know how to be flexible. Most people with such character didn’t live for long. If Yang Ye didn’t possess extremely terrifying strength and potential, and if the violet mink’s relationship with Yang Ye wasn’t this profound, he would absolutely not allow the violet mink to be with Yang Ye.

However, the Demon Emperor did feel a huge amount of admiration for Yang Ye. Because Yang Ye was a very loyal person, and that was also the main reason why he hadn’t objected to the relationship between Yang Ye and the violet mink!

The Demon Emperor restrained his thoughts and said, “Come, let’s head over to the lightning pool!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he held the violet mink in his arms as he flashed towards the distance.


Right at this moment, a dragon roar suddenly resounded from the horizon, and then a divine gold dragon that blotted out the sky appeared on the horizon. It was actually so huge that it blotted out the sky for over 500km!

“Demon Emperor, why have you brought him to my territory!” The enormous gold dragon spoke while a strand of dragon breath sprayed from between its jaws. Everywhere it passed, space was actually compressed to the point of crumpling together!

The Demon Emperor said, “Dragon Emperor, Yang Ye intends to use your clan’s Heavenly Lightning Pool. I hope that you’ll make an exception for him!”

“What a joke!” The divine gold dragon’s voice reverberated through the world, “The Heavenly Lightning Pool is my clan’s paradise of cultivation. Not to mention a human, even your Spatial Mink Clan can dream of encroaching on it. Demon Emperor, even though our clans aren’t on the same side, my clan doesn’t wish to form enmity with yours. Take that human with you and leave!”

Yang Ye suddenly said, “What if I don’t leave?”

“How audacious!” The Dragon Emperor’s voice reverberated like a thunderclap through the sky, “Human! Don’t even think that you can act fearlessly before my Divine Gold Dragon Clan just because you have a master at the Half-Saint Realm.”

“He is fearless, so what are you going to do about it?” Right at this moment, an aged voice resounded, and then Elder Mu suddenly appeared in front of Yang Ye.

“The Half-Saint!” The Dragon Emperor’s voice carried a trace of terror, and then his figure flashed into human form and appeared before Yang Ye’s group. The Dragon Emperor had quite an unsightly expression on his face because a Half-Saint Realm expert wasn’t someone that he could go against at all!

“Senior, my demon race has a Half-Saint as well!” said the Dragon Emperor in a low voice.

“Are you threatening me?” Elder Mu raised his head and shot a glance at the Dragon Emperor, and it was just this glance that made the Dragon Emperor’s heart tremble. He was very arrogant and haughty, and he was very confident as well. However, he wouldn’t be overconfident to the point of thinking that he could go against a Half-Saint. The gap between the Monarch Realm and Half-Saint Realm was enormous, and he only knew of a single existence who could go against Half-Saints while at the Monarch Realm — the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor….

He didn’t think he could compare to the Unfettered One at all. Even though the Unfettered One was just a human, but not to mention the demon race, even the Hallowed Grounds was extremely fearful of him.

Elder Mu said, “I know that your demon race has a Half-Saint as well. However, that old fellow isn’t from your clan. Do you really think he would fight me to the death for your clan? He wouldn’t! But for the sake of allowing this disciple of mine to be strong enough to defend himself, I would!”

“Senior, aren’t you going a little too far!?” said the Dragon Emperor in a heavy voice.

Elder Mu shook his head, “I stay aloof from the world, but I have quite a relationship with this kid, and I have some affection for him as well. I don’t want him to be unable to protect himself once he’s away from me. Dragon Emperor, not to mention using your Dragon Clan’s Heavenly Lightning Pool, I wouldn’t even hesitate to get your Blood Essence if he needed it. Understand?”

The Dragon Emperor’s pupils constricted. He didn’t feel angry, and a strand of terror had appeared in his heart instead. Because he noticed that if this old man were to act against his clan, then his clan would be completely helpless! The demon race did possess a Half-Saint, but the old man was right, that Half-Saint wasn’t from his clan, so why would that Half-Saint fight another Half-Saint to the death for the Divine God Dragon Clan?

When he thought up to this point, the Dragon Emperor forcefully suppressed the rage and killing intent in his heart, and then he glanced at Yang Ye, “Since Senior wants to use it, then go ahead. But allow me to warn you in advance that the Heavenly Lightning Pool is filled with powerful heavenly lightning and countless other dangers. Don’t say that I didn’t provide any warnings if Senior’s disciple suffers any mishaps within the pool!”

Yang Ye shook his head and smiled when he heard this. This fellow really doesn’t know his limits!

Elder Mu nodded lightly when he heard the Dragon Emperor’s agreement, and then he turned around and said to Yang Ye, “Cultivate well. Don’t worry, if anyone tries to play tricks and causes your death, I’ll bury that person’s entire clan with you.”

The Dragon Emperor’s eyelids twitched while killing intent flashed through his eyes.

Yang Ye glanced at the Dragon Emperor and nodded, “Don’t worry, Senior Dragon Emperor is here, so how could anyone possibly accomplish that? Right, Senior Dragon Emperor?”

The Dragon Emperor didn’t even glance at Yang Ye as he spoke flatly, “The lightning pool is filled with dangers, but you only possess the body of a human. There would probably be no need for anyone to act against you once you enter the pool.”

“Senior Dragon Emperor, you don’t have to worry about that!” Yang Ye grinned.

Elder Mu smiled as well, and then he nodded before he suddenly vanished on the spot.

“I have some matters to attend to, so you go with the Dragon Emperor. He won’t make things difficult for you now!” The Demon Emperor vanished on the spot as well.

After Elder Mu and the Demon Emperor left, the Dragon Emperor grunted coldly and said, “Come with me!” His figure flashed towards the distance once he finished speaking. However, he didn’t leave Yang Ye behind on purpose because that was completely meaningless.

Yang Ye rubbed the little fellow’s head, and then his profound energy surged into the Stellar Shuttle before he transformed into a ray of light that followed behind the Dragon Emperor.

In next to no time, Yang Ye and the violet mink arrived at that so-called paradise of cultivation that belonged to the Divine Gold Dragon Clan, the Heavenly Lightning Pool!

Yang Ye had just arrived here when the Violetcloud Lightning within him had flown out from the tiny vortex on its own, and then it floated before Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s expression instantly became serious because he noticed that the Violetcloud Lightning was actually trembling!

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