Chapter 605 – The 7th Level!

Almighty Sword Domain

A lightning pool of lightning that stretched endlessly into the distance stood right before Yang Ye. Why was it called a lightning pool? Because the pool was actually covered in bolts of lightning. Moreover, the sky above the pool was densely covered in dark clouds and countless bolts of lightning were raining down incessantly into the pool.

Yang Ye was able to faintly notice a few colossi swimming through the pool, and when he focused his gaze over, he noticed that those colossi were actually divine gold dragons.

They’re tempering their bodies with heavenly lightning? Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment, and then he gazed at the Violetcloud Lightning. The Violetcloud Lightning was a Natural Treasure, and Yang Ye hadn’t seen it fear any other living being besides the tiny vortex. So, it made him wonder if there was some sort of terrifying existence within the pool, or perhaps a Natural Treasure that was superior to the Violetcloud Lightning existed within the pool?

“The Heavenly Lightning Pool consists of a total of 9 levels, the lower you go, the stronger the lightning within it would be. Of course, the benefits would be greater as well. The amount of levels you can descend to will depend on your own ability. Right, don’t blame me for not warning you about this. Even though you can obtain the Divine Dragon Armor by arriving at the 6th level, you’re only a human, so heading to the 6th level would be no different than giving your life away!” said the Dragon Emperor in an indifferent tone.

Yang Ye glanced at the Dragon Emperor and said, “Why use such methods to provoke me? Actually, there isn’t any deep enmity between me and your clan, so why make it like we’re both such terrible enemies? That isn’t beneficial to both of us, isn’t it?”

“There is little common ground for understanding between people of different paths!” The Dragon Emperor spoke indifferently, “There’s no need to waste your breath. Go on down!”

Yang Ye shrugged, and he was just about to head down when the Dragon Emperor spoke abruptly. “Don’t bring that spatial mink with you!”

The violet mink immediately glared angrily at the Dragon Emperor while violet light flickered on her little claws. The corners of the Dragon Emperor’s mouth twitched when he witnessed this, and he said, “The physical body of Spatial Minks isn’t strong. She is utterly incapable of enduring the heavenly lightning in the pool. Understand?”

Yang Ye rubbed the little fellow’s head and said, “Thank you for the warning, but I have my own methods.” Yang Ye held the violet mink in his arms as he leaped down into the pool.

A middle aged man appeared in front of the Dragon Emperor when Yang Ye’s figure descended into the pool.

“He’s the Sword Emperor, Yang Ye, who killed my son?” The middle aged man spoke in a deep voice. His gaze was gloomy, ghastly, and surged with killing intent.

The Dragon Emperor nodded and said, “I know that you want to take revenge. I want the same as well. After all, when has our Divine Gold Dragon Clan suffered such a humiliation? However, I’m warning you not to act against him at all, otherwise no one will be able to save you!”

“I won’t act rashly!” said the middle aged man.

The Dragon Emperor nodded and said, “I’ve got in touch with the Hallowed Grounds, and they’ve decided to carry out a plan to annihilate that Half-Saint. So, it won’t be long before you’ll be able to kill him yourself. Hmph! At that time, let me see how the Demon Emperor will continue leading our demon race. It has been almost 10,000 years now. It’s time for the demon race to have a new leader!”

A wisp of delight flashed through the middle aged man’s eyes, “The Hallowed Grounds has decided?”

The Dragon Emperor nodded and said, “Yang Ye killed Zuo Dengfeng who was ranked at the 10th position amongst the younger generation of the Hallowed Grounds, and that made the Hallowed Grounds feel threatened. Because they refuse to allow another Unfettered One to appear in the continent. Coupled with the fact that Yang Ye’s master heavily injured a Monarch Realm expert of the Hallowed Grounds. How could the Hallowed Grounds endure all of that? So, Yang Ye and that Half-Saint are finished!”

The middle aged man suddenly asked, “Will our Divine Gold Dragon Clan be participating in the plan?”

The Dragon Emperor nodded.

The middle aged man fell silent. After all, it would be great if the plan succeeded, but if it failed, then the Divine Gold Dragon Clan would be doomed!

The Dragon Emperor seemed to be aware of the middle aged man’s concerns and said, “Don’t worry, it will absolutely not fail. After all, it isn’t just us who want them dead, there’s the Exalted Han Empire as well. Both the Exalted Han Empire and the Hallowed Grounds won’t hold back this time because they don’t want to have two extraordinary enemies in the future!”

The middle aged man took a deep breath when he heard this, and then he suddenly looked down at the pool of lightning and said, “How many levels do you think that he’ll be able to descend to?”

The Dragon Emperor pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “The 5th level!”

The middle aged man’s eyelids twitched as he said, “He’s only a human, yet he can actually descend to the 5th level?” The middle aged man was very shocked because the most dazzling geniuses of the Divine Gold Dragon Clan were only able to descend to the 6th level. Moreover, the reason they were able to descend to the 6th level was because the dragon race was born with a physical defense that far surpassed other demon beasts!

But Yang Ye was just a human. So, the middle aged man wondered how Y Ye’s physical body could possibly compare to the physical body of a dragon!

The Dragon Emperor said, “Don’t underestimate him. He really is practically invincible amongst the Exalt Realm experts of the entire continent. Perhaps only An Nanjing can truly fight him.”

“Then that’s even more reason to kill him!” said the middle aged man.

The Dragon Emperor nodded lightly and said, “Let’s watch and see. Both he and his master humiliated my clan today, and I’ll definitely wash this humiliation away with the blood of his entire family!”

The middle aged man suddenly said, “What if he descends to the 7th level?”

“Is that even possible?” The Dragon Emperor laughed with ridicule, and then his figure vanished on the spot.

The middle aged man laughed with ridicule because he felt that his words were quite laughable. Because not a single Exalt Rank divine gold dragon had been able to descend to the 7th level in the last 10,000 years. Divine gold dragons at the Monarch Rank could descend to the 7th level, but they couldn’t do so because Monarch Rank experts were prohibited from entering the Heavenly Lightning Pool. Those who disobeyed this restriction would be cursed by the ancestor of the Divine Dragon Clan.

So, even the Divine Gold Dragon Clan didn’t know what resided in the 7th level. As for the 8th and the 9th level, they would have thought that the 7th level was the deepest if there were no records left in the clan. Because the 7th level wasn’t a place that Exalt Rank experts could resist.

The middle aged man shook his head and vanished on the spot.

After he entered the pool of lightning, the first thing Yang Ye felt was comfort. Yes, comfort. The heavenly lightning didn’t cause him any trouble, and it made him feel like he was being massaged instead. It was extremely comfortable. So, Yang Ye immediately decided to descend to the 2nd level. However, the 2nd level was still the same, so he continued downwards….

In next to no time, Yang Ye arrived at the 5th level, and he finally frowned when he arrived here. Because it didn’t feel comfortable anymore, and it was numbing instead. The lightning was growing stronger, so his entire body felt quite uncomfortable here. However, it wasn’t severe. So Yang Ye decisively descended to the 6th level.

Once he arrived at the 6th level, a strand of violet light flickered as the little fellow immediately entered the Primordial Pagoda.

“Hiss….” Yang Ye gasped because the lightning in the 6th level was a few dozen times more terrifying than the lightning on the 5th level. However, Yang Ye wasn’t worried but delighted. Because he noticed that the lightning could really temper his body. But for some reason, its effects were quite minimal….

The Dragon Emperor said that I would have the opportunity to obtain the Divine Dragon Armor upon arriving at the 6th level. Do I need to comprehend it myself or obtain it through other methods? Alas, that old bastard! I’ll definitely skin him alive one day!

Yang Ye attached great importance to the Divine Dragon Armor because his physical body could definitely improve by a level if he obtained it. Unfortunately, the Dragon Emperor hadn’t told him how to obtain it.

Yang Ye pondered for a moment before he continued downward. Even though the lightning here made him feel slightly uncomfortable, his body which had been reconstructed by the Primordial Violet Energy was still able to resist the lightning here.

The further down he went, the stronger the lightning would be. Yang Ye stopped when he approached the 7th level because the lightning around him wasn’t the size of an arm anymore, and it was thick like a pillar instead. These pillars of lightning were ceaselessly striking him and causing his entire body to hurt!

Yang Ye knew that he couldn’t force his way down!

The Violetcloud Lightning still remained in front of him. To Yang Ye’s surprise, the lightning in the surroundings posed no threat to the Violetcloud Lightning, and it was even to the extent that the pillars of lightning feared the Violetcloud Lightning a little.

Is the thing which the Violetcloud Lightning fears further down? Yang Ye pondered for a moment before he discarded the distracting thoughts in his mind, and he allowed the pillars of lightning to strike him at will.

Yang Ye wasn’t aware that the entire Divine Gold Dragon Clan was seething with excitement when he entered the 6th level, and countless dragons had arrived by the side of the Heavenly Lightning Pool.

“Who’s the one that entered the deepest area of the 6th level? Has another genius appeared in our clan?”

“Could it be Long Ling?”

“What nonsense! Long Ling is still cultivating behind closed doors. How could she possibly be within the Heavenly Lightning Pool?”

“If it isn’t Long Ling, then is it Long Tian? That doesn’t seem possible as well. He’s receiving the inheritance of our clan right now, so it’s impossible for him to be here!”

“Quiet down! The Dragon Emperor is here!”

The Dragon Emperor and the middle aged man from before arrived by the side of the pool, and both of their expressions could be said to be unsightly to the extreme. Because they hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would directly descend to the deepest area of the 6th level upon entering the pool. Is he really just a human?

Right at this moment, a woman who was covered in golden scales appeared before the Dragon Emperor, and she gazed at him as she said, “Grandfather, has another genius appeared in our clan? Who is it?”

The corners of the Dragon Emperor’s mouth twitched slightly as he said, “It isn’t a dragon who’s down there. It’s a human. You should have heard of his name, he’s the Sword Emperor of the human world!”

“That Sword Emperor who killed Long Qian outside the Saint Ruins?” The woman’s brows raised while killing intent surged within her eyes.

The Dragon Emperor frowned and said, “Ling’er, I know that you want to avenge Long Qian. But I’m warning you not to challenge him no matter what. Understand?”

“Grandfather, could it be that you think that my current strength isn’t sufficient to rival a human?” Long Ling spoke in a low voice, “He hasn’t just killed Long Qian, he even refined Long Qian into a puppet. Grandfather, are you telling me that you can endure such a humiliation? I know that he has a master at the Half-Saint Realm so you’re unable to act against him, but we who are in the same realm of cultivation as him can, right?”

The Dragon Emperor shook his head and said, “He… isn’t even a little bit weaker to the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor at his age, and it’s even to the extent that he’s stronger than the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor at this age. Understand?”

Long Ling’s heart shook. That fellow, Yang Ye, is already that strong?

“My god! He has entered the 7th level! He entered the 7th level!” Suddenly, a sharp cry resounded.

All the others looked over towards the pool, and they saw a huge ‘’ character which represented seven floating up from the pool….

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