Chapter 606 – The 8th Level!

Almighty Sword Domain


Countless divine gold dragons roared madly with excitement.

“Haha! The heavens really favor our Divine Gold Dragon Clan. After 10,000 years, someone from our clan has finally been able to descend to the 7th level! Hahaha!”

“Who is it? Who is it? When did such a monstrous genius appear in our clan? HAHA! Lord Dragon Emperor really kept this secret so well. We were actually completely unaware that such a peerless genius had appeared in our clan….”

“Hahaha! Our clan finally has a chance to seize the position of overlord in the demon territory….”

The Dragon Emperor, the middle aged man, and Long Ling had very unsightly expressions as they listened to the voices coming from the surroundings.

“Is it possible to be an error?” The middle aged man said, “That fellow is only a human. Descending to the 6th level is practically his limit. How could he possibly descend to the 7th level?”

The Dragon Emperor shook his head and said, “Perhaps it would be impossible if it was any other person, but it really might be possible if it’s Yang Ye. Just think about it, has anyone throughout the continent’s history in the last 10,000 years possessed a natural talent that was superior to him? None! Even the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor’s natural talent was probably inferior to his. Besides that, his physical body has been affected by some sort of fortuitous encounter, and that’s why the Heavenly Lightning Pool isn’t able to stop him at all!”

“Our clan will definitely be in great danger while he lives!” said the middle aged man in a low voice.

A cold glow flashed through the Dragon Emperor’s eyes as he said, “He will die….”

While he tempered his body at the 6th level, Yang Ye noticed that while those pillars of lightning could ceaselessly temper his body, it was still too slow for his liking. Coupled with the fact that he felt the 6th level wasn’t his limit, so he decided to descend to the 7th level.

The 7th level wasn’t like the edge of the 6th level which was filled by pillars of lightning. The 7th level was covered in thumb sized balls of lightning, a dense expanse of them!

Yang Ye had a solemn expression on his face because the energy contained within the balls of lightning was truly too terrifying. It was terrifying to the point he had to utilize 10th level Sword Intent in order to blast them away. He’d been caught off guard when he just descended to the 7th level, and one of the balls of lightning had struck his body and turned his chest jet black….

Yang Ye was very clearly aware that even Corpse Ancestor would be burnt by the lightning here!

What sort of world is this? Yang Ye frowned as he gazed at the balls of lighting that filled his field of vision. The 6th level really could be used to temper his body, but the 7th level wasn’t a place that Exalt Realm experts could utilize to temper the body at all. It should be a place for Monarch Realm experts to temper their bodies!

After pondering deeply for a moment, Yang Ye stopped on the spot before he gradually restrained his Sword Intent and allowed the balls of lightning to approach him. He didn’t dare allow the balls of lightning to come into direct contact with his body, and he only allowed the electricity they emanated to touch him and temper his body.

Time passed by slowly. Yang Ye seemed as if he was wearing a net of electricity that densely covered his entire body. They ceaselessly stimulated his body and induced a gradual transformation in his skin. Even though it was a very fine transformation, it was a transformation, and it delighted Yang Ye!

After all, it was extremely difficult for his physical body to be improved after it was tempered by the Primordial Violet Energy. He’d attempted to temper his body with the Nether Ghostflame and Violetcloud Lightning, but the effects were almost negligible, and it was far inferior to the current effect of the electricity here.

Besides that, Yang Ye was pleasantly surprised to notice that his Sword Intent was actually undergoing a transformation while he controlled it to repel the balls of lightning.

These balls of lightning are actually able to affect my Sword Intent? What exactly are these balls of lightning? Yang Ye was quite pleasantly surprised, but he felt even more shock because these lightning balls were very mysterious.

A short while later, Yang Ye shook his head, stopped thinking about all of that, and continued to draw the balls of lightning over and temper himself.

Yang Ye wasn’t aware that the electricity throughout the pool had actually started to move restlessly when he entered the 7th level and utilized the balls of lightning to temper himself. The electricity surged incessantly while lightning rained down without end from the dark clouds above the pool.

All the dragons here were astounded by this scene!

“Dragon Emperor, what’s that fellow doing down there?” The middle aged man spoke in a low voice, “Should we force him out of there?”

The Dragon Emperor pondered deeply for a short while before he shook his head. He wanted to drag Yang Ye out of there, but he didn’t dare to do so. Because if anything were to happen to Yang Ye, then that geezer at the Half-Saint Realm would definitely go berserk and take revenge on his clan. How could he resist the revenge of a Half-Saint? The demon race had a Half-Saint, but that Half-Saint might not step forward and protect his clan after he’d decided to break away from the demon race that was led by the Demon Emperor!

Because his Divine Gold Dragon Clan and the Spatial Mink Clan could be considered to be on opposing sides.

Besides that, even if the demon race’s Half-Saint was willing to protect his clan, if a Half-Saint was truly determined to annihilate his clan, then it would be utterly impossible to stop that Half-Saint unless two Half-Saints joined forces against that Half-Saint!

The Demon Emperor was truly unable to endure it when he saw Yang Ye causing trouble within the Heavenly Lightning Pool…. But it just so happened that he had no choice but to endure it even if he didn’t want to!

“Could it be that we should just allow him to continue causing trouble down there?” The middle aged man frowned.

The Dragon Emperor remained silent for a short while before he said, “Go notify the seniors in the deepest caves. Tell them that I’ve decided to use the full forces of our clan to participate in the Hallowed Grounds’ plan to kill that Half-Saint….”

The middle aged man’s heart shook, and he remained silent for a short while before he turned around and left.

This time, their clan didn’t have a way out. Victory meant prosperity for their clan, and defeat represented destruction!

Time passed by slowly.

Half a month later, Yang Ye was completely wrapped within the balls of lightning in the 7th level of the Heavenly Lightning Pool, and besides the traces of Sword Intent that leaked out from time to time, the entire 7th level was completely deathly silent.

Just like that, another 15 days passed.

Suddenly, a strand of sword qi swept out from within the balls of lightning that enveloped Yang Ye, and then all of them were slashed into dispersion.


Yang Ye took a deep breath before he smashed his fist forward, and the space before him instantly warped and formed an extremely strange scene. An arc curled up on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth when he witnessed this, and then he suddenly twisted his right fist.


The warped space before him was instantly blasted into pieces and formed a fist sized black hole.

The ability to crush space with just my physical strength. My current physical strength and defenses should be on par with most Monarch Realm experts. Yang Ye glanced at the balls of lightning in the surroundings and said, They really are precious treasures. Now, even if my physical body is inferior to that old bastard, it wouldn’t be much inferior to him. Hehe, I should compete with that old bastard when I have the chance!

After a moment of excitement, Yang Ye’s figure flashed and descended once more!

He was really curious about what resided in the 8th level!

Yang Ye was stunned when he arrived at the 8th level because it was completely empty. There was nothing here besides a single enlarged version of the balls of lightning from the 7th level.

But right at this moment, the Nether Ghostflame, Violetcloud Lightning, Greenwood Spirit, and Ninth Hell Cold Gale within Yang Ye had suddenly emerged from within him, and then he watched with astonishment as they simultaneously attacked that huge ball of lightning….

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