Chapter 609 – Yao Ye!

Almighty Sword Domain

After Elder Mu, Luo Dao, and the others entered into space, Luo Jun suddenly led over 10,000 Exalt Realm experts and almost 100,000 Spirit Realm experts to Ancient Domain City.

After he found out about the Hallowed Grounds’ resolve to slaughter the Undertaker, Luo Jun knew that his opportunity was here. Because both that Half-Saint and Yang Ye were definitely going to die this time.

Because the Exalted Han Empire had no need to care about any rules that were established with the southern territory after it obtained the assistance of the Hallowed Grounds.

A young man from the Hallowed Grounds was by Luo Jun’s side. It was a young man, but he seemed very much like a girl, and his clothes were quite androgynous as well. If one only took a single glance at him, many would probably take him to be a woman. There was a short saber hanging on the young man’s waist. It was quite short to the point that it could be called a dagger instead of a saber.

10 other profounders from the Hallowed Grounds were following the young man, and there were both men and women amongst them.

“This is the southern territory? Hehe…. I never expected that thickheaded fellow, Zuo Dengfeng, would actually die in this abandoned world, the Profounder Continent. The even sadder part is that he actually died at the hands of a sword cultivator. Hehe, I’m really growing more and more curious about that Sword Emperor, Yang Ye. I wonder how he looks like!” The man had quite a charming smile on his face, and his voice was very sharp and fine. If one just heard him without being able to see him, there would probably be no one who would think that he was a man.

Luo Jun glanced at the man and the others from the Hallowed Grounds, and a solemn expression flashed through the depths of his eyes. Just a little while ago, a Monarch Realm expert of the Exalted Han Empire had ridiculed this fellow, and then… the 11 of them joint forces and severed an arm of that Monarch Realm expert….

Even though that Monarch Realm expert was only at the first rank of the Monarch Realm, it was still a Monarch Realm expert!

Moreover, the 11 of them had merely executed a single attack, and just that attack had been sufficient to sever the arm of a Monarch Realm expert. Especially the man, Luo Jun had never seen such swift swings of a saber. It was swift, extremely swift. It was swift to the point Luo Jun had no confidence in his ability to resist it.

However, this man was merely ranked at the 9th position amongst the younger generation of the Hallowed Grounds, and he was only superior to Zuo Dengfeng!

So, how terrifying were the top geniuses of the Hallowed Grounds?

For the very first time, Luo Jun felt very lucky that he hadn’t offended the Hallowed Grounds that day. Because unless he unified the entire continent and converged the Faith Energy of the entire continent, otherwise he wasn’t confident in his ability to resist the Hallowed Grounds at all! Luo Jun knew that he’d been like a frog that was looking up at the sky from within a well, and he’d only possessed limited knowledge!

How laughable! That fellow, Yang Ye, actually utterly offended the Hallowed grounds, and he actually thinks that he can go against the Hallowed Grounds! How laughable is that!?

“Let’s attack the city!” The man spoke abruptly, “I have to rush back to the Hallowed Grounds and cultivate once we’re done here. Otherwise, those 8 bastards who’re ranked above me will move farther and farther away. Luo Jun, I really have to say that the energy in this continent is truly too scarce. It’s so detestable!”

The corners of Luo Jun’s mouth twitched a little when he heard the man speaking like a spoiled child, and then he forced out a smile as he said, “Brother Yao Ye, the Demon Emperor is in the city….”

“Stupid!” The young man called Yao Ye rolled his eyes at Luo Jun and said, “Soldiers fight soldiers, generals fight generals. He won’t act against us. Moreover, there’ll be people to deal with him even if he does. So, quickly give the order for your subordinates to attack the city. Don’t you worry, I’ll deal with Yang Ye and that skeleton for you. But how are you going to thank me?”

Luo Jun was slightly stunned, and then he laughed dryly and said, “Brother Yao Ye, you must be joking. How could my Exalted Han Empire possibly possess something that Brother Yao Ye would desire?”

“I’ve taken a liking to you!” Yao Ye suddenly blushed as he spoke.

Luo Jun’s face froze while the corners of his mouth twitched incessantly, and his expression was simply a sight to behold….

“Haha….” Yao Ye suddenly covered his mouth as he chuckled, and he said, “Look how afraid you look. I was just kidding….”

“Attack! Everyone attack the city!” Luo Jun was the first to flash forward and charge towards Ancient Domain City….

Even though he ordered an attack on the city, it was actually an attack on the grand formation around the city. That grand formation was no decoration, and it was able to resist the attacks of Monarch Realm experts. However, it was on the verge of collapse when it faced the ceaseless attacks of over 10,000 Exalt Realm experts and 100,000 Spirit Realm experts. Cracks had even started to spread like spider webs throughout the formation.

Ding Shaoyao and the others had solemn expressions on their faces as they stood on the city walls. Meanwhile, Qin Xiyue said, “We can’t just watch. The formation will only be able to last a day, at most.”

“They’re waiting for us to leave the city!” Ding Shaoyao spoke in a low voice, “See those 11 people by Luo Jun’s side? If I’m not wrong, they are definitely from the Hallowed Grounds. The only mystery is the strengths they possess!”

“All of you are finished….” Meanwhile, Lan Yun spoke abruptly, “Looks like the Hallowed Grounds is determined to destroy the southern territory and Yang Ye. Do you know who that fellow is? He’s called the Young Saber Emperor in my Hallowed Grounds. His swift strikes are something that even Monarch Realm experts might not be able to react to. Besides that, the other 10 people by his side are extraordinary geniuses of my Hallowed Grounds. Fighting 100 enemies each isn’t difficult for them at all!”

“So, my southern territory will definitely lose?” Ding Shaoyao glanced indifferently at Lan Yun as she spoke.

“What do you think?” Lan Yun laughed coldly.

Ding Shaoyao withdrew her gaze.

Meanwhile, Lan Yun continued, “Isn’t Yang Ye very strong? You can ask him to give it a try!”

Xiao Yuxi gazed at Ding Shaoyao. The latter pondered deeply for a short while before she shook her head, and then she sent a voice transmission to Xiao Yuxi, “The Demon Emperor has notified him, but for some unknown reason, he still hasn’t emerged until now. The Demon Emperor wants to drag him out by force but is worried that a mishap might occur. Because Yang Ye is at the 8th level of the Heavenly Lightning Pool which even the members of the Divine Gold Dragon Clan have never gone to. According to the Demon Emperor, the situation is quite unusual!”

“He’ll be fine, right?” said Xiao Yuxi in a low voice.

Ding Shaoyao shook her head and said, “He should be fine. If any mishap does occur, the Demon Emperor will forcefully tear space apart and take him out of there. However, he must come out soon, otherwise even if Elder Mu is fine, we won’t be.”

Xiao Yuxi suddenly said, “Let me test the strengths of those fellows from the Hallowed Grounds!”

“No!” Qin Xiyue, Ding Shaoyao, Lu Jianyao, and Su Qingshi spoke simultaneously.

Qin Xiyue said, “You’re precious to that disloyal fellow. Wouldn’t he go mad if a mishap were to befall you?”

Ding Shaoyao said, “Xiyue is right. Yuxi, those fellows from the Hallowed Grounds aren’t existences that you can resist. If you leave the city, then it doesn’t matter whether you die or are captured, it would definitely be a blow which Yang Ye wouldn’t be able to endure. We need a Sword Emperor who acts with reason and not an irrational madman!”

“I’m still too weak. If An Nanjing were here….” Xiao Yuxi spoke softly.

All of the others fell silent. If An Nanjing was here, then she really could go against those geniuses from the Hallowed Grounds. But the problem was that An Nanjing wasn’t here!

Right at this moment, a ray of blood red light flashed through the sky above Ancient Domain City.


A skeleton descended to the ground outside Ancient Domain City.

Corpse Ancestor swung the blood red saber in his hand and a blood red ray that blotted out the sky slashed forward, and then a few experts from the Exalted Han Empire who occupied the foremost position were enveloped by the blood red light while howls of misery resounded.

“HAHA!!” Corpse Ancestor roared with laughter as he slowly pointed his blood red saber at Yao Ye’s group. He said, “Bastards from the Hallowed Grounds, let your ancestor see how monstrous all of you so-called monstrous geniuses are!”

After he found out that so many experts from the Hallowed Grounds and the Exalted Han Empire had set out to kill Yang Ye’s master, Corpse Ancestor didn’t want to come here. However, he gave it some thought and hadn’t chosen to flee in the end. Because he felt that Yang Ye and that Half-Saint wouldn’t be defeated so easily. If both of them turned the situation around and attained victory instead, then he would be dead.

Based on his understanding of Yang Ye’s character, Yang Ye would definitely make him die in pain….

So, he had no other choice and had come here in the end. Even if he was going to flee, he had to wait until Yang Ye’s master had died or suffered defeat!

“That’s the skeleton?” Yao Ye revealed a trace of interest, and he said, “Not bad. His strength really is not bad.”

“His physical body is comparable to a Half-Saint. Brother Yao Ye, you shouldn’t underestimate him!” Luo Jun spoke in a low voice.

Yao Ye shook his head and said, “It’s only comparable but not a true physical body of a Half-Saint. Since it isn’t a true physical body of a Half-Saint, then it isn’t that difficult to deal with. Bu’er, you go test his strength. You can lose, but don’t make us lose face. Otherwise, I’ll tear off your clothes. Oh right, I meant your skin….”

The corners of his mouth twitched, and then Bu’er charged towards Corpse Ancestor. The saber in his hand swiftly left its sheath, and then a wave of light swept out and instantly arrived before Corpse Ancestor.

Corpse Ancestor grunted coldly while he raised his saber up high. In the next moment, he swung it down swiftly. A ray of blood red light that was almost 300m long flashed out and smashed against the wave of light.


An enormous explosion resounded from the violent collision, and then countless waves of energy swept out and enveloped both Corpse Ancestor and Bu’er.


Suddenly, a muffled groan resounded from within the waves of energy, and then a figure was blasted out from within.

The spectators on the walls of Ancient Domain City immediately heaved sighs of relief when they witnessed this scene because it was that fellow from the Hallowed Grounds who’d been blasted flying.

Corpse Ancestor shook his head and said, “Too weak. Swap him out for someone stronger!”

The expressions of the other members of the Hallowed Grounds became slightly unsightly. Bu’er stood up and laughed bitterly, “I exchanged a blow with him. His defenses were simply too abnormal, and I was unable to break through it.”

“What a fool. Don’t you know how to strike his eyes? His eyes are his weak point! No wonder you can’t rise up to become the Team Leader of the Saber Team!” Yao Ye glared fiercely at Bu’er. Even though his voice and expression were slightly fierce, the sight of it actually aroused a strange feeling in others. It was like a girl pouting.

Bu’er felt completely disgusted and was quite unable to endure it. He immediately moved to the side, closed his eyes, and seemed as if he’d entered into a meditative state.

Actually, Luo Jun couldn’t take it anymore as well. If he wasn’t afraid of Yao Ye’s strength, he would have ordered his army to mince Yao Ye into pieces. After all, how could they take it when someone who looked like a man was acting like this? But Luo Jun could only crush such thoughts of his when he recalled the strength that Yao Ye possessed!

Yao Ye glared fiercely at Bu’er again, and then he walked over to Corpse Ancestor. His figure swayed from side to side as he walked, and it seemed quite like how women walked. However, it wasn’t really alike to the way women walked. It was extremely weird to look at.

“What?” Corpse Ancestor suddenly said, “Does the Hallowed Grounds have no one capable? Why has it sent someone that doesn’t act like a man or a woman?”

The corners of the mouths of everyone from the Hallowed Grounds twitched when they heard Yao Ye, and then they gazed at Corpse Ancestor while pity filled their eyes.

Luo Jun shook his head and gazed at Corpse Ancestor with slight pity as well.

Sure enough, the smile on Yao Ye’s face had instantly vanished without a trace, and it was replaced by icy cold gloominess.

A ray of light flashed. It was extremely swift to the point that no one besides Corpse Ancestor had been able to see it clearly.

However, while Corpse Ancestor had seen it clearly, it was too late for him to dodge it.


The profounders of the southern territory watched with astonishment as Corpse Ancestor’s figure flew over 1km away before smashing against the walls of Ancient Domain City!

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