Chapter 610 – The 9th Level!

Almighty Sword Domain

Corpse Ancestor stood up slowly. There was a gash that was 20cm long and 3cm deep on his chest, and it seemed very obvious on his skeleton figure.

The pupils of Ding Shaoyao and the other girls constricted violently upon witnessing this scene. That fellow was actually able to break through Corpse Ancestor’s defenses? With just a single attack?

Corpse Ancestor’s physical body is comparable to a Half-Saint Realm expert! What sort of monster is this fellow?“How swift and strong!” Xiao Yuxi tightened her grip on the hilt of her saber, and her eyes were filled with seriousness. She trained in the saber as well. Even though she hadn’t been able to see the man’s attack clearly, she’d been able to sense it. It could be said that the man’s speed was the fastest she’d ever seen, and even Yang Ye and An Nanjing couldn’t compare to him in terms of attack speed!

“How swift! A thousand strikes in an instant! I never expected that a seventh rank Exalt Realm profounder like you would be able to accomplish something like that!” Corpse Ancestor’s voice was solemn for the very first time. Earlier, Yao Ye actually hadn’t launched a single swing of his saber, and he’d instantly swung it a thousand times instead. It was a thousand attacks which were overlapped together than had broken through his defenses!

Even some Monarch Realm experts weren’t able to accomplish such a feat!

“I’d always wanted to kill someone or some beast by dismemberment. Unfortunately, I’ve never encountered such an existence because all of them weren’t able to endure my attacks. But when I saw you today, I knew that I’ll be able to accomplish my wish!”

Yao Ye took a step toward Corpse Ancestor, and a ray of white light flashed at the same time. At practically the exact same moment, two balls of flames shot out from Corpse Ancestor’s eyes, and then a strange scene appeared. All the spectators watched with astonishment as those two balls of flames were suddenly split into two, and then the sound of collision resounded as Corpse Ancestor was blasted flying again.

Yao Ye took another step when Corpse Ancestor had just stood up, and then Corpse Ancestor was blasted flying again….

Just like that, Corpse Ancestor stood up again and again before being blasted flying over and over again.

Luo Jun and the others revealed smiles while Ding Shaoyao and the others had utterly gloomy expressions on their faces. Because even until this very moment, they still hadn’t been able to lay eyes on Yao Ye’s saber qi….

Corpse Ancestor could see them, but the problem was that he couldn’t dodge it at all. Because it was too swift, truly too swift. It was swift to the point that even he couldn’t dodge them in time!

So, Corpse Ancestor was being gradually chopped up outside the city….

At the 8th level of the Heavenly Lightning Pool, Yang Ye didn’t just have two dragon horns on his head, his hands had actually transformed into a pair of golden dragon claws as well….

The red liquid within and Yang Ye’s own blood had entered into a stalemate within his body, and they seemed to have formed some sort of agreement. Both of them were residing within Yang Ye’s body yet didn’t attack each other. They just occupied half of his body respectively and remained in harmony. This allowed Yang Ye to heave a huge sigh of relief because his body was on the verge of exploding apart from their battle!

Yang Ye slowly opened his eyes, and a ray of golden light flashed through his eyes at the instant they’d split open. Yang Ye seemed to have noticed something at this moment, and he lowered his head to have a look before he was stunned on the spot.

“What the heck!” Yang Ye’s voice carried a hint of panic in it. After all, while he envies the defensive ability possessed by the dragon race, he didn’t want to become a half man half dragon monster. Even though the scale armor which covered him looked very cool, he really didn’t want to become a monster. Because how would he have more kids if he maintained such an appearance? That was a matter of utmost importance!

After being in a panicked state for a while, Yang Ye worked hard to calm himself and tried to control these scales. He gradually noticed that he could actually control them, and this made him feel overjoyed and speed up the process….

Swoosh! Swoosh!

As Yang Ye controlled them, the scales which covered his body shrunk back beneath his skin, and then they grew out from beneath his skin again. It didn’t hurt as it had for the first time because he noticed that his skin had merged into one with the scales!

How strong is my physical defense right now? Such a thought had just appeared in his mind when Yang Ye made his dragon scales emerge from beneath his skin, and then he withdrew the wooden sword and enhanced it with 8th level Sword Intent before striking it against his scales. Dazzling sparks sprayed from the point of collision but there wasn’t even a mark left behind on the scale armor….

Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to improve the Sword Intent he utilized to the 9th level, and then he swung it once more. Sparks sprayed again yet not a single mark was left behind on the scale armor again. Yang Ye was delighted by this discovery.

He increased his Sword Intent to the 10th level. This time, some fine marks had appeared on the scale armor, but those marks had just appeared for a moment before they vanished without a trace!

Self-healing capabilities! Yang Ye couldn’t restrain himself from roaring with laughter once he witnessed this scene. He was sure that his current defensive ability was absolutely not inferior to the Corpse Ancestor, and it might even be stronger! Besides that, the Divine Dragon Armor wasn’t a blessing or gift at all, and it was the inheritance of the Dragon Ancestor’s blood instead!

Yang Ye’s guess was that the blood red liquid which entered him was the Blood Essence of the Dragon Ancestor, and it had transformed him into a dragon after he devoured it….

Even Yang Ye couldn’t really believe it when he thought about it….

“I’m hungry….” Suddenly, Lei Lin appeared before Yang Ye and stretched out her hand to him.

Yang Ye smiled as he passed a few spirit fruits to her, and the latter instantly revealed a brilliant smile and hurriedly swallowed them.

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “Lei Lin, do you want to leave with me?” The little girl’s strength was very mysterious, and Yang Ye felt that she wasn’t a human at all…. Of course, the main reason that he’d chosen to take her with him was that he truly felt pity for her as she’d been staying here all by herself. After all, she’d been here for a few tens of thousands of years, she was in a similar situation as the Sword Spirit!

Lei Lin blinked and seemed like she wanted to nod with agreement, but she seemed to have thought of something and shook her head. She pointed downward and said, “There’s a baddie there. He’ll come out!”

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted as he said, “You’re saying that someone is down there?”

Lei Lin nodded and said, “It’s a very formidable baddie. Even Grandpa Long couldn’t kill him….”

Grandpa Long? The Dragon Ancestor? Yang Ye’s expression changed drastically when he thought up to this point. Even the Dragon Ancestor was actually unable to kill him? Who exactly is down there?

After a long moment of silence, Yang Ye abandoned his intentions to head down and have a look. He didn’t want to court death. After all, even the Dragon Ancestor wasn’t able to kill that fellow, so even if that fellow was sealed, he was definitely not an existence that he could go against!

Yang Ye gazed at Lei Lin and said, “You’re saying that he’ll escape if you leave?”

Lei Lin blinked for a long time, and then she seemed to have finally understood what Yang Ye meant and said, “The Lightning Formation. I’m here as its core….”

Yang Ye came to a slight understanding now. Lei Lin was just like the Sword Spirit’s sword. She was suppressing some sort of terrifying thing, and the Heavenly Lightning Pool wasn’t a place of cultivation at all! It was an enormous lightning formation, and Lei Lin was its core….

Yang Ye sighed lightly and rubbed Lei Lin’s little head as he said, “Do you want to stay?”

She shook her head swiftly while tears could be seen in her eyes. She said, “I’m so hungry, and I have no one to play with me. Don’t… don’t leave, alright?” As she spoke, she stretched out her hand and grabbed Yang Ye’s sleeve while looking at him with a pleading gaze.

Yang Ye fell silent for a while before he said, “Will he never come out if you stay here?” Even though he really wanted to take Lei Lin with him, he didn’t want to court death. After all, who knew what would emerge from below once Lei Lin left? He would truly be in trouble if it was a Saint Realm expert that emerged from within the formation.

Lei Lin shook her head and said, “I can sense that he’s about to come out.”

Yang Ye was shocked. He said, “Why?”

Lei Lin tilted her head to the side and thought about it for a long time before she said, “A very formidable force appeared here some time ago, and then numerous cracks appeared in the formation. Moreover, that fellow below us absorbed a huge amount of energy. He’s going to come out soon….”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched because he knew what it was, it was probably Mu Hanshan’s arrival in Profounder Continent. So I was the culprit….

Yang Ye laughed bitterly and said, “Lei Lin, how long will it take him to come out if you stay here?”

She raised a single finger.

“100 years?” Yang Ye heaved a slight sigh of relief.

She shook her head, “One year!”

Yang Ye’s face stiffened, and then he asked. “How long would it take for him to escape if you leave?”

She raised a single finger again.

“One month?”

She shook her head and said, “One year!”

Yang Ye sighed lightly and took Lei Lin’s hand as he said, “Silly girl, it’ll take him one year no matter what. So staying here will be like giving your life away. Just leave with me!” As he spoke, Yang Ye took Lei Lin with him as he flew upward.

She didn’t resist him because she seemed to have figured it out after tilting her head and pondering for some time….

A strange scene appeared when Yang Ye flew up with Lei Lin. Everywhere she passed, the lightning seemed like they’d encountered a king, and they moved aside swiftly.

Yang Ye had asked her about the reason for this, but he didn’t get an answer because even she didn’t know why…. All she knew was that she liked electricity and liked to eat. Especially the four Natural Treasures that Yang Ye possessed because she’d repeatedly expressed her desire to eat them….

How could Yang Ye let her? So, he had no choice but to give her even more spirit fruits, and she finally gave up on eating the four Natural Treasures after Yang Ye gave her over 100 spirit fruits.

It wasn’t long before they left the lightning pool under Lei Lin’s lead. Yang Ye had just emerged from the surface of the lightning pool when a transmission talisman appeared in front of him. Merely a short while passed before Yang Ye’s expression changed drastically, and then he took Lei Lin along as he tore space apart and rushed towards Ancient Domain City.

Just a few moments after Lei Lin and Yang Ye had just left, the lightning within the pool suddenly started surging before a voice that carried boundless resentment and excitement resounded from within the pool.

“After… one… hundred… thousand… years…. I… Zhang… Junwei… am… finally… going to… be free!” In next to no time, the lightning pool calmed down and the voice vanished as well.

Ancient Domain City.


Corpse Ancestor was blasted flying again. At this moment, he was truly in quite a horrifying state because his entire body was covered in scars from a saber. They densely covered his entire body, and there were practically no gaps between them.

Meanwhile, the eyes of all the spectators on the walls of Ancient Domain City were covered in terror and horror!

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