Chapter 611 – Breached!

Almighty Sword Domain

Corpse Ancestor didn’t have the strength to fight back before Yao Ye’s absolute speed, and all he could was just constantly endure being blasted flying. Fortunately, his physical body was sufficiently strong, so while his entire body was covered in scars, he was still alive.

“AH!!!” After being blasted flying once more, Corpse Ancestor roared as a monstrous wave of blood suddenly erupted from him and swept towards Yao Ye.

A ray of white light that was practically impossible to catch with the eye flashed by, and then the wave of blood was instantly split into two before exploding apart in midair. It transformed into droplets of blood that dispersed into the surroundings.

After that, another ray of white light flashed by.


Corpse Ancestor had just stood up yet was blasted flying again.

“Continue the attack on the city!” Yao Ye spoke indifferently, “Breach the city, and then capture Yang Ye’s women. I refuse to believe that he still won’t show himself then.”

Luo Jun nodded, and then he ordered his army to continue the attack.

Yao Ye withdrew his gaze and gazed at Corpse Ancestor as he said, “Tell me, besides having pretty good bones, what else are you capable of? You vile monster? Come on, stop lying there and stand up again! Let me see exactly how formidable an expert from over 15,000 years ago is.”

Corpse Ancestor stood up. At this moment, there wasn’t a single unharmed spot throughout his body, and it was fully covered in scars from the saber. It was especially so for his abdomen. It simply seemed like he was on the verge of being split into two at the waist from the number of gashes that had overlapped there. It was a truly horrifying sight. However, even though he was in such a state, Yao Ye was still unable to kill Corpse Ancestor.

“Corpse Ancestor, you should leave!” Suddenly, Ding Shaoyao spoke in a heavy voice from above the city walls. She was very clearly aware that it was pointless for the Corpse Ancestor to stay because that man’s attack speed was truly too swift, and it was swift to the point that the Corpse Ancestor wasn’t able to fight back at all.

“Hehehe….” Corpse Ancestor laughed gloomily as he said, “If your ancestor, I, were to leave now, then I would probably never be able to hold my head up high before the Hallowed Grounds again. Even if you refuse to act like a man or a woman, and the sight of you makes me feel like vomiting, I have to admit that you’re very strong. I’m afraid even that kid, Yang Ye, wouldn’t be able to defeat you. However, do you really think your ancestor, I, am truly helpless against you? Hahaha!”

“Looks like I have to cut you up again!” Yao Ye spoke emotionlessly.

Corpse Ancestor took a step forward. At the instant that his foot hit the ground, his aura suddenly rose explosively while the bones throughout his body actually swelled up and grew increasingly larger. It wasn’t long before his entire body had almost doubled in size!

Yao Ye’s eyelids twitched as he said, “A secret technique? How laughable! Your body was already incomplete, yet you actually dared to execute a secret technique? Looks like you want to stay in this sorry state forever.”

“If it’ll let me kill you and vent my frustrations, then any price would be a worthy one!” Corpse Ancestor spoke gloomily while his body expanded steadily, and it wasn’t long before his entire body was almost five times larger than before. He’d transformed into an enormous skeleton.

A ray of white light flashed!


A muffled explosion resounded but Corpse Ancestor hadn’t been blasted flying, and he’d merely taken two steps back!

“Nice!” Countless profounders cheered with excitement from the city walls when they witnessed this scene. Earlier, they were on the verge of falling into despair from the strength that Yao Ye revealed. They were very clearly aware how terrifying Corpse Ancestor was, but Corpse Ancestor was actually unable to even fight back against that expert from the Hallowed Grounds….

Truthfully speaking, at that moment, the hearts of everyone from the southern territory was filled with despair, and it was especially so because Yang Ye hadn’t shown himself until now. They had no hope at all. Actually, many profounders felt that Yang Ye would probably not be a match for these experts of the Hallowed Grounds even if he did show himself here…. Because Yang Ye had used all his strength to defeat Corpse Ancestor that day!

On the other hand, that man from the Hallowed Grounds seemed as if he still hadn’t become serious until now!

Now, when they saw that the man from the Hallowed Grounds wasn’t able to blast Corpse Ancestor flying, the flames of hope in their hearts had been rekindled.

Ding Shaoyao and the others heaved sighs of relief in their hearts as well. No matter what, Corpse Ancestor wouldn’t be without the ability to fight back anymore. The sight of Corpse Ancestor being cut up over and over again was definitely a huge blow to the southern territory’s morale. At that moment, everyone had witnessed the true terrors of the Hallowed Grounds, and many had started to feel fearful and horrified.

Fortunately, Corpse Ancestor’s strength had risen greatly, and it made them feel that Yao Ye wasn’t as formidable as they’d imagined!

Corpse Ancestor took a step forward.


The ground cracked apart!

“Hehehe…. What great strength! Even though it’ll only last for two hours, it should be sufficient to deal with you.” Corpse Ancestor suddenly slashed with his blood red saber, and then a blood red ray of light flashed forward. It was extremely swift to the point of being on par with Yao Ye’s swings, and it instantly arrived before Yao Ye.

Yao Ye nodded lightly and said, “This is getting interesting!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his hand moved a little, and then a ray of light flashed. This time, everyone saw the saber qi that he released. It was quite strange because it wasn’t just a single strand of saber qi but over 1,000 of them!

Over 1,000 strands of saber qi were linked together and overlapped. Everywhere they passed, space was torn apart while a striking spatial rift which was almost 300m long appeared in the air.

All the spectators were astounded by this scene!

When the saber qi collided with the blood red light that Corpse Ancestor executed, Corpse Ancestor’s attack was like snow that melted in boiling oil, and it was instantly dispersed into countless specks of red light which rained down into the surroundings. On the other hand, Yao Ye’s saber qi didn’t lost momentum at all and smashed towards Corpse Ancestor.

The balls of flames in Corpse Ancestors eyes blazed. He didn’t dare act carelessly in the slightest and swiftly swung his blood red saber against Yao Ye’s saber qi.


The spectators in the surroundings watched with astonishment as Corpse Ancestor’s blood red saber was blasted into pieces, and then his figure was blasted flying again. In the end, he crashed down heavily against the grand formation that covered the walls of Ancient Domain City.

Such a scene caused the pupils of everyone on the walls of Ancient Domain City to constrict!

Yao Ye shook his head and said, “How boring. I just used a little strength and you flew away. Alright, since Yang Ye refuses to show himself, then I’ll go capture his women. I heard he even has a daughter. That’s great, I love children….”

Yao Ye flashed up into the sky as he spoke, and then the short saber hanging by his side suddenly left its sheath. An enormous wave of saber qi shot forward violently and struck the grand formation.


The entire barrier of light trembled violently while countless cracks appeared on it.

The faces of Ding Shaoyao and the others changed drastically!

“Again!” Yao Ye shouted as he swung his saber again, and another wave of saber qi flashed and smashed against the barrier of light around Ancient Domain City.

Meanwhile, the 10,000 plus Exalt Realm experts and 100,000 Spirit Realm experts weren’t standing by idly. They executed their strongest attacks as well, and countless attacks covered the heavens and the earth as they descended towards Ancient Domain City.


Rumbling resounded incessantly.

“Continue!” Yao Ye flashed forward as he waved his short saber once more, and then a wave of saber qi tore through the sky as it slashed against the barrier of light.


The barrier of light shook violently, and then everyone watched with horror as it rumbled and exploded into pieces.

The grand formation is gone….

“Kill!” Luo Jun’s excited voice resounded through the surroundings.

Ding Shaoyao’s pupils constricted when she saw so many experts swarming over, and she roared loudly, “Everyone prepare yourselves to fight to the death!”

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