Chapter 612 – Death To All!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Roar!” Countless Exalt Rank Darkbeasts roared from atop the city walls, and then they leaped down and charged towards the Exalted Han Empire’s army. At the same time, the Exalt Realm experts in Ancient Domain City flashed forward and charged out of the city while executing their strongest techniques.

The battle erupted!

The overall strength of Ancient Domain City was weaker to the Exalted Han Empire and central territory, but it didn’t represent that the southern territory didn’t have a fighting chance. Especially when they had the assistance of the Talisman Master’s Association, so the armies on both sides were actually equally matched.

“Bu’er, all of you head over as well!” Yao Ye spoke abruptly.

Bu’er and the others nodded, and then they flashed over and joined the battle. Along with their arrival, the southern territory instantly fell into a disadvantaged position because there were at least a few Exalt Realm profounders and Exalt Rank Darkbeasts that fell wherever Bu’er’s group passed.

Bu’er and the others were like a sharp blade. They simply crushed everything in their path, and the profounders of Ancient Domain City weren’t able to resist them at all.

The expressions of Ding Shaoyao and the others turned grim when they witnessed this scene. On the other hand, Xiao Yuxi and Su Qingshi exchanged glances before they flashed forward towards Bu’er’s group.

Qin Xiyue refused to display any weakness, and she flashed off in pursuit of them.

Ding Shaoyao was horrified. She turned around to gaze at An Biru who’d been standing silently by her side and said, “Madam An, please lend them a hand!”

An Biru pondered deeply for a moment before she nodded, and then she moved her fingers a little before a faint ripple swept out. After all, over 30 black clothed figures suddenly appeared on the walls of Ancient Domain City, and then they flashed off in pursuit of Xiao Yuxi and the others.

Xiao Yuxi, Su Qingshi, and Qin Xiyue weren’t a match for those fellows from the Hallowed Grounds. Fortunately, the assistance they received from those 30 plus black clothed figures had allowed them to barely be able to keep Bu’er’s group busy, but they were still in a disadvantaged position.

Yao Ye’s gaze descended onto Xiao Yuxi and the others as he asked Luo Jun, “They are Yang Ye’s woman?”

Luo Jun nodded and said, “Why? Brother Yao Ye, are you interested in time?”

“I’m only interested in handsome men like Brother Luo….” Yao Ye blushed a little and glanced shyly at Luo Jun.

The corners of Luo Jun’s mouth twitched!

“I was joking!” Yao Ye suddenly cracked a smile and said, “Look how terrified you were. How boring!”

Luo Jun laughed dryly and hurriedly changed the topic, “Brother Yao Ye, aren’t you very curious about Yang Ye? So long as you capture them, then I guarantee that he’ll definitely show himself.”

“You could have been frank if you wanted to use me….” Yao Ye rolled his eyes at Luo Jun. His gaze was quite seductive, and it caused the corners of Luo Jun’s mouth to twitch violently again.

Yao Ye suddenly withdrew his gaze and shot it towards Xiao Yuxi and the others before he said, “No matter how weak they are, the members of my Hallowed Grounds aren’t existences that Yang Ye can kill. Once those women are captured, cripple their cultivations, and then make them tools for the troops to vent. Brother Luo, what do you think?”

Yao Ye seemed to have intentionally enhanced his voice with profound energy, so it swept far and wide, and it rumbled like a thunderclap by the ears of everyone here.

Luo Jun glanced at Yao Ye while his heart shook. Because his intuition told him that Yao Ye seemed to really hate women, especially beautiful women…. But it wasn’t his business at all.

Luo Jun smiled and said, “Even though it’s quite a pity to turn beautiful women into such tools, it can’t be helped. It’s their fault for being ignorant and falling for Yang Ye. Haha…. Brothers! Did you hear that!? Hurry up and fight with all your might!”

“Hahaha!!” Countless experts of the Exalted Han Empire roared madly with laughter.

Ding Shaoyao’s expression changed violently as she swiftly shouted, “Yuxi, quickly get back here!”

Yao Ye laughed coldly and said, “It’s too late for that!”

He was just about to attack when the roar of a dragon resounded from the horizon, and then a colossus appeared in the sky above Ancient Domain City.

Ding Shaoyao instantly heaved a sigh of relief when she witnessed this scene, whereas, the expressions of Luo Jun and everyone within his army changed drastically.


The Divine Gold Dragon roared furiously as it smashed down into the army. The expressions of all the experts below it changed drastically, and they fled madly in all directions.


The entire ground there quaked while countless howls of pain resounded. Luo Jun’s expression had turned unsightly because just this collision alone had caused the deaths of a few thousand Spirit Realm experts, and there were at least 100 plus Exalt Realm experts amongst them as well!

“Everyone who doesn’t belong to my southern territory will die today!” Yang Ye held Lei Lin’s hand as he walked off the divine gold dragon’s back, and his voice reverberated like a thunderclap through the surroundings.

The profounders from the southern territory immediately heaved sighs of relief when they saw Yang Ye. Regardless of what the situation was like, they felt that they had a chance if Yang Ye was with them. Because they’d never seen Yang Ye lose a battle until today!

Conversely, the experts from the central territory revealed fear in their eyes. They were aware of Yang Ye’s strength and reputation. Even if the experts of the Hallowed Grounds were here, they still weren’t confident in their side’s ability to defeat Yang Ye!

Because just like the profounders of the southern territory, they’d never seen Yang Ye lose a battle!

Yang Ye held Lei Lin’s hand as he walked over to Yao Ye and Luo Jun. Not a single profounder from the Exalted Han Empire dared to obstruct his path, and they made a path for him.

Luo Jun’s expression grew extremely unsightly when he witnessed this scene. He was just about to speak but Yang Ye had disregarded him and gazed at Yao Ye, “I heard what you said.”

Yao Ye sized up Yang Ye and smiled seductively, “So what?”

Yang Ye chuckled and said, “I never had any interest in torture, but I suddenly do now. Don’t worry, I won’t kill you later. It seems to me like you want to be a woman. It's fine, I’ll toss you into the army of Darkbeasts later, and you’ll be able to truly experience how it feels like to be a woman. Moreover, I’ll extend this courtesy to all these other members of your Hallowed Grounds!”

A dragon had a reverse scale and touching it would incur the wrath of the dragon. What Yao Ye said just now had touched Yang Ye’s reverse scale.

“Hahaha!” Yao Ye started laughing, and it was slightly sharp. He laughed for a while before he shook his head while looking at Yang Ye, “I admit that your strength is definitely not bad since you were able to kill Zuo Dengfeng. However, that merely represents that you’re qualified to fight me, understand? Because of your insolence, I’ll definitely realize everything I spoke about just now. I’m very sure of it. Moreover, I’ll even make you watch the horrifying consequences that your women suffer!”

Yang Ye didn’t waste his breath on Yao Ye anymore because it was completely meaningless. He turned around and pointed at Ding Shaoyao as he said, “Lei Lin, be good and go to that big sister, alright?”

Lei Lin blinked and said, “I can help you with these baddies!”

Yang Ye shook his head and smiled, “Just help me take care of those big sisters, alright!?” Lei Lin was really strong. At the very least, according to Yang Ye’s estimations, she was only slightly inferior to Zuo Dengfeng. However, she didn’t seem to be skilled in battle and merely knew how to toss out lightning at random….

Even he really feared her lightning if he didn’t utilize his 10th level Sword Intent to resist it!

Lei Lin nodded, and then she turned around and took 2 steps before she seemed to have thought of something. She turned around again and stretched out her little hand to Yang Ye. Yang Ye smiled helplessly and placed 2 spirit fruits on her palm.

Lei Lin smiled sweetly, and then she turned around and ran towards Ding Shaoyao while holding those two spirit fruits in her hand.

The scene of a little girl running amidst a group of Exalt Realm experts was quite strange.

Luo Jun nodded slightly to one of the nearby Exalt Realm experts, and that Exalt Realm expert pondered deeply for a moment before he flashed forward and attempted to grab Lei Lin.

Lei Lin stopped moving and blinked. Two bolts of lightning shot out from her eyes and blasted against that Exalt Realm expert. After that, everyone watched with shock as that Exalt Realm expert was blasted into nothingness….

Luo Jun’s pupils constricted. What sort of monster is she? She actually blasted a sixth rank Exalt Realm expert apart in an instant! Where did Yang Ye find such a terrifying little monster?

A trace of surprise appeared in Yao Ye’s eyes as well!

After she zapped that Exalt Realm expert to death, Lei Lin held the spirit fruits between her arms while she gazed at the other Exalt Realm experts of the Exalted Han Empire. She said in a clear and melodious voice, “All of you intend to take my spirit fruits as well?”

Those Exalt Realm experts instinctively shook their heads when Lei Lin gazed at them. After all, she’d instantly annihilated a sixth rank Exalt Realm expert!

Lei Lin smiled sweetly when she saw them shake their heads, and then she stomped her foot lightly. A bolt of lightning appeared beneath her foot, and then Lei Lin immediately appeared by Ding Shaoyao’s side.

The spectators were shocked once more because her speed was truly too swift… it was swift to the point many weren’t able to see her movements clearly!

Ding Shaoyao was extremely shocked as well while she gazed at Lie Lin. She glanced at Lei Lin, glanced at Yang Ye, and muttered in her heart, Is she Yang Ye’s illegitimate daughter?

When he saw Lei Lin arrive within Ancient Domain City, Yang Ye waved his hand, and then the five Sword Servants he created from the experts of the Hallowed Grounds and the other 10 Sword Servants he had before that battle appeared around him. All of them went over to Xiao Yuxi and the others’ side under Yang Ye’s command.

Xiao Yuxi and the others glanced at Yang Ye, and then they charged towards the other members of the Hallowed Grounds. Xiao Yuxi and the others immediately gained the advantage when they were assisted by 15 Sword Servants.

After Xiao Yuxi and the others attacked, Ding Shaoyao suddenly said, “There’s no need to protect the city. Everyone, head out to battle!”

“Kill!” The countless profounders within Ancient Domain City charged out of the city like madmen, and they charged towards the experts of the Exalted Han Empire.

Yang Ye flipped his right palm, and then the wooden sword appeared in his grasp. He said, “Death to all who aren’t from our Southern Territory!”

10th level Sword Intent swept forward….

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