Chapter 616 – A Destroyed Chrysanthemum!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye was holding Yao Ye in his hand!

Cheers and laughter that filled the sky instantly erupted from the profounders of the southern territory, whereas, all the experts from the Exalted Han Empire were horrified. Some even turned around and fled. However, none were able to escape because the violet mink, Lei Lin, and those 5 Sword Servants he refined from the members of the Hallowed Grounds were waiting in the surroundings.

The experts from the southern territory didn’t stand by idly. They swarmed forward and surrounded all the profounders from the central territory.

The members of the clans who’d betrayed the southern territory just now had ghastly pale countenances. The regret they felt at this moment was simply impossible to describe with words….

A single mistake represented death!

On the other hand, the members of the Ding Clan heaved long sighs of relief. If they’d really betrayed the southern territory just now, then the Ding Clan would probably suffer Yang Ye’s revenge. As for relying on Luo Jun’s protection? That was a joke! Luo Jun was hardly able to protect his own life right now.

Luo Jun tightened his grip on the Mortal Emperor Sword as he watched his army being surrounded. But his expression was slightly calm, and he seemed to have no intention to flee.

Besides Yao Ye, all the other members of the Hallowed Grounds had been annihilated. Yang Ye had placed them within the ancient sheath because the 10 of them would be very helpful to him as Sword Servants!

Yang Ye walked over the Ancient Domain City while holding Yao Ye in his hand, and then he tossed Yao Ye on the ground and said, “There’s a type of Darkbeast in the Grand Myriad Mountains, they’re called the Beasts of Desire, and they possess an extremely high desire. It doesn’t matter if it’s a man or a woman, they accept everyone. Since you want to be a woman that much, then I’ll allow you to truly become a woman today!”

Yao Ye’s countenance instantly turned ghastly pale when he heard Yang Ye, and he glared angrily at Yang Ye while he said, “You…. Don’t you dare….”

“Bring the Beasts of Desire!” Yang Ye’s voice resounded throughout Ancient Domain City.

It wasn’t long before a few dozen of them arrived before Yang Ye. Yao Ye’s eyes turned crimson red when he saw these beasts, and his eyes were filled with horror. He didn’t want to suffer humiliation, so he gazed resentfully at Yang Ye and said, “Yang Ye, you’ll definitely die! My Hallowed Grounds will certainly kill you! It will! Hahaha!”

As he spoke, his stomach started to bulge up swiftly. However, Yang Ye seemed to have expected that and kicked his stomach at the instant it started to bulge up.


Yao Ye’s Dantian was instantly blasted apart, and the violently surging profound energy within him leaked out from him like a balloon that was being deflated….

“Detonating yourself?” Yang Ye laughed coldly, “Such wishful thinking. You insulted my wives just now, so I’ll make you die with everlasting regret because of that. Do it!” Dragons had a reverse scale and touching it would incur the wrath of the dragon. Xiao Yuxi and the others were his reverse scales, and he’d make anyone who touched his reverse scales pay a hundred or even a thousand times.

As soon as Yang Ye gave the command, those Beasts of Desire howled as they instantly charged over to Yao Ye.

“How dare you! You actually dared to humiliate a member of my Hallowed Grounds? I’ll destroy your entire family!” Right at this moment, a furious howl resounded from the horizon, and then an enormous palm that covered the sky tore through space and smashed down towards Yang Ye.

“What? You can’t restrain yourself any longer?” Meanwhile, the Demon Emperor’s voice resounded abruptly, and then the enormous palm was suddenly minced into pieces by a wave of strange spatial energy when it arrived 300m above Yang Ye.

“Demon Emperor, my Hallowed Grounds will definitely annihilate your Spatial Mink Clan once that Half-Saint falls!” A furious howl resounded from high above.

“I’ll be waiting!” The Demon Emperor’s voice resounded.

Yang Ye withdrew his gaze and shot it onto Yao Ye as he said, “No one will be able to save you!” As soon as he finished speaking, four swords flew over and nailed Yao Ye’s body to the ground in the shape of the ‘’ character.

The Beasts of Desire howled and charged forward….

“AH!! Yang Ye! I hope you die a horrible death! I curse you! I curse you to die miserably! AHHHH!” Yao Ye’s resentful voice resounded incessantly, but it wasn’t long before his voice transformed into shrill cries. It wasn’t long before no further sounds resounded from Yao Ye. He wasn’t dead, it was because the Beasts of Desire had utilized every single orifice available to them….

As they watched Yao Ye being ravaged by the Beasts of Desire, the hearts of everyone here trembled, and their gazes towards Yang Ye were filled with fear and horror. It was especially so for the profounders from the central territory. According to rumor, the defiant profounders were very terrifying, but they felt that the defiant profounders would dim in comparison to Yang Ye!

Yang Ye sent the little fellow and Lei Lin into the Primordial Pagoda because he didn’t want the two little girls to watch all of this. Once the little fellow and Lei Lin entered the Primordial Pagoda, the four Natural Treasures within the pagoda instantly became terrified, and they started fleeing madly in all directions….

Lei Lin curiously sized up the surroundings when she arrived here, and then her gaze descended onto the four Natural Treasures. After that, her eyes lit up, and then a bolt of lightning flashed beneath her feet as she pursued them….

The violet mink seemed to feel that it was fun, and she flashed over in pursuit as well.

Yang Ye shook his head and smiled as he watched all of that, and then he withdrew his consciousness from the pagoda and walked over towards Luo Jun.

“What are all of you looking at? Kill!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s figure flashed, and he transformed into a ray of light that shot into Luo Jun’s army. After that, countless rays of light flashed through the army, and anyone struck by them was either injured or perished on the spot!

“Kill!” The other profounders of the southern territory charged towards Luo Jun’s army as well!

Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto Luo Jun, and Luo Jun gazed at Yang Ye as well. Yang Ye laughed coldly as his 10th level Sword Intent surged out madly, and then he shot forward like a cannonball towards Luo Jun.


Suddenly, the ground in front of Luo Jun cracked apart, and then a colossal being transformed into a ray of white light that smashed towards Yang Ye.


Space trembled violently as Yang Ye and the colossal being were blasted over 1km away.

Everyone here was shocked by this turn of events, and they shot their gazes over. An enormous bone centipede with a pair of wings had appeared in front of Luo Jun, and it was so huge that everyone else seemed tiny like ants before it.


Right at this moment, the ground suddenly quaked, causing the others to look over with shock.

A titan that was even larger than the centipede was running over from afar, and the ground and the entire city was trembling with every step it took.

“Screech!” Suddenly, a sharp and ear piercing cry resounded from the horizon as a golden roc that was even larger than a Divine Gold Dragon appeared in the sky above Ancient Domain City.

“Look over there…. What’s that?”

Everyone else looked over in the direction that person had pointed towards, and they saw multicolored gases suddenly surging over from the surroundings. Everywhere these gases passed, the entire ground was suddenly corroded and eaten away….

“The Heaven Devouring Roc, Primeval Titan, Daoist Venom, and the Soaring Centipede….” Meanwhile, Corpse Ancestor dragged his heavily injured skeleton over to Yang Ye’s side, and his tone was extremely serious!

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