Chapter 617 – Who Else?

Almighty Sword Domain

“Everyone, retreat back to the city!” Meanwhile, Ding Shaoyao’s voice resounded. The profounders of the southern territory didn’t hesitate to return to the city. Ding Shaoyao didn’t know what those colossi were, and the reason she’d ordered the retreat was because they were too enormous. It was impossible for ordinary profounders to go against them!

All the other profounders of the southern territory had retreated to the city, but Yang Ye hadn’t, nor was it necessary for him to retreat. It could be said that he could even go head on against Monarch Realm experts with the current physical defense he possessed. So, why would he fear these colossi? Of course, he wouldn’t underestimate them either.

Luo Jun waved his hand, and his army instantly withdrew and got into formation behind him. Meanwhile, the multicolored gases had surrounded Luo Jun’s army, and they’d formed a seemingly natural barrier.

“These big fellows are from the ancient times?” asked Yang Ye.

Corpse Ancestor nodded and said, “You must be careful. Especially that fellow, the Primeval Titan. Don’t ever allow him to get close to the city. He was the bane of all cities during the ancient times. Just look at his size, he only has to ram any part of the city walls and the entire city wall would probably collapse!”

Yang Ye nodded. The titan was truly too enormous, and he felt that Ancient Domain City might really collapse if that titan were to ram the city!

Corpse Ancestor spoke slowly, “That centipede is called the Soaring Centipede. He’s fond of eating dragons and black tortoises. He’s a sworn enemy of the Dragon Race. You must watch out for his speed, and never allow him to bind you with his body. After all, he’d once constricted a dragon to death. That fellow in the sky is the Heaven Devouring Roc. He’s extremely swift and a sworn enemy of the Phoenix Race. His speed isn’t inferior to a phoenix at all and might even surpass phoenixes. His most formidable ability is the ability to devour, and he’d once devoured two phoenixes alive….”

Yang Ye glanced at the roc in the sky and the centipede that stood before Luo Jun. Meanwhile, Corpse Ancestor continued, “That fellow over there is Daoist Venom. You absolutely must be careful of him. His strength isn’t very formidable, but his poisons are absolutely terrifying. Even fifth rank Exalt Realm experts wouldn’t be able to resist his poisons, whereas those below the fifth rank of the Exalt Realm would perish upon contact! In the past, he’d once relied on his poison to slaughter a medium sized city with almost 30 million inhabitants. You’ll probably be left all along if his poison were to enter Ancient Domain City!”

“What about you? You’re a figure from the same time. They are all so formidable, so what special ultimate technique do you have?” Yang Ye gazed at Corpse Ancestor.

“Your ancestor, I…. I….” When he spoke up to this point, Corpse Ancestor suddenly realized that he seemed to have no special technique. As for killing, anyone and everyone knew how to kill. He’d just kill a lot more than the average person!

Yang Ye smiled and said, “Alright, head back to the city and rest. Leave the rest to me. And… thank you for just now!”

“If you really want to thank me, then give my Soul Control Tablet back to me!” Corpse Ancestor joked.


A wooden tablet appeared before him. Corpse Ancestor took a look and realized that it was his Soul Control Tablet. He was stunned for a moment before he spoke with surprise, “Kid, you’re really giving it back to me?”

“Didn’t you want it?” Yang Ye spoke casually. In the past, he’d needed Corpse Ancestor’s Soul Control Tablet because he feared Corpse Ancestor’s strength. But now, he had no need to fear Corpse Ancestor anymore. Moreover, Corpse Ancestor hadn’t fled in the face of danger. Corpse Ancestor had stopped Yao Ye for him and even suffered heavy injuries because of that. So, Yang Ye felt that he had to repay this kindness!

Corpse Ancestor hesitated for a moment before he said, “Kid, are you doing this because I’m unable to fight right now and have no value to you? Kid, let me tell you that I’m only injured for now, and I’ll be able to recover completely after I absorb some blood.”

The corners of Yang Ye’s mouth twitched, and he said, “Old bastard, I never realized that you have the potential to be an idiot. Alright, give it back to me if you don’t want it. I’ll just torture you when I have nothing better to do!”

“Don’t even think of it!” Corpse Ancestor took the wooden tablet and vanished on the spot.

“Thanks! I’ll remember this kindness!” Corpse Ancestor’s voice resounded again when he appeared within the city.

Yang Ye smiled, and then the sword chest appeared on his back. Next, he flipped his left palm and the Sword Seed appeared in his palm. Only then did he gaze at Luo Jun’s group and laugh coldly, “Luo Jun, the trump cards you kept to save yourself really have exceeded my expectations, but I’m really curious if your subordinates have so many trump cards as well!”


A ray of light flashed from Yang Ye’s wooden sword and shot into Luo Jun’s army, and then shrill cries resounded as 3 Exalt Realm experts were chopped into two.

Luo Jun’s eyelids twitched, and then he gazed at the Soaring Centipede that stood before him and said, “That’s the person I want all of you to deal with. Kill him and I’ll use the blood of 100 million to reform your bodies and allow all of you to be truly revived.”

“Really?” It was the Primeval Titan who spoke these words, and it resounded like a thunderclap.

“I’m the Mortal Emperor, so my promises are naturally valid!” said Luo Jun.

“As you wish!” The Primeval Titan had just finished speaking when his enormous palm covered the sky as it slapped down towards Yang Ye. It was a very huge palm, yet it wasn’t slow at all. The enormous palm hadn’t even reached the ground when the ground had sunk by around 3m. Moreover, space was completely blasted apart, and a void was formed wherever it passed!

“Bring it on!” Yang Ye stomped his right foot on the ground and shot upward like a bolt of lightning. The wooden sword in his hand instantly started glowing, and then it collided with the titan’s palm before the astounded gazes of everyone in the surroundings.

Yang Ye’s size and the Primeval Titan’s size could be described as being poles apart. It was like the comparison between an ordinary person and an ant. But at this moment, no one dared to look down upon Yang Ye. Because a huge figure was advantageous, but it wasn’t an absolute advantage. Especially when the enemy was Yang Ye. Because Yang Ye was a sword cultivator and an existence who could destroy all techniques with a single strike of the sword!


Yang Ye’s sword struck the Primeval Titan’s palm, and then it stopped for a moment before Yang Ye shot through the enormous palm. As he flew up into the air, Yang Ye waved the wooden sword swiftly, and then countless strands of sword qi rained down. At this moment, his sword qi that were enhanced by his 10th level Sword Intent, the wooden sword, and the Sword Seed were condensed to a horrifying degree, and every single one of them could tear through the Primeval Titan’s defenses with ease.

The corners of Luo Jun’s eyes twitched. Yang Ye’s strength has become countless times stronger than before. The most damnable part is that those so-called geniuses of the Hallowed Grounds allowed formidable treasures that enhance the strength of sword cultivators to fall into Yang Ye’s hands. Yang Ye’s strength was already terrifying! Now that he has that Sword Seed and the wooden sword, he’s simply like a tiger that has grown wings!For example, the Primeval Titan’s physical defenses were utterly useless before Yang Ye right now!


The titan roared furiously, and a shockwave shot out from his mouth. However, the shockwave hadn’t even arrived before Yang Ye when Yang Ye’s sword qi had slashed it into pieces.

“I never expected that such an extraordinary figure would actually appear on the continent after over 15,000 years. His strength would be at the top even during the ancient times!” The Soaring Centipede spoke abruptly when he saw the Primeval Titan being suppressed. He’d felt quite a bit of contempt towards this so-called Sword Emperor in the beginning. After all, the spirit energy on the continent was very scarce, so normally speaking, it was impossible for peerlessly monstrous geniuses to be born. However, this Sword Emperor before him had surprised him.

“Please lend the titan a hand!” Luo Jun spoke in a low voice. Because if the battle were to continue like that, then even if the titan could survive, he would definitely suffer a similar fate as Corpse Ancestor.

Luo Jun wanted to order his army to besiege Yang Ye, but it was utterly impossible. Because regardless of whether it was the Primeval Titan or the Soaring Centipede, the area of their attacks was truly too huge, and the slightest mistake would cause them to strike someone from his side. That would be truly humiliating.

The Soaring Centipede nodded and said, “Based on our current strengths, none of us is able to be a match for him in a one on one battle. So, I would help even if you didn’t say anything.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Soaring Centipede suddenly shot forward, and his enormous figure was like an arrow that shot straight towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye who was swinging his sword at the Primeval Titan suddenly stopped, and then a wisp of a ferocious expression arose on the corners of his mouth when he saw the Soaring Centipede that was charging at him. The ancient sheath appeared in his hand before he sheathed a Dao Artifact within it because he was really not interested in being locked in battle with these fellows who were helping Luo Jun. He wanted to end the battle swiftly!

Luo Jun’s pupils constricted when he saw this, and he shouted with horror, “Watch out for his sword technique!

Luo Jun hadn’t even been able to complete his warning when Yang Ye suddenly drew his sword. The sword shattered before a strand of sword qi descended from midair.

The Soaring Centipede was horrified. He didn’t hesitate to curl up into a ball and ram against it.


An enormous explosion resounded. The spectators watched with astonishment as the Soaring Centipede’s bones suddenly cracked apart as he crashed to the ground like a comet.


His figure struck the ground and sunk deep into it.

Ding Shaoyao revealed a smile on the city walls because she had no doubt that Yang Ye was much stronger than before. The facts proved that her unhesitant act of placing all her chips on Yang Ye was the right gamble. Even though the key to the entire battle rested on the battle high above in the sky, she was very clearly aware that Half-Saints wouldn’t lose that easily!

Unless 2 or 3 Half-Saints were to join forces against a Half-Saint, otherwise, it was extremely difficult to kill another Half-Saint!

Moreover, Elder Mu was extremely mysterious. He hadn’t shown even the slightest trace of fear when facing a Half-Saint and over 100 Monarch Realm experts just now. So, she was sure that even if Elder Mu wasn’t a match for them, he would definitely not die. So long as he didn’t die, then the southern territory would be safe!

Most importantly, Yang Ye was growing too quickly. So long as he was given a little more time, then could anyone in this world suppress him?

She was actually betting on Yang Ye’s future!

After he struck the Soaring Centipede into the ground with a single swing of his sword, Yang Ye withdrew another Dao Artifact and placed it within the ancient sheath, and then he glanced at everyone on Luo Jun’s side and said, “Who else?”

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