Chapter 621 – The Almighty Sword Domain!

Almighty Sword Domain

When he drew a sword for the 5th time, Yang Ye’s draconified body had started to bleed. The Heavenrend Drawing Technique didn’t just require Dao Artifacts, it required a strong body to execute as well. Because every single time he drew his sword was a huge burden to his body. If he didn’t possess the inheritance of the Dragon Ancestor, then he could only complete 3 draws at most with the previous strength of his body!

But now, after he draconified himself, it was sufficient for him to complete 5 or more draws in succession. However, Yang Ye was very clearly aware that 5 Heavenrends were definitely insufficient to kill Luo Tian. So, he used all his strength to complete 10 draws in succession. The consequences of such actions were that even his draconified body couldn’t endure it!

From the moment Yang Ye spoke until he started drawing, merely less than two breaths of time had passed!

In these two breaths of time, 10 Dao Artifacts had shattered in succession within Yang Ye’s grasp!

10 huge violet beams of energy tore through the sky and shot straight towards Luo Tian. Everywhere they passed, an enormous rift was torn apart in space. Unlike before, the damaged space didn’t repair itself instantaneously. Now, not only did the torn apart space show no signs of repairing itself, the rift was growing larger and larger!

Everyone in the surroundings was flabbergasted by Yang Ye’s insane actions. Especially Xiao Tianji, the black clothed woman, and the others. Because the attack Yang Ye executed actually made them feel extremely threatened!

Yang Ye had merely risen to the Monarch Realm by way of a secret technique, but they were actual Monarch Realm experts! Could it be that he’s really invincible in the same realm of cultivation? It’s even the same at the Monarch Realm?

Luo Tian was slightly stunned when he heard Yang Ye say that he only needed 10 strikes to kill him, and then Luo Tian was about to roar with laughter. Because besides a Half-Saint, even the Demon Emperor wouldn’t dare to say that he was confident in defeating Luo Tian. However, Yang Ye had merely attained the Monarch Realm through a secret technique. You’ll kill me with 10 strikes? What nonsense!

However, Luo Tian’s smile that hadn’t even spread completely had stiffened when Yang Ye drew his sword. Because Luo Tian’s intuition told him that this sword technique was dangerous, and when Yang Ye completed 10 draws in succession, his intuition told him that it was extremely dangerous!

Luo Tian was beyond shocked. Such an attack was executed by him?

After all, he was a ninth rank Monarch Realm expert, and he was a supreme expert in the world who was only beneath Half-Saints!

Yet now, he’d actually felt that he was threatened by a technique executed by an ant who utilized a secret technique to attain the Monarch Realm!

Yang Ye must die!He must die!

At this moment, only this thought remained in Luo Tian’s mind. Because he was very well aware that if Yang Ye didn’t die and was allowed to grow, then not to mention the Exalted Han Empire, even the Hallowed Grounds would be helpless before him!

Luo Tian didn’t dare act carelessly. He grunted coldly and was about to retaliate. But right at this moment, Yang Ye suddenly took a step forward, and then an invisible force enveloped everything in an area of 30km.

Everyone in the surroundings was astounded!

Luo Tian was astounded as well!

“The Sword Domain! The damnable Sword Domain!” For the very first time, Luo Tian revealed anxiousness. Because he’d actually overlooked Yang Ye’s Sword Domain. 11th Sword Intent wasn’t a threat to him, but the Sword Domain was another story!

All those years ago, the Founding Ancestor of the Sword Sect had relied on the Sword Domain to go against Half-Saints while at the Monarch Realm!

Everything was suppressed within the Sword Domain, and that included Monarch Realm experts. All of them were suppressed and restrained by a mysterious force, whereas, Yang Ye’s 10 beams of sword energy instantly sped up and were practically comparable to the speed of light!

Luo Tian was astounded. He flipped his palm and a huge saber appeared in his grasp before he swiftly swung it towards Yang Ye’s sword energy. At the instant he swung his saber, Luo Tian’s pupils had constricted while terror appeared in his eyes. Because the speed at which he swung his saber was actually more than 100 times slower than before!

Fortunately, he reacted quickly. The profound energy within his body surged madly to resist the suppression of Yang Ye’s Sword Domain, and then he swiftly swung his saber against those 10 beams of sword energy that had arrived before him!


When the first beam struck Luo Tian’s saber, it started to tremble violently while Luo Tian’s expression changed slightly. However, the second beam had arrived!


Another explosion resounded!

Luo Tian moved almost 300m back while cracks had started to spread like spiderwebs through the Dao Artifact in his hand….

After the 2nd beam of sword energy was dispersed, the 3rd had arrived instantaneously….


Luo Tian moved around 1.5km back, and the saber in his hand had completely cracked apart! Luo Tian was extremely shocked!


When the 4th beam of sword energy struck Luo Tian’s saber, everyone watched with horror as it instantly exploded apart and transformed into countless bits that rained down towards the surroundings.

Luo Tian was astonished as well. Even though his physical body was formidable, he didn’t dare to utilize it to go head-on against Yang Ye’s sword technique. So, he immediately put his palms together and pushed them forward, causing an energy palm to slap against Yang Ye’s 5th beam of sword energy.


A loud bang resounded. Luo Tian’s eyes suddenly opened wide because his palms had actually been blasted apart during this collision. At the same time, the strong impact had blasted him flying!

In practically an instant, the 6th beam of sword energy had arrived before Luo Tian.

As they arrived in succession and coupled with the fact that he was suppressed and restrained by the Sword Domain, Luo Tian couldn’t dodge at all, and he could only go head-on against Heavenrend.

“Fuck off!” Being forced into such an embarrassing state by someone he regarded as an ant and even losing his palms had caused Luo Tian’s face to warp. He roared furiously as the aura of a ninth rank Monarch Realm expert exploded out from within him, and then the space around him suddenly started warping. Moreover, a terrifying aura swept out from the area in front of him!

“Suppress him!” Suddenly, Yang Ye’s voice resounded.

Along with these words, cracking sounds resounded….

The spectators watched with horror as the space within the scope of Yang Ye’s Sword Domain actually started to crack like glass…. On the other hand, the warped space in front of Luo Tian had been instantly crushed and became completely still. In just an instant, Yang Ye’s 7th beam of sword energy struck Luo Tian’s chest….

The 8th, the 9th, and the 10th beam followed closely behind it….

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

Everyone in the surroundings watched as four beams of sword energy shot through Luo Tian’s chest….

At this moment, it seemed like time had stopped.

A short while passed before Luo Tian lowered his head to gaze at the holes on his chest, and then he gazed at Yang Ye and said, “The Sword Domain really is formidable! No wonder the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor could rely on it to go against Half-Saints while he was at the Monarch Realm. Yang Ye, you’re really strong, and you’re filled with potential. You’ll definitely become even more terrifying than the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor. My Exalted Han Empire’s decision to become enemies with you for the Flower Palace’s sake was truly an extremely foolish decision!”

As soon as he finished speaking.


An explosion resounded as countless strands of Sword Intent exploded out from within Luo Tian. In an instant, his entire body was blasted apart, and both his physical body and soul were instantly obliterated by the dispersing Sword Intent….

A ninth rank Monarch Realm expert had fallen!

The spectators were completely stupefied by this scene!

Earlier, Elder Mu had killed numerous ninth rank Monarch Realm experts, but that wasn’t a surprise to them. Because Elder Mu was a Half-Saint. Yet now, a ninth rank Monarch Realm expert had died at the hands of Yang Ye who’d utilized a secret technique to attain the Monarch Realm. Moreover, he’d done so before all their gazes. So, they wondered if Yang Ye was even human!

Lei Lin blinked as she stood on the walls of Ancient Domain City, and then she nibbled on the spirit fruit in her hand before speaking softly, “How formidable!”

The violet mink who was similarly holding a spirit fruit while sitting on her shoulder nodded as well…. After all, Luo Tian was an existence who was on the same level as her father! However, he’d been killed by Yang Ye. At this moment, the little fellow’s eyes were opened wide and filled with excitement….

At this moment, no one noticed the paleness on Yang Ye’s countenance. Moreover, he forcefully swallowed all the blood that was surging up his throat. Besides that, countless different types of Sword Intent were ceaselessly surging out from within him, and at least 10 types of Sword Intents were raging madly within him!

If it was based on his original strength, then he could only complete 2 or 3 draws in succession without draconifying himself with the ability he obtained from the Dragon Ancestor’s inheritance. After he was draconified, he could complete 5 to 6 draws in succession. But 10 times in succession had completely exceeded the limits of his body. Coupled with the fact that he’d activated the Sword Domain by force, it caused him to be on the verge of exploding apart. If his physical body wasn’t too strong, he would have already exploded apart just like Zuo Dengfeng had on that day!

It could be said that Yang Ye’s body was in terrible shape, and he was injured both externally and internally. His external injuries weren’t a problem because his body had the ability to heal itself, and such injuries were nothing to him. The most important factor was the Sword Intent within his body. They were raging madly through his entire body, and the slightest mistake might cause him to explode apart like Zuo Dengfeng!

Even then, Yang Ye still had no choice but to forcefully suppress the terrible state his body was in and feign a composed appearance.

Yang Ye slowly withdrew another sword, and then slowly sheathed it within the ancient sheath while everyone watched from the surroundings. His movements were very slow, and it was like a few times slower than how one normally moved.

However, it was exactly such slow movements that caused the eyelids of the other 5 Monarch Realm experts of the Exalted Han Empire to twitch, and they instinctively retreated by around 300m. They were much weaker than Luo Tian, so they could only resist 2 or maybe 3 attacks from Yang Ye.

But they didn’t want to resist even one!

As they watched Yang Ye slowly sheathing his sword, everyone felt extreme pressure descend upon their hearts….

Actually, none of them were aware that Yang Ye wasn’t doing all of this on purpose! It was actually because he was almost devoid of the strength to even lift his sword.

Finally, Yang Ye fully sheathed the sword within the ancient sheath, and then he raised his head and gazed at those Monarch Realm experts from the Exalted Han Empire, “Will all of you be coming at me one after the other, or all at once?”

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