Chapter 622 – Peace Or War?

Almighty Sword Domain

As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, countless strands of Sword Intent suddenly shot out from within him. At this moment, even though his Sword Intent was only at the 8th level, it actually pierced through space wherever it passed, and it caused countless pitch black holes to appear around him.

The eyelids of those 5 Monarch Realm experts twitched upon witnessing such a scene, and then…. Then none of them dared to attack….

Actually, if they observed him carefully, they would notice that the Sword Intent hadn’t been emanated by Yang Ye at all, and it was actually Sword Intent that came from within him and shot out through his body.

However, because Yang Ye had killed Luo Tian, those 5 Monarch Realm experts feared Yang Ye from the bottom of their hearts. So, they hadn’t noticed it.

Otherwise, Yang Ye would definitely die if they joined forces again!


Suddenly, a loud explosion resounded from the sky, and then an enormous tombstone descended from the sky. It instantly blasted all those 5 Monarch Realm experts before they could even react!

In next to no time, Elder Mu and Luo Dao appeared within everyone’s fields of vision.

Elder Mu remained the same as before. On the other hand, Luo Dao’s hair was hanging loosely at his shoulders while his countenance was pale. Moreover, many parts of his clothes had been torn apart. Obviously, he’d fallen into a disadvantaged situation during the battle with Elder Mu.

Everyone on the southern territory’s side heaved sighs of relief upon seeing Elder Mu. Because only with a Half-Saint like Elder Mu on their side would they have the confidence to go against the Exalted Han Empire and the Hallowed Grounds.

After Elder Mu and Luo Dao appeared here, the Demon Emperor and all the others appeared here as well. The Spatial Mink Clan had suffered quite huge losses because only 13 out of the 20 Monarch Rank Spatial Minks remained. Moreover, the Demon Emperor himself was severely injured from being jointly attacked by the Dragon Emperor and the others.

Of course, the four divine beast clans and the Hallowed Grounds had suffered heavy losses as well. Only 4 Divine Gold Dragons remained. The White Tiger, Divine Phoenix, and Black Tortoise clans were in a better state, and they had 5 more Monarch Rank experts each. The Hallowed Grounds had suffered the worst losses because only a single Monarch Realm expert remained! Out of 50 Monarch Realm experts, only 1 was left now!

The Grand Qin Empire lost 3 Monarch Realm experts, and both Li Si and Bai Qi had fallen during the battle. The Darkbeast Empire had suffered heavy losses as well. Besides the Beast Emperor, all the other Monarch Realm experts of the Darkbeast Empire had perished. Because the bloodline of Darkbeasts was inferior to the four divine beast clans, so they were clearly at a disadvantage during the battle!

Of course, it was still the Exalted Han Empire and the Hallowed Grounds that had suffered the greatest losses, in overall. Because they’d been practically annihilated!

“You…. Yang Ye, you obtained the Divine Dragon Ancestor Armor?” Suddenly, the Dragon Emperor noticed Yang Ye’s draconified appearance, and he cried out involuntarily with surprise.

When the plan to kill Elder Mu had begun just now, he and the other experts of the Divine Gold Dragon Clan had come straight to Ancient Domain City and hadn’t paid any further attention to Yang Ye. Of course, he had no need to pay any attention to Yang Ye as well. Because as far as he was concerned, so long as Yang Ye’s master died, then regardless of what fortunes Yang Ye obtained within the Heavenly Lightning Pool, all of them would be completely meaningless. After all, killing Yang Ye while he was without the protection of a Half-Saint was as easy as squashing an ant!

But the reality of the situation was that the Half-Saint’s strength far exceeded his imagination…. Of course, that wasn’t the main point. The main point was that Yang Ye actually possessed dragon horns, scales, and claws just like the dragon race!

The Demon Emperor suddenly gazed at Yang Ye and sized him up before he said, “You really obtained the Divine Dragon Ancestor Armor?”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “Not, it was the Dragon Ancestor’s inheritance.”

The Demon Emperor was slightly stunned, and then he roared madly with laughter…. On the other hand, the Dragon Emperor and the other dragons had instantly turned ghastly pale…. Every single Monarch Rank dragon was looking at Yang Ye with terror as if they were looking at some sort of monster.

The members of the Divine Phoenix, Black Tortoise, and White Tiger clans had quite unsightly expressions as well….

The Demon Emperor laughed for a while before he asked Yang Ye, “Since you received the Dragon Ancestor’s inheritance, then did the inheritance indicate that you would become a King of the Dragon Race or something like that?”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I have the blood of the Dragon Ancestor within me, and I’m a King of the Dragon Race!” He didn’t hide anything because his intuition told him that something great was about to happen!

Sure enough, the Demon Emperor smiled and said, “Very good. Try activating the dragon blood within you!”

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment when he heard this, and then he utilized the violet profound energy within him to forcefully suppress the raging Sword Intent within him. After that, he activated the dragon blood within him. As soon as he did it, all the other divine gold dragons besides the Dragon Emperor fell from the sky and crashed to the ground. On the other hand, the Dragon Emperor didn’t seem to be very well. There were numerous beads of sweat throughout his pale face, and it was like he was enduring some sort of enormous pressure!

Yang Ye was stunned. What’s going on?“HAHAHA!” The Demon Emperor roared with laughter and said, “That’s bloodline pressure. The bloodline of the Dragon Ancestor within you is the greatest bane of all dragons. You don’t have to do anything when facing a dragon in the same realm of cultivation. You just have to utilize your bloodline pressure and that dragon wouldn’t be able to fight back anymore. HAHAHA! From now onward, besides the Dragon Emperor, all the other dragons of the dragon race will be like lambs that you can slaughter at will!”

Yang Ye was slightly stunned. He hadn’t imagined that the bloodline pressure would actually be so terrifying. After all, even those Monarch Rank dragons were actually unable to resist him at all! Of course, this was a good thing!

“Looks like I should make another trip to the Divine Gold Dragon Clan when I’m free….” Yang Ye spoke indifferently.

“You….” The Dragon Emperor glared angrily at Yang Ye, but Yang Ye closed his eyes slightly and didn’t look at the Dragon Emperor at all. At this moment, the Sword Intent within him had become violent to an extremely terrifying degree, so he had to concentrate on suppressing them. Otherwise, the slightest mistake would lead to his death! So, he had no choice but to put the matter of the Dragon Ancestor’s inheritance aside. Out of consideration for the debt he owed the Dragon Ancestor, he would give the Divine Gold Dragon Clan a chance, but if they didn’t cherish that opportunity, then he would show no mercy when the time came!

Of course, all of those were matters for the future. At this moment, his main objective was to deal with the raging Sword Intent in his body and his severely over exhausted body.

Luo Dao took a deep breath, and then he gazed at Elder Mu and said, “We’ve lost. From today onward, the Exalted Han Empire won’t step foot into the southern territory for the next 50 years. Alright?”

Elder Mu pondered deeply for a moment before he gazed at Yang Ye and said, “You decide if it’s peace of war!”

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