Chapter 623 – Bluffing!

Almighty Sword Domain

Everyone here looked towards Yang Ye.

The Exalted Han Empire had admitted its defeat. Now, the question was what the southern territory’s attitude towards all of this was. If Yang Ye chose peace, then the human world would obtain temporary peace, but if Yang Ye chose war, then it represented that the battle had only just begun. The only difference was that the Exalt Han Empire didn’t have the upper hand anymore.

Would the armies return to camp or would blood flow into rivers? The future depended on Yang Ye!

A short while passed before Yang Ye slowly opened his eyes, and then he gazed at Elder Mu and said, “Elder Mu, are you able to kill Luo Dao?”

Everyone here was flabbergasted!

The expressions of Luo Dao, the experts of the four divine beast clans, and that last expert from the Hallowed Grounds had instantly changed. At this moment, both the southern territory and Exalted Han Empire had suffered heavy losses. As far as they were concerned, both sides needed to recuperate. But they hadn’t imagined that Yang Ye actually intended to continue fighting, and he even intended to kill a Half-Saint!

He's a complete madman!Even Elder Mu was slightly stunned when he heard Yang Ye. Because even he hadn’t expected such a reaction from Yang Ye. He pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “He lost some Blood Essence just now, so his strength had decreased greatly. If I pursue him tirelessly and do my best, then I have 60% confidence in being able to kill him, and I’m 90% confident that I can increase the severity of his injuries!”

“Elder Mu, what’s the price that you would have to pay for that?” asked Yang Ye.

Elder Mu smiled, “I’ll pay a little, but it’s fine!”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Since it’s like that…. Elder Mu, please eliminate this Half-Saint of the Exalted Han Empire. The human race only needs a single Half-Saint.”

It wasn’t that Yang Ye refused to have a truce with the Exalted Han Empire. After all, he was heavily injured, and he needed time to recuperate and deal with the Sword Intent raging throughout his body. However, he was very clearly aware that the so-called truce which the Exalted Han Empire spoke of was just nonsense. Once backup came from the Hallowed Grounds or some other opportunity appeared, the Exalted Han Empire would definitely stage a comeback and annihilate the southern territory!

Presently, the southern territory had the upper hand, and he felt that it would be extremely foolish not to make use of it!

Elder Mu gazed at Yang Ye for a short while before he roared with laughter, and then Elder Mu’s figure suddenly vanished and shot explosively towards Luo Dao….

“Even if I’m going to die today, I’ll take you down with me!” Luo Dao’s ferocious voice resounded, and then he shot up into the sky with Elder Mu.

Yang Ye issued a command with his mind, and all the Sword Servants appeared before him. He said, “Kill! Kill everyone from the Exalted Han Empire!”

“Kill!” Countless profounders of the southern territory swarmed out from Ancient Domain City and charged towards the Exalted Han Empire’s army. At this moment, the Exalted Han Empire’s army was without a commander, and coupled with the fact that they’d been terrified by Yang Ye’s strength, the entire army had fallen into chaos. When they saw the profounders of the southern territory charge over, the first reaction many had wasn’t to fight against these enemies but to turn around and flee….

An army without a commander was no army at all.

The only threat to the southern territory were those Monarch Realm experts of the four divine beast clans and the Hallowed Grounds.

Luo Dao had been dragged up into the sky by Elder Mu, so the experts of the four divine beast clans instantly allowed that last remaining expert from the Hallowed Grounds to lead them.

“Yang Ye, the day will come when you’ll definitely pay an unimaginable price for looking down upon my Hallowed Grounds like this!” That last remaining expert from the Hallowed Grounds spoke coldly.

“I never offended the Hallowed Grounds on my own accord!” Yang Ye said, “It has always been your Hallowed Grounds that has been coming to look for trouble with me. But you just never imagined that someone like me who you thought to be weaker than an ant would actually make you pay such a horrible price, right? Alright, you’re a Monarch Realm expert at any rate, so continuing with this these threats would only make me think that you’re an idiot. If you’re a man, then take real action. Otherwise, shut your mouth!”

As he finished speaking, around a dozen strands of Sword Intent shot out from within him due to being too agitated, and then a few more holes appeared on his body…. This caused Yang Ye’s countenance to grow even paler.

That expert from the Hallowed Grounds had an utterly livid expression on his face. If his gaze could kill, then Yang Ye would be dead by now. He really wanted to kill Yang Ye right now, but the Demon Emperor and all the other Monarch Realm experts were around Yang Ye, so even if he joined forces with the experts of the four divine beast clans, it probably wouldn’t change the fact that he would still be unable to do anything to Yang Ye!

Especially when Yang Ye was at the Monarch Realm right now. Even he had no choice but to fear such a heaven defying sword technique!

So, he’d aroused the intent to retreat when he’d thought up to this point.

However, the four divine beast clans didn’t want to retreat because their foundation was at Profounder Continent. If they retreated now, then they would definitely suffer the Demon Emperor’s vengeance if they didn’t move their entire clans to the Hallowed Grounds!

So, they had no choice but to seize this opportunity where Elder Mu was locked in battle to annihilate the Demon Emperor!

The experts of the four divine beast clans were just about to attack when Yang Ye suddenly took the hilt of the sword within the ancient sheath, and he said, “Demon Emperor, it has always been you who has been helping me, so it’s time I returned the favor. Tell me who you want dead. Let me see if the physical bodies of divine beasts will be able to resist my attacks….”

At this moment, Yang Ye was purely putting on an act. Because based on the current state that his body was in, not to mention drawing his sword, he would immediately explode apart if he even dared to utilize his Sword Intent. But he had no other choice. Even though Luo Dao wasn’t here, the overall strength possessed by the four divine beast clans and that last expert of the Hallowed Grounds still surpassed the strength of the southern territory!

If they were to fight now, then even if the southern territory won, it would be a Pyrrhic victory.

That wasn’t something he desired!

Their expressions changed drastically when they heard Yang Ye. They were divine beasts, and their physical defenses were extremely terrifying, but they absolutely didn’t desire to endure attacks that were executed via that sword technique. Because even if they could endure them, they would definitely suffer heavy injuries. At that time, they would absolutely have no chance of survival because the Demon Emperor was still eying them with hostility!

The Demon Emperor glanced at Yang Ye, and his eyelids twitched when he saw Yang Ye’s hand that was slightly trembling as he held the hilt of his sword. The Demon Emperor pondered deeply for a moment before he glanced at the Dragon Emperor and the others, and he smiled, “All of them have suffered varying degrees of injuries when they joined forces against Elder Mu. Why don’t you just give them two attacks each and leave the rest to me? Don’t worry, even if I can’t kill them all, I’ll be able to kill half of them, at least!

“Yang Ye, you’ll pay for this!” That expert from the Hallowed Ground didn’t dare stay a moment long when he heard their conversation, and he immediately left. After Yang Ye attained the Monarch Realm, his strength was sufficient to be a huge threat to them when he utilized the Sword Domain and that terrifying sword technique. Moreover, the Demon Emperor was standing at the side as well. So, it could be said that their joint forces would be able to kill anyone they targeted!

He didn’t want to die here. So, he didn’t hesitate to turn around and leave!

The faces of the Dragon Emperor and the others turned grim when they saw him leave because they’d never imagined that this fellow from the Hallowed Ground would actually leave without the slightest hesitation and completely disregard them!

Yang Ye nodded slightly as he glanced towards the direction the last remaining expert of the Hallowed Grounds had left towards, and then a slight smile appeared on his face before his hand moved slightly. The expressions of the Dragon Emperor and the others changed drastically again when they witnessed this.

Actually, they had the intention to retreat as well. Because Yang Ye and that terrifying sword technique were really able to severely threaten their very existence. No one who’d attained such a realm of cultivation was willing to die! But they were monarchs of the divine beast clans, so wouldn’t they lose face if they were scared away while the world watched?

However, their hearts couldn’t help but feel cold when they saw that Yang Ye intended to draw his sword….

Right when they thought Yang Ye would draw his sword, he suddenly stopped and gazed at the Dragon Emperor, “Dragon Emperor, I, Yang Ye, received the Dragon Ancestor’s inheritance, so I owe the dragon race a favor no matter what. I won’t act against the dragon race today, so take those dragons with you and leave.”

All of them instantly gazed at the Dragon Emperor. Meanwhile, the Dragon Emperor’s brows knit together tightly while he felt slightly hesitant. Truthfully speaking, he really wanted to seize this opportunity and leave. But he was very clearly aware that if he left now, then it would undoubtedly be like abandoning the other divine beast clans. Once he did that, then cracks would form in the alliance between them. At that time, the Divine Gold Dragon Clan would truly be in danger if the Demon Emperor or Yang Ye attacked them!

“What? You don’t want to leave?” Suddenly, Yang Ye revealed a slightly ferocious expression as he tightened his grip on the sword’s hilt, and he spoke coldly, “I intended to repay the Dragon Ancestor’s kindness and didn’t want to act against the dragon race, but you’re determined to kill me. Since it’s like that, then why should I care about his kindness? Dragon Emperor, I’ll give you one final chance. If you still refuse to leave, then all the divine gold dragons here can leave their lives behind! Just think about it, how much of your strengths would you be able to utilize before my bloodline pressure?”

“Let’s go!” This time, the Dragon Emperor didn’t hesitate at all. He immediately led all the other dragons away. He’d overlooked something just now, and it was that Yang Ye possessed the Dragon Ancestor’s blood. So, not to mention the dragons he’d brought with him, even he might perish before the joint forces of the Demon Emperor and Yang Ye’s terrifying sword technique while he suffers the effects of Yang Ye’s bloodline pressure!

So, he didn’t hesitate in the slightest, nor did he dare to hesitate at all. He immediately led all the dragons away because if he stayed here and Yang Ye targeted the Divine Gold Dragon Clan, then they would have no chance to survive at all! At this moment, the important matter at hand was to think of a way to deal with Yang Ye’s bloodline pressure….

“Let’s leave as well….” The Dragon Emperor’s group had just left when the Divine Phoenix Clan left right away….

In next to no time, both the White Tiger and Black Tortoise clans didn’t hesitate to turn around and leave….

The Demon Emperor and the others immediately heaved sighs of relief when they witnessed this….


Suddenly, the sound of numerous strands of sword qi tearing through the air resounded. All of them looked over to the source of these sounds and their expressions changed drastically!

Countless strands of sword qi were surging out incessantly from within Yang Ye, and every single one of them made a fine hole on Yang Ye’s body as they left him…. In just an instant, Yang Ye’s body seemed as if it had been shot by a million arrows, and his entire body was densely covered in fine holes….

At the same time, Yang Ye’s cultivation fell in an instant, and it wasn’t long before it fell from the Monarch Realm to the first rank of the Exalt Realm….

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