Chapter 624 – A Defiant Profounder?

Almighty Sword Domain

At this moment, Yang Ye was like a leaking balloon….

Fortunately, the Demon Emperor had been in time to take Yang Ye to the City Governor’s Estate within the city before the Sword Intent within Yang Ye had gone on a complete rampage, so the profounders of the southern territory hadn’t seen Yang Ye collapse.

All of them merely saw numerous different types of Sword Intent raging through the spot where Yang Ye stood, and the Sword Intent even minced the space in that area into pieces…. At this moment, all of them felt even more respect and reverence towards Yang Ye!

On the other hand, 2 Half-Saints were carrying out a shocking battle somewhere else!

At a certain spot in the sky, a black robed old man was standing there, and there was a white haired old man in beast skin clothes standing in front of him.

“I’d thought that the Undertaker’s strength would be almost on par with us, but now it would seem like his strength surpasses ours!” The black robed old man spoke in a deep voice, “Besides that, why hadn’t there been any phenomena throughout the continent when he attained the Half-Saint Realm? He’s really too mysterious. Do you think that he might be a defiant profounder?”

A defiant profounder? The white haired old man’s pupils constricted slightly before he said, “Why do you say that?”

The black robed old man said in a deep voice, “When I watched the battle just now, I noticed that many of his methods and techniques are those that I’ve never seen in the past, and there are no records of such techniques in the records of my demon race. I think that’s why he was able to suppress Luo Dao in battle even when both of them are Half-Saints!”

The white haired old man pondered deeply for a short while before he shook his head and said, “That’s just a guess of yours. If he really is a defiant profounder, then why is he able to reside on the continent without causing heavenly wrath to descend upon him? Besides that, defiant profounders devour Primordial Violet Energy and the vital essence of other profounders to improve their strengths. But even you must have realized that he hasn’t devoured the vital essence of his opponents!”

“Perhaps he just doesn’t want to expose himself!?” The black robed old man continued, “After all, if he really is a defiant profounder, then not to mention the Hallowed Grounds, even the two of us wouldn’t be able to stand by idly. He understands that as well, so refraining from devouring the vital essence of those Monarch Realm experts was only because he doesn’t want to expose his identity!”

“All of these are just your guesses!” said the white haired old man.

The black robed old man spoke abruptly, “But what if he really is one?”

The white haired old man fell silent. Because if the Undertaker really was a defiant profounder, then it would be a huge problem! Just thinking about how a Half-Saint Realm defiant profounder had blended into the human race on the continent was terrifying….

“If he really is a defiant profounder, then this continent might really be destroyed!” The black robed old man said, “You’ve witnessed the extent of Yang Ye’s strength and potential. Once he attains the Monarch Realm or grasps the true secrets of the Sword Domain, then it’ll be impossible for even us to kill him. Moreover, his character should be clear to you. He’s obviously someone who disregards everything for the sake of those close to him. If the Undertaker really is a defiant profounder, then I’m 99% confident that he’ll definitely stand on the Undertaker’s side. At that time, the continent will probably be finished!”

“But what if he isn’t a defiant profounder?” The white haired old man said, “If he isn’t a defiant profounder, then our continent will have one more extraordinary Half-Saint and a future extraordinary expert like Yang Ye. Especially Yang Ye. If he attains the Monarch Realm or Half-Saint Realm, then our continent would have one more formidable warrior in the future battle against the defiant profounders!”

“But what if he’s a defiant profounder?” The black robed old man continued.

The white haired old man shook his head and said, “It doesn’t make a difference whether he is one or isn’t. Because even if he is a defiant profounder, do you think we can kill him by just joining forces with Luo Dao? Indeed, we have an 80% chance of killing him if the three of us join forces. However, he’ll definitely be able to heavily injure all three of us or even drag two of us down with him…. At that time, any defiant profounder that emerges from the seal in the Hallowed Grounds would be sufficient to slaughter my demon race, your devil race, and the human race!”

The black robed old man fell silent for a short while before he said, “I hope… I hope he isn’t one….”

It wasn’t long before their voices ceased to resound through that expanse of the sky.

Outside Ancient Domain City. The members of the army from the central territory had either been crushed or fled, and they were nothing to worry about anymore. However, Ding Shaoyao still had a heavy expression on her face because Luo Jun had vanished.

After staying silent for a short while, Ding Shaoyao turned around and left.

Within Ancient Domain City.

At this moment, Yang Ye was in quite a terrible state. Because the Sword Intent had erupted from inside out, and it had caused his internal organs to suffer a severe injury. If his internal organs hadn’t been strengthened by Primordial Violet Energy and the Blood Essence of the Dragon Ancestor, he would have followed in Zuo Dengfeng’s footsteps and exploded into pieces a long time ago!

Even though he’d avoided dying from exploding apart from inside out, he was still on the verge of it. Because his entire body was densely covered in fine holes…. Fortunately, his body’s recovery was extremely quick. Otherwise, he would die from blood loss even if he didn’t explode apart.

Most importantly, numerous strands of Sword Intent still remained within him. However, his Sword Intent had descended to the 8th level because he’d utilized the Intent Ignition technique. So, coupled with the over exhaustion he suffered from utilizing the Sword Domain and Heavenrend past the limits of his endurance, his Slaughter Sword Intent wasn’t able to suppress the raging Sword Intent within him!

“How is he?” Su Qingshi asked the Demon Emperor with an anxious expression on her face when she saw Sword Intent spraying out incessantly from Yang Ye’s body that had been laid on a bed.

Xiao Yuxi and Ding Shaoyao gazed at the Demon Emperor as well. At this moment, the Demon Emperor was the strongest expert here, so perhaps only he knew how to save Yang Ye. Because if this current situation continued, then Yang Ye would definitely be killed by those strands of Sword Intent!

The Demon Emperor frowned for some time before he shook his head, “All those strands of Sword Intent were left behind by the past experts of the Hallowed Grounds, and some have even attained the 2nd level of the Heaven Realm. Yang Ye forcefully absorbed them into himself in order to temporarily improve his own Sword Intent. That itself is a form of over exhaustion of his strength. But he even forcefully utilized a secret technique, and he even utilized the Sword Domain and that sword technique beyond the limits of his endurance…. To be honest, it’s a miracle that he’s still alive!”

The countenances of Su Qingshi and the others instantly turned ghastly pale!

The violet mink flew over to the Demon Emperor’s shoulder, and then she grabbed his ear tightly while looking at him with a pleading gaze.

Only Lei Lin was nibbling on a spirit fruit in a carefree manner. Actually, it wasn’t that she felt no worry for Yang Ye, it was that she hadn’t even realized the situation that Yang Ye was in right now….

“Is there really no way to save him?” Ding Shaoyao spoke in a heavy voice.

“There is a method that isn’t really a sound one!” said the Demon Emperor solemnly.

“What is it?” It was Xiao Yuxi who spoke these words.

The Demon Emperor rubbed the violet mink’s head and spoke solemnly, “Make him swallow the Sword Seed!”

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