Chapter 625 – Even Sword Intent Have Consciousnesses Of Their Own!

Almighty Sword Domain

Swallow the Sword Seed? All of them were stunned.

The Demon Emperor said, “The Sword Intents within him are without any owner, and Yang Ye isn’t able to suppress all of them right now. So, we can only utilize the special properties of the Sword Seed and try to suppress the violent Sword Intent within him.”

Ding Shaoyao asked in a low voice, “Senior, are you unable to suppress them?”

The Demon Emperor shook his head and said, “If it was outside his body, then I would naturally be able to accomplish that. But the problem is that they are within him. Moreover, they seem to have become entangled with his own Sword Intent, so I might quicken his death if I were to intervene.”

“What’s the Sword Seed?” asked Ding Shaoyao.

The Demon Emperor answered, “It’s a treasure of the Hallowed Grounds. It should be within the scope of Natural Dao Artifacts because ordinary Dao Artifacts would definitely be incapable of storing the Sword Intents of those experts from the Hallowed Grounds. But the Sword Seed isn’t just capable of storing the Sword Intents of peerless experts in the Sword Dao, it’s even able to suppress them. Such ability is something that treasures inferior to Natural Dao Artifacts are unable to possess!”

Ding Shaoyao fell silent. Even though the Sword Seed could suppress various different Sword Intents, there were numerous terrifying Sword Intents stored within it as well! If Yang Ye were to swallow it, and if the Sword Intents within the Sword Seed were released within his body, then Yang Ye would definitely be unable to resist them in his current state and perish on the spot!

After a moment of silence, Ding Shaoyao looked at Su Qingshi and Xiao Yuxi. This decision was related to Yang Ye’s fate, and it should be theirs!

Both of them fell silent because they didn’t dare to make that choice….

“Let me do it!” Right at this moment, Yang Ye suddenly opened his eyes and spoke. Actually, he hadn’t fallen unconscious at all, and his mind had always been clear. His current realm of cultivation had dropped to the first rank of the Exalt Realm, only 8 levels of his Sword Intent remained, and his body had been severely over exhausted. So, he was utterly unable to suppress the violet Sword Intent within him.

The only choice he had was to do as the Demon Emperor said. He had to swallow the Sword Seed and try if it could suppress the Sword Intent within him. Of course, he was aware of the dangers of such actions, but he had no other choice!

“Is there really no other way?” said Ding Shaoyao.

Yang Ye smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. Just take a look for yourself. Isn’t my body still fine after having countless fine holes pierced through it?”

How could Xiao Yuxi not understand that he was just consoling them? But she didn’t say a word, and she just held his hand tightly….

The violet mink flew over to Yang Ye’s chest, and she rubbed her head against his chin while tears flickered in her eyes.

Su Qingshi stretched out her hand and wiped off the blood on the corner of Yang Ye’s mouth, and she said, “I believe in you!”

Yang Ye grinned, and then he took out the Sword Seed and gazed at the Demon Emperor. The latter nodded and flicked his finger, and then a wave of spatial fluctuations rippled before the Sword Seed vanished in midair. Meanwhile, Yang Ye’s eyes suddenly opened wide because the Sword Seed was within him.

When the Sword Seed appeared within him, the raging Sword Intent had instantly stopped moving within him and fell into a brief moment of stillness before they surged into the Sword Seed. Yang Ye instantly heaved a sigh of relief when he witnessed that scene. However, right at this moment, the Sword Seed suddenly trembled, and then countless strands of Sword Intent surged out explosively from within it….

I’m doomed….

That was the first thought which appeared in Yang Ye’s mind when he witnessed this.

However, the Sword Intent didn’t attack his internal organs. They swept up the Sword Seed instead, and they charged into the tiny vortex…. To be more precise, they’d charged into the Primordial Pagoda.

After they entered the pagoda, they actually started to fight each other…. Most importantly, the Sword Seed seemed to have lost its ability upon entering the Primordial Pagoda, and it wasn’t able to deter the Sword Intents at all. So, countless types of Sword Intents surged out incessantly from within the Sword Seed before fighting without end….

It wasn’t long before over a dozen Sword Intents were destroyed, and Yang Ye noticed to his shock that the other remaining Sword Intents seemed to have become stronger….

Are they devouring each other?

In the beginning, Yang Ye was still quite puzzled. He was puzzled about why they would act in this way, but it wasn’t long before he figured it out.

Every single thing in the world could form intelligence of its own, and it was the same for Sword Intent.

As far as Yang Ye was concerned, practically all of those Sword Intents were at the 10th level, and they’d attained the state of being eternal even when they’d left their owner. Coupled with the fact that the Sword Seed had existed for so many years, they’d probably formed a certain level of intelligence. However, they’d been suppressed by the Sword Seed and weren’t able to act freely. So, after the Sword Seed entered his body and was suppressed, all of the Sword Intents within it had joint forces subconsciously to take it into the Primordial Pagoda so that it would lose its efficacy….

All of this was just Yang Ye’s guess, but he felt that it should be close to the truth!

If he was right, then Yang Ye had a completely new understanding of Sword Intent! It was very likely for Sword Intent to form its own intelligence, and it made him wonder how truly intelligent Sword Intent would look like!

Yang Ye didn’t continue on this line of thought. At this moment, he’d truly heaved a sigh of relief because he was finally safe!

Suddenly, a thought appeared in his mind!

Since these Sword Intents can devour each other to strengthen themselves, then can mine do the same?

When he thought up to this point, Yang Ye decided to give it a try. He controlled his Slaughter Sword Intent and sent it into the Primordial Pagoda. However, he didn’t attack immediately because his Slaughter Sword Intent was much weaker than the other Sword Intents from within the Sword Seed.

All of them were fighting subconsciously, but Yang Ye’s Slaughter Sword Intent was under his control. It was like it possessed intelligence of its own. So, it made up for the weakness of his Slaughter Sword Intent.

There were all sorts of Sword Intents within the Sword Seed. Yang Ye noticed that 2 of them were especially formidable. One had condensed into the shape of a sword. It wasn’t dispersed and disorderly like the other Sword Intents, and it had condensed into form on its own. Practically every other Sword Intent that fought it was completely devoured, and the size of the sword which it had condensed into grew larger and larger as it devoured incessantly. It had grown from its original size of 1m long to become over 1.5m long!

The other Sword Intent hadn’t condensed itself into any form, but it was the one that aroused the greatest amount of curiosity in Yang Ye. Because it was very smart…. His careful observation allowed him to notice that this Sword Intent was focusing on picking off other Sword Intents that were weaker than it. On the other hand, if it encountered that Sword Intent which had condensed into the shape of a sword, it wouldn’t fight at all and would just flee right away….

When he witnessed all of this, Yang Ye was even more certain that Sword Intent really could form their own intelligence….

It wasn’t long before Yang Ye’s Slaughter Sword Intent joined the battle. He chose to start devouring from the weakest, or it should be said that he was taking advantage of the situation. For example, when two different Sword Intents were on the verge of determining the victor of their battle, his Slaughter Sword Intent would charge over and destroy both of them….

Yang Ye was overjoyed because his guess was right, and he really could devour the other Sword Intents here. Moreover, he clearly noticed his Slaughter Sword Intent strengthening upon devouring them.

Of course, Yang Ye didn’t dare act carelessly because all of these Sword Intents were at a much higher level than his Slaughter Sword Intent.

Time trickled by. Yang Ye’s Slaughter Sword Intent and those 2 other Sword Intents grew stronger and stronger. However, regardless of whether it was Yang Ye’s Sword Intent or the other comparatively intelligent Sword Intents, both of them didn’t dare fight that Sword Intent which had taken the form of a sword. Because that sword-shaped Sword Intent had devoured too many different types of Sword Intents until now, and it was the strongest amongst them!

After a long time passed, Yang Ye devoured a Sword Intent that had been crushed by the sword-shaped Sword Intent, and his Sword Intent attained the 9th level. Of course, his current Sword Intent couldn’t be called the Slaughter Sword Intent anymore. Because after it devoured so many different types of Sword Intents, the Slaughter Intent within his Sword Intent had been assimilated into his Sword Intent. After all, there were numerous other Sword Intents within it that were on par with Slaughter Sword Intent!

At this moment, only 3 Sword Intents remained in the Primordial Pagoda.

Yang Ye knew his limits, and he knew that he wasn’t able to go against any one of the other 2 Sword intents. So, he immediately controlled his Sword Intent to move far away from them. However, Yang Ye noticed to his displeasure that the other comparatively intelligent Sword Intent had actually moved far away as well. It didn’t dare fight the strongest Sword Intent at all, and this destroyed his plans to take advantage of them when they were at their weakest.

After staying motionless on the spot for a moment, the sword-shaped Sword Intent suddenly pointed its tip towards Yang Ye’s Sword Intent…. This caused Yang Ye’s eyelids to twitch, and he immediately made his Sword Intent flee.

His sword wasn’t without a foundation of its own, so even though his Sword Intent was unlike the Sword Intents within the Sword Seed and wouldn’t vanish completely after it was devoured, he was very clearly aware that the level of his Sword Intent would drop upon being devoured. That was something that he absolutely didn’t want to happen!

At the moment Yang Ye’s Sword Intent fled, the sword-shaped Sword Intent transformed into a ray of light that pursued his Sword Intent….

“Fuck!” Yang Ye couldn’t stop himself from cursing when he saw this. At this moment, his Sword Intent was at the 9th level, and the sword-shaped Sword Intent was at the 10th level at least. Moreover, it wasn’t an ordinary type of Sword Intent. Yang Ye didn’t know what type of Sword Intent it was, but he was sure that even his previous 10th level Slaughter Sword Intent would have definitely been unable to be a match for the sword-shaped Sword Intent. Not to mention that his Sword Intent was only at the 9th level now!

The most infuriating and irritating thing to Yang Ye was that the other comparatively intelligent Sword Intent hadn’t stayed fair away, and it was following his Sword Intent as well…. Obviously, that fellow intended to take advantage of the situation.

The gap between Yang Ye’s Sword Intent and the sword-shaped Sword Intent was growing smaller and smaller….

It wasn’t long before the sword-shaped Sword Intent caught up to Yang Ye’s Sword Intent.

A faint bitter smile couldn’t help but appear on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth!

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