Chapter 626 – The Hallowed Grounds!

Almighty Sword Domain

Since it had caught up to his Sword Intent, Yang Ye decided that he would just fight it to the death. He commanded his Sword Intent to surge madly towards the sword-shaped Sword Intent. Even though he knew that his Sword Intent couldn’t defeat that sword-shaped Sword Intent, he didn’t have the habit of surrendering. So, even if his Sword Intent was going to be crushed, he wanted to make it suffer some losses!

Right when Yang Ye intended to fight it to the death, a shocking scene appeared before him. The comparatively intelligent Sword Intent which had been following his Sword Intent from the side had suddenly launched an attack. However, it wasn’t attacking his Sword Intent but the sword-shaped Sword Intent!

What’s that fellow trying to do?

Yang Ye wasn’t able to wrap his head around it. Because according to his expectations, the comparatively intelligent Sword Intent should intend to stand by idly and watch the battle. He really hadn’t imagined that it would immediately attack as well when he stopped commanding his Sword Intent to flee and attacked!

Does it intend to join forces with me to deal with that sword-shaped Sword Intent?

When he thought up to this point, Yang Ye felt that he had to reassess the comparatively intelligent Sword Intent….

Yang Ye naturally didn’t choose to flee. Because he really couldn’t go against the sword-shaped Sword Intent by relying on his Sword Intent alone. But if that comparatively intelligent Sword Intent were to join the battle, then he would stand a chance!

So long as the sword-shaped Sword Intent was destroyed and devoured, then he was confident that his Sword Intent would rise to the 10th level at least!

It was an opportunity!

So, Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to immediately command his Sword Intent to surge forward explosively.

Just like that, 3 different Sword Intents were locked in battle within the Primordial Pagoda.

The Hallowed Grounds.

The Hallowed Grounds could be said to be part of Profounder Continent but wasn’t within it as well. Because the world that the Hallowed Grounds resided in was an independent pocket of space that numerous Saint Realm experts had jointly created all those years ago. So, the reason why the Hallowed Grounds was said to be part of Profounder Continent was because that pocket of space was still on Profounder Continent in the end.

The Hallowed Grounds was a paradise of cultivation. The spirit energy here was over 10 times more abundant than it was in Profounder Continent. Because the experts of the continent had moved all the best spirit veins of the continent to the Hallowed Grounds so that even more experts would head over and help suppress the defiant profounders. At the same time, they’d also moved over a huge amount of the best inheritances to the Hallowed Grounds.

It had the most complete inheritances in talisman crafting, alchemy, equipment refinement, formations, and all sorts of other mysterious inheritances that Profounder Continent had no records of….

It could be said that the grand history of Profounder Continent could only be truly discovered at the Hallowed Grounds.

There was an enormous pagoda deep that had almost 10,000 levels standing beneath the ground in the Hallowed Grounds. It was deep within the core of ground in the Hallowed Ground, and it was covered in countless pitch black iron chains that were over 300m thick. Moreover, the iron chains were densely covered in all sorts of mysterious symbols and talismans.

There was a sword stabbed within the top of the pagoda.

The sword was over a meter long, 3 fingers wide, and completely crimson red as if it was covered in lava. Floating in the air above the sword was a ‘’ symbol, but countless fine cracks had spread throughout it like spiderwebs. It seemed like this symbol which represented the intent to restrain would shatter into pieces at any moment.


Suddenly, an enormous bang resounded from the highest level of the pagoda. The 1st level trembled violently, and then the sword shook a little while another fine and practically imperceptible crack had appeared on the ‘’ symbol above it.

Two old men in white robes appeared above the pagoda, and they frowned as they gazed at the sword and symbol.

One of the old men who had a mole on his forehead spoke solemnly, “Ming Sha has been acting more and more frequently.”

The other old man gazed at the symbol for a short while before he said, “Even 100,000 years of time weren’t enough to make them vanish from this world. 100,000 years! Even Half-Saints would absolutely be unable to live for that long. However, all of them have existed for so many years. What exactly is their background and origins?”

The old man with a mole shook his head and said, “Even our ancestors weren’t able to determine their background and origins, so how could we possibly accomplish that? Senior Brother, it will take a year or 3 years at most, and then Ming Sha who resides at the 1st level will be able to escape. Once he does, he’ll definitely crush the Sword Precursor. At that time, all those fellows in the levels below will probably awaken immediately!”

“They’ve woken up already!” The other old man spoke in a low voice.

The expression of the old man with a mole changed a little as he said, “How could that be possible? Then…. Then why have they….”

“Because they are very well aware that even if they’re able to charge out of the seal, their numbers wouldn’t be enough to fight us. So, they are waiting for even more defiant profounders to awaken. Haha! Even the defiant profounders have learned to act wisely and have actually learned how to join forces. If they didn’t engage in internal strife when they arrived at Profounder Continent all those years ago, then they wouldn’t have suffered such a fate!”

“Senior Brother, we are naturally able to deal with them if it’s just a portion of the defiant profounders, but if all of them swarm out from within the pagoda, then the Hallowed Grounds wouldn’t be able to resist them.” The old man with a mole had a serious expression on his face. Because there weren’t just defiant profounders at the Half-Saint Realm who were sealed here, there were even some who were comparable to true Saint Realm experts!

Right at this moment, the other old man suddenly looked towards the distance, and he seemed to be able to see through space. He remained silent for a short while before he said, “Only one of the 50 Monarch Realm experts who went to Profounder Continent has returned. That Half-Saint was much stronger than we expected.”

“What!?” The eyes of the old man with the mole had constricted slightly, and his eyes were filled with shock. After that, he closed his eyes for a short while before he quickly received the news as well.

The other old man shook his head and said, “A single mistake actually made our Hallowed Grounds lose 50 ninth rank Monarch Realm experts. Hahaha….”

After a moment of silence, the old man with a mole said, “Senior Brother, then what should we do?”

“How can the members of my Hallowed Grounds die in vain?” The old man spoke indifferently, “Since that Half-Saint and Yang Ye have offended our Hallowed Grounds to such an extent, how would our Hallowed Grounds be able to maintain its prestige if we don’t kill them? Especially that fellow, Yang Ye. He must be eliminated, or he’ll become another Unfettered One. I don’t want history to repeat itself!”

The eyes of the old man with a mole had twitched when he heard the Unfettered One being mentioned. Because all those years ago, that fellow who came from the continent which they looked down upon had caused the Hallowed Grounds to be utterly humiliated!

After a moment of silence, the old man with a mole said, “Are we going to have to leave the Hallowed Grounds?”

The other old man shook his head and said, “The price is too heavy. Losing a few dozen Monarch Realm experts wouldn’t hurt the foundation of our Hallowed Grounds, but even we can’t afford to lose Half-Saints. Order our forces to contact those 3 Half-Saints from the demon race, devil race, and the oceanic clans. Tell them that we’re willing to give them 3 Divine Spirit Fruits if they join forces against that Half-Saint.”

The old man with a mole was visibly moved because Divine Spirit Fruits could increase the lifespan of Half-Saints, and only such a fruit could accomplish such a task. So, it was a form of temptation that Half-Saints could absolutely not resist!

“”Even if there are 3 Half-Saints to keep him busy, our Monarch Realm experts will definitely die if a Half-Saint fights desperately with his life on the line. Of course, it would be a completely different story if those 3 Half-Saints were willing to go all out. However, that’s clearly impossible,” said the old man with a mole in a low voice.

The other old man shook his head and said, “We just need them to keep him busy and make him continue adhering to the rule that Monarch Realm experts aren’t allowed to act against that kid on Profounder Continent!”

The old man with a mole was slightly stunned, and then he came to an understanding and said, “Who do you plan to send?”

“Yixie!” said the old man.

“Yixie?” The old man with a mole was stunned on the spot, and then he said, “If that fellow, Yang Ye, were to execute that secret technique, and that terrifying sword technique….”

The old man shook his head and said, “That’s absolutely impossible. After all, that secret technique isn’t without its side effects. Even if he has the assistance of that Half-Saint to deal with the side effects, he will absolutely not dare to utilize it in succession within a short period of time. Because that would harm his foundation. Even if he’s willing to harm his foundation, his master wouldn’t allow it!”

The old man with a mole asked seriously, “Even though that kid is from the continent, we have to admit that he’s truly a monstrous genius. Will Yixie be able to deal with him?”

“Yixie killed a Monarch Rank fiend not too long ago!” The old man vanished on the spot once he finished speaking.

The old man with a mole on his face was slightly stunned, and then a smile appeared on the corners of his mouth as he said, “Great. That fellow will probably be rising from the 8th position on the Hallowed Rankings to the 7th.” As soon as he finished speaking, his figure vanished on the spot as well.

“100,000 years…. This young master is finally about to escape! Hahaha!” Rumbling suddenly resounded from the highest level of the pagoda, and then both the sword and the symbol at the top of the pagoda started to tremble violently.

Two days later. Profounder Continent.


Suddenly, horrifying rumbling resounded throughout the continent, and then divine lightning shot down from the sky while lava surged up from the ground.

At this moment, all the experts at the Monarch Realm and above throughout the continent looked with shock towards the source of the rumbling.

Because a Half-Saint had fallen!

Elder Mu stood with his hands behind his back while a trace of blood could be seen on the corner of his mouth. Moreover, a tiny ‘’ character flickered on his forehead. Suddenly, that tiny character vanished, and then a white haired old man and a black robed old man appeared around Elder Mu.

“You were actually concealing your strength.” The black robed old man spoke in a low voice, and there was unprecedented seriousness in his eyes. Because perhaps he could defeat Luo Tian with the strength that he possessed, but he was absolutely unable to kill Luo Tian. However, the Undertaker had done so. In other words, the Undertaker’s strength far surpassed his own!

Elder Mu glanced at them and said, “If the two of you attack me, then I’m confident in being able to kill one more. Want to give it a try?”

Both their eyelids twitched upon hearing this. Where is he getting the confidence to say such things?

Elder Mu didn’t pay any further attention to them, and he raised his head to look into the sky. He frowned as he looked in that direction because his opponent wasn’t the defiant profounders, or these Half-Saints, or even the members of the Hallowed Grounds…. It was that expanse of space….

“What if I join them? Will you still be confident to kill one of us?” Right at this moment, an old man who wore a blue robe appeared here.

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