Chapter 632 – To The Central Territory!

Almighty Sword Domain

Ancient Domain City.

Yang Ye was holding an infant in his arms within a room while ceaselessly touching the infant’s nose with a loving expression on his face. Xiao Yuxi, Qin Xiyue, and Su Qingshi were standing by his side. Of course, the violet mink and Lei Lin were there as well.

The room was filled with those who were closest to him.

Yang Ye asked softly, “There are people protecting Little Yao and Bao’er, right?”

Su Qingshi nodded and said, “The Demon Emperor has placed a spatial technique on them, and he’ll act immediately if they are in danger. Moreover, Ding Shaoyao has sent numerous Exalt Realm experts to stay by their sides. However, Little Yao….”

“What’s wrong?” Yang Ye raised his head and gazed at Su Qingshi.

Su Qingshi said, “She feels that she’s a burden to you, so she’s cultivating very painstakingly….”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “That little girl…. Take better care of her on my behalf. I’ve been constantly cultivating or dealing with the Hallowed Grounds and Exalted Han Empire throughout this period, and I haven’t been able to accompany all of you.” When he spoke up to this point, he glanced at all of them and revealed a guilty expression.

Su Qingshi shook her head and said, “It was we who were too weak. You wouldn’t have to endure such pressure on your own if we possessed An Nanjing’s strength.”

“I’ll work hard!” Xiao Yuxi spoke abruptly in a solemn and firm tone.

The violet mink nodded. Meanwhile, Lei Lin who was by the violet mink’s side had noticed the violet mink nodded and hurriedly did the same….

Yang Ye grinned, and then he said seriously, “The reason I called all of you here is because I wanted to discuss something with all of you.”

“It’s your own family affairs so I won’t interfere!” Qin Xiyue spoke abruptly, and then she turned around and walked away.

“It’s yours as well!” Yang Ye’s voice resounded.

Qin Xiyue’s figure shook slightly, and she stopped moving.

Yang Ye sighed softly and said, “Xiyue, I know that I’ve neglected your during this period, or I should say that I’ve been avoiding you. The reason I did that was because I was afraid of hurting Yuxi and Qingshi.”

“Then you aren’t afraid of hurting me?” Qin Xiyue turned around to gaze at him.

Yang Ye glanced at Su Qingshi and Xiao Yuxi before he said, “I’m extremely fortunate to be with any one of you. But I’m quite irresolute and hesitant when it comes to feelings and relationships, and that is what has caused the current situation. Of course, such a situation is good for me, but it’s extremely unfair to all of you.”

The 3 of them remained silent because Yang Ye’s words were the truth. No woman was willing to share their lover with another. Of course, it would be a different story if that woman was doing it for wealth or something else….

Yang Ye placed Yang Nianxue before the violet mink. The violet mink blinked before she waved her little claw, and a violet barrier of light enveloped Yang Nianxue before she took the barrier of light in her claws.

The violet mink blinked incessantly as she gazed at the infant within the barrier of light….

Lei Lin’s gaze fell onto Yang Nianxue as well. She blinked before she stretched her hand towards Yang Nianxue. However, the violet mink stopped Lei Lin because her hands had electricity on them….

Lei Lin puckered her lips before clapping her hands together, and then a bolt of lightning flashed. After that, the electricity that coiled around her hands had instantly vanished, so her hand once again moved towards Yang Nianxue who was sleeping soundly within the violet barrier of light….

Yang Ye paid no further attention to the violet mink and Lei Lin because the two little fellows wouldn’t harm his daughter.

Yang Ye took Su Qingshi and Xiao Yuxi’s hands before he walked over to Qin Xiyue, and he said, “I don’t want to say things like I feel very guilty. Because I won’t leave all of you no matter what, and I won’t allow all of you to leave me. I’ll use my entire lifetime to repay what I owe all of you!”

“Aren’t you still the one to benefit?” Qin Xiyue rolled her eyes at him.

Su Qingshi and Xiao Yuxi glanced at Yang Ye as well. He’s getting more and more shameless. He was actually able to speak about having more than one wife like it is so honorable of him….

“Let me take all of you somewhere!” Yang Ye took the 3 of them into the world within the Primordial Pagoda.

After he found out that his entire body could enter the Primordial Pagoda, Yang Ye had thought about whether he could hide within it when he encountered experts whom he couldn’t defeat. However, it wasn’t long before he noticed that it was impossible. Perhaps others could, but he couldn’t. Because a void would appear in the space where he was after he entered the Primordial Pagoda.

If someone were to slightly destroy the space in that area, then he would vanish without a trace…. The reason that little girl and the Primordial Pagoda had arrived in this world of his was because that little girl had entered the Primordial Pagoda to play within it. After that, the space her body was at before entering the pagoda had been damaged, and that caused the Primordial Pagoda to pass through countless worlds and rivers of stars to arrive at Profounder Continent!

During that process, the little girl had almost been obliterated….

Yang Ye didn’t dare to give that a try.

It was the first time that Qin Xiyue had entered the Primordial Pagoda. She first stared blankly at the world before her, and then she was shocked because she hadn’t imagined that there was actually such a world within Yang Ye’s body….

“I’m sure all of you are able to sense how abundant the energy within this world is. I intend for all of you to cultivate here from now onward. What do you think?” asked Yang Ye.

The reason he’d brought them here was firstly so that they could quickly improve their strengths; and secondly, it was because it would put him at ease. Presently, the Hallowed Grounds was only targeting him, and it wasn’t acting against Su Qingshi and the others. However, who knew when the members of the Hallowed Grounds might target Su Qingshi and the others instead?

Qin Xiyue spoke abruptly, “A formidable army can be fostered here!”

“No!” Su Qingshi immediately objected and said, “This is too astounding. It will be a calamity for our husband if outsiders were to find out about it!”

Xiao Yuxi nodded in agreement.

Yang Ye said, “I’ve thought about that as well. But as Qingshi said, our strength is too weak, so it would absolutely be a calamity for us if it were to be exposed. Of course, it would be different if I attain the Monarch Realm or the Half-Saint Realm. I would only dare to do that once I possess absolute strength!”

Qin Xiyue thought for a moment and nodded.

“We’ll cultivate here in the future. In this way, we won’t just be able to improve swiftly, we’ll even be able to be at your side at all times!” said Xiao Yuxi.

“Agreed!” Su Qingshi and Qin Xiyue nodded as well.

“We have to build a home here. A home that belongs to us!” Qin Xiyue sized up the surroundings and spoke abruptly.

Su Qingshi and Xiao Yuxi hurriedly nodded in agreement, and then they quickly started discussing how to build that home….

Yang Ye left the Primordial Pagoda and spoke with Ding Shaoyao throughout the night.

At dawn, he left for the central territory with the violet mink and Lei Lin….

“Those who surrender will be spared!”

These were the first words that Yang Ye spoke upon arriving at the central territory.

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