Chapter 633 – Yun Qingyao!

Almighty Sword Domain

The entire central territory was in an uproar when Yang Ye stepped foot into it.

Yang Ye’s current strength was invincible beneath the Monarch Realm, so if Monarch Realm experts didn’t act against him, then not a single expert below the Monarch Realm throughout the central territory would be a march for him.

Truthfully speaking, when they found out about the reason Yang Ye had come to the central territory, many sects and clans felt slight pity for the Exalted Han Empire. After all, Yang Ye was only at the southern territory at that time, and there was no enmity between him and the Exalted Han Empire. However, Luo Jun had formed enmity with Yang Ye for the sake of roping in a tiny power like the Flower Palace.

This enmity caused the Exalted Han Empire to pay a horrible price, and it was still paying the price for that decision.

If Luo Jun had made friends with Yang Ye and helped him destroy the Flower Palace, then the outcome that the Exalted Han Empire faced would definitely be completely different. After all, would anyone dare to resist the joint forces of Yang Ye, Luo Jun, and the two Half-Saints that stood behind them?

Moreover, it wouldn’t be difficult for the empire to conquer the devil territory and demon territory with Yang Ye’s help. Unfortunately, everything did go so well.

A single mistake of Luo Jun’s had caused the Exalted Han Empire to lose its Half-Saint, an army of millions, and even the support of the central territory.

Now, the Exalted Han Empire was on the verge of destruction!

Those who surrender would be spared!

Countless clans and sects had immediately responded to him once he spoke these words. At this moment, there practically wasn’t any clan or sect that looked favorably upon the Exalted Han Empire, even if the Exalted Han Empire had the support of the Hallowed Grounds.

After all, they were all clearly aware of the fate that those geniuses of the Hallowed Grounds had suffered!

Moreover, Yang Ye was no benevolent and kind person. If they were to go against him now, then their entire clans and sects would be annihilated when the time came. So, they didn’t just surrender on their own volition when Yang Ye arrived at the central territory, they even came with the cities they controlled in order to give him a good impression of them.

Yang Ye wasn’t interested in dealing with all of this, and Ding Shaoyao would deal with them for him.

Just like that, the slightly strange group of man, mink, and little girl rushed straight towards the capital of the Exalted Han Empire.

In the beginning, their journey was quite smooth, but it wasn’t long before they were stopped at a city called Immortal Qilin City.

A young man wearing a yellow robe appeared on the city wall, and there was a veiled woman in golden armor standing by his side. Yang Ye recognized the woman. She was that woman who’d come to seek his cooperation after he left Martial World City that day.

“Brother Yang, could it be that you really intend to kill your way to the capital of my Exalted Han Empire?” The young man looked down from above the city wall as he spoke.

“That day when Luo Jun insulted my wife, I told him that I would definitely do the same to him. Now, I’ve come to fulfil my promise,” said Yang Ye.

The young man spoke solemnly, “Brother Yang, Luo Jun isn’t the emperor of my Exalted Han Empire any longer. Moreover, he has paid a horrible price. Could it be that you still refuse to stop and intend to wipe us out?”

“Didn’t Luo Jun intend to do the same?” Yang Ye said, “Let’s cut the crap. I came to the central territory today because I intend to annihilate the royal family of your Exalted Han Empire.”

“Do you really think that you alone are sufficient to do that?” The woman who stood by the yellow robed young man spoke abruptly.

“It’s exactly because I don’t know that I’ve come to give it a try!” Yang Ye stretched out his hand and grasped, and then an Intent Sword appeared there, “So, will you surrender or not!?”

When she saw Yang Ye draw his sword, the violet mink’s claws flickered with a faint violet glow as well, and then she slapped Lei Lin who was still nibbling on a spirit fruit and seemed to be saying ‘Stop eating. It’s time to fight!’.

Lei Lin glanced at the violet mink, and then she started taking huge bites. It wasn’t long before she finished the entire spirit fruit. After that, she clapped her hands together and stretched one of them towards the sky and gestured. In an instant, a bolt of lightning suddenly appeared in the sky above Immortal Qilin City.

The young man’s eyelids twitched, and he continued, “Brother Yang, it would be harmful for both the southern territory and my Exalted Han Empire if we continue fighting. Both sides will suffer heavy injuries. The defiant profounders are about to emerge, so our continent should join forces. Otherwise, once the defiant profounders emerge, then….”

“Kill!” Yang Ye’s voice suddenly resounded, and then a ray of light smashed against the gates of Immortal Qilin City.


The enormous gate trembled violently but didn’t shatter.

Yang Ye frowned as he saw a thin barrier of light had appeared around the entire city.

It was a grand formation!

“This is a grand formation left behind from the ancient times, and it’s sufficient to resist the attacks of Monarch Realm experts!” As the young man’s voice resounded, a huge group of archers appeared on the city walls, and there were no less than 100,000 of them. Most importantly, all of them were actually Spirit Realm experts!

Moreover, the city walls had suddenly split open to reveal numerous enormous cannons that were covered in all sorts of mysterious talismans, and there were no less than 100 of them. All of them were pointed at Yang Ye.

“All of these crossbows are Earth Rank treasures, and their arrows are Earth Rank treasures as well. Moreover, they are enhanced by strengthening talismans. My Exalted Han Empire once experimented on the might of 100,000 crossbow arrows being shot by 100,000 Spirit Realm experts. Our error in the estimation of its might caused my Exalted Han Empire to lose a Monarch Realm expert during that experiment,” said the young man flatly.

The young man pointed at the enormous cannons before Yang Ye could speak and said, “These are Energy Cannons, and they are from the ancient times as well. Presently, no one in the entire continent is capable of creating such cannons. The beams they fire are capable of annihilating fifth rank Exalt Realm experts with ease!”

“Are you threatening me?” Yang Ye held the Intent Sword in his hand as he walked slowly towards the city wall.

The violet mink slapped Lei Lin on the head and hurriedly followed Yang Ye.

“I just want to have a proper discussion with Brother Yang!” said the young man.

“All of this isn’t enough!” said Yang Ye.

The young man nodded and said, “I think Brother Yang should take a look around.”

Yang Ye stopped moving, but he noticed nothing unusual. Suddenly, the entire ground started to quake, and then an explosion resounded as 360 skeletons charged out from beneath the ground and surrounded Yang Ye in a strange manner. All of these skeletons were very similar to Corpse Ancestor and the others, but they had a saber hanging on their waists.

“Young Master Yang, we meet again!” Meanwhile, Zhuge suddenly appeared on the city wall.

“It’s you!” Yang Ye’s brows knit together slightly. This fellow was naturally familiar to him because Corpse Ancestor and those colossi that the Exalted Han Empire utilized that day had come from this fellow.

Zhuge grinned and said, “Zhuge is really honored to be remembered by the invincible Sword Emperor. I presume Young Master Yang doesn’t recognize these skeletons, so allow me to introduce them. All of them were ninth rank Monarch Realm experts while they were living. Of course, their current strengths are only equivalent to ninth rank Exalt Realm experts. But that isn’t the main point. The main point is that Young Master Yang should have noticed their positions clearly. They are standing in the position of a formation of my Zhuge Clan called the Seven Star Formation.”

As he spoke, Zhuge formed a seal, and then the sky instantly dimmed down. After that, 7 dazzling stars appeared in the sky, and the positioning of these 7 stars corresponded completely to the 360 skeletons.

Yang Ye’s brows knit together even more tightly because this was quite strange.

“Draw upon the energy of the stars!” Zhuge’s voice suddenly resounded, and then 7 beams of starlight suddenly erupted from those 7 stars, and the starlight entered the skeletons. After the starlight touched them, the auras of all 360 skeletons had suddenly risen explosively, and it wasn’t long before it rose to an extremely terrifying state. Even though it wasn’t the aura of a Monarch Realm expert, it wasn’t something that Exalt Realm experts should possess!

Zhuge said, “Even though they aren’t at the Monarch Realm, their auras are extremely close to the Monarch Realm. Of course, their strengths are extremely close to the Monarch Realm as well.”

“You’ve really surprised me a little!” Yang Ye gazed at Zhuge as he spoke. After all, it wasn’t just Zhuge’s background that was mysterious, all of these things that he’d never seen before were mysterious as well.

Zhuge grinned and said, “Since Young Master Yang is so composed, I presume it’s because Young Master Yang has comprehended the Sword Domain. Indeed, Young Master Yang really doesn’t have to fear these skeletons of mine with the Sword Domain you possess. However, you might still be underestimating these skeletons of mine. It isn’t just their strengths that are extremely close to the Monarch Realm, they can overlap their strengths as well!”

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted. Meanwhile, Zhuge said abruptly, “Converge!”

As soon as Zhuge spoke, those 360 skeletons suddenly raised the sabers at their waists, and then 360 rays of light surged into those sabers. After that, all of them linked together in midair. An invisible wave of pressure suddenly descended onto Yang Ye once they’d fully linked together.

The violet mink blinked, and her eyes had a solemn expression within them. Lei Lin had stopped eating, and she’d walked over to Yang Ye’s side while holding tightly onto his sleeve.

A strand of Sword Intent surged out from Yang Ye, and then the pressure on them was finally reduced greatly.

“After their strengths are overlapped, the strength they possess isn’t simply at the Monarch Realm anymore. Someone utilized this formation a very long time ago. Young Master yang, do you know how powerful it was?” Zhuge said before Yang Ye could answer, “A ninth rank Monarch Realm expert perished at that time!”

This time, it wasn’t just Yang Ye who was shocked, the young man by Zhuge’s side was shocked as well. He knew about Zhuge’s formation, but he wasn’t aware that it was that formidable.

It can kill a ninth rank Monarch Realm expert? The young man in a yellow robe took a deep and long glance at Zhuge while a trace of fear suddenly arose in his heart. Zhuge used to be on Luo Jun’s side, but Zhuge had come to side with him once Luo Jun had been defeated, and Zhuge had said that he could help him. So, the young man had naturally agreed happily. After all, he’d witnessed Zhuge’s ability. But when he thought about it carefully now, he felt that Zhuge’s identity was really quite mysterious!

Because he’d never heard that the Zhuge Clan possessed such a formation or such ability!

“Young Master Yang, if you don’t activate your secret technique to advance into the Monarch Realm now, then you won’t have another chance!” Zhuge spoke abruptly.

Yang Ye suddenly said, “You’re from the Hallowed Grounds, right!?” Yang Ye didn’t believe that such a heaven defying formation existed in the continent now. Since it didn’t exist in the continent, then there was only one other explanation. Zhuge was from the Hallowed Grounds!

Zhuge was slightly stunned, and then he started laughing.

However, his laughter made the expressions of everyone change because it was actually the voice of a woman!

All of them watched with shock as Zhuge placed his hands on his face and wiped it, and then a drop dead gorgeous face appeared before their eyes.

“7th on the Hallowed Rankings and Team Leader of the Formation Team, Yun Qingyao, greets the Sword Emperor!” The woman grinned as she spoke.

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