Chapter 634 – Surprise!

Almighty Sword Domain

The Hallowed Grounds!

Everyone including Yang Ye was quite stunned when they heard this. They hadn’t expected that she was actually an expert who was ranked on the Hallowed Rankings, and she was even ranked higher than Mo Yixie!

But it did make sense. Because while they weren’t certain about her combat strength, these skeletons she’d revealed were sufficient for her to be ranked above Mo Yixie. After all, Mo Yixie wasn’t able to kill ninth rank Monarch Realm experts.

“You’re actually a member of the Hallowed Grounds, then where’s Zhuge?” The yellow robed man moved away from Yun Qingyao as he asked in a low voice.

Yun Qingyao played with her beautiful hair as she grinned, “He… is naturally dead.”

The young man’s expression changed slightly, and he said, “You….” He was about to berate her, but he wasn’t able to finish speaking no matter what. After all, he wasn’t qualified to berate her with the status and strength that she possessed.

Yun Qingyao twirled her hair with her finger as she smiled, “I came to Profounder Continent to test a few formations. They required a huge amount of slaughter, and those old fellows at the Hallowed Grounds refused to let me slaughter in the Hallowed Grounds. So, I had no choice but to come to the continent. But I never expected that I would encounter something so interesting in the continent…. A Sword Emperor actually appeared in this world. Moreover, even Zuo Dengfeng, Yao Ye, and Mo Yixie were defeated by you.”

“You….” The young man seemed to want to say something, but Yun Qingyao suddenly glanced at him and said, “Just shut your mouth. Amongst the people here, only he is qualified to speak to me. Understand?”

The young man’s expression instantly turned unsightly, but Yun Qingyao paid no attention to him and just gazed at Yang Ye before she said, “I have to declare something. The Soaring Centipede and those other pieces of trash I summoned at that time weren’t my true objective. They were just pawns I used to deceive Luo Jun. My true objective was these 360 skeletons.”

“You seem to be very confident!” Yang Ye flipped his palm and the ancient sheath appeared there before he sheathed the Intent Sword within it.

Yun Qingyao glanced at the ancient sheath in Yang Ye’s hand and said, “Needless to say, that sword technique of yours is very formidable, and it isn’t inferior to the sword techniques of my Hallowed Grounds. However, aren’t you underestimating me a little by thinking of relying on that sword technique to destroy my Seven Star Formation? Let’s give it a try if you don’t believe me!”

When she spoke up to this point, Yun Qingyao stopped for a moment before she shouted, “Slash!”

“Slash!” The voices of 360 skeletons suddenly resounded, and then their sabers swiftly descended and emanated 360 strands of saber qi. The saber qi converged into an enormous beam of saber qi that tore through space and shot explosively towards Yang Ye.

The saber qi was like a sharp blade while space was like fragile paper. Everywhere it passed, space was instantly split apart, and it was a truly terrifying scene.

Lei Lin was stunned by this scene, and she instantly ran over to hide behind Yang Ye….

The violet mink smacked Lei Lin on the head. What lacking loyalties! However, the violet mink hid behind Yang Ye as well….

Yang Ye grinned when he noticed their actions, and then he took a step forward while the Intent Sword in his hand left the sheath. It shattered before a ray of light shot into the air and smashed against the saber qi.

The sword qi wasn’t weaker than the saber qi at all!


After a moment of silence, an enormous explosion suddenly resounded, and then a wave of energy swept out towards the surroundings. Everywhere it passed, space started to ripple violently before it seemed to be unable to endure the tremors of the wave and exploded apart!

The sword qi and saber qi were still pressed against each other and hadn’t shattered apart, but countless cracks had appeared on them.

“Enhance!” Yun Qingyao’s voice suddenly resounded, and then 7 rays of starlight suddenly descended from the sky and surged into the saber qi.

After that, dazzling light suddenly erupted from the saber qi, and then an explosion resounded as Yang Ye’s sword qi was slashed into two!

The saber qi, on the other hand, doubled in speed, and it instantly arrived in front of Yang Ye!

Yang Ye revealed a serious expression in his eyes. It was the first time his Heavenrend Drawing Technique had been destroyed in a head-on collision. Needless to say, the joint forces of the 360 skeletons was truly formidable! It was formidable to the point that he had to get serious!

Yang Ye stretched out his right hand and grasped it, and then the shattered Intent Sword instantly condensed into a completely new Intent Sword. Next, he immediately sheathed it before drawing it right away!


The sword qi flashed forward in a spiral, and it smashed against the saber qi.


Thunderous rumbling resounded as both the sword qi and saber qi exploded apart!

“Slash!” However, right at this moment, Yun Qingyao’s voice resounded once more, and then another beam of saber qi shot towards Yang Ye.




As she kept shouting incessantly, numerous beams of saber qi surged incessantly towards Yang Ye in succession.

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted when he witnessed this scene. Does it require no profound energy? Can it be executed without limit?

As if she knew what Yang Ye was thinking, Yun Qingyao’s voice resounded, “You’re right, it can be executed without limit. Haha…. I bet you never expected it. Not to mention you, if one doesn’t know how to deal with the formation, then even a ninth rank Monarch Realm expert would be unable to escape death. You can only blame yourself for being too conceited, walking into my formation, and not fleeing when I converged the energy of the stars. Now, it’s too late for you to flee.”

Yang Ye didn’t have the time to think about all of that. He immediately draconified himself and drew his sword….

He knew that he really had underestimated his opponents, and he should have taken the initiative to attack when those skeletons had appeared instead of wasting his breath with the woman. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have fallen into such a situation!

“Do you regret it now?” Yun Qingyao grinned as she gazed at Yang Ye who was ceaselessly executing Heavenrend within her formation, “Actually, you’re really formidable because Mo Yixie and those other 2 would have absolutely been unable to hold on for long within this formation, but you’re still accomplishing it with ease. Unfortunately, you’ll die in the end.”

“You seem to be getting dizzy from success!” Yang Ye suddenly gazed at her after he slashed apart the saber qi.

“I am, and what can you do about it?” Yun Qingyao still had a brilliant smile on her face.

Yang Ye suddenly said, “Don’t forget that I possess the Enlightened Sword Heart!”

Yun Qingyao’s smile suddenly froze.

“Break apart!” Yang Ye roared furiously as he suddenly stabbed his Intent Sword into the circle of light beneath him.


Yang Ye’s Intent Sword was stopped, but he suddenly grabbed it with both hands and spun it.


The sword pierced through the ground.


A clear and melodious sound resounded as the circle of light slowly cracked apart, and a slight smile appeared on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth. However, right at this moment, a ray of white light suddenly shot out from beneath the ground, and then it shot through his chest at a speed which he wasn’t able to dodge at all….

After that, a man who had a green longbow on his back appeared behind Yang Ye.

“6th on the Hallowed Rankings and leader of the Archer Team, He Lianqi, greets the Sword Emperor!” The man’s voice resounded by Yang Ye’s ears.

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