Chapter 640 – Then Let’s Fight!

Almighty Sword Domain

At this moment, Luo Jun seemed completely fine if based on outward appearance alone.

Yang Ye merely glanced at Luo Jun before his gaze descended onto the middle aged man by Luo Jun’s side, and he said, “I presume you’re the Sect Master of Clear River Sect. Let’s get straight to the point. Will your sect yield?”

“Yang Ye….” Luo Jun seemed to intend to say something but Yang Ye paid no attention to him. He sheathed the intent sword within the ancient sheath before swiftly drawing it!


This time, merely some cracks appeared on the intent sword, and it didn’t shatter!

A snow white beam of sword qi smashed against the grand formation that protector Clear River Sect.


Thunderous rumbling resounded throughout the sky above Clear River Sect, and everyone watched with shock as cracks actually appeared on the grand formation which was capable of resisting the attacks of Monarch Realm experts. Even though it didn’t shatter into pieces, it was on the verge of it!

All the spectators were astounded by this scene, and even Luo Jun was extremely astonished. He hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would actually act so domineeringly. Of course, most importantly, he hadn’t expected that Yang Ye’s strength was actually formidable to such an extent now.

Luo Jun’s pupils constricted when he noticed that Yang Ye intended to launch another attack, and he hurriedly said, “Yang Ye. Perhaps we can have a discussion….”

“Those who refuse to submit will be killed without mercy!” Yang Ye interrupted Luo Jun. He sheathed the intent sword before drawing it once more, and then another beam of sword qi smashed against the grand formation.


A huge bang resounded as the grand formation trembled violently, and then it exploded apart into specks of light that rained down throughout the surroundings!

“How audacious! Yang Ye, do you think that you’re a Half-Saint?” Clear River Sect’s Master had a livid expression on his face because Yang Ye didn’t give him any face. However, he didn’t dare attack Yang Ye because the only Half-Saint in the human world was standing on Yang Ye’s side.

“What can you do about it?” Yang Ye grunted coldly before his figure shot forward explosively, and he entered into the sect. After that, he waved his right hand, and released all his Sword Servants like the Divine Gold Dragon and the members of both the Sword Team and Saber Team. Every single one of them was an existence that could fight 10 peers on their own. Of course, most importantly, there were 360 skeletons amongst his Sword Servants!

360 Exalt Realm experts!

Yang Ye would naturally not be arrogant to the point of thinking he could slaughter a Ninth Rank Sect on his own because the resources and reserves possessed by such sects couldn’t be underestimated at all. But if he possessed almost 400 extraordinary Exalt Realm Sword Servants and Monarch Realm experts couldn’t interfere, then even a Ninth Rank Sect was nothing before him!

The expressions of everyone within Clear River Sect changed when they saw Yang Ye’s Sword Servants. After all, just Yang Ye alone was a huge headache for them. If these puppets of his were included, then how could the Clear River Sect resist him when Monarch Realm experts couldn’t interfere?

Luo Jun had a gloomy expression on his face. No one knew what he was thinking as he held tightly onto the Mortal Emperor Sword.

Yang Ye pointed his sword at Clear River Sect’s Master and said, “Sect Master of Clear River Sect, I’ll give you one last chance. Otherwise, the Clear River Sect will cease to exist from today onward!”

Clear River Sect’s Master clenched his fists tightly while gloominess covered his face. After all, being threatened and having a sword pointed at him by an Exalt Realm expert was an extraordinary insult! But it just so happened that he was helpless against Yang Ye.

Could anyone do anything to Yang Ye when that Half-Saint who stood on his side was still alive?

Clear River Sect’s Master instantly felt powerless when he thought of the Undertaker. After all, that was an existence who could slaughter Half-Saints!

Of course, the problem he faced right now wasn’t the Undertaker but the choice to surrender!

All the members of the sect gazed at their sect master because the final decision rested in his hands. However, the Sect Master of Clear River Sect gazed at Luo Jun instead!

Luo Jun spoke flatly, “Sect Master Wang, I hope you realize that those geniuses from the Hallowed Grounds weren’t in the top 5 of the Hallowed Rankings. Sect Master Wang, do you think the Hallowed Grounds would let Yang Ye live after he killed 3 of the Hallowed Grounds’ geniuses in succession this time? It wouldn’t! The Hallowed Ground will only realize that Yang Ye is much more terrifying than they’d imagined. Once they realize that, then the moment they’re truly serious will come. At that time, Yang Ye will definitely perish at their hands!”

The Sect Master of Clear River Sect remained silent. The reason he was still standing by Luo Jun’s side now was because the Hallowed Grounds hadn’t abandoned the Exalted Han Empire. The strength of that colossus was absolutely beyond doubt. If he were to submit to Yang Ye right now, then his sect would be able to obtain a moment of peace, but the day the Hallowed Grounds truly attacked would be the day his sect would face destruction.

But if he didn’t submit now, then how would the Clear River Sect repulse a demon like Yang Ye?

Luo Jun continued, “I know what Sect Master Wang is worried about, but there’s no need for that. Even though my Exalted Han Empire isn’t as strong as it used to be, it hasn’t fallen to the point of just anyone can bully it.”

When he spoke up to this point, Luo Jun gazed at Yang Ye while a strange smile arose on the corners of his mouth. He said, “Yang Ye, if I were you, I’d immediately return to the southern territory and not try to show off here!”

Yang Ye frowned. Suddenly, a ripple appeared in the space before him.

A transmission talisman!

The smile on Luo Jun’s face slowly widened when he saw this….

“Sword Master, a huge number of Exalt Realm assassins have appeared in the southern territory, and there are over a thousand of them. All of them are targeting the important figures of the clans and sects that have sided with us and the important figures of our southern territory. Up until this very moment, we’ve lost almost 200 Exalt Realm experts, and every single one of them is an important figure. This almost threw our forces into chaos. Fortunately, Miss Ding was able to suppress it.

“Besides that, Little Yao, Bao’er, and everyone else related to Sword Master has suffered assassination attempts as well. But you don’t have to worry. All of them are fine. But Miss Ding…. There were numerous assassins hiding in the Ding Clan, and she was careless…. She’s in critical condition right now, and she asks that you swiftly return to the southern territory as she has things to tell you!”

Yang Ye slowly closed his eyes upon receiving all of this information. Suddenly, he opened them once more, and a ferocious expression surged through them. He sheathed the intent sword within the ancient sheath before suddenly drawing it and slashing in Luo Jun’s direction!

“Luo Jun! I’ll slaughter your entire family!” A beam of sword qi surged forward as Yang Ye spoke, and a few Exalt Realm experts who stood before Luo Jun hadn’t even come into contact with the sword qi when the sharp Sword Intent it contained heavily injured them.

Luo Jun’s eyelids twitched, and the Mortal Emperor Sword swiftly left its sheath. A beam of white colored sword qi smashed against Yang Ye’s sword qi, but merely an instant passed before Luo Jun’s sword qi was completely blasted apart!

Luo Jun was astounded by this scene. At this moment, he finally understood how terrifying 12th level Sword Intent was….

Right at this moment, a black robed old man appeared in front of Luo Jun, and then the old man casually waved his hand and dispersed Yang Ye’s sword qi.

It was a Half-Saint!

“The Mortal Emperor can’t be allowed to die!” The old man spoke indifferently.

“I think it’s better for him to be dead!” Elder Mu appeared here.

The old man’s eyes narrowed slightly. Right at this moment, a white haired old man appeared by the black robed old man’s side, and he said, “The defiant profounders are about to emerge from the seal! The continent needs the Karmic Luck of the Heaven Dao possessed by the Mortal Emperor! So, the Mortal Emperor can’t be allowed to die!”

“I think the Mortal Emperor can’t be allowed to die as well!” The Oceanic Emperor appeared here as well.

3 Half-Saints intended to protect Luo Jun!

The Sect Master of the Clear River Sect heaved a sigh of relief. He felt fortunate that he’d resisted the pressure Yang Ye had caused him to suffer just now. Otherwise, the consequences that his sect faced would be unimaginable….

A smile appeared on the corners of Luo Jun’s mouth, and it slowly grew wider….

Elder Mu glanced at the 3 of them, and then he said, “Since it’s like that….”

When he spoke up to this point, Elder Mu waved his hand, and a tombstone appeared before him as he said, “Then let’s fight!”

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