Chapter 641 – Taking His Sword!

Almighty Sword Domain

He intends to fight 3 Half-Saints on his own?

Everyone here was stunned by this.

At this moment, Yang Ye was stunned as well. Elder Mu actually intends to fight 3 opponents on his own? They aren’t Monarch Realm experts but Half-Saints just like Elder Mu!

Was Elder Mu at the Saint Realm? That was clearly impossible. Because it was impossible for Elder Mu to stay on Profounder Continent if he was at the Saint Realm. So, it made Yang Ye wonder why Elder Mu dared to fight 3 other Half-Saints!

Of course, no matter what, the stronger Elder Mu was, the better it was for Yang Ye!

The expressions of the Half-Saints from the demon race, devil race, and oceanic race changed. They’d thought that the Undertaker would make a compromise, but they’d never imagined that he would actually intend to fight all 3 of them on his own!

Is he that confident?

The 3 of them didn’t mock or ridicule Elder Mu, and they only had extremely serious expressions on their faces. Because not only was the Undertaker’s background mysterious, even his strength was extremely mysterious. So, since he dared to speak about fighting the 3 of them, then it proved that he was definitely confident in his ability to accomplish it. Otherwise, it would be absolutely impossible for Elder Mu to act in this way. After all, the joint forces of 3 Half-Saints was absolutely capable of killing a Half-Saint!

Elder Mu said, “Those at the Monarch Realm or above aren’t allowed to interfere. All of you have broken the rules. Since it’s like that, then pay a little in advance for your mistakes!” As soon as he finished speaking, Elder Mu slapped his palm towards the space in front of him….

The devil territory.

An enormous palm appeared out of thin air in the sky above the devil territory before smashing down to the ground. The entire devil territory trembled violently as millions of profounders from the devil race transformed into dust and dirt….

At the same time, an enormous palm that blotted out the sky had appeared in the sky above the territory of the oceanic clans. It descended into the ocean before an enormous explosion resounded while waves rose to a height of over 30km. Just this attack took the lives of millions of profounders from the oceanic clans!

“I’ll give the Demon Emperor face and spare the demon race!” Elder Mu glanced indifferently at the white haired old man.

All 3 of them were astounded!

He actually acted against ordinary profounders!“You’re courting death!” The Oceanic Emperor roared furiously as he waved his hand, and then an enormous palm appeared above the southern territory as well. However, it had only just appeared when another palm tore through the sky and smashed it into pieces.

The Oceanic Emperor’s pupils constricted while shock appeared in his eyes because he realized that the Undertaker’s strength far surpassed his own….

“Do you really intend to fight us to the death?” The black robed old man spoke in a heavy voice.

“All of you’ve broken the rules!” said Elder Mu.

“The continent’s survival is linked to the Mortal Emperor, so he can’t die!” said the white haired old man.

Elder Mu shook his head and chuckled, “So only he can attack my disciple, yet my disciple can’t attack him? Do the 3 really think that your joint forces can suppress us? Cut the crap. All of you will never abide by the rules if you don’t experience some pain. Come fight me or fuck off!”

“How dare you!”

All of them were Half-Saints so how could they endure such humiliation?

“Since you want to fight, then let’s fight!” The white haired old man flashed into the sky.

“I’ll accompany you until the end!” The black robed old man grunted coldly and shot into the sky as well.

“You’re dead!” The Oceanic Emperor glanced coldly at Elder Mu before he flew into the sky as well.

Elder Mu glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Do as you want. No one will be able to bully you!” As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flashed off after the other 3 Half-Saints.

In next to no time, the sound of battle resounded!

Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then he gazed at Luo Jun and said, “Only death awaits you today! The Clear River Sect will be annihilated today as well! Die!”

As soon as he spoke, almost 400 Sword Servants instantly attacked the disciples of Clear River Sect.

“Yang Ye, my Clear River Sect has changed its mind….” The anxious voice of the Clear River Sect’s Master resounded. He hadn’t expected that the Undertaker would actually dare to fight 3 Half-Saints on his own. He didn’t know if the Undertaker would win, but he was clearly aware that even if the Clear River Sect could win the battle with Yang Ye, it would be a pyrrhic one.

“It’s too late for that!” Yang Ye’s figure was like a ray of light that shot at Luo Jun. After all, Luo Jun’s actions of ordering assassinations on Little Yao, Bao’er, Ding Shaoyao, and the others had undoubtedly crossed the line and touched his reverse scale. Especially when Ding Shaoyao was in a critical condition right now….

At this moment, there was only a single thought in Yang Ye’s mind, and it was to kill. It was the intention to annihilate all his enemies!

Moreover, he was determined to kill Luo Jun today!

Luo Jun’s eyelids twitched when he saw Yang Ye charging towards him, and he moved backwards in succession. At this moment, he was clearly aware that he was absolutely not a match for Yang Ye. While Luo Jun had retreated, the experts of the Exalted Han Empire by his side charged at Yang Ye instead. It wasn’t that they didn’t fear Yang Ye, but they had no choice because their families would be annihilated if Luo Jun died!

No one was able to stop Yang Ye’s sword. All those who came into contact with him were practically instantly annihilated or were suppressed by his 12th level Sword Intent to the point that they didn’t dare move forward….

Luo Jun finally revealed terror in his eyes upon witnessing this scene. The reason he’d dared to show himself before Yang Ye again and even scheme against Yang Ye was because he had 3 Half-Saints standing behind him. But he hadn’t imagined that the Undertaker would actually dare to fight all 3 of those Half-Saints…. Since the Half-Saints were being kept busy, he had no one to protect him anymore….


Luo Jun didn’t hesitate to turn around and flee. He was very clearly aware that no Monarch Realm expert would dare to protect him while the outcome of the battle in the sky hadn’t been decided. Because regardless of whether it was the Clear River Sect or Exalted Han Empire, they were unable to endure the vengeance of a Half-Saint. Since Monarch Realm experts couldn’t interfere, then could anyone in the Exalt Realm stop Yang Ye?

A wisp of ferocity flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes when he saw Luo Jun flee, and he activated his Sword Domain while he swiftly swung the intent sword without end. Countless strands of sword qi shot violently towards the surroundings while he transformed into a ray of light that shot towards Luo Jun.

“Protect Luo Jun!” Right at this moment, a voice suddenly resounded from high above.

The expression of Clear River Sect’s Master changed slightly. What does he mean by that? Does he want the Monarch Realm experts of my sect to act against Yang Ye? Or does he want me to stop Yang Ye?Should I do it?

He was extremely conflicted, but it didn’t take long for him to come to a decision when he saw Yang Ye’s puppets slaughtering the disciples of his sect. No matter what, his sect had no way out of the situation now.

His figure flashed and appeared behind Luo Jun.

He gazed at Yang Ye who’d arrived in front of him and said, “Luo Jun can’t die!”


Right at this moment, a pitch black walking stick shot through the sky. It wasn’t really fast, but the expression of Clear River Sect’s Master had changed drastically. He hadn’t imagined that the Undertaker would still be able to attack him while dealing with the joint forces of 3 Half-Saints. He was just about to dodge when the walking stick suddenly sped up, and it only took an instant for it to pierce through his chest….

“I….” He stared blankly into the sky. Only now did the Sect Master of Clear River Sect realize how formidable the Undertaker’s strength was….

“No one can save you!” Yang Ye appeared in front of Luo Jun and slashed his intent sword down.

Luo Jun would naturally not wait helplessly for death to arrive. His profound energy surged madly into the Mortal Emperor Sword before he swung it against Yang Ye’s sword.


A huge explosion resounded before Luo Jun’s figure was blasted flying.

“Die!” Yang Ye shot forward like a cannonball towards Yang Ye. When Yang Ye was about to arrive before Luo Jun, the Mortal Emperor Sword suddenly left Luo Jun’s grasp and transformed into a ray of golden light that surged towards Yang Ye!

The Sword Spirit within it was protecting its master!

Yang Ye grunted coldly as he swung his sword down.


The Mortal Emperor Sword was blasted flying, but it immediately transformed into a ray of golden light that shot explosively towards Yang Ye.

“Fuck off!” Yang Ye roared furiously as he swung the intent sword against the Mortal Emperor Sword and blasted it flying again. However, it shot explosively towards him once more….

Yang Ye didn’t choose to blast it flying again. He draconified his hands and activated the Sword Domain to suppress the Mortal Emperor Sword, and he grabbed it at the moment it slowed down.

Luo Jun’s expression changed drastically when he saw this, and he charged towards Yang Ye. He could lose the Mortal Emperor Seal and Mortal Emperor Armor, but he absolutely couldn’t lose the Mortal Emperor Sword. How could he possibly still be qualified to be the Mortal Emperor once he lost it? However, a little girl appeared in front of him, and she blinked before two beams of lightning surged forward and instantly blasted Luo Jun flying….

“Yes!” Lei Lin clapped while she revealed a happy smile. After that, she gestured towards Luo Jun, and a bolt of lightning suddenly shot down towards him….

Meanwhile, the Mortal Emperor had instantly started trembling violently when Yang Ye grabbed it, and countless rays of light were surging out from within it. Yang Ye’s dragon claws instantly had countless fine holes opened up on them, and it caused Yang Ye’s expression to change slightly. He hadn’t expected that the Mortal Emperor Sword would actually be so terrifying. Right when the Mortal Emperor Sword was about to struggle free from his grasp, the ancient sheath that hung on his waist suddenly emanated a ray of light!

Yang Ye’s eyes lit up, and then he shoved the Mortal Emperor Sword into the ancient sheath. As soon as it entered the ancient sheath, the ancient sheath started trembling violently as if it was on the verge of exploding apart. However, less than 2 breaths of time passed before the Mortal Emperor Sword calmed down completely.

How could that be possible? When Yang Ye sheathed the Mortal Emperor Sword within the ancient sheath, Luo Jun who was resisting Lei Lin’s lightning sensed that the link between him and the Mortal Emperor Sword had been cut. He swiftly looked at Yang Ye while disbelief filled his eyes.

The Mortal Emperor Sword had acknowledged him as its master, and that represented that the heavens had chosen him. So, even a Monarch Realm expert would absolutely be unable to seize his Mortal Emperor Sword. After all, the Mortal Emperor Sword would definitely not submit to anyone besides the Mortal Emperor. But at this moment, he’d clearly sensed that the link between them had been severed.

“Impossible!” Luo Jun was on the verge of going mad. The reason the Hallowed Grounds and those Half-Saints had taken his side was because he was the Mortal Emperor. Once he unified the continent, the Mortal Emperor Sword combined with the Faith Energy of the continent would be capable of providing great assistance in the fight with the defiant profounders. Yet now, the Mortal Emperor Sword had been taken by Yang Ye, so it truly made him wonder if he was still the Mortal Emperor!

“Horizon Warp!” Right at this moment, Yang Ye’s voice resounded, and then a sword pierced through Luo Jun’s chest….

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