Chapter 642 – I Think You’re Daydreaming!

Almighty Sword Domain

“You….” Luo Jun gazed at his chest with disbelief. There was a sword stuck in his chest, and he could feel Yang Ye’s sharp and fierce Sword Intent raging about within him.

Luo Jun had a slightly blank gaze. I’m dying just like that? The 1st Mortal Emperor to be killed throughout history?

Luo Jun suddenly roared madly, “Impossible! I’m the Mortal Emperor! I was entrusted by the heavens to take charge of the world on its behalf! How could I possibly die? How could this possibly happen!?”


Countless strands of white energy suddenly appeared from the horizon, and they descended down and enveloped Luo Jun. Luo As soon as they entered his body, Luo Jun instantly sensed that the vitality which Yang Ye’s Sword Intent had destroyed was recovering!

Luo Jun was overjoyed from being able to survive death!

Moreover, Yang Ye and the intent sword in his hand were instantly blasted over 1km away at the same time!

“Yang Ye, see that!? Even the heavens are helping me! You can’t kill me! Hahaha!” Luo Jun roared wildly with laughter.

Yang Ye pondered briefly as he gazed at the white energy that covered the sky, and then a ferocious expression surged into his eyes. The profound energy within him surged madly as his 12th level Sword Intent shot out and enveloped both the ancient sheath and the Mortal Emperor Sword.

“If I want to kill you, then even the heavens can’t stop me!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye took the hilt of the Mortal Emperor Sword and drew it. The sword trembled violently before a ray of sword qi flashed forward and instantly smashed against the white energy that covered Luo Jun’s figure.


An explosion resounded as the white energy shook violently, and countless cracks appeared on it.

Luo Jun was horrified by the sight of this!

“Slash!” Yang Ye immediately roared furiously, and another ray of sword qi smashed against the white energy.


Luo Jun watched with horror as the white energy exploded apart….


The white energy in the sky suddenly and strangely started to revolve, and it wasn’t long before they condensed into an enormous white palm that smashed down towards Yang Ye!


The mountains in an area of 50km around Clear River Sect were instantly transformed into powder by the terrifying might possessed by the enormous palm!

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted because such an attack required a cultivation at the ninth rank of the Monarch Realm, at least, in order to execute. But the heavens had actually executed such an attack in order to protect Luo Jun, so it was equivalent to the punishment of the heavens!

The heavens is starting to act shamelessly? The Demon Emperor suddenly appeared in the sky above Yang Ye. He stretched his hands forward before pushing them apart towards opposing sides. An enormous black hole appeared before the enormous white palm. The Demon Emperor’s countenance immediately turned pale when the enormous white palm entered the black hole, and then he pressed his palms together once more, causing the black hole to close and vanish without a trace along with the enormous white palm.

“Senior, is that considered as defying the heavens?” asked Yang Ye.

The Demon Emperor glanced at him and said, “We who cultivate should hold reverence towards the heavens, but should we still be reverent to it when it tries to go against us?”

“That makes sense!” Yang Ye nodded and said, “Since it’s like that, then let’s defy the heavens. Actually, I’ve been unable to stand the sight of it for a very long time!”

“Someone’s full of hot air….” The Demon Emperor glanced at Yang Ye, and then he vanished on the spot.

Yang Ye’s face darkened, and then he shook his head before he gazed at Luo Jun. At this moment, Luo Jun didn’t flee because it was meaningless.

“I’ve lost!” Luo Jun gazed at Yang Ye and unexpectedly revealed a very calm expression.

“So you’re going to die!” Yang Ye walked over towards Luo Jun.

“Profounder Continent won’t be able to resist the defiant profounders without the Mortal Emperor!” Luo Jun said, “Yang Ye, there really is enmity between us, but it isn’t irreconcilable. If you so desire, I can apologize and even compensate you. You should be clearly aware that the strength of the defiant profounders far surpasses our imagination. We’ll only stand a chance at going against them if we join forces and become united as one. What do you think?”

Yang Ye stopped moving.

Luo Jun revealed a delighted expression when he saw this. However, Yang Ye suddenly appeared in front of him, and then a sword flashed through his neck, “I think you’re daydreaming!”

A rain of blood descended from the sky as lava surged out from the ground.

The Mortal Emperor was gone!

The first Mortal Emperor in history to be killed!

After Yang Ye killed Luo Jun, he suddenly felt like something had attached itself to him, and it wasn’t something good. It made him feel uncomfortable, very uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, the Sword Spirit appeared by his side and glanced at Luo Jun with a complicated expression. She said, “The heavens and the earth grieve the Mortal Emperor’s death, and the one who killed the Mortal Emperor will be cursed by the world. From this moment onward, the entire world will reject you.”

“What do I have to fear?” Yang Ye spoke indifferently.

She said, “In the future, you’ll realize how troublesome it is to be cursed by this world.”

Yang Ye smiled before he waved his right hand, and the Mortal Emperor Sword appeared in front of him. He said, “This sword is a Natural Dao Artifact, but why do I feel like it isn’t very strong?”

She said, “It’s the Mortal Emperor Sword, so only the Mortal Emperor can bring forth its true might. Even though you’ve suppressed it with my help, it won’t truly work together with you when you use it.”

Yang Ye suddenly asked, “How can one become the Mortal Emperor?”

The Sword Spirit said, “It requires the acknowledgement of the world. In any case, you have no chance.”

Yang Ye shrugged and put the Mortal Emperor Sword away before he shot a glance at the surroundings. The Clear River Sect was covered in corpses while its disciples had either fled or perished in the battle. In short, the Clear River Sect had ceased to exist.

“Exactly how strong is Elder Mu?” Yang Ye raised his head to look up into the sky as he asked softly. Elder Mu’s strength had far exceeded his imagination. After all, Elder Mu was fighting 3 Half-Saints on his own….

The Sword Emperor fell silent for a short while before she said, “He’s at the limits of the Half-Saint Realm. If Primordial Violet Energy still exists in this world, then he’ll definitely be able to become a Saint. However, there are some other reasons which contribute to his ability to fight 3 Half-Saints on his own.”

“How is his strength compared to the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor from all those years ago?” asked Yang Ye. After all, the Sword Spirit was definitely clearly aware of the strength that the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor possessed all those years ago, so she was the most suitable candidate for him to ask this question.

She shook her head and said, “He’s inferior!”

Yang Ye gazed at her and said, “Why?”

She answered, “The Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor had the Sword Domain, so he was invincible in the same realm of cultivation. Moreover, his accomplishments in the Sword Dao were extremely formidable to an extent that’s beyond your imagination. Of course, your accomplishments will definitely be extremely formidable as well, and it will definitely not be inferior to him!”

Yang Ye said, “Domain stands above Intent, but why do I feel like the might of my Sword Domain isn’t much stronger than Heaven Rank Sword Intent? Moreover, that’s only in terms of defense; if it’s in terms of offense, then I feel that my Sword Domain is inferior to my 2nd level Heaven Realm Sword Intent. You’re a Sword Spirit that has been by the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor’s side all those years ago, so you should be aware of the Sword Domain’s secrets, right?”

She shook her head and said, “Even I don’t know the answer to that. I don’t even have proper knowledge about Heaven Realm Sword Intent. After all, I’m just an incomplete portion of my former self. However, I’ll definitely be aware of everything once I’ve fused with my main body!”

Yang Ye sighed softly and said, “I know you want to save your main body, and so do I. However, even you are aware that I’ve fallen to the first rank of the Exalt Realm. Even though my Sword Intent has recovered, my strength is still weak. I was able to execute Heavenrend 10 times in succession while I was at the sixth rank of the Exalt Realm, but now that my cultivation had dropped, I’m only able to draw 5 times at most. So, I’m absolutely unable to head to the Hallowed Grounds right now!”

Even though his strength didn’t seem weak at all, only he was clearly aware of the huge effect his loss of cultivation had on him. If his Sword Intent hadn’t improved to the 2nd level of the Heaven Realm, then it would have been utterly impossible for him to defeat He Lianqi!

Because he could only execute it Heavenrend 5 times! So, in his opinion, his cultivation was the most important.

The Sword Spirit pondered silently for a short while before she said, “I understand. But you really need to hurry up.”

Yang Ye nodded. He naturally wanted to obtain the sword that was a pair with the ancient sheath. Based on his relationship with the Sword Spirit, the sword would probably not refuse him, and he would be able to execute the true Heavenrend Drawing Technique once he obtained it. At that time, he would be much more confident in dealing with both the Hallowed Grounds and the defiant profounders.

Yang Ye raised his head and glanced towards the sky, and then he shook his head. He didn’t have the time to continue waiting because Ding Shaoyao’s fate was unknown. So, he had to rush back to the southern territory.

Yang Ye waved his hands and kept the Sword Servants within the ancient sheath before he rushed towards the southern territory with the violet mink and Lei Lin.

Elder Mu and the 3 other Half-Saints appeared in the sky above Clear River Sect not too long after Yang Ye left.

At this moment, all 3 of them had extremely heavy expressions on their faces because their joint forces had actually been unable to gain even the slightest advantage against Elder Mu. Moreover, they actually showed faint signs of being suppressed!

“Who exactly are you!?” The Oceanic Emperor gritted his teeth as he spoke in a heavy voice.

Elder Mu didn’t answer the Oceanic Emperor. He just looked up into the sky and said, “All of you should be very well aware that the Heavenpath is actually a door, a door that’s blocking our way to become Saints. So long as we’re able to pass through that door, then we’ll be able to immediately become Saints. However, all of you dare not attempt to pass through that door!”

“Aren’t you the same?” The black robed old man spoke in a low voice.

Elder Mu said, “The Hallowed Grounds has countless Half-Saints, but there still hasn’t been a single one of them who has been capable of becoming a Saint. Could it be that even they don’t dare to do so?”

The 3 of them fell silent because they were very puzzled by this as well. If it was said that the reason no one from the continent had been able to become a Saint after the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor succeeded was because of the scarce spirit energy on the continent, then it shouldn’t be the case for the Hallowed Grounds. The spirit energy in the Hallowed Grounds far surpassed the continent, and its inheritances far surpassed the continent as well. Since it was like that, then why were there no Saints in the Hallowed Grounds as well?

“What are you trying to say?” asked the white haired old man in a heavy voice.

Elder Mu grinned and said, “The members of the Hallowed Grounds say that our continent is an abandoned world. Actually, that’s very laughable. Because it isn’t just our continent that has been abandoned, the Hallowed Grounds is actually in the same situation as well.”

Their expressions changed drastically when they heard this!

Elder Mu took a deep breath while a solemn expression appeared in his eyes. He said, “According to my inference, our entire world and even the Hallowed Grounds are actually a huge cage. As for who this cage is for, I’m sure all of you should be clearly aware of the answer.”

It was a cage for the defiant profounders!

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