Chapter 645 – A World Within!

Almighty Sword Domain

Ding Shaoyao and the others heaved sighs of relief when they saw An Nanjing.

Ding Shaoyao had expected that if the Hallowed Grounds were to dispatch more of its forces, then it would definitely be extraordinary geniuses. But she hadn’t expected that the Hallowed Grounds would actually dispatch 2 at the same time. Moreover, they were even at the 2nd and 3rd on the Hallowed Rankings!

Ding Shaoyao was very clearly aware that the Hallowed Grounds was determined to crush Yang Ye, and reality proved that Yang Ye was utterly incapable of resisting both the 2nd and 3rd on the Hallowed Rankings!

Fortunately, An Nanjing had arrived!

The southern territory would still have hope of victory if An Nanjing joined forces with Yang Ye….

Xiahou Xuan sized up An Nanjing before he said, “What a surprise. Besides this fellow, Yang Ye, there’s actually another genius like you on this continent. Hmm? You wield the spear as well? Haha, what a coincidence. This blind fellow by my side uses the spear as well. He’s called the King of Spears in the Hallowed Grounds. I think that you’re qualified to be his opponent!”

Unseeing stretched out his hand and gestured, and then the violent spear flew back into his grasp before he faced An Nanjing.

An Nanjing paid no attention to them, and she just walked over to Yang Ye instead.

Even though Yang Ye had been struck by Unseeing’s spear, he’d draconified himself at the critical moment, so he hadn’t suffered much of an injury. But while he hadn’t suffered a heavy injury, he noticed to his shock that blood was actually seeping out from the flesh beneath his dragon scales!

It was just a single attack! A very casual attack!

Even though he’d been constantly warning himself not to underestimate those geniuses on the Hallowed Rankings, he noticed that he’d still underestimated them!

An Nanjing held Skysplit in her hand as she asked, “Are you alright?”

Yang Ye shook his head. He was trying to make a show of strength. He’d merely underestimated his opponents just now, and that was why he’d been struck. Moreover, the recuperative ability of his body made it so that he’d almost completely recovered from the injury he’d suffered.

“What are you doing here?” asked Yang Ye. He remembered that she’d said that she wouldn’t emerge from her closed door cultivation without attaining the Monarch Realm. But she wasn’t at the Monarch Realm now.

“Helping you!” said An Nanjing.

Yang Ye glanced at her. She wasn’t a very beautiful woman, but he couldn’t deny that she had a unique bearing that was attractive. It was a bearing that other women didn’t possess, and it was exactly that bearing which made her stand out from the rest!

An Nanjing revealed slight discomfort from being stared at by Yang Ye, and then she turned her head away and said, “If you’re fine, then fight!”

Yang Ye withdrew his gaze, nodded, and then gazed at Xiahou Xuan and Unseeing before he said, “Who do you want?”

“Who does she want?” Xiahou Xuan was slightly stunned, and then he chuckled and said, “Unseeing, I never expected that we would actually be picked for battle on this continent. If the others from the Hallowed Grounds and especially that freak finds out about this, they might laugh at us!”

“She’ll disregard us!” Unseeing walked towards An Nanjing with his spear in hand. When he was only 300m away from An Nanjing, his spear transformed into a violet ray of light that instantly arrived in front of her.

An Nanjing moved sideways a little as she swiftly attacked with Skysplit.


The violet spear was blasted back while An Nanjing took 2 steps back.

Xiahou Xuan’s eyes narrowed a little when he witnessed this, and he didn’t dare underestimate An Nanjing in the slightest. After all, throughout the entire younger generation of the Hallowed Grounds, only the top 5 on the Hallowed Rankings were capable of resisting an attack from Unseeing, and besides that freak at the 1st position on the rankings, only he was capable of resisting an attack from Unseeing with such ease!

In other words, she wasn’t any weaker to him!

She really has become stronger! Yang Ye thought to himself as he gazed at An Nanjing. If An Nanjing’s strength hadn’t improved at all, then she would be absolutely unable to resist that attack with such ease. But what exactly is the origins of that spear of his? It was actually able to resist An Nanjing’s Skysplit!

“Very good!” Unseeing nodded as he took a step forward. As soon as he took that step, he’d arrived in front of An Nanjing, and his spear swiftly appeared before An Nanjing’s throat. However, she seemed to have expected this, and Skysplit stabbed Unseeing’s violet spear before it could even strike her throat.


A huge bang resounded as the violet spear trembled violently and moved a few dozen centimeters upward. Moreover, An Nanjing seized this opportunity to stab Skysplit at Unseeing’s throat.

However, Unseeing seemed to have expected this as well. His figure moved sideways slightly and avoided An Nanjing’s attack. At the same time, the violet spear in his hand swiftly swept out horizontally, “Clean Sweep!”

As soon as he spoke, a crescent of light shot out from the tip of Unseeing’s spear.

An Nanjing’s face turned slightly solemn, but her reaction wasn’t slow at all. She swiftly pulled Skysplit back and blocked Unseeing’s sweeping attack.


Skysplit shook violently. The powerful force of the collision caused An Nanjing’s figure to be pushed back by almost 300m, and she left an extremely striking trench in her wake.

Yang Ye’s expression changed because he noticed that An Nanjing’s palm had actually split apart, and blood was ceaselessly dripping down Skysplit.

Yang Ye was about to lend her a hand but she shook her head and said, “I’m fine. Be careful!”

“You’re really not bad!” Meanwhile, Unseeing walked slowly towards An Nanjing.

She said, “Let’s move somewhere else?”

Unseeing stopped moving, and he said, “As you wish!” His figure immediately transformed into a ray of light and vanished towards the distance.

An Nanjing gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Be careful!” After that, she immediately tapped the ground lightly with her right foot, and her figure transformed into a black shadow that vanished from Yang Ye’s field of vision.

“Your worries are warranted because she’ll die!” Xiahou Xuan suddenly said, “Even though her strength exceeded my expectations, I have to say that besides that freak who holds the 1st position on the Hallowed Rankings, no one in this world can defeat Unseeing in the Exalt Realm.”

Yang Ye withdrew his gaze and gestured with his right hand. The Mortal Emperor Sword flew into his grasp before he sheathed it, and then he looked Xiahou Xuan in the eye as he said, “Let’s cut the crap and fight.”

Xiahou Xuan nodded slightly and said, “You’re unlucky because I won’t underestimate you, and I’ll treat you as an opponent of equal strength. But this makes you lucky as well because besides Unseeing and that freak, you’re the only other person that I take seriously.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the pages of the book in his left hand suddenly started flipping swiftly, and the surroundings gradually started to warp. It wasn’t long before they appeared within a worm created by pages.

“Welcome to the world within my book!” Xiahou Xuan grinned.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings. He noticed to his astonishment that even his Enlightened Sword Heart was actually unable to see through the flaws of this illusory realm.

Wait! This isn’t an illusory realm!

Meanwhile, those pages in the surroundings had actually started moving….

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