Chapter 646 – Condemnation! InVader's Thoughts

Almighty Sword Domain


The Mortal Emperor Sword suddenly swept forward, and a ray of violet sword qi took the shape of a crescent as it smashed against the pages in the surroundings. The pages trembled slightly, and then Yang Ye’s violet sword qi vanished without a trace.

Yang Ye’s expression became solemn!

“This book is called the Word of Saints, and it was once the possession of a Saint Realm expert of the ancient times. Not to mention you, even Unseeing isn’t able to harm this book!” Xiahou Xuan flicked his brush lightly through the air, and then the pages in the surroundings instantly transformed into small golden characters that flew towards Yang Ye.

As he watched them fly over from various directions, Yang Ye waved his hand and withdrew the sword chest, and then he issued a command in his heart. The 100,000 swords within it shot into the air and collided with the golden characters.

“Zuo Dengfeng’s sword chest?” Xiahou Xuan was slightly stunned, and then he shook his head and said, “If all of them were at the Dao Rank and enhanced by your 2nd level Heaven Realm Sword Intent, then perhaps they might be slightly effective. But swords that are only at the Heaven Rank are… too weak!”


Yang Ye’s pupils constricted because the swords were actually instantly destroyed upon coming into contact with those small golden characters.

Yang Ye was shocked by this scene. After all, all of those swords were enhanced by his 12th level Sword Intent. What exactly are those small golden characters?

It wasn’t long before all Yang Ye’s swords were destroyed….

Yang Ye took a deep breath and took a step forward as he activated the Sword Domain. Those golden characters instantly dimmed down upon coming into contact with his Sword Domain, and they became a few times slower.

“The Sword Domain?” Xiahou Xuan was slightly stunned, and then he said, “It really is the Sword Domain. I didn’t expect you to have really comprehended the Sword Domain. But that’s fine because only a sword cultivator who possesses the Sword Domain is qualified to be taken seriously by me. Unfortunately, you’re clearly not truly grasped your Sword Domain. However, that makes things easier because I wouldn’t have to waste my time.” Xiahou Xuan waved the brush as he spoke.

The characters that had been suppressed by Yang Ye’s Sword Domain suddenly erupted with strands of dazzling and resplendent golden light, and then they shot towards Yang Ye like arrows that had just left the bowstring.

He’s capable of disregarding the suppression and restraint of my Sword Domain?

Yang Ye’s brows were knit closely together because Xiahou Xuan’s attacks were really too mysterious, and he’d never seen such attacks in his life! Yang Ye took a deep breath while the violet profound energy within him surged violently, and he changed the Mortal Emperor Sword into an intent sword. The Mortal Emperor Sword was stronger than an intent sword, but he had no choice but to use an intent sword because the Mortal Emperor Sword refused to let him utilize it to its full potential!

As his profound energy and 12th level Sword Intent surged incessantly into the ancient sheath, a ray of light erupted from it, and the countless small golden characters were instantly obliterated upon coming into contact with it.

“Hmm?” Xiahou Xuan exclaimed, and his gaze descended onto the ancient sheath in Yang Ye’s grasp. He hadn’t expected that a mere sheath would actually be able to possess such strength. However, the excitement in his eyes grew stronger. He wasn’t conceited but confident. He was confident that if it was in the Exalt Realm, then even the 2nd on the Hallowed Rankings wasn’t able to kill him!

Xiahou Xuan took a step forward while he waved his brush quickly through the air, and the small characters that were flying towards Yang Ye actually started to revolve. As they revolved, countless golden threads that were fine like the hairs on an ox shot forward incessantly, and only an instant passed before the entire world within the book was filled with these golden threads. Meanwhile, Yang Ye was drowned beneath them!

“Pierce!” Yang Ye’s voice suddenly resounded, and then a violet ray of light and a figure charged through the golden threads and instantly arrived before Xiahou Xuan.

Xiahou Xuan wasn’t alarmed at all. He tapped the brush forward, and the ray of violet light instantly exploded apart, and then he tapped it forward again. The tip of the brush collided with the tip of Yang Ye’s intent sword!


A ray of violet light and golden light flashed before they both were forced backward by over 100m!

“What a formidable cultivation in the physical body. Your physical strength should be on par with some Monarch Realm experts!” Xiahou Xuan gazed at Yang Ye with a tinge of surprise in his eyes, and his right hand was still trembling slightly.

“Horizon Warp!” Yang Ye had no intention to waste his breath on Xiahou Xuan as they fought. He immediately shot towards Xiahou Xuan while holding an intent sword in hand, and it whistled sharply through the air as it stabbed towards Xiahou Xuan’s throat.

However, his sword missed because Xiahou Xuan was standing where Yang Ye stood just before launching this attack!

“The Hallowed Grounds has 10 movement techniques, 10 divine techniques, and 10 secret techniques. All of these techniques are only provided to the geniuses on the Hallowed Rankings. The greater one’s rankings, the greater the movement techniques, divine techniques, and secret techniques are. This is why countless monstrous geniuses desire to climb their way up the Hallowed Rankings. The technique you’ve cultivated is Horizon Warp that’s ranked at the 7th position, yet I’ve cultivated is Spatial Shift that’s ranked at the 3rd position. You’re clearly daydreaming if you think that you can use speed to defeat me!” said Xiahou Xuan.

“The members of the Hallowed Grounds really do enjoy exceptional advantages!” said Yang Ye. The reason these geniuses from the Hallowed Grounds gave him such a headache was because they possessed various movement techniques, divine techniques, and secret techniques. However, he just so happened to lack all of these techniques. At this moment, his strongest technique was Heavenrend, but it wasn’t even the true form of Heavenrend. As for movement techniques or secret techniques, he’d seized all of that from his enemies….

Xiahou Xuan said, “I think that the reason you’ve been able to kill the geniuses on the Hallowed Rankings in succession wasn’t just because of the Heavenrend Drawing Technique you execute with that ancient sheath, the other reason is the physical body you possess. Besides a few, the attacks of most on the Hallowed Rankings aren’t lethal to you at all, and it allowed you to remain in a state of invincibility during the battles with them. So, how could they possibly defeat you?”

Xiahou Xuan grinned when he spoke up to this point, and he said, “But the advantage from the physical defense you possess will vanish when facing me.” As soon as he finished speaking, Xiahou Xuan waved his brush and said, “Restrain!”

The pages around them started to flip about, and then numerous ‘’ characters flew out from within the pages. They swiftly linked themselves together and formed a long golden chain that instantly coiled around Yang Ye at a speed which he wasn’t able to dodge at all!

Yang Ye’s expression changed because he noticed that his Sword Intent was actually being suppressed and restrained by the chain that had coiled around him.

“Stop resisting. These ‘’ characters contain the energy of the Laws possessed by Saint Realm experts. They aren’t just capable of suppressing your Sword Intent, they can even suppress your profound energy and aura. Of course, they can’t suppress your Sword Domain. However, you haven’t truly grasped its secrets. Indeed, you can execute that secret technique and forcefully increase your strength. Actually, I really look forward to facing you once you’re at the Monarch Realm!” said Xiahou Xuan.

“Are you sure they can suppress my profound energy?” Yang Ye raised his head and looked at Xiahou Xuan as he spoke.

“It can even suppress Heaven Rank Sword Intent, let alone merely profound….” He hadn’t even finished speaking when a strand of violet profound energy surged out from within Yang Ye, and then an explosion resounded as the golden chain which bound Yang Ye was instantly blasted apart.

Xiahou Xuan’s face turned solemn, and he gazed at Yang Ye’s profound energy and said, “Your profound energy is truly strange. It was actually able to disregard the restrain of the energy of the Laws from within the Word of Saints.”

Yang Ye stretched out his hand and made a grasping motion. An intent sword immediately appeared in his grasp before he sheathed it, and then his violet profound energy surged into the ancient sheath. He draconified his hands into dragon claws and his right claw held tightly onto the hilt of his intent sword while the violent profound energy and Sword Intent within him surged into the ancient sheath. At the same time, the scales that covered his entire right arm slowly started to tremble!

Xiahou Xuan took a long glance at the ancient sheath in Yang Ye’s left hand before he lightly waved the brush he held. The pages around them moved swiftly, and it wasn’t long before countless tiny ‘’ characters had formed a defensive barrier in front of him.

“Slash!” Yang Ye’s voice resounded in this world within the book, and his intent sword immediately shattered upon being drawn!

A violet beam of sword energy flashed forward and instantly smashed against the barrier of ‘’ characters that stood before Xiahou Xuan.


The entire barrier trembled violently while Xiahou Xuan took over a dozen steps back.

Meanwhile, the 2nd beam of sword energy arrived almost instantaneously, and it smashed against the barrier again.


Xiahou Xuan moved over 30m back while countless cracks appeared on the ‘’ characters.

The 2nd beam of sword energy had just vanished when the 3rd arrived.


The barrier exploded into pieces while Xiahou Xuan was blasted over 300m from the impact. However, the 4th beam of sword energy had arrived in front of him.

Xiahou Xuan’s expression changed, and he waved his brush forward.


His entire arm trembled violently while his figure was blasted over 1km away!

The entire world within the boom warped, and the two of them gradually appeared outside Ancient Domain City again.

Ding Shaoyao and all the other profounders within the city were stunned. Who won?

At this moment, Yang Ye was in quite a horrifying state because his entire body was covered in blood. The Heavenrend Drawing Technique he’d executed just now was unlike anything from the past because he hadn’t just poured all his profound energy within it, he’d even utilized the physical strength he possessed.

It could be said that those 4 draws from before were the strongest attacks he could execute at the Exalt Realm!

Unfortunately, his cultivation had dropped to the first rank of the Exalt Realm, so he could only execute Heavenrend five times. If he was at the ninth rank of the Exalt Realm, then he would definitely be able to execute it 10 times. Because his Sword Intent wasn’t at the Earth Realm anymore. It was at the 2nd level of the Heaven Realm!

Yang Ye said to himself, I have to work hard on improving my cultivation once I’m done with all of this!

In the eyes of many extraordinary geniuses, there wasn’t much of a gap between the 1st and the 2nd rank of the Exalt Realm. But Yang Ye was very well aware that the gap between those 2 ranks of cultivation was actually very huge. For example, if he was at the ninth rank of the Exalt Realm, then he wouldn’t just be able to execute Heavenrend 10 times, his profound energy wouldn’t have been instantaneously depleted as well!

Of course, most importantly, he had to attain the Monarch Realm as soon as possible!

Otherwise, how would he take the little girl home, how could we fight the Hallowed Grounds, and how would he go against the defiant profounders?

“What a formidable sword technique!” Meanwhile, Xiahou Xuan’s voice suddenly resounded.

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted. He raised his head to look over and saw Xiahou Xuan walking over slowly. At this moment, besides a wisp of blood red that hung on the corner of his mouth, Xiahou Xuan showed no signs of suffering a heavy injury!

“I still have the strength to fight, what about you?” said Xiahou Xuan as he gazed at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye lowered his head to take a glance at his body. At this moment, the dragon scales that covered his body had cracked apart and blood was seeping out from those cracks. Moreover, there wasn’t a trace of profound energy within him….

“If you don’t, then you’re going to die!” Xiahou Xuan waved the brush in his hand….

In an instant, the world dimmed down!

“Condemnation!” The characters ‘笔伐口’ immediately appeared above Yang Ye.

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He's using characters to attack as shown by how he constantly waves the brush about. So, I've included the characters and implied the meaning in the text. Please do read carefully.