Chapter 653 – Betrayal

Almighty Sword Domain

Lei Lin grinned as she waved her little hand, and then countless bolts of lightning surged out from her arm. Some of the black wolves weren’t able to dodge in time and were instantly burned into ash. Moreover, the lightning was conductive, and it immediately moved to its next victim once it was done. So, the entire pack of black wolves were enveloped by what seemed like a net of lightning!

Miserable howls resounded incessantly!

In next to no time, only that wolf king who led the group remained here. Even though he’d been zapped a few times, his strength at the peak of the Exalt Realm and his thick skin saved him from death.

“You….” The wolf king gazed at Lei Lin with shock. He wanted to run, but his entire body was numb right now. So not to mention running, he couldn’t even stand still.

A ray of light flashed, and then his head flew into the air.

Yang Ye sheathed the intent sword before his figure flashed, and he brought Lei Lin and the violet mink along as he transformed into a ray of light that vanished into the horizon.

In Yang Ye’s opinion, if he could use force to deal with something, then he would absolutely not waste his breath.

The Spatial Mink Clan lived within space itself. The world they lived in was one that was created within space by the ancestor of their clan. Perhaps spatial rifts were extremely dangerous and couldn’t be approached to others, but ordinary spatial rifts were nothing to the Spatial Mink Clan. Because they’d been living in a spatial rift since they were born. Of course, it was one that was much bigger!

In next to no time, the Spatial Mink led Yang Ye to the home of the Spatial Mink Clan. However, the situation here was quite bad. At this moment, the entire place was surrounded. There were members of the dragon race, black tortoise, white tiger, and phoenix clan amongst them. Besides the members of the four divine beast clans, there were also numerous members of their vassal clans as well!

Yang Ye who was hiding in the shadows noticed that all of these demon beasts were actually at the Exalt Rank or above, and there were actually no less than 10,000 of them. Moreover, there were even over a dozen at the Monarch Rank! So, Yang Ye hurriedly utilized his 12th level Sword Intent and violet profound energy to envelop himself, the little fellow, and Lei Lin so that their auras wouldn’t be exposed!

At this moment, Yang Ye noticed that the demon race’s strength was much stronger than the human race! If the barrier between territories didn’t exist, then the human race would have probably been annihilated by now. Of course, it would be a different story if the entire human race was able to join forces!


Right at this moment, the space in the surroundings shook, and then numerous Spatial Minks that were countless times larger than the little fellow appeared here. Every single one of them was at the Exalt Rank, and there were a few thousand of them.

It wasn’t long before Yang Ye saw the Demon Emperor, and there was a beautiful middle aged woman by the Demon Emperor’s side. Yang Ye had met her once. She was the violet mink’s mother, and the Demon Empress of the demon territory. There were 20 others standing behind the Demon Emperor and Demon Empress. There were both men and women amongst them, and all were at the Monarch Realm!

The violet mink was about to fly towards them when Yang Ye hurriedly stopped her and shook his head towards her. Because his instincts told him that there was something off here. He had no doubt that the Spatial Mink Clan was the strongest in the demon territory, and while the joint forces of the four divine beast clans really did surpass the Spatial Mink Clan, the Spatial Mink Clan still had its allies. However, there were no other clans of demon beasts to be seen here.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt it was quite strange.

Even though the violet mink was anxious and wanted to head over, she didn’t resist Yang Ye and just allowed Yang Ye to hold her in his arms. Because she trusted Yang Ye no matter what, and she knew that he would absolutely not harm her and stand by idly.

She trusted him, and he trusted her. So, he’d never concealed anything from her!

Yang Ye rubbed the little fellow’s head and consoled, “Don’t worry. The Demon Emperor and your mother are fine. Don’t you know how strong they are? Unless a Half-Saint acts against them, otherwise, no one is able to kill them with ease. As for a Half-Saint, the four divine beast clans wouldn’t have had to form such an army if they had one!”

The violet mink rubbed her little head against Yang Ye’s face, but there still was a trace of anxiousness in her eyes.

“Demon Emperor, you colluded with humans and joined forces with them to cruelly murder the demon beasts of my demon race. Such actions are equivalent to betrayal of the entire demon race. You’re not qualified to continue acting as the Demon Emperor!” A thunderous voice resounded abruptly, and then the Dragon Emperor appeared before the Demon Emperor’s group. Moreover, the patriarchs of the phoenix, white tiger, and black tortoise clans were by his side as well. Besides that, there were over 30 Monarch Rank experts standing behind them.

The Demon Emperor laughed coldly and said, “Dragon Emperor, why didn’t you mention how all of you colluded with the Hallowed Grounds and the Exalted Han Empire? As for cruelly murdering demon beasts. Haha! Dragon Emperor, could it be that only all of you can kill members of my Spatial Mink Clan, yet we can’t counterattack?”

The divine phoenix by the Dragon Emperor’s side said, “Demon Emperor, you’re definitely aware of the Hallowed Grounds’ strength. Indeed, the Hallowed Grounds has lost a few geniuses and some Monarch Realm experts at the southern territory, but such losses are nothing to the Hallowed Grounds! If they didn’t have to deal with the defiant profounders, then they could destroy the southern territory in an instant. How would our demon race face the Hallowed Grounds’ rage if you’re allowed to lead our demon race to become allies with the southern territory? Could it be that you intend to pay with the lives of the entire demon race?”

“The southern territory doesn’t have a chance against the Hallowed Grounds!” The patriarch of the white tiger clan said, “I don’t want my white tiger clan to be wiped out from the world.”

The Demon Emperor said coldly, “It doesn’t have a chance? Forget it, I can’t be bothered to waste my breath on all of you. It looks to me like all of you intend to fight my Spatial Mink Clan to the death.”

The Dragon Emperor spoke coldly, “Demon Emperor, you’re bringing destruction upon yourself!”

Demon Emperor spoke in a cold voice, “Dragon Emperor, it’s best that you think this through. Yang Ye obtained the inheritance of the Dragon Ancestor. He let your clan go that day, but it doesn’t represent that he will again. Your actions today will definitely infuriate him, and with his character, it’s very likely that he’ll slaughter your entire clan!”

The Dragon Emperor’s expression changed. Even though Yang Ye was only at the Exalt Realm, the bloodline pressure Yang Ye possessed was lethal to all dragons. So, if Yang Ye intended to deal with the Divine Gold Dragon Clan in the future, then besides the Monarch Rank gold dragons, all others would be like lambs waiting to be slaughtered by Yang Ye. Moreover, with Yang Ye’s strength, he would probably even be able to slaughter Monarch Rank dragons with ease!

“Dragon Emperor, why worry about that?” Meanwhile, the patriarch of the phoenix clan who stood by the Dragon Emperor’s side said, “Once we deal with the Demon Emperor, we’ll have control of the entire demon race. At that time, what can Yang Ye do even if he possesses the blood of the Dragon Ancestor? Would he dare to come to the demon territory? Even if he did, could he fight our entire demon race on his own?”

The Dragon Emperor’s face eased up slightly, and then he gazed at the Demon Emperor and said, “Demon Emperor, since you want to bring ruin down upon yourself, then we’ll fulfil your wish.”

The Demon Emperor said, “Dragon Emperor, do you think that you can annihilate my Spatial Mink Clan by just dividing the allies of my clan? You’re too naïve!”

A wisp of ridicule arose on the corners of the Dragon Emperor’s mouth, and he said, “Is that so? Elder Kong, will you still not act?”

The Demon Emperor’s pupils constricted. Right at this moment, an old man who stood behind the Demon Empress stepped forward, and then another 7 of the 10 Monarch Rank experts who stood behind the Demon Empress stepped forward as well.

The old man called Elder Kong sighed softly and said, “Patriarch, your actions of going against the Hallowed Grounds are… unwise!”

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