Chapter 654 – What Happened To Two?

Almighty Sword Domain

Disbelief appeared in the violet mink’s eyes as she witnessed this scene from afar, and then her eyes became teary while she grabbed Yang Ye’s hair with all her might.

Lei Ling didn’t continue eating her spirit fruit anymore. She flashed over to the violet mink’s side, and then started patting the violet mink to console her.

Yang Ye’s heart hurt when he saw the little fellow in such a state, and he rubbed her little head and said, “You know that old fellow?”

She nodded in reply, and then her tears couldn’t help but flow down!

Yang Ye stretched out his hand and wiped off those tears before he turned to look at the old man, and a ray of cold light flashed through his eyes.

The Demon Emperor gazed at the old man for a short while before he said, “Elder Kong, why? You watched me grow up, and you’re the person that Zi’er looks up to the most. Why have you betrayed our clan? What did the Dragon Emperor give you? I’m really very curious to know the answer.”

Even though the Demon Emperor was the Demon Emperor of the entire demon race, he was also the patriarch of the Spatial Mink Clan. However, he didn’t hold complete authority over the entire clan. There were many senior experts of the Spatial Mink Clan, and while their strengths might be inferior to the Demon Emperor, their prestige in the clan wasn’t inferior to the Demon Emperor! Just like Elder Kong who stood before him. Elder Kong was the previous patriarch of the clan and enjoyed very great prestige in the clan!

Elder Kong shook his head, “Demon Emperor, your actions of joining forces with the humans hasn’t just aroused a huge amount of displeasure in our clan, even many of our vassal clans are displeased. Why? You should be very well aware of the answer. Even though the southern territory has a Half-Saint and Yang Ye really does possess huge potential, ask yourself this question. Does the southern territory really have a chance to resist the Hallowed Grounds? If the full force of the Hallowed Grounds were to attack, then would we who are allies of the southern territory be able to resist the Hallowed Grounds’ rage?”

“You betrayed me because of that?” said the Demon Emperor.

Elder Kong replied, “Demon Emperor, you and Zi’er are rare geniuses of our Spatial Mink Clan. I don’t want anything to occur to both of you, and I don’t want you to lead our clan to its ruin either. So long as you acknowledge breaking all ties with the southern territory from now on and becoming allies with the four divine beast clans again, then all of us will still respect you as our patriarch!”

“What if I don’t?” The Demon Emperor spoke coldly.

“Then we have no choice but to imprison you for now!” Elder Kong sighed softly.

The Demon Emperor glanced at Elder Kong and the others before he said, “Just all of you isn’t quite enough. If we are to fight, then it’ll only benefit the other clans. I’m sure Elder Kong is aware of that, right?”

The Dragon Emperor spoke abruptly, “Don’t worry. We won’t go against the Spatial Mink Clan if you aren’t its patriarch!”

“Since that’s the case!” The Demon Emperor slowly clenched his fist, causing the space around him to warp. But right at this moment, an invisible spatial cage suddenly enveloped him. At the same time, Elder Kong and the others suddenly acted as well, and then countless spatial walls overlapped each other around the Demon Emperor!

The Demon Emperor was stunned by this scene, and so were Yang Ye and the violet mink. Because the first person to act against the Demon Emperor was none other than the little fellow’s mother, the Demon Empress.

“Why?” The Demon Emperor gazed at the Demon Empress as he spoke in a slightly trembling voice.

She didn’t dare look him in the eye as she said, “Have you still not noticed? Since you acted arbitrarily and joined forces with the southern territory, more and more clans have started to go against us. If that continues, then our Spatial Mink Clan will become the common enemy of the entire demon race. I even tried to persuade you, but you never listened….”

“So, you colluded with outsiders to do this to me? A few hundred years…. We’ve known each other for hundreds of years….” Self-ridicule was noticeably visible in the Demon Emperor’s eyes as he said, “I never expected this. I truly never expected that I would actually be betrayed by the person I trusted the most. Haha! What a joke! What a huge joke!”

The Demon Empress’s figure trembled as she said, “I never thought of doing this to you. All I hope is that you will cut off all ties with the southern territory. Our demon race will have no future if it joins forces with the southern territory! Besides that, allowing Zi’er to be with Y is an enormous mistake. Yang Ye has offended the Hallowed Grounds. He’ll lead her to her death!”

“How foolish!” The Demon Emperor suddenly shouted, “The only way Zi’er can escape the cage which is this world is by staying by Yang Ye’s side. That’s the only way! Do you understand!?”

“He’s only at the Exalt Realm. No matter how great his natural talent and potential are, does he possess the ability or qualifications to go against the Hallowed Grounds? Just because he has the backing of a single Half-Saint?” The Demon Empress replied with a question, and her voice carried a trace of anger and displeasure.

The Demon Emperor took a deep breath and didn’t spare a further glance at the Demon Empress. He said, “Could it be that the entire clan has betrayed me?”

A few Monarch Realm experts standing behind the Demon Emperor recovered from their shock when they heard this. They immediately intended to act but the Demon Empress shouted, “Anyone who dares to do anything will be expelled from the clan and eternally banished to roam through spatial turbulence!”

Their figures stiffened. They glanced at the Demon Emperor and glanced at the Demon Empress while hesitation appeared in their eyes.


Suddenly, a formidable aura suddenly erupted from within the Demon Emperor, and his aura ceaselessly collided with the spatial barriers around him. In just an instant, countless spatial barriers were blasted apart. Such a scene horrified Elder Kong, the Demon Empress, and the others, and they hurriedly created more spatial barriers.

However, right at this moment….


A ray of violet light flashed swiftly before their eyes, and then it smashed against the spatial barriers that surrounded the Demon Emperor.


The spatial barriers on the outside were instantly covered in cracks. Meanwhile, the Demon Emperor seized the opportunity to smash his right fist forward.


The spatial barriers around him were instantly obliterated.

Elder Kong and the Demon Empress were astounded because they hadn’t expected that someone would suddenly act at this moment, and it would actually be completed in such a short moment. So, they were caught completely off guard.

Those experts who stood behind the Demon Emperor heaved sighs of relief when they saw him escape, and they hurriedly moved over to stand by the Demon Emperor’s side while looking at the Demon Empress’ group with vigilance.

Everyone here didn’t look at the Demon Emperor, and they shot their gazes towards another direction instead. At this moment, Yang Ye had appeared before them, and their expressions changed drastically upon noticing him. After all, how could he possibly be unfamiliar to them? They hadn’t imagined that Yang Ye would actually dare to come to the demon territory. Didn’t the rumors say that he was in closed door cultivation?

“You actually dared to come to the demon territory!” The Demon Empress spoke in a low voice as she gazed at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye held Lei Lin’s hand as he walked over to the Demon Emperor, and he replied, “Why not?”

“Yang Ye, this isn’t the southern territory!” Elder Kong spoke in a deep voice.

Yang Ye laughed coldly, “So what?”

Elder Kong was stunned. Indeed, what can I do? He suddenly recalled that while this fellow was only at the Exalt Realm, there was a Half-Saint standing behind him. Moreover, that Half-Saint had even proclaimed that he would slaughter any Monarch Realm expert who dared to act against Yang Ye…. Even though Elder Kong was very confident in his ability, he wasn’t confident to the point of thinking he could fight a Half-Saint.

Yang Ye paid no attention to Elder Kong. He held the violet mink in his arms as he walked over to the Demon Emperor. The violet mink rubbed her head against Yang Ye’s face before she flew over to the Demon Emperor. The latter rubbed her little head, and he said after noticing the worry in the violet mink’s eyes, “It’s alright.”

“Zi’er….” The Demon Empress suddenly called out. However, the violet mink didn’t even spare her a glance and just turned her head away.

Pain instantly crept onto the Demon Empress’ face when she witnessed this.

The Demon Emperor didn’t spare a single glance to the Demon Empress as well. He nodded to Yang Ye and said, “I never expected you to come, and I wasn’t even able to notice you. That attack of yours was very strong. Looks like your strength has improved again!”

Yang Ye smiled and said, “Fortunately, I wasn’t too late. Otherwise, the little fellow would be crying!”

The violet mink glared angrily at Yang Ye out of embarrassment, and then she flashed over to his shoulder and started to claw at his hair.

The Demon Emperor shook his head. Even he slightly envied how close Yang Ye and the violet mink were. However, he felt even happier. Actually, he wasn’t very well aware why Elder Mu thought so highly of Yang Ye and even didn’t hesitate to fight the Half-Saints of the Hallowed Grounds and the continent for Yang Ye. However, he was sure of one thing, and that was Yang Ye had huge secrets.

After all, the little girl and the small ethereal pagoda…. Especially the little girl who had even made a Saint Realm expert like the Founding Ancestor of the Flower Palace feel terrified…. He’d witnessed all of that with his own eyes!

So, he felt that Zi’er being by Yang Ye’s side was great fortune for her!

“Yang Ye, the demon territory doesn’t welcome your presence!” Meanwhile, the Dragon Emperor spoke abruptly.

Yang Ye laughed coldly and said, “Dragon Emperor, I allowed your clan to live that day. But now it would seem like you didn’t really cherish that opportunity. Do you really think I wouldn’t dare to slaughter your entire clan?”

“How presumptuous!” The Dragon Emperor shouted furiously, “Yang Ye, this is the demon territory and not the southern territory!”

“Yang Ye, aren’t you going a bit too far!?” The divine phoenix by the Dragon Emperor’s side said in a low voice, “Don’t even think that you can act wildly in our demon territory just because you have the backing of a Half-Saint. You have to realize that our demon race has a Half-Saint as well.”

Yang Ye disregarded the divine phoenix and turned to gaze at the Demon Emperor, “Senior, you deal with the internal affairs of your clan. Just leave the rest to me!”

“Are you sure?” The Demon Emperor said, “I’m sure you’ve noticed that there are over 100,000 Exalt Rank demon beasts and a few dozen Monarch Rank demon beasts here!”

“It shouldn’t be a problem!” said Yang Ye.

“How arrogant!” The Demon Emperor’s face turned livid with fury, and he roared, “Yang Ye, don’t go too far!”

Yang Ye waved his right hand, and then 360 skeletons appeared behind him. Next, he made a grasping motion, and an intent sword appeared in his grasp. He pointed it at the Dragon Emperor and said, “I’m doing just that. What are you going to do about it?”

When he spoke up to this point, he disregarded the Dragon Emperor and gazed at the patriarchs of the other divine beast clans, “3 breaths of time. If all of you don’t leave by then, then I’ll cover this place with corpses!”

They almost exploded with rage. After all, anyone who wasn’t aware of Yang Ye’s actual cultivation would think he was a Half-Saint! They really wanted to attack and smash him into mush. However, they forcefully restrained such thoughts when they thought of what the Undertaker had said!

“One!” Yang Ye started the count!

Their expressions turned unsightly!


As soon as he spoke, a ray of light flashed, and then the Exalt Rank demon beasts by the side of the Dragon Emperor and the others weren’t even able to react before their heads flew up into the air….

What happened to two?

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