Chapter 655 – The Demon Saint!

Almighty Sword Domain

As soon as he attacked, the 360 skeletons behind him had flown over into the group behind the Dragon Emperor and the others, and then they started a frenzied slaughter.

Actually, Yang Ye had never thought about allowing them to leave. They were his enemies, and the enmity between them could be said to be irreconcilable. So, even if he wanted to bury the hatchet with him or surrender, he wouldn’t accept it. Because he didn’t want to be stabbed in the back!

The only way to eliminate all future troubles was to annihilate them.

There were many occasions where benevolence was utterly useless!

It was impossible for him to annihilate them with just his own strength. But Yang Ye was no fool. He had Elder Mu’s support, so he naturally intended to utilize such powerful backing. No Monarch Realm expert would dare to act against him while Elder Mu was there to protect him, and if they couldn’t act against him, then could anyone below the Monarch Realm throughout the demon territory be a match for him?

Everyone here was stunned on the spot when Yang Ye suddenly started to slaughter the experts here, and even the Demon Emperor was slightly stunned. He hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would actually attack. After all, there were a few dozen Monarch Realm experts there! After all, just a few of them would be able to annihilate Yang Ye!

Even though Yang Ye had a Half-Saint standing behind him, the Demon Emperor couldn’t help but wonder if Yang Ye wasn’t afraid of them throwing caution to the wind if he drove them to a corner….

Sword qi shot horizontally and vertically, and the suppression exerted on them by his 2nd level Heaven Rank Sword Intent caused every single one of his sword qi to reap a life. Regardless of whether it was the profounders of the Divine Gold Dragon Clan, Divine Phoenix Clan, or even the Black Tortoise Clan which possessed the strongest defenses amongst them, all of their Exalt Rank experts couldn’t resist a single strike of Yang Ye’s sword. Less than 2 breaths of time passed before a few dozen Exalt Rank demon beasts had perished at Yang Ye’s hands.

It was a slaughter! A true slaughter!

“You’re going too far!” The patriarch of the white tiger clan was furious, and he slapped his palm down in Yang Ye’s direction. The pressure exerted by a peak Monarch Realm expert caused Yang Ye to be instantly trapped on the spot and unable to move at all. However, there was no fear in Yang Ye’s eyes.


A pitch black stick appeared out of thin air, and it astounded everyone here. After that, it pierced through the white tiger clan’s patriarch’s palm before piercing through his forehead!

Just like that, a peak Monarch Rank expert had fallen!

The countenance of the Dragon Emperor and the others turned ghastly pale, and even the Demon Empress and Elder Kong has astounded expressions on their faces!

“Demon Saint, have you really abandoned our demon race?” The Dragon Emperor suddenly gazed up into the sky and roared, “Our demon race has existed on the countenance for thousands of years, yet when has it even suffered such humiliation? Demon Saint, could it be that you really intend to watch as our clansmen are bullies by others?”

“Demon Saints, please save our demon race!” The others bowled slightly as they looked up into the air.

The patriarch of the black tortoise clan said, “We do not seek supremacy over the continent, all we ask is to not be bullied. Demon Saint, please lend us a hand!”

“Demon Saint, please lend us a hand….”

Besides the Demon Emperor and the Spatial Minks by his side, practically everyone else had bowed for the Demon Saint, and even Elder Kong and the Demon Empress were no exception.

“Alas….” A sigh resounded, and then a white haired old man appeared here. As soon as he arrived, Elder Mu appeared as well, and both of them stood in confrontation from afar!

“Could it be that you really intend for your human race and my demon race to fight to the death today?” The Demon Saint gazed at Elder Mu as he spoke in a low voice.

Elder Mu glanced at the Dragon Emperor and the others, and then he replied, “I’ve said it before. I won’t interfere if all of you don’t bully the weak; and I’ll destroy all of you if you dare to do that. If the demon race dares to wage war against the southern territory and dispatched Monarch Rank experts, then I’ll slaughter the clans of all those Monarch Rank experts. It’s only a question of whether I want to, and not whether I dare to. You can give it a try if you don’t believe me!”

The expressions on the faces of the Dragon Emperor and the others had turned quite unsightly. However, they didn’t dare talk back. After all, it was a Half-Saint, and it was even a Half-Saint who possessed extraordinary strength. So, how could they dare to talk back to him?

The Demon Saint clenched his fists while a cold glow flashed through his eyes. However, his clenched fists relaxed when he recalled the scene when the Undertaker had fought all 3 of them that day. He remained silent for a long time before he said, “You should be very well aware that the defiant profounders are our true enemies. Engaging in internal strife is only to the benefit of others.”

Elder Mu said, “Actually, you’re right. Internal strife will only benefit others. However, I think that it’s best for the entire continent to be led by a single person. If the demon race refuses to become allies with the southern territory, then it’s best for it to be eliminated. I don’t want to have to take precautions against a potential counterattack from the demon race.”

“Do you really intend to bring destruction to both our sides?” A cold glow surged within the Demon Saint’s eyes.

“Senior!” Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly stepped forward and bowed slightly to the Demon Saint.

The Demon Saint glanced at him, and a complicated expression flashed through his eyes. He said, “What is it?”

Yang Ye said, “Senior, I know what you’re thinking. The reason you’re against the southern territory is none other than because the southern territory is a irreconcilable enemy of the Hallowed Grounds now. You’re worried that the rage of the Hallowed Grounds would extend to the demon territory. It’s not wrong to think about the future of the demon race. However, I’d like to ask if you think the Hallowed Grounds will definitely be able to destroy my southern territory?”

“You don’t know how terrifying the Hallowed Grounds is!” The Demon Saint continued, “Even the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor was extremely fearful of them, and you haven’t even attained the strength of the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor.”

Yang Ye smiled and didn’t refute that. He just said, “Senior, let me ask one last question. If the defiant profounders emerge from the seal, and then the Hallowed Grounds summons the demon race to the Hallowed Grounds in order to fight the defiant profounders. Will you answer their summons or not?

The Demon Saint frowned. How could he not understand what Yang Ye meant? The defiant profounders were about to emerge from the seal, and the Hallowed Grounds had sent a messenger to ask all the experts of the demon race to head over and join the fight against the defiant profounders. Truthfully speaking, he naturally didn’t want the members of the demon race to head over. Because it was very likely that they would be treated as cannon fodder!

But if they didn’t, and if it infuriated the Hallowed Grounds….

Meanwhile, Yang Ye continued, “Senior, you should be clearly aware that regardless of whether it’s the human race or demon race, we shouldn’t entrust our hope to others. If the Hallowed Grounds is truly virtuous, then why hasn’t it bestowed anything upon the continent for the last tens of thousands of years? But they’ve come as soon as the defiant profounders are about to emerge and threaten them. Moreover, even when they ask for help from us, they make it seem like we should feel honored. Senior, do you think that the demon race will have a future if it sides with such a place?”

“So the demon race would have a future by siding with the southern territory?” The Dragon Emperor grunted coldly.

Yang Ye glanced coldly at the Dragon Emperor, and then disregarded him. He gazed at the Demon Saint and said, “The demon race isn’t siding with the southern territory, it’s an alliance. The human race and demon race will be joining forces. Even though we’ll still be weaker than the Hallowed Grounds and defiant profounders, we wouldn’t be ordered around by someone else at least, right?”

The Demon Saint fell silent for a short while before he glanced at Yang Ye and Elder Mu. He said, “You’ve convinced me!” Actually, he couldn’t stand the sight of the Hallowed Grounds as well. But it couldn’t be helped because the Hallowed Grounds was too powerful. Of course, he’d also made such a choice because he didn’t have any other options as well. After all, if he didn’t agree, then it would represent that this pair who stood before him would start a slaughter!

He naturally didn’t fear Yang Ye, but he had no choice but to fear Elder Mu. Even if the demon race could win the battle, it would probably be crippled by the Undertaker….

The expressions of the Dragon Emperor, the Demon Empress, Elder Kong, and all the others changed drastically when they heard this. The Demon Emperor’s decision to become allies with the southern territory couldn’t truly represent the entire demon territory, but if it was the Demon Saint….

Meanwhile, Yang Ye suddenly said, “Since Senior has agreed to the alliance, then each side has to raise some conditions. I’m young, so I’ll go first. I only have one, and it’s that the Dragon Emperor and the patriarchs of the other 2 divine beast clans must be eliminated. Otherwise, everything we just agreed upon will be void, and we’ll fight if we have to!”

The meaning behind Yang Ye’s condition was very simple. He didn’t trust them, and it wasn’t just him, even the Demon Emperor would definitely not trust them. So, they would definitely be latent problems if they were allowed to continue existing amongst the demon race. Perhaps, they might launch a counterattack at any moment. He didn’t want to be stabbed in the back!

“Yang Ye….” The Dragon Emperor and the others were furious. However, they swallowed what they were about to say when Elder Mu shot a glance at them.

“They’re all at the Monarch Rank!” The Demon Saint spoke in a low voice, “Their strength is amongst the strongest beneath the Half-Saint Realm!”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “There’s no common grounds for understanding between those of differing principles. So, I wouldn’t need them even if they are Half-Saints!”

The Demon Emperor gazed at Yang Ye for a short while before he said, “You carry the future of the demon race and human race now. Being narrow minded isn’t a good thing. As a leader, you need to possess both magnanimity and benevolence!”

Yang Ye chuckled and said, “Benevolence is something that depends on the recipient. My intuition tells me that if I don’t eliminate them now, then I’ll definitely be fostering snakes which will bite me one day.”

“Is there really no room for discussion?” The Demon Saint spoke in a low voice.

Yang Ye flipped his palm, and his intent sword entered the ancient sheath as he said, “None!”

The space around the Demon Saint started fluctuating. The Dragon Emperor and the others heaved sighs of relief when they witnessed this. In the next moment, the Demon Saint acted abruptly. However, he hadn’t acted against Yang Ye or Elder Mu, and he’d attacked Dragon Emperor and the others instead.

An enormous claw appeared above the 3 of them, and then it smashed down towards them!

“Demon Saint….” They were horrified. Never had they imagined that the Demon Saint would suddenly attack them, and they were just about to retaliate but it was too late.

The enormous claw descended, and then they were annihilated on the spot. After that, the enormous claw made a waving movement and 3 pearls of blood flew over to it.

Yang Ye was slightly stunned. He hadn’t expected that the Demon Saint would suddenly act against the Dragon Emperor and the others.

On the other hand, the countenances of Elder Kong, the Demon Empress, and the others had turned pale…. Moreover, they instinctively took a few steps back.

Meanwhile, Elder Mu suddenly said, “Looks like you’ve come around and made your decision!”

The Demon Saint chuckled and said, “This disciple of yours is right. Regardless of whether it’s the human race or demon race, relying on our own selves is the most reliable method. Moreover, I want to see the outside world as well.”

Yang Ye was stunned again when he heard them. Could they have engaged in negotiations before this?

Elder Mu nodded and said, “This is a path of blood. Are you sure that you want to take it?”

The Demon Saint chuckled, “Would I fear death? I might need you to bury me not too long from now. So, I have no other choice!”

Elder Mu replied, “Indeed!”

The Demon Saint gazed at Yang Ye before he waved his right hand, and then those 3 pearls of blood flew over to Yang Ye. “I would have killed them even if you didn’t say anything. Because I don’t want to be stabbed in the back as well. This is the Blood Essence of 3 peak Monarch Rank divine beasts. It should be quite helpful to you!”

Yang Ye didn’t refuse it. He took them and thanked the Demon Saint!

The Demon Saint gazed at Elder Kong, the Demon Empress, and the others. This action caused their figures to tremble, and then they looked at the Demon Emperor instead.

The Demon Saint didn’t look at the Demon Emperor. He looked at Yang Ye instead, and he smiled spuriously as he said, “Should I kill them?”

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