Chapter 656 – The Defiant Profounders Emerge!

Almighty Sword Domain

The violet mink flashed over to Yang Ye before rubbing her head against his chin. Obviously, she was pleading on their behalf.

Yang Ye rubbed the little fellow’s head and smiled, “Of course not.”

“Why?” asked the Demon Saint.

“Because the little fellow would be sad!” Yang Ye said, “I don’t want to do anything that would make her sad.”

So long as the little fellow wanted it, then he would do it regardless of whether it was right or wrong. Conversely, if the little fellow didn’t want something to be done, then he wouldn’t do it even if it would harm his own interests. He could do anything for her, even if it were something that he wasn’t willing to do. In any case, the little fellow’s position in his heart even surpassed his own.

The violet mink raised her head to glance at Yang Ye, and then she wrapped her claws around Yang Ye’s neck and squeezed very tightly!

The Demon Emperor nodded slightly when he heard Yang Ye. The reason he wasn’t against the violet mink being with Yang Ye was mainly because Yang Ye was very loyal. He firmly believed that Yang Ye would never harm her no matter what!

The Demon Saint gazed at Yang Ye and nodded, “Now I understand why so many people still follow you even when you always go to such extremes. It’s because they firmly believe that you would never abandon them no matter what. That’s something that Luo Jun could have never hoped to compare to.”

Yang Ye rubbed his chin against the violet mink and said, “I don’t offend those who don’t offend me.”

The Demon Saint smiled, and then he gazed at Elder Mu and said, “Since we’re allies now, then there are some things which I want to seek guidance from you about. Let’s go somewhere else?”

Elder Mu nodded, and then both of them vanished on the spot.

Yang Ye gazed at the Demon Emperor and said, “Senior, you can deal with your own clan.”

The Demon Emperor glanced at the Demon Empress and Elder Kong, and then he waved his right hand. Numerous invisible spatial barriers appeared around the 2 of them as he said, “Lock them up.”

The violet mink intended to plead on their behalf, but the Demon Emperor shook his head. Because he had to act on this matter or how would he maintain his majesty as the Demon Emperor?

Elder Kong and the Demon Empress were able to survive due to their relationships with the little fellow and the Demon Emperor. However, the Demon Emperor carried out a bloody slaughter on all the others who rebelled with them. Even though it would severely harm the Spatial Mink Clan’s overall strength, the Demon Emperor could only rest at ease after he eliminated such poison within his clan!

Because the Demon Saint had taken sides, the matters related to the demon race could be considered to have come to an end. The Demon Emperor and Demon Saint had decided to form an alliance with the human race, so would anyone dare to object?

After he dealt with the matters at the demon territory, Yang Ye utilized the Mortal Emperor Sword to destroy the barrier between the human world and the demon territory. So, there were no further barriers between these two races.

With the addition of the demon race in the alliance, annihilating the Exalted Han Empire could be said to be extremely easy.

In next to no time, the army formed by the alliance between the demon race and southern territory had set out for the central territory. However, Yang Ye paid no attention to it because he didn’t want to manage it, nor was he able to manage such things. In any case, the southern territory possessed absolute strength, and it didn’t need him to deter the central territory’s forces. So, he hid in his room and started cultivating upon returning to the southern territory.

3 pearls of blood were floating in front of Yang Ye. It was the Blood Essence of the Dragon Emperor and the others.

Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to swallow all 3 of them. He would have naturally not dared to do so in the past, but after his physical body had been tempered by the Primordial Violet Energy and blood of the Dragon Ancestor, it was even more terrifying than the physical body of a Monarch Realm expert. So, merely 3 pearls of Blood Essence from Monarch Rank divine beasts wasn’t enough to arouse any fear in him.

The Blood Essence had only just entered his body when Yang Ye felt like flames had surged into him. His entire body was burning. Fortunately, such pain was nothing to him.

The pearls of Blood Essence contained formidable energy, and Yang Ye’s task was to refine and absorb it before trying to break through into the Monarch Realm.

Of course, it was clearly impossible for him to break through into the Monarch Realm with just these 3 pearls of blood. So, Yang Ye prepared a few thousand extreme-grade energy stones in the room. The energy stones were constantly burning up and transforming into energy that surged into him….

The Monarch Realm was like a natural chasm, and only by surmounting it would he be able to gain a foothold in these chaotic times!

Moreover, only by surmounting this chasm could he open the 2nd level of the Primordial Pagoda and revive the little girl.

The treasures within the 2nd level couldn’t just revive her. Yang Ye firmly believed that the treasures within it would definitely be extremely helpful to him. So, he had to access the 2nd level as soon as possible.

Half a month later.

The Hallowed Grounds.

At this moment, over 300 white robed old men stood in the sky around the pagoda that sealed the defiant profounders. All of them were at the Monarch Realm, and they were at the ninth rank of the Monarch Realm!

10 other yellow robed old men stood before the white robed old men, and all of them were Half-Saints!

10 Half-Saints and over 300 ninth rank Monarch Realm experts!

If such a force were to make an appearance on Profounder Continent, it would be sufficient to crush the entire continent….

But at this moment, all of them had extremely solemn expressions. They circulated the profound energy within them to the point that the space around them rippled, and they simply seemed as if they were facing a formidable enemy!

A yellow robed old man in the lead asked another one of the old men who stood before him, “Senior Brother Xuan Kong, the Sword Precursor’s seal has loosened, and some defiant profounders might be about to emerge. Are the Hallowed Lord and the Supreme Exalts still in closed door cultivation?”

The old man who was called Xuan Kong spoke flatly, “It’s just a few defiant profounders. Why would the Hallowed Lord be needed? We 10 Protectors of the Hallowed Grounds are sufficient!”

The old man who spoke earlier nodded and said, “Right. So long as it isn’t those few at the lowest levels, then we are sufficient to deal with them. However, I’m really very curious about exactly how strong the Hallowed Lord and Supreme Exalts are. We’re all at the Half-Saint Realm, yet I feel like I’m at the Monarch Realm when facing them!”

Xuan Kong glanced at the old man and said, “Xuan Ming, your natural talent isn’t bad. Your future accomplishments may not necessarily be inferior to the Supreme Exalts if you work hard.”

Xuan Ming nodded, and the he hesitated before he said, “If we seize Xuan’er’s corpse from Yang Ye and ask for the Hallowed Lord’s help, would it be possible to bring him back to life?” He was an heir of the Confucianist Dao, and Xiahou Xuan was his personal disciple.

Xuan Kong fell silent for a short while before he shook his head, “His soul was completely obliterated, and I’m afraid Yang Ye didn’t even preserve his corpse…. Alas, Xuan Ming, I know what you’re thinking. However, you must remember that our main objective is to deal with the defiant profounders now. As for Yang Ye and those ants on Profounder Continent, both of us can go annihilate them once we’re done here. Those ants actually dared to disobey the orders of my Hallowed Grounds! They’re truly courting death!”

Xuan Ming was first delighted, but he frowned right after and said, “If we head to Profounder Continent, then our strengths would naturally be sufficient to avenge Xuan’er. But Senior Brother, you should be aware that if we step foot on the continent while at the Half-Saint Realm, then our cultivations would be suppressed to the Monarch Realm. However, our strengths at the Monarch Realm would probably be insufficient to be a match for the Undertaker!”

The Undertaker!

Xuan Kong’s eyes narrowed when he heard that name, and a wisp of a solemn expression flashed through the depths of his eyes. In the beginning, the Hallowed Grounds hadn’t paid any attention to the undertaker, but they had no choice but to take him seriously when he fought 3 Half-Saints by himself and remained undefeated. However, even with the Hallowed Grounds’ ability, it was actually unable to find out the Undertaker’s true identity!

Of course, he didn’t fear the Undertaker because he firmly believed that if he fought the Half-Saints of the continent, then even he could fight 3 on his own. Not to mention him, even the weakest amongst the 10 Protectors could fight 2 Half-Saints of the continent on their own!

After all, the inheritances of the Hallowed Grounds were incomparable to the inheritances on the continent!

Xuan Kong flipped his palm, and then a strange and translucent square stone appeared there.

Xuan Ming’s eyes opened wide when he saw the stone, and he exclaimed, “The Stone of Suppression! It’s actually the Stone of Suppression! The Hallowed Lord actually gave that to you!?”

It wasn’t just Xuan Ming who was shocked, the other Half-Saints by their side revealed shock on their faces as well.

The Stone of Suppression was a precious treasure of the Hallowed Grounds. It was usually something that only the Hallowed Lord and Supreme Exalts were qualified to utilize. So, they hadn’t imagined that the Hallowed Lord would have actually given it to Xuan Kong!

Xuan Kong said, “The Hallowed Lord merely temporarily lent it to me for 2 reasons. Firstly, it’s so that we attain certain success here; secondly, it’s for us to deal with that Half-Saint of the southern territory. The members of our Hallowed Grounds aren’t existences that just anyone can kill!”

“That Undertaker of the southern territory will definitely perish with this treasure in our possession!” A cold glow flashed through Xuan Ming’s eyes.

Xuan Kong said, “We can’t be careless. The Hallowed Lord gave it to me so that nothing will go wrong. Thus, all 10 of us must leave and head to the southern territory once we’re done here. Once we’ve accomplished our mission and return to the Hallowed Grounds, the Hallowed Lord has permitted us to cultivate within the Hallowed Ruins to recuperate. So, we don’t have to worry about losing our cultivation!”

The worry in their eyes had completely vanished when they heard this, and it was replaced by great joy!

Right at this moment, the Sword Precursor that stood at the top of the enormous pagoda suddenly howled.

The expressions of Xuan Kong and the others changed slightly.


Suddenly, an enormous explosion resounded from the highest level of the pagoda, and then a figure charged out like a shadow from within it.

The figure was extremely swift to the point it was impossible to see his appearance clearly. He roared with laughter upon charging out of the pagoda, “HAHA! This Young Master is finally free!”

But his laughter stopped in next to no time because 10 Half-Saints and 300 ninth rank Monarch Realm experts had surrounded him!

After he stopped moving, they were finally able to see his appearance clearly. Many of them had never seen a defiant profounder, so they were stunned when they saw the man. Because this so-called defiant profounder was actually no different in appearance to them. He was just a human.

The man looked very young. He seemed like he was just over 20, had black hair, slightly yellowish skin, and he was only slightly different from the residents of Profounder Continent.

The man’s pupils constricted when he saw the array of forces around him, and then he swiftly turned around and roared, “Don’t come out. There’s an ambush waiting here!”

However, it was too late because a few dozen shadows had charged out of the pagoda.

A wisp of ridicule arose on the corners of Xuan Kong’s mouth as he ordered, “Kill!”

All the other experts in the surroundings attacked in unison….

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