Chapter 657 – Qin Bufan!

Almighty Sword Domain


The black haired man immediately decided to shoot explosively towards Xuan Kong while he slapped his right palm towards Xuan Kong from afar. A white palm instantly tore through space and arrived before Xuan Kong, and the pressure it emanated crushed the space around Xuan Kong and caused him to be pushed into a spatial rift.

However, the chaotic flow of space within the rift wasn’t able to harm Xuan Kong at all!

“Perhaps I might fear you if you had your past strength, but your strength has weakened tremendously from being sealed for 100,000 years. How dare you act arrogantly before me!? You’re courting death!” Xuan Kong took a step forward while a formidable aura surged out from within him. After that, he swung his right palm lightly. A snow white ray of light flashed, and it slashed the white palm into two before smashing against the black haired man’s chest.


The latter’s figure instantly transformed into blood that rained down throughout the surroundings, but it wasn’t long before the rain of blood actually started to converge once more. After that, the black haired man appeared once more as it wasn’t him who’d been killed just now. However, his aura was clearly much weaker than before.

“Get back in there!” Xuan Kong stretched out his hand and grabbed. An enormous claw flashed forward, grabbed the black haired man, and tossed him back into the pagoda.

Most of the defiant profounders who’d just emerged were only at the Monarch Realm, so all of them were tossed back into the pagoda by the joint forces of 10 Half-Saints and 300 Monarch Realm experts. However, the Hallowed Grounds suffered heavy losses as well. It lost over 40 ninth rank Monarch Realm experts!

“They’re very strong. If it’s a one on one battle, then the profounders on our side aren’t a match for them while at the same realm of cultivation!” Xuan Ming spoke with a solemn expression on his face. Because a Monarch Realm defiant profounder had actually exchanged quite a few blows with him just now!

Xuan Kong had quite a solemn expression on his face as well. He wasn’t afraid of those defiant profounders from before, he was afraid of those fellows at the lower levels. Those defiant profounders were the true terrifying existences amongst them. Most importantly, all of them couldn’t be killed! Just like what had occurred just now. He’d clearly killed the black haired man, but the man had been able to ‘come back to life’ in a short moment….

Fortunately, there weren’t many defiant profounders. Otherwise, even the joint forces of all the supreme experts throughout the continent from all those years ago wouldn’t have been able to defeat the defiant profounders!


Suddenly, a figure charged out from the lower levels of the pagoda.

Xuan Kong and the others were stunned, and it wasn’t long before they recovered from their shock. Xuan Kong hurriedly shouted, “Stop him!”

“Grand Slasher!” The figure suddenly roared furiously, and then 200 white crosses flashed through space, and then over a dozen ninth rank Monarch Realm experts of the Hallowed Grounds were obliterated.

“Space Smash!” The members of the Hallowed Grounds weren’t even able to recover from their shock before an expanse of space collapsed, and then more than a dozen ninth rank Monarch Realm experts were killed again….

“How dare you!” Xuan Kong was furious. He pressed his palms together before pushing them towards that figure. A few dozen rays of white light interweaved together like a closely knit net that enveloped down towards the figure.

“Sky Obliteration!” As soon as that figure shouted, a blazing ray of green flames flashed, and then the temperature throughout the surroundings suddenly shot up by a few thousand times. The space around the green flames seemed like boiling water while under the effect of the heat the green flames emanated, and it was trembling violently.

The green flames and those rays of white light smashed forcefully against each other.


An enormous explosion resounded, and the entire expanse of space here shook. After that, another explosion resounded as the space here instantly collapsed. However, it recovered in just an instant. After all, this area deep beneath the ground was covered by the energy of the Laws that the supreme experts from all those years ago had left behind, so even a Half-Saint couldn’t obliterate the space here with ease!

“Haha…. This is what you call the Half-Saint Realm? It isn’t just slightly inferior to the Half-Saints of 100,000 years ago. Dogs of the Outer Heavens, remember that I, Qin Bufan, will definitely repay you a thousandfold for these 100,000 years of imprisonment! Just you wait! HAHAHA!” His voice was still resounding through the air, but he was already 500km away, and over a dozen more ninth rank Monarch Realm experts had vanished again….

It merely took a Half-Saint an instant to traverse a distance of 500km. However, Xuan Kong and the others were just about to pursue Qin Bufan when they suddenly noticed that his aura had vanished.

“Bastard!” Xuan Kong smashed his right palm towards the air in front of him, and the space there instantly collapsed….

All of them had extremely unsightly expressions on their faces because they’d been careless just now. They hadn’t expected that a defiant profounder would actually charge out from the pagoda at that moment, and they’d never imagined that it would be a defiant profounder from the lower levels.

“Senior Brother, only defiant profounders of the higher levels have emerged from within the pagoda when the Sword Precursor’s seal loosened in the past. Why has a defiant profounder emerged from the lower levels this time?” Xuan Ming spoke in a heavy voice. They’d focused all their attention on the defiant profounders from the top levels earlier, and they’d never paid any attention to the defiant profounders at the lower levels. So, that fellow called Qin Bufan had been able to take them by surprise just now!

Xuan Kong shook his head and said, “I don’t know the answer to that question as well. However, based on how he fought just now, he seemed to have been able to leave for a very long time. The reason he hadn’t was probably because he was waiting for an opportunity, and those defiant profounders who charged out from the top levels just now had undoubtedly created that opportunity for him.”

“Senior Brother, can you determine his location?” asked Xuan Ming.

Xuan Kong’s eyes closed slightly, and he remained silent for a short while before he said, “He has left the Hallowed Grounds and gone to Profounder Continent!”

“How do you know, Senior Brother?” Xuan Ming was surprised.

Xuan Kong answered, “Even though he’s strong, he’s absolutely unable to cause any trouble in our Hallowed Grounds on his own. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have fled just now. His enemies are everywhere in the Hallowed Grounds, and only death would be waiting for him if he’s discovered. He’ll only have a chance at survival by fleeing to Profounder Continent!”

Xuan Ming frowned, but it wasn’t long before his frown eased up, and he said, “With the resentment he holds for our world, he’ll definitely wash the entire continent with blood. That may not be a bad thing for us.”

Xuan Kong shook his head and said, “We’ll be in deep trouble if that happens. Once he recovers his strength and advances into the Half-Saint Realm, then it’ll be extremely difficult for us to kill him. Moreover, we won’t be able to avoid blame once the Hallowed Lord and Supreme Exalts emerge from their closed door cultivation.”

“Then what should we do?” asked Xuan Ming.

A ray of cold and gloomy light flashed through Xuan Kong’s eyes as he said, “Leave the Hallowed Grounds and deal with both Qin Bufan and the southern territory in one go!”

Two days later.

The southern territory. Ancient Domain City.


Suddenly, the spirit energy in an area of 500km around Ancient Domain City suddenly surged madly towards the city….

At the bottom of Death Abyss, Elder Mu’s slightly closed eyes suddenly opened wide, and he said, “He’s finally about to step foot into the Monarch Realm….”

Suddenly, Elder Mu’s pupils constricted, and he turned around and gazed at the horizon, “What’s coming will always come!” As soon as he finished speaking, Elder Mu vanished on the spot.

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