Chapter 658 – The Stone Of Suppression!

Almighty Sword Domain

In the air above Ancient Domain City were 10 yellow robed old men, and 30 white robed old men stood behind them.

It was none other than Xuan Kong, Xuan Ming, and the others. But at this moment, Xuan Kong’s group of 10 were merely at the ninth rank of the Monarch Realm. If Half-Saints of the Hallowed Grounds left for the Profounder Continent, then their cultivations would be suppressed by a realm. So, the Half-Saints of the Hallowed Grounds rarely came to the continent unless there were some especially important affairs to attend to. Because once their realms of cultivation were suppressed, the slightest mistake may cause them to be eternally incapable of advancing back into the Half-Saint Realm!

But they had no choice this time.

Regardless of whether it was the defiant profounder, Qin Bufan, or the southern territory, the Hallowed Grounds refused to give them a chance to strengthen themselves.

“This is the Profounder Continent?” Xuan Kong swept the surroundings with his gaze, and everything within an area of a few tens of thousands of kilometers were reflected within his eyes. He said, “I never expected that it would have declined to such a state. Not to mention fighting the defiant profounders, just one or two defiant profounders at the level of Qin Bufan would probably be able to destroy this continent!”

“It really is too weak!” Xuan Ming said, “But it really makes me curious. After all, a continent with such scarce spirit energy was actually able to give birth to that many geniuses. The Martial God from all those years ago, that madman who was mad for battle and constantly said ‘when have I feared the world!’, the 2 Supreme Exalts, the Unfettered One, and this fellow we’re facing now, the Undertaker…. Every single one of them are peerless geniuses!”

“I have nothing to say about the Unfettered One, the Martial God from all those years ago, and that madman. However, is that fellow, the Undertaker, even qualified to be compared with the Supreme Exalts?” Xuan Kong said coldly, “He isn’t strong, it’s the Half-Saints of this world who are weak!”

Xuan Ming nodded lightly and didn’t refute it. He gazed at the city and said, “Yang Ye is about to break through into the Monarch Realm!”

“He won’t have the chance!” Xuan Kong raised his right hand slowly before swiftly pressing it down towards the city below. An enormous palm tore through space and smashed down forcefully towards Ancient Domain City.

Meanwhile, an enormous palm suddenly shot up into the sky from within the city, and it smashed against Xuan Kong’s attack.


Xuan Kong’s attack was blasted apart.

“He’s finally showing himself?” said Xuan Kong in a cold voice.

In next to no time, Elder Mu, the Demon Saint, and the Demon Emperor appeared in the sky above Ancient Domain City.

All of them are at the Monarch Realm?

The Demon Saint and Demon Emperor were slightly stunned when they saw Xuan Kong’s group. They’d thought that it would be Half-Saints, but they’d never imagined that it was merely Monarch Realm experts who stood before them. Could it be that they came to give their lives away?

Elder Mu glanced at Xuan Kong and the others before he said, “They’re Half-Saints!”

“Your discerning ability isn’t bad!” Xuan Kong sized up Elder Mu, and he was slightly surprised. Because even his strength was actually insufficient to see through the Undertaker who stood before him. Most importantly, he sensed a trace of danger from the Undertaker!

Elder Mu nodded and said, “Since all of you didn’t hesitate to suffer a drop in your cultivations in order to come here, I presume you have some sort of trump card. Go ahead and activate it! As for threats and ridicule, let’s not engage in that and waste our time!”

“You’re too arrogant!” Right at this moment, a voice suddenly resounded, and then a black robed old man appeared here.

The Half-Saint of the devil race!

At the same time, the Oceanic Emperor arrived here as well. Both of them stood on the Hallowed Grounds’ side, so their decision was obvious!

The Demon Saint’s face sank. Elder Mu and him and discussed an alliance with the Half-Saints of the devil race and oceanic clans. At that time, both of them had said that they would consider it. But the Demon Saint had never expected that they would immediately side with the Hallowed Grounds once it sent experts to the continent. I would have joined forces with Elder Mu and annihilated them if I knew that this would happen!

Xuan Kong was slightly stunned when he saw them, and then he smiled, “My Hallowed Grounds will remember this.” He wasn’t a fool, and he knew that the help of 2 more Half-Saints in the continent was extremely beneficial to him!

Even though the experts of the Hallowed Grounds were only at the ninth rank of the Monarch Realm, the Oceanic Emperor and Devil Saint didn’t dare to put on airs of superiority. The Oceanic Emperor nodded lightly and said, “Our enemy is the defiant profounders. Regardless of whether it’s the human race, the demon race, the devil race, or my oceanic clans, we are duty bound to fight the defiant profounders.”

“But some don’t share that opinion!” Xuan Kong glanced at Elder Mu and the Demon Saint, and then his gaze remained on the Demon Saint as he said, “You’re that Half-Saint from the demon race, right? The heavens are benevolent, and so is my Hallowed Grounds. I’ll give you a chance to rectify your mistakes by joining us, and my Hallowed Grounds will let bygones be bygones for everything else that has occurred in the past. Otherwise, the myriad of beings from your demon race will be transformed into ashes once we’re done here!”

Meanwhile, the Devil Saint said, “Demon Saint, the human race killed the Mortal Emperor and are going against the Hallowed Grounds, that’s treacherous and heinous crime. Don’t be foolish or it’ll be too late when you lose everything you’ve accomplished throughout your life!”

“This is your last chance!” The Oceanic Emperor gazed at the Demon Saint as he spoke flatly.

The Demon Saint shook his head and said, “The Hallowed Grounds isn’t the same Hallowed Grounds from all those years ago. The current Hallowed Grounds has forgotten why those experts of the older generation created the Hallowed Grounds. Those experts sacrificed countless Dragon Veins of the continent to create the Hallowed Grounds so that it would guard the defiant profounders and protect the continent. It’s an honor and a responsibility.”

When he spoke up to this point, a wisp of ridicule arose on the corners of his mouth as he said, “But the current Hallowed Grounds has lost that honor and responsibility. They’ve forgotten the intentions of the experts from all those years ago. They only have their sense of superiority now.”

“Could it be that my Hallowed Grounds hasn’t fulfilled its responsibility by fighting the defiant profounders?” Xuan Kong spoke coldly.

The Demon Saint said, “The reason all of you fight the defiant profounders is because the defiant profounders have threatened all of you. You aren’t doing it for the sake of our continent, you’re doing it for yourselves. Moreover, the Hallowed Grounds has never actually given any consideration to our continent, or it should be said that the Hallowed Grounds abandoned us a long time ago!”

Xuan Kong intended to say something, but Elder Mu waved his hand and said, “I think that there’s no need to waste our breaths.” As soon as he finished speaking, his walking stick shot forward like a bolt of lightning and emanated a wave of air through the surroundings as it instantly arrived before Xuan Kong.

“Are you trying to bully him?” The Devil Saint grunted coldly as his figure flashed over and appeared before Xuan Kong, and then he slapped his right hand against the walking stick, causing it to be blasted back to Elder Mu. At the same time, the Devil Saint was blasted over 30m back.

The Devil Saint slowly clenched his right palm while an extremely solemn expression appeared in his eyes.

“Undertaker, you’ve always been burying others in the past, but who will bury you once you die later? As for Yang Ye, you can forget about him because he’ll be dying later as well!” Xuan Kong withdrew a translucent stone. The Demon Saint’s expression changed drastically when the stone appeared here, and even Elder Mu’s eyes narrowed slightly while shock and solemness filled them.

It wasn’t just the two of them, even the Devil Saint and the Oceanic Emperor has similar reactions!

Because their cultivations had actually instantly fallen to the ninth rank of the Monarch Realm!

“This is called the Stone of Suppression. It’s a precious treasure of my Hallowed Grounds, and it’s capable of suppressing a profounder’s realm of cultivation. Even Half-Saints can’t avoid its suppression. Undertaker, no matter what your background and strength are, today will be the day of your death!” said Xuan Kong. The reason he dared to come here was the Stone of Suppression because he wouldn’t have to fear Half-Saints even if his cultivation was suppressed to the ninth rank of the Monarch Realm!

“Our cultivation will naturally recover if we leave the vicinity of this stone!” said the Demon Saint in a low voice.

Xuan Kong laughed coldly and said, “Indeed, but would you dare to flee? You wouldn’t! Because we’ll slaughter all the profounders of the human race and demon race if you do!”

“This is the so-called Hallowed Grounds!” The Demon Emperor laughed with ridicule and said, “This is what the Hallowed Grounds calls benevolence. How laughable! I even almost went over to the Hallowed Grounds to assist all of you. Actually, helping the defiant profounders is better than helping all of you!”

Xuan Kong proclaimed, “The demon race will cease to exist from today onward!”

Meanwhile, Elder Mu flipped his right palm, and a black tombstone appeared in front of him. He said, “I finally understand why the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor attacked the Hallowed Grounds. Even though I’m inferior to him, I’ll definitely make a trip there if I have the chance!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Elder Mu slapped his palm against the tombstone, and it shook violently before the scene here suddenly changed. Numerous 300m tall tombstones floated up into the air all around them. These tombstones emanated a strange force that made Xuan Kong and the others fell like something within them was leaking out.

“My vitality is leaving me! It’s leaving me!” The Devil Saint suddenly roared, and his voice was filled with shock and terror. As a Half-Saint, his lifespan was much longer than others, but it still had a limit. Moreover, he’d lived for a very long time. Presently, he cared about his lifespan the most, yet now, it was actually being reduced by the tombstone. So, how could he not feel terrified?

Xuan Kong’s expression changed slightly because he’d noticed it as well. His vitality was ceaselessly leaking out from him, and he was practically losing a day of life with every breath of time that passed…. Even he was shocked by this speed.

“Kill him!” Xuan Kong stopped hesitating and wasting his breath. The important matter at hand was to eliminate the Undertaker as soon as possible. Otherwise, even he wouldn’t be able to endure staying here for too long.

“Be careful!” Elder Mu warned the Demon Saint and Demon Emperor before he charged towards Xuan Kong.

In an instant, the battle erupted.

When looked at from the outside world, it was utterly impossible to discern the situation of the battle within the area above Ancient Domain City that was covered by tombstones. However, everyone was able to sense the situation within it. Because explosions that shook the world resounded frequently from within there.

The Founding Emperor, the Beast Emperor, and the others had extremely heavy expressions on their faces as they looked up from the city. A battle at such a level wasn’t something they could interfere in!

Suddenly, Xiao Tianji who was silent until now suddenly shouted, “Watch out! It’s a surprise attack!”

He’d just finished speaking when over 30 profounders had suddenly appeared around Ancient Domain City.

All of them were Monarch Realm experts!

There were experts from the oceanic clans, devil race, Exalted Han Empire, and even… Yuan Tian and the others from the Origin School….

“Yang Ye, you can dream of attaining the Monarch Realm today!” Yuan Tian roared furiously, and his figure flashed towards Yang Ye’s room.

The expressions of the Founding Emperor and the others changed drastically, and they hastily shouted, “Stop him!”

However, no one stopped him because the Monarch Realm experts of the southern territory were locked in battle.

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