Chapter 659 – Sacrifice! InVader's Thoughts

Almighty Sword Domain

At this moment, Yuan Tian had a savage expression on his face, and he pushed his speed to its limits.

The Origin School’s thousands of years of history had been destroyed by Yang Ye, and he’d even been fleeing throughout the world like a homeless dog. He even hadn’t hesitated to take the Monarch Realm experts of the Origin School along with him and seek refuge with the devil race. He’d thought that he would be able to rely on the devil race’s forces to obtain his revenge, but he hadn’t imagined that Yang Ye’s strength and forces grew stronger and stronger to the point that he didn’t have a chance at revenge at all!

Fortunately, the heavens always reward those who wait, and the Hallowed Grounds had finally sent Half-Saint Realm experts today.

It only took an instant for Yuan Tian to arrive in the air above Yang Ye’s room.

He was just about to attack when a ray of golden light suddenly shot towards him, and it caused his expression to change slightly. He clenched his right hand into a fist and smashed it forward.


A muffled bang resounded as the golden light dispersed to reveal a golden spear. The spear was blasted flying by Yuan Tian’s formidable strength, but Yuan Tian’s expression changed again because his fist had actually split apart!

Yuan Tian looked along the trajectory of the spear and saw a white robed woman standing there.

The Martial God!He naturally recognized An Nanjing because she was a peerless genius who could rival Yang Ye!

At this moment, An Nanjing’s right arm was fully regrown. Once a profounder attained the Exalt Realm, then so long as that profounder possessed certain secret techniques and wasn’t heavily injured at important points on the body, then any other portion of the body could be recovered. Unless the injury was caused by a special energy or force.

Actually, others weren’t aware that it wasn’t just Yang Ye who was breaking through into the Monarch Realm, she was finishing her last spurt as well. She’d been able to charge into the Monarch Realm 3 days ago because she’d perfectly merged all 6 of the Intents she possessed. Moreover, it might be as difficult as ascending the heavens when others attempted to advance into the Monarch Realm, but it wasn’t very difficult to An Nanjing who’d absorbed the inheritances and experience of over 20 Martial Gods.

However, she hadn’t attempted to advance because she was waiting for Yang Ye to advance with her. As for why she intended to wait for him, she’d never thought about it…. In any case, she intended to wait.

Yang Ye didn’t make her wait very long. Unfortunately, the Hallowed Grounds and all these other enemies had arrived. She had no choice, and she didn’t hesitate to decisively abandon her attempt at breaking through into the Monarch Realm. Of course, one couldn’t just abandon one’s attempt to advance while breaking through into the Monarch Realm. The consequences of forcefully stopping her advance was that she couldn’t make another attempt for at least 3 years!

But she didn’t regret her decision…. Just like how she hadn’t regretted abandoning her closed door cultivation to help Yang Ye and fight Unseeing from the Hallowed Grounds.

There was one thing about her that was very similar to Yang Ye, and it was that she would definitely do what she felt she could accomplish. Right or wrong didn’t matter, what mattered was that she didn’t regret her decision.

“You’re courting death!” Yuan Tian roared furiously as his figure flashed over and instantly arrived before An Nanjing. His fist tore through space and whistled sharply through the air as it smashed down at An Nanjing.

A ferocious gaze flashed through her eyes as the golden spear she held stabbed swiftly towards Yuan Tian’s fist.


An Nanjing took a few dozen steps behind while Yuan Tian was blasted over 10 steps back. Moreover, his fist was covered in cracks, and even the bones within it were clearly visible!

Yuan Tian’s pupils constricted. He hadn’t expected that an Exalt Realm expert could actually injure him. It seems like those rumors about geniuses who are capable of surmounting a realm of cultivation and killing Monarch Realm experts while at the Exalt Realm aren’t actually rumors! There really are such peerless geniuses in the world!An Nanjing’s countenance was very pale, and a trace of blood had seeped out from the corner of her mouth.

If she fought Yuan Tian while she was in a normal state, then she would naturally possess absolute confidence in her ability to kill him. However, she’d forcefully abandoned her attempt to advance into the Monarch Realm just now. It hadn’t just created latent troubles within her body, it even caused her to suffer from backlash which caused her internal organs to be severely injured. Now, she’d even forcefully resisted 2 attacks from Yuan Tian. In other words, she was suffering even more injuries upon the injuries she already had!

“Little girl, leave now!” An Nanjing’s ancestor suddenly shouted at her from afar, but it wasn’t long before a few Monarch Realm experts of the devil race surrounded him….

An Nanjing wiped off the blood on the corner of her mouth, and then she slowly raised the spear in her right hand and pointed it at Yuan Tian, “You can’t pass!”

“If you intend to court death, then I’ll fulfill your wish!” Yuan Tian stretched his right hand forward, and then space warped while countless strands of energy converged towards his right hand from all directions. Suddenly, Yuan Tian slapped his palm down at An Nanjing!

“Heaven Smash!” As soon as he spoke, an enormous palm formed from energy carried terrifying might as it smashed down towards An Nanjing.

It was an attack that carried the full strength of a Monarch Realm expert, and it was even a Heaven Rank technique, so how terrifying would it be?

If it was at any other ordinary time, An Nanjing would naturally not fear it. But right now….

An Nanjing took a deep breath while the profound energy within her surged violently, and then her countenance turned even paler. At the same time, blood started to flow out of all seven apertures on her face.

An Nanjing’s ancestor who saw her forcefully circulate her profound energy from afar was instantly horrified, and he hurriedly roared like a madman, “Stop being foolish. Leave right now! I’m begging you!” Unfortunately, An Nanjing had already transformed into a ray of golden light that smashed against Yuan Tian’s attack!

An Nanjing’s ancestor’s pupils constricted when he witnessed this scene, and it simply horrified him to the point he actually forgot that there were enemies around him. One of the Monarch Realm experts of the devil race struck his chest and blasted him flying….


The tip of Skysplit struck Yuan Tian’s attack, and then both Skysplit and that palm which was condensed from energy started to tremble violently….


Blood sprayed from An Nanjing’s mouth….


The energy palm exploded apart while An Nanjing was blasted flying. Right at this moment, Yuan Tian suddenly appeared in front of An Nanjing, and then he kicked her stomach.


An Nanjing was kicked over 3km away before finally crashing heavily against the ground. The ground shook violently while countless cracks that were as thick as an arm started spreading towards the surroundings with her at their center….

An Nanjing wasn’t dead, but the bones and meridians within her were broken into pieces. At this moment, she couldn’t even hold Skysplit properly.

“You overestimate your ability!” Yuan Tian glanced coldly at An Nanjing before his figure flashed and charged at her. Her natural talent and potential were extremely terrifying. So, even though she was no different from a cripple right now, he could only rest at ease if she was dead!

The only part of her entire body that could move was her eyes.

She wanted to look towards Yang Ye’s room, but her head couldn’t move no matter what….

She had no choice but to give up….

She slowly closed her eyes while a scene appeared in her eyes. It was the scene of Yang Ye protecting her outside Ancient Domain City while a myriad of arrows rained down upon them….

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