Chapter 660 – Do You Like Me?

Almighty Sword Domain

At this moment, the minds of countless experts from the southern territory had gone blank when they saw Yuan Tian charge at An Nanjing.

Is she going to die just like that?

Regardless of whether it was in terms of numbers or quality, the Monarch Realm experts of the southern territory and demon race were far inferior when compared to the joint forces of the Hallowed Grounds, devil race, and oceanic clans. So, the southern territory’s forces were being suppressed in battle. Thus, even though they were aware of An Nanjing’s current situation, none of them were able to lend her a hand!


Suddenly, a sword howl resounded.

Everyone here was stunned for a moment, and then the Founding Emperor and the others were overjoyed. Has Yang Ye advanced into the Monarch Realm? With the combat strength he possesses, even if he’s only at the first rank of the Monarch Realm, he would still be absolutely capable of turning the situation around and saving An Nanjing!

Yuan Tian’s body stiffened slightly. However, he immediately sped up explosively and charged towards An Nanjing.

He wanted Yang Ye to live in eternal regret!

However, he was bound to be unable to get his wish. Because Yang Ye was standing by An Nanjing’s side.

Everyone in the surroundings was stunned when they saw Yang Ye, and Yuan Tian even stopped moving. He stared blankly at Yang Ye for an instant before he started roaring wildly with laughter.

Because Yang Ye wasn’t at the Monarch Realm….

Even though the Founding Emperor, Beast Emperor, and all the other Monarch Realm experts were facing the joint attacks of numerous experts, everything that occurred here couldn’t escape the detection of their divine sense. So, their expressions had instantly changed when they realized that Yang Ye was still at the ninth rank of the Exalt Realm.

The southern territory’s defeat was only a matter of time. The reason they’d been holding on through all this hardship was because they were waiting for Yang Ye to attain the Monarch Realm. However, Yang Ye was actually still at the Exalt Realm….

Obviously, Yang Ye had failed!

Yang Ye hadn’t failed. He’d given up on advancing at the last moment, just like An Nanjing had.

Actually, he wasn’t aware of the events in the outside world because his consciousness was immersed within the Primordial Pagoda, and he was utilizing the violet profound energy within it and those 3 drops of Blood Essence to temper his body. He hoped to break through the limits of his body before charging into the Monarch Realm, and he was just about to succeed. However, when his consciousness left the Primordial Pagoda, he’d instantly witnessed the scene of An Nanjing being blasted flying!

At that moment, Yang Ye’s mind had gone blank. All thoughts of attaining the Monarch Realm and gaining new strength had vanished, and all that remained in his mind was her!

So long as he persisted for just a moment, then he could immediately attain the Monarch Realm, and then even the Half-Saints of this world wouldn’t be able to annihilate him with ease. So long as he attained the Monarch Realm, he would be able to unify the continent as soon as possible, he would be able to access the 2nd level of the Primordial Pagoda and rely on the treasures within it to gain another improvement in his strength, he would be able to head to the Hallowed Grounds to retrieve the Sword Precursor….

So long as he attained the Monarch Realm, then he, Yang Ye, wouldn’t be an ant in this world any longer!

However, he hadn’t hesitated in the slightest to give up and leave.

There was a price to pay for forcefully stopping one’s charge into the Monarch Realm. He’d almost succeeded in fully absorbing the blood of the Dragon Ancestor, the Primordial Violet Energy, and the Blood Essence of the 3 divine beasts. However, he now suffered backlash from them, and his body would have probably exploded a long time ago if it wasn’t for how strong it was!

Even though he’d forcefully suppressed the backlash within him, he could only dream of attaining the Monarch Realm in the next 2 years. Moreover, if he didn’t solve the issues he faced within his body from the Primordial Violet Energy and blood of the Dragon Ancestor, then his life would be in danger at all times!

Yuan Tian didn’t attack because Yang Ye hadn’t attained the Monarch Realm, so the outcome was already decided. He immediately ridiculed, “Yang Ye, you’re really beyond stupid. You actually gave up your chance to attain the Monarch Realm for a woman. Do you know that perhaps only this woman would have died just now, but your decision will cause the deaths of you and all the profounders of the entire southern territory as well!? Don’t you think that it’s beyond stupid?”

Yang Ye didn’t turn around to look at An Nanjing. He took a deep breath, slowly closed his eyes, and spoke with a slightly trembling voice, “I really… should have stopped at nothing… to kill you.” Actually, Ding Shaoyao had determined that Yuan Tian and the others were in the devil territory. However, he didn’t pay attention to it because Yuan Tian had probably only done it to protect himself. Coupled with the fact that he had many other things to deal with and the Half-Saint of the devil race even seemed to intend to form an alliance with the human race, so he’d temporarily put it aside!

But he’d never imagined that….

“HAHA!!!” Yuan Tian’s laughter sounded quite complacent and slightly savage. He said, “Yang Ye, my Origin School wanted to surrender but you refused to accept it, and you insisted on annihilating it. What? Do you regret it now? But it’s all too late now! The southern territory and everyone related to you will be annihilated today!”


Yang Ye’s intent sword suddenly left the ancient sheath, and then a ray of violet light flashed through the sky.

Yuan Tian’s eyelids twitched, and he didn’t dare act carelessly in the slightest. He swiftly slapped his right palm forward, and an energy palm flashed forward and smashed against the violet sword qi. However, only a moment passed before Yuan Tian’s expression changed drastically because the violet sword qi actually sliced through his attack with absolute ease!

Yuan Tina was astounded. He placed his palms on top of each other before pressing them forward, and then 2 overlapped energy palms flashed forward. However, they were easily sliced apart again. This time, Yuan Tian was horrified because he didn’t have a chance to counterattack again.

The violet sword qi flashed through his chest….

“So… it wasn’t just a single sword qi….” Yuan Tian gazed at Yang Ye with disbelief. Only when it shot through his chest did Yuan Tian realize that there were at least 3 strands of sword qi overlapped within it.

Of course, even then, it was impossible for those overlapped strands of sword qi to instantly annihilate him. Most importantly, the might of the 2nd amongst the 3 strands of sword qi had suddenly risen by over 5 times!

Yuan Tian knew that he’d underestimated his opponent because Yang Ye was much more terrifying than he’d imagined! However, he didn’t have the chance to reevaluate Yang Ye anymore….

All the other experts of the devil race and oceanic clans were stunned when they saw Yuan Tian being instantly annihilated. Is he really only at the Exalt Realm? Is he really just an Exalt Realm expert?

Yang Ye slowly opened his eyes, and his eyes were blood red. He glanced at all the Monarch Realm experts of the devil race and oceanic clans as he said, “The devil race and oceanic clans. Good! Very good! From today onward, both of you will be completely eradicated from the continent. I’ll make all of you pay for your actions with extinction!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s intent sword was drawn again, and then a ray of violet sword qi flashed forward before the head of a Monarch Realm expert from the oceanic clans flew off from his neck.

3 overlapped Heavenrends combined with the Critical Strike technique was an attack that was impossible to resist for ordinary Monarch Realm experts!

The experts of the oceanic clans and devil race were horrified when they saw Yang Ye kill another Monarch Realm expert with a single strike. All of them hurriedly stopped fighting, and then retreated to the side and gazed at Yang Ye with vigilance.

The Founding Emperor and Beast Emperor heaved sighs of relief because the southern territory would definitely lose if the battle were to continue. Once that happened, there would probably be no one on the southern territory’s side that could avoid death. After all the devil race and oceanic clans weren’t humans, so they wouldn’t feel any pity for humans.

The experts of the devil race and oceanic clans didn’t dare attack rashly while the experts of the southern territory wanted to attack but didn’t have the ability to do so. Besides the 2 Monarch Realm experts that Yang Ye had killed, the devil race and oceanic clans hadn’t suffered a single casualty throughout the battle, whereas, the southern territory had lost 3.

Yang Ye didn’t attack again. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, but he was unable to do so. Successively executing overlapped Heavenrends twice had already exhausted all the profound energy within him….

If the Monarch Realm experts of the devil race and oceanic clans were to find out about that, then the southern territory would probably be finished.

Both sides didn’t continue fighting, but they didn’t retreat either. Because all of them were waiting, they were waiting for the outcome of the battle in the sky.

If the Hallowed Grounds won, then the southern territory would still be unable to escape death, and if Elder Mu won, then it was obvious what the consequences were….

Yang Ye stood on the spot for quite some time before he turned around and walked over to An Nanjing, and he forcefully stopped his tears from flowing as he gazed at the state she was in right now.

The tears of men rarely flow until something truly sad appears.

Yang Ye squatted down by her side and stretched out his left hand to wipe the blood on the corner of her mouth. However, he’d only just wiped it off when blood seeped out once more, and it was to the point that he couldn’t clean it up no matter what.

“Are you trying to make me owe you a debt for a lifetime?” Yang Ye took her hand with his right hand, and then the remaining profound energy within him surged madly into her.

“Why?” An Nanjing gazed at Yang Ye as she spoke these words. Even though she was heavily injured, she hadn’t lost her ability to discern things. So, she’d instantly determined that Yang Ye was still at the Exalt Realm and not the Monarch Realm!

Yang Ye knew what she meant and spoke gently, “Because you would die if I didn’t.”

An Nanjing’s eyes flickered a little, but she just gazed at him in silence.

Yang Ye continued, “I really want to attain the Monarch Realm because I’ll only be able to protect myself and those I love with sufficient strength. However, if I have to sacrifice you in order to accomplish that, then I would never be able to rest in peace. Not to mention advancing into the Monarch Realm, I wouldn’t hesitate to stop even if I was advancing into the Saint Realm.”

Yang Ye could stop at nothing to improve his strength, but he would absolutely not sacrifice his friends and loved ones to do so.

Even though he was ruthless and cruel, he had his limits!

An Nanjing suddenly asked, “Do you like me?”

Yang Ye was stunned.

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