Chapter 661 – A Fight To The Death!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye gazed at An Nanjing while she gazed at him. At this moment, it was like time had stopped.

Yang Ye was just about to speak….


Suddenly, an enormous explosion resounded from within the tombstones in the sky, and then all of them started to tremble violently.

The gazes of every shot over while they thought to themselves. Who’s winning?

YY stretched out his hand to lightly touch An Nanjing’s face as he said, “If it’s possible, I would rather be lying here instead of you.” He didn’t wait for An Nanjing to say anything, and he immediately sent her into the Primordial Pagoda to be cared for by Su Qingshi, Xiao Yuxi, and Qin Xiyue.

After that, he stood up, and then he raised his head and shot a solemn gaze towards the area in the sky that was covered by tombstones. Will Elder Mu be able to win the battle?

He’s fighting against 12 Half-Saints and 30 peak Monarch Realm experts!


Suddenly, a figure flew down from midair before crashing heavily into Ancient Domain City, causing the entire city to quake!

The pupils of Yang Ye and the others constricted because it was the Demon Emperor….

A ray of violet light flashed, and then the violet mink appeared on Yang Ye’s shoulder. He immediately understood her intentions and flashed over to the Demon Emperor. Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the Demon Emperor because while the Demon Emperor was heavily injured, he was still alive.

The violet mink flew over to the Demon Emperor while worry filled her eyes.

The Demon Emperor forced a smile on his face and rubbed her head as he said, “I’m fine. I just need to rest for some time.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the Demon Emperor gazed at Yang Ye and said, “The situation there isn’t very good!”

Yang Ye’s heart shook, and he said, “What happened?”

The Demon Emperor spoke with a solemn expression on his face, “Elder Mu’s strength exceeded all our imaginations. He kept 11 Half-Saints busy on his own. Perhaps only a few in the history of our continent have possessed such strength. However, the Hallowed Grounds’ forces are too numerous. Both the Demon Saint and I weren’t able to keep the Devil Saint and all those other Monarch Realm experts of the Hallowed Grounds busy. I was almost killed just now, and it was Elder Mu who forcefully transported me out at the critical moment!”

The corners of Yang Ye’s eyes twitched slightly. He actually almost died in there even with the strength he possesses. Exactly how intense is the battle?


Right at this moment, another explosion resounded, and then another figure flew out from there. However, that figure didn’t crash to the ground like the Demon Emperor, and it landed firmly within Ancient Domain City instead!

The Demon Saint!

It was the Demon Saint who’d left the battlefield. At this moment, there were countless holes throughout his clothes, and his entire body was covered in injuries. He seemed to be in a rather sorry state!

The experts of the devil race and oceanic clans were overjoyed when they saw the Demon Saint, whereas the hearts of all the profounders from the southern territory fell to rock bottom.

Yang Ye’s heart sank a little as well.

He had no doubt in Elder Mu’s strength, but Elder Mu was up against so many enemies! 12 Half-Saints and 30 Monarch Realm experts! Such an array was faced by Elder Mu alone right now, so Yang Ye wondered if Elder Mu could be a match for them!

Yang Ye took a deep breath. He was ready to ignite his Sword Intent at any moment because if Elder Mu lost, then an unprecedentedly bloody fight to the death would ensue!

After all, they were irreconcilable enemies, and there was no way out besides a fight to the death!

Yang Ye understood all of that, and so did the Founding Emperor, Beast Emperor, and all the experts on the southern territory’s side. So, all of them had resolute expressions on their faces, and they knew that it would be time for them to truly fight to the death if Elder Mu lost.

If Elder Mu won….

Actually, practically no one felt that Elder Mu could win. After all, there were 12 Half-Saints and around 30 peak Monarch Realm experts in there!

But Elder Mu was all alone!

“How’s the situation up there?” The Demon Emperor looked up at the tombstones in the sky as he asked the Demon Saint in a low voice.

The Demon Saint looked up towards the tombstones for a moment before he said, “I never expected that his strength was actually formidable to such an extent. No wonder he was able to kill Luo Dao that day. Moreover, what exactly are those tombstones? They aren’t just able to take away the vitality of Half-Saints, they’re even able to ceaselessly provide him with energy!”

The reason Elder Mu could fight so many Half-Saints and remain undefeated was mainly because of the tombstones. The Demon Saint noticed that the tombstones could actually ceaselessly provide profound energy to Elder Mu, allowing Elder Mu to stay at a peak state at all times.

The Demon Emperor asked, “Does he have a chance?”

The Demon Saint pondered deeply for a moment and said, “His chances aren’t very great. Elder Mu is very strong, and his strength has far surpassed my expectations. However, that fellow, Xuan Kong, from the Hallowed Grounds isn’t weak as well. Moreover, he has so many other experts on his side, Elder Mu is completely outnumbered, so….” Resolve appeared in the Demon Saint’s eyes as he said, “So prepare to fight to the death!”

The hearts of Yang Ye and the Demon Emperor sank once more when they heard this. The Demon Saint was a Half-Saint. Since even he’d said something like that, then Elder Mu was very likely to lose!

Yang Ye raised his head and gazed at the tombstones in the sky while a trace of worry appeared in his eyes. If it hadn’t been for Elder Mu, then he would have died a very long time ago. He’d taken Elder Mu to be his master and even a loved one. So, he didn’t want anything to happen to Elder Mu. But it was a fight against 12 Half-Saints and 30 Monarch Realm experts….

I’m still too weak in the end. I’m unable to help Elder Mu! Yang Ye took a deep breath as he spoke in his heart. He was already capable of surmounting his realm of cultivation to kill Monarch Realm experts, but he was still too weak when facing those Half-Saints.

Yang Ye shook his head a short while later, and then he sheathed his intent sword and shouted, “Everyone from the southern territory, hear me well! Prepare to fight to the death! Even if all of us die, we’ll make the devil race, oceanic clans, and the Hallowed Grounds pay a horrible price! If we survive today, then we will definitely annihilate the devil race and oceanic clans, and then attack the Hallowed Grounds to get our vengeance!”

“Fight to the death!” The profound energy within the Demon Emperor surged out madly from within him as he shouted furiously.

“Fight to the death!” The experts of the Grand Qin Empire responded.

“Fight to the death!” The Demon Emperor started to transform, and it wasn’t long before his right hand had transformed into an enormous golden claw. At this moment, all the experts of the Darkbeast Empire who stood behind him had instantly responded, and there were even some that were prepared to detonate themselves.

“Demon beasts of my demon race, listen well! Fight to the death!” The Demon Emperor refused to be outdone.

The experts of the devil race and oceanic clans revealed extremely heavy expressions when they witnessed this scene. Because if the experts of the southern territory were to fight desperately to the death, then even if they could win the battle, it would still be a pyrrhic victory!

Fortunately, they just had to annihilate all the forces of the southern territory, and then the human race and demon race would be practically annihilated. At that time, the entire continent would belong to the devil race and the oceanic clans!


Suddenly, the tombstones in the sky suddenly shook violently, and then everyone watched with shock as they gradually dispersed….

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