Chapter 662 – Flee Or Fight?

Almighty Sword Domain

20 figures crashed down from the sky, and everyone here looked towards them. The expressions of the experts from the demon race and oceanic clans changed because it was the Monarch Realm experts of the Hallowed Grounds. At this moment, all of them seemed extremely old as if they’d experienced a few thousand years of time. Most importantly, they didn’t have any signs of vitality!

They were dead!

The experts of the devil race and oceanic clans gasped as they looked up into the sky.

At this moment, everyone was looking up into the sky.

Elder Mu was standing in midair with an extremely pale countenance. There were a few palm prints on his chest, and every single one of them was very deep to the point that they’d caused Elder Mu’s chest to completely sink down. It was an extremely horrifying sight. There was a pitch black walking stick floating in front of him, but it was covered in cracks and seemed like it might shatter at any moment.

Xuan Kong’s group was standing in front of Elder Mu, and their appearances had completely changed. At this moment, all of them had snow white hair and thick wrinkles all over their faces. They seemed extremely old. If it weren’t for the imposing aura they emanated and the fierce gazes they revealed, no one would think that they were Half-Saints and Monarch Realm experts. Everyone would think that they were old men who had a foot in their graves.

At this moment, all of their eyes carried unprecedented seriousness and fear as they gazed at Elder Mu, and even Xuan Kong was no exception!

“You’re actually able to rely on that tombstone to take away our vitality. The energy of time is something that Half-Saints can only pry into a little, and only true Saint Realm experts are capable of grasping such an inconceivable force. You aren’t a Half-Saint, but you’re capable of causing our lifespan to flow out of our bodies! Who exactly are you!?” Xuan Kong stared fixedly at Elder Mu while his heart was filled with shock and terror. Because he had less than 100 years of lifespan left now. However, he had over a thousand years before the battle!

Compared to Xuan Kong, the Devil Saint and the Oceanic Emperor were in a worse state because they only had a few years left to live….

There were others that were in a worse state, and it was those Monarch Realm experts of the Hallowed Grounds. Many of them merely had a few days left to live.

Those Monarch Realm experts who’d perished just now had died because they’d lost all their lifespan. On the other hand, the reason these Monarch Realm experts were still alive was because their strength was slightly superior to those who’d perished.

Feeling their vitality and lifespan leaking away was a feeling that was even more terrifying than death itself. So, the Devil Saint, Oceanic Emperor, and some of the experts of the Hallowed Grounds had decisively abandoned their assault on Elder Mu and started attacking the tombstones.

Elder Mu waved his right hand, and the black tombstone appeared before him again. The corners of Xuan Kong and the others’ eyes twitched when they saw the tombstone, and the fear in their eyes wasn’t concealed at all.

Elder Mu said, “You have 2 choices. The first is to leave and return to your Hallowed Grounds. After all, I can’t stop all of you. The second is to fight me right now. If all of you disregard death and fight with your lives on the line, then you’ll definitely be able to heavily injure me even if you can’t kill me. Of course, if I fight desperately, then all of you can dream of leaving!”

Xuan Kong and the others had heavy expressions on their faces. None of them felt that the Undertaker was exaggerating. After all, the Undertaker hadn’t lost even when fighting the joint forces of 12 Half-Saints and 30 Monarch Realm experts. Such strength was something that only the Supreme Exalts of the Hallowed Grounds could compare to.

“Brother Xuan Kong, he’s weak and exhausted. We’ll definitely be able to kill him if we join forces again!” The Devil Saint noticed Xuan Kong’s hesitance and spoke anxiously. Because while the Undertaker couldn’t stop the experts of the Hallowed Grounds from leaving, but what about him? Could he retreat to the Hallowed Grounds? Even if the Hallowed Grounds allowed him to do so, what would happen to the devil race?

“Brother Devil Saint is right!” The Oceanic Emperor knew how serious the situation was, and he immediately spoke, “Brother Xuan Kong, if we don’t kill him today, then the devil race and oceanic clans will definitely be annihilated by the human race. Brother Xuan Kong, please lend us a hand!”

Xuan Kong paid no attention to the Devil Saint and Oceanic Emperor. He took a deep and long glance at Elder Mu before he gazed at the Devil Saint and Oceanic Emperor, “Come with us to the Hallowed Grounds. Your lifespans have almost been completely exhausted. Perhaps you’ll still be able to live if you return to the Hallowed Grounds with us!”

The Devil Saint and Oceanic Emperor were first delighted when they heard Xuan Kong, but it wasn’t long before they realized that there was a problem. The Devil Saint said, “Brother Xuan Kong, but what about my devil race and the oceanic clans of Brother Oceanic Emperor?”

Xuan Kong glanced coldly at them and said, “I think both of you should think about yourselves.”

The Devil Saint’s expression changed a little, and he said, “Brother Xuan Kong, if we are to leave, then the devil race and oceanic clans won’t have a Half-Saint anymore. Wouldn’t that….”

Xuan Kong waved his hand and interrupted, “Could it be that you think just anyone can enter my Hallowed Grounds? That’s all I’m willing to say. Decide yourselves if you are going to leave!”

“Brother Xuan Kong, I’ll go with you!” Meanwhile, the Oceanic Emperor spoke abruptly. He only had a few more years of lifespan left. So, if he didn’t head to the Hallowed Grounds, then even if the Undertaker didn’t kill him, he would still die in a few years unless he could advance into the Saint Realm. So, he had to head to the Hallowed Grounds because only then could he live a little bit longer.

The longer one had lived, the more afraid one usually was of death!

Xuan Kong nodded, and then he gazed at the Devil Saint.

“HAHAHA!!” The Devil Saint suddenly roared with laughter and said, “This is how the so-called Hallowed Grounds acts? The Demon Emperor was right. Our Profounder Continent is actually just an ant in your eyes. All of you don’t care about our continent at all. All of you only care about yourselves! Even your fight against the defiant profounders is only being done for yourselves. HAHAHA! To think I was so blind!”

“Brother Devil Saint, we’ve cultivated for a few thousands of years to attain the Half-Saint Realm. Could it be that you intend to give up just like that?” The Oceanic Emperor persuaded, “You’ll naturally be able to avenge the devil race in the future if you’re still alive. But who will avenge them if you die?”

The Devil Saint glanced coldly at the Oceanic Emperor and said, “It’s fine if you’re a coward who’s afraid of death, but why make it seem so noble? I, Mo Lou, am no upright person, but I’m no coward who’s afraid of death! If the Undertaker and Yang Ye intend to annihilate my devil race, then I’ll wait for them to attack. The worse that can happen is death, right?”

Xuan Kong glanced coldly at the Devil Saint and said, “Let’s leave!”

“Leave? Hehe! Stay the fuck behind!” Right at this moment, an arc of light flashed by, and then the heads of 2 out of the last 10 Monarch Realm experts from the Hallowed Grounds had suddenly flown into the air.

“It’s Qin Bufan!” Xuan Kong’s expression changed drastically, and he swiftly slapped his right hand towards the ray of light before a ray of white light shot forward like a shooting star and smashed against the arc of light.

However, the arc of light suddenly sped up, and it turned in midair and avoided Xuan Kong’s attack.

“Watch out!” Xuan Kong was astounded, and he hurriedly howled towards one of the Monarch Realm experts from the Hallowed Grounds.

However, it was too late. The arc of light was extremely swift, and it flashed through that Monarch Realm expert’s neck before he could even react. After that, his head flew up into the air.

“Trap him!” Meanwhile, Xuan Kong and the others hurriedly acted in unison. However, Elder Mu suddenly attacked as well, and a tombstone suddenly smashed down towards them, causing them to feel horrified.

At the same time, the Devil Saint suddenly attacked as well, but his target wasn’t Elder Mu, it was Xuan Kong’s group instead!

“Kill!” How could Yang Ye mis such a rare opportunity? He immediately drew his intent sword, and a beam of violet sword energy shot up into the sky towards one of the Monarch Realm experts of the Hallowed Grounds.

The Demon Saint, Demon Emperor, Founding Emperor, and all the others attacked immediately and shot towards the sky.

They hadn’t fought just now because they didn’t have a good chance at killing Xuan Kong’s group, but now that a mysterious expert and the Devil Saint had joined the battle, then it wasn’t impossible for them to kill these experts of the Hallowed Grounds anymore!

“You’re courting death!” Xuan Kong’s furious voice rumbled through the air. But it wasn’t long before Elder Mu appeared in front of him. Elder Mu didn’t waste his breath at all. He immediately waved his right hand, and then the tombstone transformed into a myriad of tombstones that enveloped Xuan Kong.

Xuan Kong was horrified because he’d personally experienced the strength of this Undertaker who stood before him. So he didn’t dare act carelessly in the slightest. He was just about to attack when an arc of light suddenly shot towards him from afar, and it instantly arrived behind him.

“Space Smash!” A shout resounded from behind Xuan Kong, and then the space around Xuan Kong rumbled and collapsed. Xuan Kong was astounded by this scene. Of course, he wasn’t astounded by Qin Bufan, he was astounded by Elder Mu instead. If it was at any ordinary time, then this level of spatial collapse wouldn’t be troublesome to him at all. Yet now….

A wisp of resolve flashed through Xuan Kong’s eyes, and then he formed a strange seal before his chest and swiftly slapped it forward.

“Convergence!” As soon as he spoke, a ray of white light suddenly swept out from Xuan Kong, and then the myriad of tombstones around him were blasted apart. On the other hand, the arc of light behind Xuan Kong had immediately vanished when that white light swept out.

Xuan Kong’s aura declined rapidly after he executed that attack, and his entire countenance was ghastly pale. He glared fiercely at Elder Mu before his figure flashed towards the distance. However, it wasn’t long before an arc of light appeared in front of him. Xuan Kong roared furiously, “Qin Bufan! You’re courting death!” He suddenly attacked once he finished speaking.

Elder Mu’s eyes narrowed slightly when he saw the white light sweep towards him, and then he waved his right hand and the tombstone instantly expanded to cover an area of 3km. After that, it smashed against the white light.


The white light was blasted apart….

The Half-Saints of the Hallowed Grounds noticed that Xuan Kong was being besieged, and their expressions instantly changed. They were about to attack when an enormous tombstone descended from the sky and smashed down towards them….

In the distance, Xuan Kong slapped Qin Bufan back, but he didn’t pursue Qin Bufan and intended to flee instead. However, a beam of violet light suddenly tore through the sky towards him at the exact same instant that he’d repulsed Qin Bufan!

Xuan Kong swiftly looked towards the side and saw Yang Ye. He immediately spoke ferociously, “You ant! I’ll kill you before I leave and eliminate a latent trouble for my Hallowed Grounds!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he swiftly attacked with his right palm. A ray of white light flashed forward and collided with Yang Ye’s violet sword energy.

“Critical Strike, stage 3!” Yang Ye’s voice suddenly resounded, and then the violet sword energy trembled violently and glowed brilliantly.

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