Chapter 663 – Death and Battle!

Almighty Sword Domain

Xuan Kong was a Half-Saint, but his current cultivation was only at the ninth rank of the Monarch Realm. That was why Yang Ye dared to attack him. Otherwise, Yang Ye would definitely not court death by challenging a Half-Saint while he was at the Exalt Realm. After all, that was stupid not brave!

Of course, even then, he was taking a huge risk by attacking right now. Because while Xuan Kong was at the Monarch Realm now, his accomplishments in all aspects were that of a Half-Saint.

Even though it was a risk, Yang Ye had still attacked because he really didn’t want these Half-Saints to return alive to the Hallowed Grounds!

He intended to take some interest for An Nanjing before he really took revenge!

Yang Ye didn’t dare act carelessly in the slightest, and he utilized his strongest attack from the start! It was 3 overlapped Heavenrends enhanced by the Critical Strike technique!

The violet sword energy smashed against Xuan Kong’s attack.


An enormous explosion rumbled through the surroundings as Yang Ye’s sword energy and the white light exploded apart, and then countless waves of energy and sword qi swept madly towards the surroundings.

Disbelief appeared in Xuan Kong’s eyes because he hadn’t imagined that his attack would actually be unable to gain the upper hand against Yang Ye’s sword energy! Even though he was heavily injured right now, and his strength had dropped by a huge amount, he was still a Half-Saint at any rate. But Yang Ye was only at the Exalt Realm!

He’ll definitely become a great enemy of my Hallowed Grounds in the future! Ghastly killing intent appeared in Xuan Kong’s eyes. However, he didn’t attack, and he just turned around and intended to flee. Because a Half-Saint of the Hallowed Grounds had perished at Elder Mu’s hands while all the Monarch Realm experts had been annihilated!

But he wasn’t able to escape in the end because an arc of light had obstructed his path.

Xuan Kong exploded with rage, “Qin Bufan! I’ll definitely kill you next time!” He placed his palms over each other as he spoke, and then swiftly pressed then down towards the arc of light.

“You don’t have a next time!” A voice resounded from within the arc of light, and then two rays of white light formed a cross that flashed forward and collided with Xuan Kong’s attack. An enormous explosion resounded before the white light dispersed, and Xuan Kong was forced back by over 30m.


Meanwhile, Yang Ye swiftly drew his sword, and then a beam of sword energy which was enhanced by the Critical Strike technique and 12th level Sword Intent flashed towards Xuan Kong and instantly arrived before him.

The corners of Xuan Kong’s eyes twitched a little when he sensed the terrifying energy contained within the sword energy. He didn’t deal with it in a careless manner, and he disregarded the injuries he suffered from as he forcefully converged his profound energy and slapped his right palm forward. A ball of white energy flew out from his palm and smashed against Yang Ye’s sword energy!


The white ball of energy was blasted apart by the sword energy, and then the sword energy continued surging like a bolt of lightning towards Xuan Kong.

Xuan Kong was astounded. He hadn’t imagined that Yang Ye’s sword energy was actually sharp and fierce to such an extent, and he didn’t have the time to dodge anymore. He could only go head on against it. Xuan Kong placed his palms over each other again, and then white light appeared on them as he used them to defend against Yang Ye’s attack.


Xuan Kong’s body was blasted over 30m back by the sword energy, and the white light on his palm had vanished. Moreover, his hands were covered in injuries and blood….

Xuan Kong’s expression instantly turned savage when he saw the state his hands were in. After all, he was a dignified Half-Saint, yet he’d actually been injured by an ant at the Exalt Realm!?

It was an extraordinary humiliation! An utter insult!

The overwhelming feeling of humiliation he experienced caused Xuan Kong’s aged face to warp to the extreme.

“Die you old dog!” Xuan Kong wasn’t given even the slightest opportunity to catch his breath. An arc of light suddenly appeared behind him, and then a few dozen rays of white light formed a net of blades that slashed down towards Xuan Kong. Everywhere they passed, even space was sliced apart, causing numerous spatial rifts to cover the sky. It was an extremely horrifying sight to behold!

“Fuck off!” Xuan Kong roared furiously as he forcefully converged his profound energy again before he slapped out a ray of white light once more. It instantly tore through space and smashed against Qin Bufan’s attack.


At the same time, a few mouthfuls of Blood Essence sprayed from Xuan Kong’s mouth.


The entire sky in the area trembled as countless waves of energy surged madly towards the surroundings. All of these waves of energy shot forward at an extremely swift speed, so even Qin Bufan hadn’t been able to avoid it and was blasted over 1km away. On the other hand, Xuan Kong himself was blasted almost 300m away by the wave of energy.

Xuan Kong’s figure had just stopped in midair when a sword suddenly shot towards him from behind. Xuan Kong’s pupils constricted to the size of needles as he turned around and slapped his palm against the tip of that sword.


Yang Ye’s intent sword trembled violently while countless cracks appeared throughout it, and his figure was blasted flying by Xuan Kong’s attack. However, he’d been able to stop his figure after flying for over 300m, and then his Sword Intent surged out and instantly repaired the intent sword.

Xuan Kong glanced at his palm, and he noticed that another mark of the sword had been left there!

Xuan Kong took a deep breath while he glanced at the surroundings out of the corners of his eyes, and his heart sank. The Hallowed Grounds forces had 10 Half-Saints when he was included, and there were 11 if the Oceanic Emperor was included. However, one of those Half-Saints had perished at the Undertaker’s hands while the Oceanic Emperor had actually fled at the critical moment. So, there were only 9 Half-Saints left when he was included.

The Undertaker had 2 Half-Saints and over a dozen Monarch Realm experts on his side. Even though their overall strength was inferior to the Hallowed Grounds, the problem was that the Undertaker alone was actually keeping 7 Half-Saints busy….

Who exactly is that Undertaker?

Xuan Kong took a deep breath and said, “Everyone, retreat!”

“Retreat my ass! Sky Crusher!” The arc of light appeared in front of Xuan Kong again, and then a strand of green flames appeared here. The space around Xuan Kong instantly started surging violently once the green flames appeared.

“Die you dog of the Outer Heavens!” A furious howl resounded from within the arc of light, and then the strand of green flames shot towards Xuan Kong.

Xuan Kong’s pupils constricted while shock filled his heart. If it was before, then he wouldn’t feel the slightest fear towards such a technique from Qin Bufan. But he was completely exhausted now….

Xuan Kong had no choice but to forcefully converge his profound energy again, but he’d only just started when a mouthful of Blood Essence sprayed out from his mouth. However, he still attempted it again, and then smashed his palms towards the green flames.


The green flames transformed into threads of flames that sprayed down throughout the sky while Xuan Kong himself was blasted flying again…. Moreover, Blood Essence sprayed incessantly from his mouth while his figure flew….

“Horizon Warp!” Right at this moment, Yang Ye’s voice resounded once more, and then Yang Ye appeared right behind Xuan Kong before his intent sword pierced through Xuan Kong’s back.

Xuan Kong’s eyes opened wide, and his eyes were filled with disbelief as he gazed at the sword that was sticking out from his chest! A moment of silence ensued before he suddenly turned around and slapped his palm against Yang Ye’s chest. Yang Ye immediately spat out a mouthful of blood while his figure was slapped over 300m away.

“Grand Slasher!” Meanwhile, Qin Bufan’s voice resounded once more, and then 2 rays of white light formed a cross that slashed down towards Xuan Kong.

“Fuck off!” Xuan Kong roared furiously as he clenched his right hand into a fist, and then he smashed his fist against the white light. The white light was blasted apart, but Xuan Kong’s right arm was sliced up into mush….

“Horizon Warp!” Qin Bufan had just been repulsed when Yang Ye’s voice resounded, and then he appeared behind Xuan Kong again. At the same time, his intent sword flashed through Xuan Kong’s neck….


Xuan Kong’s head flew into the air!

A Half-Saint had fallen!

“AHH!!!” Xuan Ming witnessed the scene of Xuan Kong’s death, and his eyes almost split apart from rage and hatred as he roared like a madman, “Yang Ye! You and the southern territory have colluded with the defiant profounders! You’ll definitely suffer divine punishment! All of you definitely will!”

“You should be thinking about yourself right now!” Elder Mu slapped his palm at Xuan Ming….

Yang Ye instantly heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Xuan Kong’s head fly into the air. Xuan Kong’s strength had simply exceeded his imagination. If Xuan Kong’s cultivation hadn’t been reduced to the Monarch Realm and if Xuan Kong hadn’t been heavily injured by Elder Mu, then it would be impossible for him and the mysterious man to kill Xuan Kong even if they attacked him madly without end!

Even if a Half-Saint’s cultivation had been suppressed to the Monarch Realm, it still wasn’t an existence that an ordinary Monarch Realm expert could go against.

This battle allowed Yang Ye to have a deeper understanding of how insufficient his strength was. He realized that a cultivation at the Exalt Realm wasn’t of any use in the chaotic times that were approaching. Regardless of whether it was the Hallowed Grounds or the defiant profounders, it was utterly impossible to fight them without a strength at the Monarch Realm or Half-Saint Realm.

Right at this moment, a translucent stone suddenly flew from Xuan Kong’s body and shot away like a bolt of lightning. Yang Ye was slightly stunned, and then he didn’t even hesitate to stop it. Because he didn’t need to think to know that it was definitely a precious treasure. However, he was just about to act when an arc of light flashed, and then the stone was brought into the arc of light.

“HAHA! The Stone of Suppression! It’s actually the Stone of Suppression! That old dog finally did something good! Hahaha!” Qin Bufan’s overjoyed and roaring laughter resounded from within the arc of light.

Suddenly, the violet mink appeared on Yang Ye’s shoulder, and then a ray of violet light flashed. After that, the translucent stone appeared between the violet mink’s claws….

Yang Ye was stunned.

The violet mink rubbed it for a moment and seemed to feel like it wasn’t fun at all. So, she slapped it with her claw and passed it over to Yang Ye.

“My Stone of Suppression!” Qin Bufan's furious voice resounded, and then Yang Ye sensed an aura lock onto him and the violet mink.

Yang Ye’s heart shook. He hurriedly placed the translucent stone within the Primordial Pagoda before he sheathed his intent sword, and then he gazed vigilantly at the arc of light.

“Give it back to me!” Qin Bufan’s voice resounded from within the arc of light, and it was slightly cold.

The violet mink hurriedly shook her little head.

“Since you refuse, then I’ll take it myself!” As soon as he finished speaking, the arc of light shot towards Yang Ye.

“It’s mine once it falls into my hands. You want to take it from me? You must be dreaming!” Yang Ye’s intent sword suddenly started trembling violently, and then a sword howl resounded through the heavens and the earth before a beam of violet sword energy surged forward!

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