Chapter 667 – The Outer Heavens!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye was both terrified and felt fortunate as he gazed at An Nanjing who laid there on the bed. He was terrified because if he was just a little bit later, then An Nanjing would become the 2nd piece of unforgettable pain in his life; he felt fortunate because while An Nanjing was in a bad state, he still had the chance to make amends!

She hadn’t felt very important to him before all of this happened, but when he saw her hurt like that, he finally realized exactly how much she meant to him.

People were like that. They never cherished things that they had, and only when they lost those things would they realize how important it was. Some had the chance to cherish it once more, but most suffered an eternal loss without any chance of starting all over again.

Yang Ye walked over to her side as he waved his right hand lightly, and then the dark green drop of Life Water instantly appeared before her. He said gently, “This is Life Water, and it’s able to immediately recover any injuries.” Yang Ye sent the Life Water to her mouth while he spoke.

An Nanjing didn’t drink it. She gazed at him instead and said, “Your body is in a very bad state right now.”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I know, but it’s fine. I’ve temporarily suppressed the issues within me.”

An Nanjing suddenly said, “Promise me something!”

Yang Ye was stunned, and then he immediately nodded, “Tell me what it is.”

“I know that you really hate the devil race and oceanic clans because of what happened, and you might have even decided to annihilate them, right?” said An Nanjing.

Yang Ye nodded. He really had aroused the intention to annihilate them. Because if it wasn’t for them and the Hallowed Grounds, then An Nanjing wouldn’t have fallen into such a state.

She continued, “Spare them if they surrender!”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment, and then he nodded, “Alright!”

She asked, “Aren’t you going to ask why I’m asking you to spare them?”

Yang Ye replied, “I can annihilate them for you, and I can spare them for you as well.”

An Nanjing gazed at Yang Ye for a short while before she said, “Slaughter is never good. Regardless of whether it’s the Heaven Dao of our world or the world beyond, I presume it wouldn’t accept one who has killed too much. Moreover, we need support now, and not corpses. Don’t do things that aren’t beneficial for us just because of some resentment you feel!”

Yang Ye didn’t refute her and just nodded. He sent the Life Water to her again and said, “If you ask me not to, then I won’t. Let’s not pay attention to everything else for now. Just recuperate for now.”

As she gazed at the tender affection and concern in Yang Ye’s eyes, An Nanjing’s lips moved a little, yet she was at a loss for words. Her red lips parted slightly, and then Yang Ye flicked his finger, causing the drop of Life Water to instantly enter her mouth.

After it entered her body, it swiftly transformed into countless strands of green energy that flowed through her meridians, and it ceaselessly repaired the shattered bones and meridians within her.

In next to no time, her meridians and bones started to recover.

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that it was effective, and he sat by her bed and watched over her for a while before he left the Primordial Pagoda.

Yang Ye had just left when An Nanjing suddenly opened her eyes, and she was slightly dazed as she gazed at where Yang Ye was sitting just now….

In his room, Yang Ye gazed at the translucent stone before him as he said to himself, “The Stone of Suppression? Elder Mu and the others had their cultivations forcefully suppressed to the Monarch Realm by this stone? It’s truly unimaginable that it was even able to suppress Half-Saints. Fortunately, it has fallen into my hands. It would truly be a huge problem if it fell into the hands of that defiant profounder, Qin Bufan!

“The reason that the experts of the Hallowed Grounds dared to leave it and come to the continent was because this stone could suppress the Half-Saints of the continent. But now that it has fallen into my hands, I think they wouldn’t dare rashly send anyone to the continent anymore. So, the important matter at hand is to first deal with the injuries I’ve suffered, and then unify the continent as soon as possible. Lastly, I have to travel to the Hallowed Grounds to take the Sword Precursor!”

Yang Ye was very clearly aware that the seal in the Hallowed Grounds was definitely unable to suppress the defiant profounders any longer. Once they fully emerged from the seal, then he wouldn’t just lose the Sword Precursor, the Sword Spirit within the ancient sheath might die as well. At that time, it would be equivalent to losing Heavenrend. So, even if he didn’t do it for the Sword Spirits sake, he still had to seize the Sword Precursor for himself.

If it was in the past, he would naturally not dare to head to the Hallowed Grounds before attaining the Monarch Realm. But he had the Stone of Suppression now. Even though it was still dangerous, it wouldn’t be as dangerous as being completely helpless before a Half-Saint. Even if he encountered a Half-Saint, he felt that he should be able to flee from them with the help of the Stone of Suppression!

Of course, he had to resolve everything on the continent before he travelled to the Hallowed Grounds!

Yang Ye put the Stone of Suppression away, and then he sat cross-legged on the bed and closed his eyes as he started to recuperate.

The biggest problem within him was the conflict between the Dragon Ancestor’s Blood Essence and his own Blood Essence. In the end, the Dragon Ancestor’s Blood Essence contained terrifying energy that he hadn’t been able to fully absorb. After all, he was too weak when he received it, and the only reason he’d been able to absorb a portion of it was that his meridians and blood had been tempered by the Primordial Violet Energy.

He’d intended to absorb the energy within the Dragon Ancestor’s Blood Essence and the Blood Essence of the 3 divine beasts during his charge into the Monarch Realm, but he had no choice but to stop because An Nanjing was in danger. So, he suffered backlash from them all. Fortunately, it wasn’t a very severe situation for him. After all, while he wasn’t at the Monarch Realm, his body and internal organs weren’t inferior to Monarch Realm experts!

So, Yang Ye ceaselessly utilized his violet profound energy to repair the bones and meridians within him, and he used the opportunity to gradually absorb the remaining Blood Essence of the Dragon Ancestor and the 3 divine beasts.


Outside Ancient Domain City.

At a dense forest which was a few hundred kilometers away from Ancient Domain City, a mysterious figure wearing a white robe and white cloak was standing atop a tree. Moreover, faint light was flickering around him.

The white robed figure was none other than Qin Bufan!

“You’ve been following me for quite some time now. Show yourself!” Qin Bufan placed his hands behind his back while his voice resounded from beneath the cloak.

“What a strong divine sense!” A middle aged man suddenly appeared in front of Qin Bufan.

Yang Ye would definitely be astounded if he was here because it was the City Governor of Ancient Domain City, Lu Yuanhao!

The faint light around Qin Bufan suddenly started to flicker swiftly when he saw Lu Yuanhao, and his puzzled and slightly shocked voice resounded from beneath the cloak, “I sense an aura which isn’t from this world coming from you. You aren’t a profounder of this world. Who… who exactly are you!?”

“Outer Heavens! The Endless Devil Sect!” A trace of black colored energy suddenly erupted from him once he finished speaking, and then the trees in an area of 500 meters instantly withered and transformed into puddles of black water.

Suddenly, the flickering light on Qin Bufan suddenly left him and shot forward like a bolt of lightning. It instantly arrived before Lu Yuanhao. But a strand of black energy immediately smashed against the light, and an explosion resounded before both of them dispersed in the air.

“If it wasn’t for the Endless Devil Sect and Sky Divine Hall, then how could I have been sealed in such a tiny place for 100,000 years?” Qin Bufan’s voice contained boundless killing intent, and the space around him trembled violently without end. It was an extremely shocking sight.

Lu Yuanhao didn’t show the slightest fear, and he spoke flatly, “All those years ago, all of you immediately started to seize the Quintessence Violet Energy of the Outer Heavens upon arriving there from far away in space. Tell me, how could anyone tolerate all of you?”

The space around Qin Bufan gradually calmed down, and he spoke after a short while passed, “The winner is always right. No matter what, we lost all those years ago. Since we did, then we deserved to be sealed. All those years ago, your sects extracted the Quintessence Violet Energy of this world to seal all of us and set up the Heavenpath as the gate of this prison. I’m really curious. As someone from the Outer Heavens, what are you doing on Profounder Continent?”

“You don’t need to know why!” Lu Yuanhao spoke flatly, “All you need to know is that I’ve come to help all of you!”

“Help us? Haha….” Qin Bufan roared with laughter, and he only stopped after quite some time passed and said, “How laughable! Help us? If I’m not wrong, then the members of your Endless Devil Sect are one of the forces guarding the Heavenpath, right?”

Lu Yuanhao said, “Even if all of you charge out of the seal, do you think that your forces would be sufficient to go against the Hallowed Grounds? If it was in the past, then the current strength of the Hallowed Grounds would definitely be insufficient before all of you. But all of you’ve been sealed for 100,000 years, and your strengths have declined greatly. So, can all of you go against the Hallowed Grounds? Even if all of you destroy the Hallowed Grounds, how many of you would be left? Would all of you be able to get through the Heavenpath?”

Qin Bufan fell silent.

Lu Yuanhao continued, “Actually, not to mention the Heavenpath, all of you might not even be able to defeat the Hallowed Grounds. All of you were conceited, refused to acknowledge each other’s strength, and only knew how to fight on your own when you encounter enemies. If all of you had joined forces all those years ago, then even the joint forces of my Endless Devil Sect and the Sky Divine Hall might not have been able to seal all of you!”

“What exactly are you trying to say!?” Qin Bufan spoke in a low voice.

Lu Yuanhao replied, “I want to make a deal with all of you. I’ll help all of you escape this prison, but all of you have to help my Endless Devil Sect destroy Sky Divine Hall.”

Qin Bufan spoke coldly, “You want to use us?”

Lu Yuanhao answered, “We’re just using each other. If you don’t agree, then I’ll continue waiting. In any case, there’ll be more defiant profounders. I believe that there’ll definitely be some who’re willing to work with me!”

Qin Bufan fell silent for a short while before he said, “Then continue waiting!”

Lu Yuanhao’s eyes narrowed as he said, “You refuse? Do you know that it’ll be utterly impossible for you to overcome the Heavenpath without the help of my Endless Devil Sect?”

“Even though I’ve been sealed for 100,000 years, I’ve gained some knowledge of this world after I escaped. Since that fellow, the Unfettered One, was able to succeed all those years ago, then why can’t I?” Qin Bufan’s figure suddenly flickered and vanished on the spot once he finished speaking.

Lu Yuanhao was slightly stunned. But it wasn’t long before his expression changed. He was just about to leave, but it was too late because an old man had appeared in front of him.

“The Undertaker!” Lu Yuanhao gazed at the old man with a solemn expression as he spoke in a deep voice.

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