Chapter 668 – Try!

Almighty Sword Domain

“You really aren’t from here!” Elder Mu gazed at Lu Yuanhao while his eyes revealed a trace of seriousness and bewilderment.

Lu Yuanhao looked at Elder Mu with an extremely heavy and fearful gaze. Even though this old man’s strength wasn’t as formidable as the Unfettered One, Elder Mu was definitely the strongest on the continent after the Unfettered One. The most important thing was the old man’s identity….

Lu Yuanhao replied in a low voice, “I’m am, but aren’t you?”

Elder Mu’s eyes narrowed slightly as he said, “I’m not from here as well?”

“You don’t know?” A wisp of surprise flashed through Lu Yuanhao’s eyes, but it wasn’t long before he seemed to have thought of something and nodded slightly. He said, “Right, how could someone who was banished be allowed to possess his complete memories.”

“Explain!” Elder Mu spoke in a low voice.

Lu Yuanhao shook his head and said, “If you’re able to break through from the Half-Saint Realm and attain the Saint Realm, then you’ll naturally be able to unlock the seal in your mind. At that time, you’ll understand everything. If you’re unable to attain the Saint Realm, then knowing your own origins is completely meaningless, isn’t it?”

“No wonder I wasn’t able to recall anything after I woke up at the bottom of Death Abyss. So there’s a seal in my mind. I never expected that I’m actually from the world outside. Haha….” A wisp of ferocity flashed through his eyes. After all, no one would be happy to have lived an ignorant life for over 10,000 years.

“Actually, if you tried to overcome the Heavenpath before the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor, then you should have been able to leave this world a long time ago!” Lu Yuanhao said, “Unfortunately, you missed that opportunity. The Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor’s success caused the Outer Heavens to dare not underestimate Profounder Continent again. So, those tasked with guarding the Heavenpath were changed to Saint Realm experts. That’s why no one after the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor has been able to overcome it. Because even a Half-Saint is like an ant before a Saint!”

Elder Mu raised his head slowly and looked up into the sky, “What exactly are they trying to do!?”

“Seal and suppress the defiant profounders!” Lu Yuanhao explained, “It’s impossible for you to imagine their true strength. They’re able to instantly attain the Saint Realm if they are able to obtain Primordial Violet Energy. All those years ago, they arrived as a group of over 10,000 Saint Realm experts. If all the powers of the Outer Heavens hadn’t joined forces and coupled with the chaotic relationship between the defiant profounders themselves, they would have probably dominated this entire region in space!”

“A billion living beings here have to be sacrificed for that?” asked Elder Mu.

“If a billion weren’t sacrificed here, a trillion might have died instead.” Lu Yuanhao said, “Yang Ye said that cultivation itself is defiance of the heavens, and that’s true. Actually, it isn’t just a fight with the heavens? It’s a fight with other people and all sorts of beings.”

Elder Mu nodded and said, “Yang Ye was right. There’s no right and wrong in this world, and there’s only a differentiation between strong and weak. We’re weak, so we can only be sealed and suppressed by others, and we can’t blame anyone for it. The only one we can blame is ourselves for being too weak!”

“The weak have no rights!” Lu Yuanhao spoke in a heavy tone.

Elder Mu chuckled, and then he gazed at Lu Yuanhao and said, “Be frank, are we enemies?”

Lu Yuanhao’s heart shook. He knew that the old man who stood before him had aroused killing intent. His current strength was absolutely sufficient for him to flee, but he was definitely incapable of defeating the Undertaker. However, fleeing would spoil his plan!

So, he pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “My plans don’t conflict with yours. That’s why I chose Yang Ye and not Luo Jun!”

Elder Mu took a deep and long glance at Lu Yuanhao before he said, “I’ll be keeping an eye on you!” He vanished on the spot once he finished speaking.

Lu Yuanhao stood silently on the spot for some time before he left as well.

Three young girls were seated on the stone steps outside Yang Ye’s room. It was Bao’er, Little Yao, and Lei Lin who was constantly eating spirit fruits.

The violet mink was on Lei Lin’s shoulder.

“Little Yao, you’ve been constantly cultivating lately and never play with me anymore!” Bao’er puckered her little lips. Little Yao had started to only cultivate every single day and never accompanied her anymore, and that made her feel very displeased.

Yang Yao was still very young, but she was a ninth rank King Realm profounder now. Actually, she could be considered a rare genius in the southern territory. Of course, besides the natural talent she possessed, it was also because she could obtain any resources she desired. Moreover, there were countless Exalt Realm and Monarch Realm experts to provide her with guidance at all times. So, her cultivation naturally advanced by leaps and bounds.

At this moment, she’d shed quite a bit of immaturity and seemed much more mature. She replied, “Bao’er, we can’t be playing all the time. We have to become stronger and help big brother. Otherwise, it’ll be too tiring for big brother to deal with everything on his own.”

The violet mink hurriedly nodded, and Lei Lin immediately nodded as well when she saw that….

“But cultivating isn’t fun at all!” Bao’er had a bitter expression on her face because cultivating was truly painful to her.

Lei Lin seemed to agree with Bao’er, and she hurriedly nodded without the violet mink telling her to. However, the violet mink slapped her a few times on the head in response….

Yang Yao sighed while acting like she was much older, and she patted Bao’er on the shoulder and said, “Big Sister Bao’er, you’ve always been protecting me in the past, so big brother and I will protect you once I’ve become strong. So long as big brother and I are here, then you can blast anyone you want, alright?”

Bao’er’s eyes lit up as she said, “Very good!”

The violet mink rolled her eyes at Bao’er….

Xiao Yuxi and Su Qingshi exchanged glances as they watched from afar, and they smiled. Su Qingshi said, “Actually, wouldn’t it be great if we’re able to live peacefully like this forever?”

Xiao Yuxi shook her head and said, “Forget such thoughts. Not to mention the state of our life, even our lives won’t belong to us without absolute strength.”

Su Qingshi nodded and said, “Aren’t we a little too useless? An Nanjing can help him, Ding Shaoyao can as well, but we can only be protected.”

“We have to work hard!” said Xiao Yuxi.

Su Qingshi replied, “It’s impossible to catch up to him regardless of how hard we try. However, we still can’t give up. He wasn’t even a match for me in the past!” Su Qingshi blushed a little when she recalled everything that happened between her and Yang Ye at the bottom of Death Abyss. At that time, such a thing had occurred between her and Yang Ye because of the violet mink, and she’d almost killed him after that!

“We definitely can’t give up. An Nanjing can help him, and so can I!” Xiao Yuxi’s eyes were filled with determination. Being unable to help Yang Ye had always been something that bothered her, so she’d been working even harder than Qin Xiyue and Su Qingshi.

Su Qingshi nodded, and then she gazed at Yang Ye’s room and said, “I hope we won’t be always standing behind him and being protected by him in the future. I hope we’ll be able to fight by his side instead!”

Yang Ye sat cross-legged in the room with his eyes shut tight while he ceaselessly absorbed the remaining Blood Essence of the Dragon Ancestor and the 3 divine beasts. If it was any other ordinary person, then it would definitely be impossible to absorb all of it with such ease. After all, the energy within the Blood Essence was extremely violent! So, not to mention absorbing them, an ordinary person wouldn’t even dare to swallow such Blood Essence!

The reason Yang Ye didn’t fear them was mainly because his body had been tempered by Primordial Violet Energy, so it could endure the violent energy within the Blood Essence.

As he ceaselessly absorbed the energy within the Blood Essence, the bones and meridians within her were gradually undergoing a transformation. The transformation he experienced wasn’t just limited to an internal transformation, and even his body was ceaselessly transforming. If someone was here, that person would notice that Yang Ye’s body was gradually expanding right now!

Physical strength was extremely important to Yang Ye. The reason he could execute Heavenrend and even overlap it wasn’t solely due to his formidable Sword Intent, there was another reason, and that was his physical strength!

Regardless of whether it was drawing his sword or the speed he drew his sword, both required physical strength. The stronger his body was, the greater the amount of times he could draw his sword, and the speed he drew his sword would increase as well.

So, physical strength was extremely important to Yang Ye.

Time elapsed slowly, and a month passed by in a blink of the eye.

Many things occurred during this period.

Ding Shaoyao led the army of the southern territory and advanced to the capital of the Exalted Han Empire without any difficulty. However, for some unknown reason, Ding Shaoyao didn’t choose to attack the city, and she garrisoned the army outside the capital instead.

Besides that, Qin Bufan made an appearance in the devil territory, and then the devil territory lost over 10 Monarch Realm experts. The Demon Saint pursued Qin Bufan like a madman, but Qin Bufan was still alive until this day…. The most terrifying part was that Qin Bufan’s strength was improving at a terrifying rate.

The only area without any events or movements was the northern territory and oceanic clans.

There had been no subsequent action from the northern territory after Yin Xuan’er returned there. As for the oceanic clans, they’d retreated deep into the ocean when they found out that their Half-Saint had abandoned them for the Hallowed Grounds, and they kept their distance from the land.

So, up until this point in time, the entire continent seemed to be completely calm and peaceful.

Another 15 days passed.

Yang Ye was still absorbing the Blood Essence of the 3 divine beasts and the Dragon Ancestor in his room. If someone was here, that person would notice that Yang Ye was much taller and robust than before. It was especially so for his body, it seemed like terrifying strength was contained within him, and he seemed to be filled with explosive force!


Suddenly, Yang Ye’s clothes exploded apart while strands of an extremely terrifying aura swept out from him, and then Yang Ye’s room instantly collapsed from the force of it!

Everyone within the city was shocked!

“No one is allowed within an area of 50km from here. Anyone who remains after 3 breaths of time will be killed without mercy!” An Biru’s icy cold voice resounded, and then everyone in the vicinity instantly left!

Yang Ye took a deep breath, and a wisp of excitement flashed through his eyes as he gazed at the changes that had occurred throughout his entire body. After he absorbed the Blood Essence of the Dragon Ancestor and 3 divine beasts, his physical body was at least 50% stronger than before!

At this moment, he could overlap Heavenrend 5 times at least!

If that was enhanced by the Critical Strike technique, then he could even fight a ninth rank Monarch Realm expert!

When he thought up to this point, a thought suddenly appeared in Yang Ye’s mind, “Xiao Qi said that I would only be able to open the 2nd level of the Primordial Pagoda after I attain the Monarch Realm, but my current strength isn’t inferior to the Monarch Realm at all. Does that mean that I’m able to access the 2nd level?”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment before he decided to give it a try!

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