Chapter 669 – Determination!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye entered the Primordial Pagoda and arrived at the entrance to the 2nd level.

The entrance was covered in a thin violet energy barrier, and Yang Ye had no choice but to use force if he wanted to enter the 2nd level.

Yang Ye didn’t start to attack the energy barrier. He stood on the spot and gazed at everything around him, and as he sensed the vast and ancient aura that came from all around him, Yang Ye felt extremely tiny for the very first time in his life.

Yet the thing which made him feel very tiny was just a pagoda.

Yang Ye was unable to imagine exactly how strong the ones who’d created and possessed this pagoda in the past were. Just Saint Realm experts possessed the ability to overturn oceans and obliterate the world, so what about them? How strong would they be?

At this point, Yang Ye understood a principle. The stronger he became, the heavier his responsibilities would be, and his enemies would grow even more formidable. He’d once dreamed of a peaceful life, but it was actually such a joke.

Not to mention the world outside Profounder Continent, it wasn’t just impossible to live a peaceful life on the continent without formidable strength, even surviving was a huge problem.

Even if one didn’t offend others, it didn’t represent that others would never give offence instead. Once that happened and one lacked sufficient strength, then one would have no choice but to endure bullying and humiliation. One wouldn’t have the right to reason with others without sufficient strength. Reason was held in the hands of the strong, and only the strong had the right to control their own lives!

That was how cruel reality was!

Once he figured all of this out, Yang Ye suddenly felt that his mental state had undergone a fine change.

The clarity of mind and the lack of burden and bewilderment in his thoughts allowed his mental state to improve naturally, and this improvement was extremely beneficial to his cultivation. Especially to his Sword Intent and Sword Domain!

Of course, it was definitely impossible for him to rely solely on the improvement of his mental state to attain an advancement with the level of attainment in Sword Intent that he possessed right now. At the very most, it could only make his Sword Intent grow even sharper!

Yang Ye discarded the distracting thoughts in his mind, stretched out his hand, and made a grasping motion. An intent sword formed within his grasp before he sheathed it, and then the Sword Intent and profound energy within him surged madly into the ancient sheath. The ancient sheath started to tremble violently before rays of light flashed out from it.

A moment of silence ensued!


A sword howl shot into the sky, and then a ray of violet sword energy flashed before an explosion resounded. The violet energy barrier suddenly erupted with dazzling violet light and sword energy.

A short while passed before both the violet light and sword energy dispersed.

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted because the violet energy barrier was still there. Besides a few practically unnoticeable cracks, the entire barrier seemed as if it hadn’t been struck at all!

At this moment, Yang Ye finally understood why Xiao Qi had said that he only had a chance at accessing the 2nd level after he attained the Monarch Realm. It was because the violet energy barrier was truly too terrifying. After all, that attack he executed contained 5 Heavenrends that were overlapped together, and he’d even activated the 3rd stage of Critical Strike!

Even then, only a few fine cracks had appeared on the violet energy barrier….

Yang Ye took a deep breath. Should I give up or continue?Yang Ye was very well aware that it was clearly quite impossible for him to destroy the violet energy barrier with his current strength. Perhaps he could succeed upon attaining the Monarch Realm. However, he was truly unwilling to give up just like that! He would definitely give up decisively if he didn’t have even the slightest chance. Because it was obviously extremely foolish to waste time on something that was utterly impossible!

However, he wasn’t completely without a chance! Those fine cracks on the barrier were the best proof!

Yang Ye didn’t hesitate for long before he decided that he would give it his all!

The battle that occurred over a month ago allowed him to realize how strong the Hallowed Grounds and the defiant profounders were. Even if they had Elder Mu on their side, the southern territory would still suffer casualties because Elder Mu was just one person, and he would suffer injuries as well.

He could imagine how chaotic the world would become once the defiant profounders escaped from the seal. At that time, he would be completely helpless without formidable strength!

Moreover, he didn’t want to always rely on Elder Mu. Coupled with the fact that he’d forcefully abandoned his charge into the Monarch Realm and missed the chance to attain the Monarch Realm, he’d decided to give it his all!

Yang Ye immediately draconified his hands into dragon claws, and then he sheathed the intent sword against before swiftly drawing it….

Yang Ye executed Heavenrend over and over again, just like that. Of course, he couldn’t execute it without end. Fortunately, he still had a good amount of extreme-grade energy stones, so he absorbed the energy within them after executing a few overlapped Heavenrends, and he continued once more when he’d recovered sufficient profound energy….

Besides Heavenrend, Yang Ye summoned the Natural Treasures as well, and he ordered them to attack the violet energy barrier with all their might. However, the effects of such attacks weren’t very obvious, but it was better than nothing.

Just like that, they attacked over and over again, and 3 days passed in the blink of an eye.

Even though the barrier hadn’t been destroyed by Yang Ye’s continuous effort, there were many more cracks on it. While the results weren’t very ideal, Yang Ye worked even harder because he’d seen a glimmer of hope. So long as he had hope, then why would he not work harder?

Of course, he had to pay a price for doing so. Days and nights of continuously attacking the barrier like a madman hadn’t just caused Yang Ye to be on the verge of mental exhaustion, he was even on the verge of physical exhaustion.

However, Yang Ye noticed that his attainments in Heavenrend had improved, and it was displayed in the speed that he drew his sword. Even though he was still only capable of drawing 5 times in succession, it still gave Yang Ye a huge pleasant surprise because it allowed him to realize that practice makes perfect!

Yang Ye became completely immersed in a state of constant drawing. At this moment, he seemed like he’d forgotten that his objective wasn’t to improve his attainments in Heavenrend but to enter the 2nd level of the pagoda….

Half a month later.

Yang Ye’s incessant painstaking efforts finally allowed him to execute Heavenrend 6 times in succession!

This time, Yang Ye didn’t continue attacking the violet energy barrier. He sat down cross-legged instead and started to absorb the energy within the extreme-grade energy stones!

Yang Ye finally returned to his peak state a day later!

A ferocious expression flashed through his eyes as he gazed at the violet energy barrier, and then he swiftly drew the intent sword within the ancient sheath.


A sword howl resounded as a ray of violet sword energy collided with the violet energy barrier.

A moment of silence ensued.


An enormous explosion resounded as the entire violet energy barrier exploded apart and transformed into specks of violet light that covered the sky as they descended throughout the surroundings….

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