Chapter 670 – The Dao Of Alchemy!

Almighty Sword Domain

The violet barrier dispersed, and a pavilion appeared before Yang Ye’s eyes. The pavilion had just a single floor, and it wasn’t large. It was only around 30m in both length and width.

There were 3 words inscribed right at the top of its entrance, Pavilion of Alchemy!

“A place to refine pills?” Yang Ye frowned a little. Actually, he wasn’t really fond of medicinal pills. There were medicinal pills in the continent as well, but their effects were minimal. Especially after one attained a certain level of cultivation, the effects of medicinal pills were practically unnoticeable. Moreover, profounders who improve their strengths via medicinal pills would possess strengths that are greatly inferior to profounders who cultivated normally.

In short, even though there were medicinal pills in the continent, no one attached any importance to them. So, the status of Alchemists was far inferior to Talisman Masters, and thus there were only a few Alchemists throughout the continent!

Yang Ye stood on the spot and pondered deeply for a moment, and then he pushed open the door and walked in.

Before his eyes were numerous bookshelves, and they were all around the room. There were rows upon rows of bamboo scroll holders on the shelves while an enormous furnace resided at the center of the room. On the ground beneath the furnace was a circular stone platform which was partially black and partially white, and there was a black and a white circle on the stone platform as well.

The stone platform supported the furnace while four fist sized iron chains chained the top of the furnace from 4 different sides.

Yang Ye’s gaze stopped on the stone platform for a moment before he gazed at the furnace, and there were 3 words inscribed on the top of the furnace, Eight Trigrams Furnace.

Besides that, there was a ball of dark red flames burning within the furnace.

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted when he laid eyes on the flames. At the same time, the Nether Ghostflame suddenly emerged from within him and hid behind him. Yang Ye sensed that the Nether Ghostflame was terrified and showing submission. It was even more terrified than when it met Lei Lin that day!

What exactly is this flame? Why is it capable of making the Nether Ghostflame feel such terror? Why is it capable of making me feel a terribly strong sense of danger from it?

Yang Ye wasn’t able to wrap his head around it no matter how he wracked his brain!

Yang Ye shook his head and stopped thinking about it. His gaze moved past the furnace and descended onto a rack carved from jade that stood behind the furnace. Atop the rack were rows of white colored jade bottles, and there were over a hundred there!

Yang Ye was delighted by this scene, and he flashed over to the jade rack. He looked carefully and noticed that they were actually jade bottles that were made to store medicinal pills, and they were labelled with the names and effects of the pills they contained. Yang Ye’s gaze swept through them before finally descending onto a comparatively small jade bottle on the left.

“Soul Pill, third-grade. Repairs, strengthens, and fuses the soul.”

Yang Ye was overjoyed when he saw that. After all, Xiao Qi had fallen into deep sleep because her soul had been damaged, and this pill just happened to be capable of repairing her soul. In other words, she might be able to awaken if he gave it to her. Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to grab it, but he was immediately stunned on the spot!

“It’s empty!?” Yang Ye hurriedly opened it up, and it was completely empty….

“What’s going on?” Yang Ye frowned, and then he took another jade bottle yet noticed it was empty as well. So, he took another, but it was still empty. It wasn’t long before Yang Ye noticed that all the jade bottles on the jade rack were empty!

They’re all empty!How am I to treat Xiao Qi?

A strand of panic arose in his heart. The reason he’d desperately attempted to enter the 2nd level was because the medicinal pills here could save Xiao Qi. ,However, they were all empty. There wasn’t even a single pill here! Could it be that I really have to wait over 100 years for her to wake up?

100 years….

This won’t do! Anything can happen! Who knows if anything might happen to her during the next 100 years!? Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then he gazed at the bookshelves and said, “Since there are no pills, then I’ll make them myself. Regardless of success, I still have to give it a try!” Yang Ye walked over to one of the bookshelves as he spoke, and then he started looking through the bamboo scrolls!

There were all sorts of things recorded on them. Like medicinal materials, springs, and even ores and all sorts of other strange and exotic things. However, all of them were more or less related to alchemy. Yang Ye didn’t look through them in detail because he didn’t need them for now.

He searched for over 2 hours before he finally found what he needed!

Basics of Pill Refinement, A Comprehensive Collection of Alchemy, Alchemy: A Detailed Guide.

Yang Ye was overjoyed when he found them because they provided information on how to refine pills. It was especially so for the comprehensive collection of alchemy. Within it was the detailed methods to refine numerous medicinal pills and their respective effects, and it simply astounded Yang Ye and caused his heart to palpitate with desire. For example, the medicinal pill called Violet Extreme was capable of instantly providing 50 years of cultivation, and it came without any side effects!

Besides that, the Immortal Pill of Nine Transformations had even more astounding effects. It was simply capable of providing effects akin to rebirth. Even if one had been killed and only a strand of that person’s soul remained, consuming the Immortal Pill of Nine Transformations would be sufficient to condense that person’s soul again and allow that person to be reborn….

Besides those two pills, there were many other miraculous pills that simply seemed impossible to him. Yang Ye kept his doubts towards them because their effects were truly too heaven defying.

Even though he was quite doubtful, Yang Ye still decided to give it a try. Of course, he didn’t intend to try refining the Violet Extreme Pill or the Immortal Pill of Nine Transformations. After all, he hadn’t even heard of the materials they required, let alone refine them. Moreover, based on the introduction provided on the bamboo scrolls, even if he possessed the ingredients, it was impossible for him to refine them successfully with the strength he possessed right now. He intended to try refining the Soul Pill!

Of course, he wasn’t stupid enough to start immediately. He had to gain an understanding of the Dao of Alchemy before that. Fortunately, the scroll, Alchemy: A Detailed Guide, provided a detailed introduction to the Dao of Alchemy, and there were even annotations within it. So, he was able to comprehend it at a glance.

Yang Ye found out that Alchemists were just like Talisman Masters, and they were divided by grades like Junior, Intermediate, Advanced, Master, and Grandmaster Alchemists. Besides that, pills were divided into Mortal Pills, Spirit Pills, Saint Pills, Immortal Pills, and Divine Pills. Every single one of them were divided into 3 grades.

Junior Alchemists could only refine Mortal Pills. According to Yang Ye’s estimations, such medicinal pills were only effective for profounders at the King Realm and below. As for those above the King Realm, such pills merely provided minimal effects.

Intermediate Alchemists could refine Spirit Pills, and such pills had quite great effects. At the very least, they were effective when consumed by Spirit Realm and Exalt Realm experts.

As for Advanced Alchemists, they could refine Saint Pills. According to the descriptions of such pills, they were useful to the Monarch Realm and Half-Saint Realms at least. Moreover, they were very effective when consumed by profounders of those realms of cultivation!

For example, the Violet Extreme Pill was a Saint Pill, and it provided 50 years of cultivation in an instant! If such a pill really existed, then Yang Ye was certain that it would definitely make countless Monarch Realm experts fight for it. Besides that, there was a Saint Pill called the Lifespan Pill. It couldn’t improve a profounder’s cultivation, but it could provide a profounder with an extra 50 years of lifespan!

Yang Ye firmly believed that if such a pill did exist in the world, then countless Monarch Realm experts would definitely fight madly for it, and it was even to the extent that Half-Saints might fight for it as well. After all, it was 50 years of lifespan! It was definitely something that a profounder who’d reached a bottleneck in his cultivation and didn’t possess much lifespan left would stop at nothing to obtain!

Of course, Yang Ye couldn’t dream of refining such a pill right now. Because the conditions required were beyond difficult for Yang Ye. Not to mention anything else, he hadn’t even seen a single one of the materials that were required.

However, Yang Ye’s main objective now wasn’t a Saint Pill but a Spirit Pill. Because the Soul Pill was within the scope of Spirit Pills. Yang Ye was quite worried because the little girl’s strength was at the Monarch Realm at least, but the Soul Pill was only a Spirit Pill, so its effects on Monarch Realm experts was clearly quite miniscule. But he had no other choice now and could only give it a try!

Something worthy of mentioning was that alchemy wasn’t something just anyone could accomplish. There was a prerequisite to refining pills, and it was related to profound energy. The profound energy of an Alchemist had to be of the five elements, and not a single element lesser. Such a requirement was countless times harsher than the requirements to become a talisman master!

Why was profound energy of all five elements required? It was because alchemy was related to all five elements. For example, it required flames that represented fire in the five elements, it required medicinal materials which represented wood, it required spirit springs that represented water, it required a furnace that represented metal….

In short, the five elements had an inter-promoting relationship, so one had to grasp the energy of the five elements to refine medicinal pills. Because only then could one regulate the energy of the various elements within a pill.

Yang Ye didn’t possess profound energy of the five elements, but he possessed violet energy instead. Even though his violet energy couldn’t be considered as Primordial Violet Energy now, violet energy definitely far surpassed profound energy of the five elements!

So, Yang Ye conformed to the requirements to become an Alchemist!

After that, Yang Ye started studying pill refinement on his own….

It was naturally an extremely difficult task. Fortunately, those 3 bamboo scrolls from before had very detailed annotations and explanations, so he wasn’t completely lost. Otherwise, it would definitely be impossible for him to study on his own and start refining pills!

Yang Ye stayed in the pagoda for half a month, just like that. He’d tried to refine some basic pills throughout this time, but every single attempt ended in failure. This allowed him to realize that pill refinement was much more difficult than crafting talismans, and it was absolutely not something he could master in a short period.

10 more days passed. Yang Ye completed his studies of the Basics of Pill Refinement and Alchemy: A Detailed Guide. But right when he was about to try and refine a pill again, something had occurred on the continent, and he had no choice but to leave the pagoda.

“Another defiant profounder has escaped, and he came to Profounder Continent. Just a little while ago, he killed 3 of our Monarch Realm experts who were garrisoned in the central territory. He’s killing anyone he sees!” An Biru gazed at Yang Ye as she spoke solemnly.

A defiant profounder! A cold glow flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes, and then his figure flashed and vanished on the spot.

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