Chapter 671 – I Really Want To Give It A Try!

Almighty Sword Domain

The central territory.


A black clothed man’s figure was flickering incessantly through the southern territory’s army that was garrisoned outside the capital of the Exalted Han Empire, and rumbling resounded incessantly from within the army.

It was a slaughter!

The black clothed man was carrying out a frenzied slaughter!

He completely disregarded the experts of the southern territory as he flickered through the army, and over a dozen experts of the southern territory would lose their lives every single time he flashed through them and attacked. Moreover, the Blood Essence and profound energy of those experts would be instantly sucked dry!

“Haha!! Awesome! Come at me and let me absorb to my heart’s content! HAHAHA!” The black clothed man grew more and more excited as he killed, and he treated the southern territory’s army like they didn’t exist!

Ding Shaoyao had a very gloomy expression on her face as she watched from afar, and her right hand was clenched a little.

“Shaoyao, he’s too strong. Unless an expert at the Monarch Realm like the Demon Emperor is here, otherwise, ordinary Monarch Realm experts aren’t a match for him at all. You must think of a way to deal with him or our southern territory will suffer heavy losses if this continues!” Lu Jianyao spoke in a low voice while she stood by Ding Shaoyao’s side.

Ding Shaoyao shook her head while a wisp of helplessness flashed through her eyes. She said, “Both Elder Mu and the Demon Emperor haven’t shown themselves until now. That shows that they’re still recuperating. I’ve sent someone to Ancient Domain City to notify Yang Ye. If nothing unexpected happens, then he should be on his way here.”

“Defiant profounders like him are very formidable. Even though he’s only at the fifth rank of the Monarch Realm, his strength is absolutely much stronger than ordinary ninth rank Monarch Realm experts. Will Yang Ye be able to surmount his realm of cultivation and fight him?” Lu Jianyao was quite worried because she’d personally witnessed 3 fifth rank Monarch Realm experts being killed by the black clothed man. Moreover, it seemed like the black clothed man hadn’t gone all out!

“You have to be confident in him!” said Ding Shaoyao.

Lu Jianyao glanced at Ding Shaoyao and remained quiet.


Right at this moment, an arc of light flashed through the sky, and then it instantly arrived before the black clothed man.

It was another defiant profounder!

The experts of the southern territory were terrified while Ding Shaoyao’s heart sank. She waved her hand, and the experts of the southern territory in the surroundings instantly started spreading apart.

The black clothed man didn’t attack again, and he gazed at Qin Bufan with vigilance instead. Even though they were both defiant profounders, they weren’t friends with each other. Conversely, many defiant profounders were very hostile against each other. Because devouring the energy and essence of a defiant profounder was countless times better than devouring it from an ordinary profounder!

So, it was very common for defiant profounders to act against each other, and that was the reason why the defiant profounders had been defeated and sealed all those years ago!

It was because they weren’t united!

“Which level were you at!?” Qin Bufan’s voice resounded from within the arc of light.

“The 31st level!” The black clothed man spoke in a deep voice, “What about you?”

“The 31st? Not bad. It’s one of the lower levels. Looks like you were someone formidable in the past. As for me…. Hehe, I was at the 19th!” said Qin Bufan.

The 19th!

The black clothed man’s pupils constricted while the vigilance in his eyes grew thicker. When they were sealed all those years ago, the experts of the Outer Heavens and Profounder Continent had sealed them according to their strengths. The stronger they were, the lower they were in the pagoda. Since Qin Bufan was from the 19th level, it meant that Qin Bufan’s strength far surpassed his own!

“Don’t worry, I would have attacked if I intended to attack you. The reason I came to look for you is because I want to ask you about some things!” said Qin Bufan.

The black clothed man pondered deeply for a moment and said, “What?”

“Did anyone else escape with you?” asked Qin Bufan.

The man shook his head and replied, “No!”

“How did you get out?” Qin Bufan asked, “The Sword Precursor’s seal had stabilized when I got out. So it’s definitely impossible for you to escape if the seal didn’t loosen.”

The black clothed man answered, “The seal loosened abruptly, but it was only for an instant. I seized that opportunity and escaped!”

Qin Bufan inquired, “No one from the Hallowed Grounds chased after you?”

The black clothed man replied, “There were, but they were very weak. It was only 2 ninth rank Monarch Realm experts, and they vanished after I repulsed them. However, a Half-Saint did scan me with his divine sense later on, so I had no other choice but to flee to this place.”

When he spoke up to this point, the black clothed man’s eyes flickered with excitement as he said, “The profounders of this world are so much weaker than the profounders of the Hallowed Grounds. So long as we join forces, then we’ll definitely be able to slaughter all the experts in this world. We’ll definitely be able to attain the Half-Saint Realm if we’re able to absorb their energy and essence!”

Qin Bufan answered decisively, “I’m not interested!”

The black clothed man was slightly stunned, and he spoke in a puzzled tone, “Why?”

Qin Bufan didn’t answer him, and he replied with a question instead, “You said that the Hallowed Grounds merely sent 2 ninth rank Monarch Realm profounders after you when you escaped?”

A ferocious light appeared in the black clothed man’s eyes when Qin Bufan didn’t answer his question, but it was only momentarily. He would have attacked a long time ago if it wasn’t for the fact that he feared Qin Bufan’s strength!

“I asked you something! Didn’t you hear me?” Qin Bufan’s cold voice resounded from within the arc of light, and then the black clothed man’s heart turned cold. Because he sensed that his aura had been locked onto by the man who stood before him!

The black clothed man hesitated for a moment before he said, “There were only 2 of them, and they seem to have not gone all out!”

Qin Bufan fell silent for a short while before he said, “I understand now. The Hallowed Grounds intend to use you! Haha! Looks like the Hallowed Grounds really does intend to destroy Profounder Continent. How interesting! Not only are we fighting amongst each other, even the profounders of this world like to fight each other! Haha! How truly interesting!”

“The Hallowed Grounds let me out on purpose?” The black clothed man was no fool. He’d felt that something was absolutely wrong, and not that he thought about it, he felt that it really might be possible that the Hallowed Grounds had let him out on purpose!

“Out of consideration for the fact that we’re from the same world, I’ll give you a warning. Leave this place immediately. You can go to the devil territory or oceanic clans. In any case, don’t kill here. Otherwise, you’ll die before you know it!” Qin Bufan spoke abruptly.

“These ants?” A wisp of disdain arose on the corners of the black clothed man’s mouth, and he said, “The spirit energy in this world is scarce to the extreme. Even a Half-Saint can dream of killing me!”

Qin Bufan suddenly asked, “Do you know why we lost all those years ago?”

The black clothed man spoke in a deep voice, “What’re you trying to say!?”

“The reason we lost was because we were arrogant. We felt that we were the strongest, and then we fought for our own objectives. In the end, we didn’t lose to those bastards from the Outer Heavens, we lost to our own pride and arrogance! The experts here aren’t as weak as you imagine. That’s all I’ll say. Do as you please!”

“I really would like to see how strong they are!” The black clothed man spoke coldly.


Right at this moment, a sword howl suddenly resounded in the horizon.

“They say that defiant profounders can’t be killed, but I really want to give it a try!” Yang Ye’s voice resounded, and then he appeared before the gazes of everyone.

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