Chapter 680 – Yang Ye Is Going To Cause A Calamity!

Almighty Sword Domain

“He’s going to cause a calamity!” The grey robed man spoke solemnly while he stood somewhere outside the city. Yin Xuan’er who was still shocked by the scene of Yang Ye and An Nanjing slaughtering the Crimsonsky Cavalry stood by his side.

Yin Xuan’er recovered from her shock upon hearing him, and she said, “Grand Preceptor, will you not stop him?”

The grey robed man shook his head, “I can’t. He’s an extremely vengeful person. If I do stop him by force, then I’ll receive his vengeance in return. I’m not willing to pay such a price, and I can’t pay it either.”

Yin Xuan’er frowned and said, “I don’t understand. The Exalted Han Empire is almost powerless, and it doesn’t have a single Half-Saint anymore. So, what exactly are you afraid of? Could it be that the Exalted Han Empire has some other trump card?”

The grey robed man replied, “Just watch, you’ll know soon enough. Let me see how the Undertaker will deal with it!”

Yin Xuan’er fell silent, and then she gazed towards the distance.

Yang Ye and An Nanjing stopped after they passed through the entrance because over 10,000 soldiers of the Exalted Han Empire were standing before them. All of them were fully armed and prepared for combat!

“Move aside!” Yang Ye spoke with an indifferent expression. The intent sword in his hand had turned red from the blood of his enemies, and the bloody aura it emanated from simple nauseating!

“We vow to protect Emperor Han to the death!” All of them roared furiously in unison, and then they charged at Yang Ye and An Nanjing.

“As you wish!” Yang Ye swept his intent sword forward, and then a ray of violet light flashed forward. Over 100 soldiers were instantly slashed into two.

Meanwhile, An Nanjing attacked as well, and the images of Skysplit covered the sky as they enveloped down towards those soldiers.

A slaughter!

It was still a slaughter!

The strongest amongst them were merely ordinary Exalt Realm profounders, and most of them were at the Spirit Realm and King Realm. How could profounders of such level rival the strength of Yang Ye and An Nanjing’s joint forces? Every single attack they executed would reap the lives of over 100 soldiers. However, it didn’t cause those soldiers to retreat. Conversely, they acted just like the Crimsonsky Cavalry from before, and they pounced at Yang Ye and An Nanjing in succession!

Of course, their actions didn’t make Yang Ye and An Nanjing stop at all. It was especially so for Yang Ye. His attacks grew more and more ruthless. Moreover, his eyes had turned scarlet red. He simply seemed like a god of death!

Yin Xuan’er sighed softly and said, “What a pity! They’re so loyal to the Exalted Han Empire!”

The grey robed man said, “The Exalted Han Empire has existed for so long, and it’s beloved and supported by the inhabitants of the central territory. It was Luo Jun’s fault that it offended a maleficent existence like Yang Ye. But even then, it still isn’t capable of affecting the empire’s status in the hearts of its soldiers. Unfortunately, they who are weak like ants can only use their lives to display their loyalty.”

“Weren’t there many who acted similarly when our Shang Dynasty was annihilated?” Yin Xuan’er spoke softly.

The grey robed man fell silent for a short while before he said, “Xuan’er, I know you blame me for abandoning the Shang Dynasty all those years ago and causing both your parents’ deaths. But I didn’t abandon the Shang Dynasty because I wanted to, I had no choice but to do so because of certain reasons. You’ll have the chance to find out about all of it in the future!”

Yin Xuan’er remained silent.

The grey robed man continued, “Xuan’er, I know you want to reestablish the kingdom, but it’s best for you to discard such thoughts. Because it’s meaningless even if you unify the entire continent. Look further. The world is huge. It’s much larger than you’ve ever imagined, and it’s much more marvelous as well!”

Yin Xuan’er spoke softly, “Grand Preceptor, the more I know, the more I’m unable to truly understand you!”

He replied, “I have no ill intent towards you, or you wouldn’t be alive now. I watched you grow up, and I hope that you’ll have a good life.”

Yin Xuan’er glanced at him, and then she shot her gaze at Yang Ye and An Nanjing.

At this moment, corpses covered the ground at the city’s entrance. The blood on the ground had converged into a pool, and the smell of blood curled up into the air and could be clearly sensed from a few kilometers away.

Not a single one of those 10,000 soldiers remained! Everything single one of them had been annihilated!

Yang Ye’s hair was scarlet red now, and the intent sword in his hand simply seemed like a sword made of blood. It was a shocking red color. Countless strands of baleful energy were surging throughout his body, and it made him seem like a devil.

An Nanjing was in a slightly better state. After all, she was a woman, so she tried her best to avoid being tainted by the aura of blood as she killed. Even then, she still seemed like a female devil right now. Skysplit had been dyed red like a spear of blood, and her white robe was mottled with spots of scarlet red blood. Moreover, her ponytail had even turned red as well!

Yang Ye turned around to gaze at An Nanjing, and the scarlet red in his eyes dispersed as he said, “Do you like killing?”

An Nanjing pondered briefly and said, “I don’t, but I don’t hate it!”

Yang Ye stated, “This is a path of blood. Do you really intend to follow me on it?”

“I’ll still kill them all even if another 100,000 appear before us!” An Nanjing stared at him in the eyes as she spoke calmly, but her voice carried determination that was beyond any doubt!

Yang Ye roared with laughter and said, “Alright, I’ll kill everyone that the Exalted Han Empire sends to stop me! Kill! Kill until corpses cover the ground! Fight! Fight to the point of supremacy!” His voice swiftly resounded under the effects of his profound energy, and it only took a moment for an area of a few hundred kilometers to be filled with Yang Ye’s voice.

Suddenly, 100 profounders in red cloaks who held sickles in their hands had appeared in the distant, and the blood and baleful energy around Yang Ye and An Nanjing actually started trembling upon their arrival.

“This is the Exalted Han Empire’s Blood Guard. The League of Doom in the southern territory are a part of them. They’re very mysterious. Even my An Clan has very little information about them. We’re only aware that the technique they cultivate is very mysterious and strange. The Blood Guard are never dispatched rashly unless the Exalted Han Empire faces annihilation because the Blood Guard and the Dragon Guard are the final trump cards of the Exalted Han Empire!” said An Nanjing.


Suddenly, a dragon roar resounded from the horizon, and then a group of enormous dragons that were like small hills appeared within Yang Ye and An Nanjing’s fields of vision. There were an entire 100 of them, and they blotted out the sky as they appeared in the air. Moreover, a black armored profounder who carried a longbow in their grasps and a quiver on their backs were standing on the backs of every single one of those dragons!

Yang Ye’s brows knit together slightly because the dragons weren’t alive. They were bone dragons; they were skeletons just like the Corpse Ancestor!

“Yang Ye!” Meanwhile, a profounder in blood red clothes walked out from the group of Blood Guards. His dressing was unlike the other Blood Guards because his cloak was dark red in color, and his sickle was much larger than the others!

He walked slowly as he led the group forward towards Yang Ye, and he spoke as he traveled, “We’re aware that both you and that woman are very strong, and it’s very likely that your joint forces will annihilate us. However, I guarantee that we’ll definitely be able to make both of you pay a horrible price before that happens!”

“I guarantee that you won’t have the chance!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye had arrived before that leader of the Blood Guard. At the same time, the scarlet red intent sword in his hand had instantly arrived before that Blood Guard’s chest!

The Blood Guard’s reaction wasn’t slow at all. The sickle in his hand was suddenly swung downward when Yang Ye arrived in front of him, and it smashed against Yang Ye’s intent sword.


The sickle trembled violently while the Blood Guard took over 10 steps backward, whereas, Yang Ye remained on the spot. Right when Yang Ye intended to use the advantage he gained and follow up with another attack, almost 100 rays of blood red light suddenly formed a dense mass that slashed down towards him.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly as he swiftly swung the intent sword in his hand.


The mass of blood red light was blasted apart as Yang Ye took a few dozen steps back, and the intent sword in his hand had actually started to crack apart!


Suddenly, a golden arrow shot down from the sky, and it instantly arrived before Yang Ye. Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly as he stabbed the intent sword upward against the tip of the arrow!


Both his intent sword and the arrow exploded apart at the same time, and the powerful impact of the collision caused Yang Ye to take around 10 steps back.

Yang Ye raised his head to look up into the sky, and he saw a black armored man looking at him from afar. Obviously, the arrow had come from him.

Yang Ye activated the Blood Essence of the Dragon Ancestor while he gazed at those bone dragons, but it was completely useless. It didn’t take him long to realize that they weren’t affected by his bloodline pressure because they weren’t living beings!

“Die!” Suddenly, An Nanjing shouted as Skysplit transformed into a ray of golden light that shot upward. A shrill cry resounded in the sky as that black armored man and his bone dragon were blasted apart!

“Slash!” Meanwhile, the Blood Guards in the distance suddenly roared furiously, and then blood red rays of light covered the sky as they enveloped down upon Yang Ye and An Nanjing.

A trace of ferocity flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes as he stretched out his hand and made a grasping motion, causing a intent sword to form within his grasp. He sheathed it before drawing it immediately, and a beam of violet sword energy shot forward and smashed against the blood red light.


Both the sword energy and blood red light exploded apart on contact, and a powerful wave of energy swept madly towards the surroundings. The houses and ground in the surroundings were instantly destroyed by the wave of energy, and only a breath of time passed before all the buildings in an area of 50km had been transformed into an expanse of ruins….

An Nanjing walked over to Yang Ye’s side, and then she glanced at the bone dragons above them before she glanced at the Blood Guards that had formed a strange formation. She said, “Which do you want?”

“Why don’t you choose first?” said Yang Ye.

An Nanjing didn’t refuse. She nodded, and then stomped her right foot on the ground and transformed into a ray of light that shot into the sky. She stabbed Skysplit swiftly towards the sky, and then images of it covered the sky as they enveloped one of the black armored profounders and bone dragons of the Dragon Guard. Only a moment passed before a shrill cry resounded in the sky!

“Kill!” Meanwhile, the Blood Guards suddenly roared furiously, and then they transformed into rays of blood red light that flashed towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye sheathed the intent sword while Sword Intent surged madly throughout him. He said, “If one blocks my path, then I’ll kill just one. If a city of people blocks my path, then I’ll slaughter the entire city!”


A sword howl shot into the sky!

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