Chapter 681 – Destruction!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye didn’t choose to let the southern territory’s army lend them a hand because it would suffer huge losses. Moreover, he was confident in An Nanjing and his own ability!

This time, the battle wasn’t one-sided as it had been before this. Regardless of whether it was the Blood Guard or the Dragon Guard, none of their members could fight Yang Ye or An Nanjing on their own, but their joint forces were capable of resisting Yang Ye and An Nanjing. At the very least, both of them weren’t able to kill with such ease as they’d done before this!

Yin Xuan’er withdrew her gaze and looked at the grey robed man, “Grand Preceptor, Yang Ye and An Nanjing might be repulsed if you sent the Gold Guards now!”

The grey robed man replied, “The Blood Guard and Dragon Guard aren’t bad, but they can’t stop Yang Ye and An Nanjing. Have you not noticed? Yang Ye still hadn’t utilized the Stone of Suppression or Sword Domain until now. As for An Nanjing, she still hasn’t executed any techniques until now, and she’s been using just normal attacks until now!”

Yin Xuan’er’s expression changed slightly as she said, “Grand Preceptor, you mean that they aren’t fighting seriously at all?”

He answered, “They didn’t use their full strengths during their clash with me as well!”

“Why?” She was puzzled.

He replied, “Battle is the only path to obtaining strength, and only ceaseless battle is capable of allowing one to grow quickly. In a very far off place from here, the geniuses of some clans would be sent into brutal training camps to begin their training from the time that they’re capable of walking. They grow amidst endless battle. Yang Ye and An Nanjing are very strong in this world, and they can be considered to be rare geniuses there. However, they can’t be considered to be at the top!”

“The geniuses of the world you speak of are even stronger than An Nanjing and Yang Ye?” Yin Xuan’er’s eyes were filled with shock.

He replied, “Xuan’er, you must remember that there’s no such thing as a greatest genius in this world because there’s always a better genius. Similarly, no one is the strongest because there’s always someone stronger.”

“Grand Preceptor, you’re not from the continent, right?” Yin Xuan’er looked the grey robed man in the eyes as she asked this question.

He replied, “You aren’t as well….”

Yin Xuan’er was speechless.


Yang Ye’s intent sword flashed through the neck of a Blood Guard, and then a head was instantly tossed into a sky while Yang Ye immediately pounced towards the next Blood Guard.


Only such a thought remained in Yang Ye’s mind. In his opinion, anyone who stood in his path deserved death. At this moment, he wasn’t able to release sword energy anymore because there wasn’t any profound energy left within him. Even the extreme-grade energy stones he possessed weren’t able to supply him with sufficient energy. At this moment, he could only rely solely upon his physical strength and defense!

Body after body fell beneath his feet, but his will was firm as a rock. Because enemies had to be killed!

The amount of Blood Guards grew fewer and fewer, and only a little over 20 remained after just around 10 minutes had passed. Yang Ye had been struck countless times during this entire process, but he’d forcefully resisted their attacks. At this moment, he’d completely disregarded putting up any sort of defense, and he just exchanged blows with them!

The outcome was that his enemies died while he survived!

At this moment, the advantage of having a formidable physical body was vividly displayed!

“Slash!” Meanwhile, the leader of the Blood Guard suddenly appeared in front of Yang Ye, and then his sickle transformed into a ray of blood red light that swept towards Yang Ye. Yang Ye swiftly swung his intent sword, and the ray of blood red light was dispersed while the sickle exploded into pieces. At the same time, Yang Ye was forced over 10 steps back.

As soon as they were pushed away from each other, the other Blood Guards instantly converged together, and their leader spoke in a deep voice, “We, Blood Guards, have slaughtered countless Monarch Realm experts, and even ninth rank Monarch Realm experts have fallen beneath our sickles. But I never imagined that we would lose at the hands of an Exalt Realm profounder like you! As expected of the most formidable genius in the Sword Dao after the Sword Sect’s Founding Ancestor!”

Yang Ye looked up into the sky. At this moment, An Nanjing was flashing incessantly through the sky, and every single time she swung Skysplit would either kill or injure the members of the Dragon Guard!

An Nanjing was being surrounded and attacked, but she was in control of the rhythm of the battle. Moreover, while she didn’t possess a similar physical defense as Yang Ye, her combat instinct was much greater than Yang Ye. She was constantly able to predict her enemy’s actions, so she practically suffered no injuries at all.

This discovery allowed Yang Ye to feel fully at ease. He withdrew his gaze and walked slowly towards the Blood Guards while holding an intent sword in his hand. At the same time, the energy stones in his pocket were ceaselessly emanating energy that surged into his body.

At this moment, there was no need for any words. It was impossible for the Blood Guard to yield or retreat. So, he had to wipe them out if he wanted to kill the Exalted Han Empire’s royal family!

Meanwhile, the leader of the Blood Guard spoke abruptly, “Everyone, even Monarch Realm experts will find it difficult to cause any harm to his physical body. Only death awaits us if we continue fighting like this. We owe Emperor Han a huge debt. Now, it’s time for us to repay that debt. Disregard everything to kill him! Stop at nothing!”

“Kill!” As soon as he finished speaking, one of the Blood Guard suddenly charged forward, and he transformed into a ray of blood red light that shot explosively towards Yang Ye. His body suddenly started swelling up when he arrived just 6m away from Yang Ye, and then….


His body exploded apart, and a terrifying blood red tornado swept towards Yang Ye. Everywhere it passed, space trembled, and it was an extremely horrifying sight.


Yang Ye’s expression changed a little. He hadn’t expected that the Blood Guard would actually detonate himself! Yang Ye didn’t dare act carelessly at all as he watched it sweep towards him, and he held the intent sword tightly with both hands as he swung it swiftly.


Yang Ye’s intent sword trembled violently while his figure was blasted backward, and his legs dug open a rift that was over 30m long before he was finally able to stop himself. At this moment, some cracks had appeared on his intent sword!

“Kill!” Meanwhile, another Blood Guard appeared in front of Yang Ye, and then he suddenly exploded apart just like the previous Blood Guard, causing another terrifying blood red tornado to sweep towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly, and his intent sword shot forward like a bolt of lightning and collided with the blood red tornado. An enormous explosion resounded as the intent sword and tornado exploded apart, and a powerful wave of energy blasted Yang Ye backward again….




Roar after roar of anger resounded as Blood Guard after Blood Guard pounced madly at Yang Ye before detonating themselves….

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