Chapter 688 – A Rebellion!

Almighty Sword Domain

“How presumptuous!” Liu He turned around to face those members of the Mermaid Clan as he suddenly shouted, “You members of the oceanic clans have yielded to my southern territory, yet you actually dare to openly attack us!? You’re courting death!”

As he spoke, he’d slapped his right palm towards them, and an enormous palm print flashed forward, but it wasn’t long before a ray of light blasted it apart.

The expressions of Liu He and the others changed, and they gazed at Yang Ye with astonishment. After all, he hadn’t held back at all just now, but it had still been blasted apart by Yang Ye. He’s only at the Exalt Realm. How could he be so strong?

The mermaids and mermen there gazed at Yang Ye with astonishment as well. They hadn’t imagined that the Exalt Realm human whom they’d disregarded just now would actually possess such terrifying strength!

“Are you trying to kill them to keep them quiet?” Yang Ye gazed at Liu He as he spoke, and his voice was slightly icy cold.

Liu He’s heart shook a little, and he hurriedly said, “I dare not do such a thing. I’m afraid Sword Master is unaware that while these oceanic clans have yielded, many clans are very hostile to us humans. So, profounders of our southern territory are frequently killed in this area. Moreover, the Mermaid Clan is extremely hostile to our southern territory, and the profounders of our southern territory are frequently killed by them in secret!”

“Liu He! You’re lying!” The man who led the group of mermaids and mermen spoke furiously, “My clan is hostile to the human race, but we did as we were told, and we sent Monarch Realm experts to the southern territory after the royal family of our oceanic clans yielded. We didn’t resist all of you. However, you shameless and greedy humans treated us as slaves. Not only did all of you plunder our treasures, you even kidnapped our women to satisfy your lust. At least 10,000 women from our oceanic clans have died at the hands of you shameless humans!”

“What nonsense! I’ll destroy all of you rebels!” Liu He’s face was livid. He circulated his profound energy to his hands and was about to attack. However, a strand of Sword Intent suddenly enveloped him. Even though it was very strong, the Sword Intent wasn’t much to him. But he still didn’t dare attack.

Because the Sword Intent came from Yang Ye!

“Sword Master….” Liu He’s lips twitched while his countenance turned slightly pale. However, he didn’t disperse the profound energy in his hands, and it grew even stronger instead.

Yang Ye glanced coldly at Liu He, and then he gazed at the man from the Mermaid Clan. He said, “Is everything you just said true?”

Even though Yang Ye was just an Exalt Realm profounder, that merman didn’t dare look down upon Yang Ye at all. He glanced at Liu He, and then spoke ferociously, “It isn’t just true, what they’ve done is 10 times worse. They take everything they take a liking to. Regardless of whether it’s a treasure or a person, they take it all, and they kill anyone who dares to resist. Countless clans have been annihilated by them throughout this time!”

Yang Ye glanced at Liu He’s group, and then his gaze descended onto Hong Man, “Is he telling the truth?”

“I….” Hong Man glanced at Liu He while hesitance filled his eyes.

A ray of light flashed, and then Hong Man’s right arm flew into the air.

Liu He’s eyelids twitched while a ferocious glow flashed through the depths of his eyes. The others who stood behind him revealed astonished expressions as well. They rarely spend their time in the southern territory and central territory recently, but Yang Ye’s reputation had still spread here. When they witnessed his strength now, they realized that Yang Ye was much more terrifying than the rumors said!

At this moment, the members of the Mermaid Clan were shocked by Yang Ye’s actions as well. They hadn’t expected that this profounder who was only at the Exalt Realm had actually severed the arm of a Monarch Realm expert with a single strike. Moreover, Liu He who was a ninth rank Monarch Realm expert didn’t dare make a sound!

Who exactly is this human?

Hong Man didn’t dare hesitate in the slightest when he lost an arm, and he said, “What he said is quite correct. However, most of the treasures and women we took were sent to the southern territory….”

“The southern territory?” Yang Ye frowned and said, “I think that it was definitely not sent to Miss Ding, right!?”

Hong Man didn’t dare speak another word.

The others behind Liu He remained silent as well.

“All of you aren’t afraid of death, huh?” Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly while the ancient sheath trembled a little, causing sword howls to resound incessantly.

Meanwhile, Liu He said, “Sword Master, we admit that those fellows from the Mermaid Clan are telling the truth. But I guarantee that we didn’t do anything that harmed the southern territory or you, Sword Master. It’s good that you are benevolent, but the oceanic clans aren’t part of the human race, and those of another race will definitely carry ill intent. Why make trouble for your own for the sake of a single oceanic clan?”

“Our loyalty to you is beyond any doubt!” The others behind Liu He spoke hurriedly.

“You that Yang Ye who’s called the Sword Demon….” Meanwhile, that merman from the Mermaid Clan spoke abruptly with astonishment. He wasn’t a fool. Liu He and many of the others were Monarch Realm experts, but they were so fearful of an Exalt Realm profounder. Moreover, that Exalt Realm profounder was a sword cultivator. So, he didn’t have to give it much thought to realize that no one from the southern territory besides the Sword Demon, Yang Ye, could make them act like that while at the Exalt Realm.

The expressions of the others changed drastically when they heard this, and they gazed vigilantly at Yang Ye as if they were facing a formidable enemy!

Yang Ye’s reputation was clearly bad. He was said to be bloodthirsty, cruel, and loved to spare no one!

So, the mermaids and the mermen turned pale when they thought of it, and it was like they’d witnessed their entire clan being annihilated.

Yang Ye took a deep breath and said, “I’ve never considered myself to be a good person, but I don’t think I’m bad either. Moreover, I’m not an idiot. It would have nothing to do with me if all of you didn’t do it in the name of the southern territory, and it would just be between all of you and the oceanic clans. However, you used my name and the name of the southern territory to act as tyrants. All of you gained the benefits from this yet made me and the southern territory suffer all the infamy. Awesome!”

When he spoke up to this point, Yang Ye glanced at Liu He’s group and said, “Besides that, the oceanic clans can be considered to be a part of the southern territory now, so who gave all of you the authority to bully them?” At this moment, he realized that everything Ding Shaoyao said made sense. The southern territory’s foundation was too weak, and there were countless parasites in the southern territory. If these parasites weren’t eliminated, then huge problems might arise between the human race, oceanic clans, devil race, and demon race!

At that time, there would be no need for the Hallowed Grounds and defiant profounders to attack because the entire continent would fall into chaos on its own.

Internal strife wasn’t something that just strength could resolve! So, he had to resolve this incident well!

The mermaids and mermen heaved sighs of relief when they heard Yang Ye, but their faces were still covered with vigilance.

On the other hand, Liu He and the others revealed unsightly expressions because Yang Ye’s actions were equivalent to denouncing their crimes.

Liu He’s eyes narrowed slightly as he said, “Sword Master, even if we haven’t performed anything meritorious, we’ve still done hard work. Do you really intend to make things difficult for us just for the sake of some lowly mermaids and mermen?”

Yang Ye gazed at Liu He and said, “I wouldn’t blame all of you if you really did it for the sake of the southern territory. But you didn’t. Everything you did was for your own selves. Haha, the Starcloud Alliance? If I didn’t come here, I’m afraid the southern territory would still be unaware that there was actually such an alliance in the southern ocean. Moreover, the members of this alliance are actually under the southern territory’s command. I’m really curious. Where did all of you get the gall to form an alliance on your own and brazenly bully the oceanic clans?”

Liu He’s brows knit together while his eyes drooped, and he said, “Do you really want to know?”

“Tsk, tsk….” Meanwhile, Qin Bufan who’d remained silent until now spoke abruptly, “Yang Ye, he has actually aroused killing intent towards you. Hahaha!”

Yang Ye paid no attention to Qin Bufan. He gazed at Liu He and said, “I really do want to know, and I’m very curious about which power amongst the allies of my southern territory dared to allow all of you to do such things!”

Liu He glanced at Qin Bufan, and then a wisp of ghastly killing intent flashed within his eyes. After that, he looked at Yang Ye and said, “Sword Master, you’re forcing us to our deaths!”

Yang Ye nodded, and then he glanced at the others behind Liu He and said, “What about all of you? Are all of you not going to tell me as well?”

“Haha….” Liu He suddenly chuckled and said, “Since you want to know so badly, then I’ll tell you. We send everything to the Ding Clan! Yes, you didn’t hear me wrong. It’s the Ding Clan which Miss Ding is from!”

“Shaoyao wouldn’t do that!” said Yang Ye in an icy cold tone.

Liu He explained, “Miss Ding wouldn’t indeed, but what about her clansmen? The Ding Clan can be considered to be the number one power in the southern territory because of Miss Ding. Coupled with the fact that you’ve once proclaimed that the Ding Clan will never be destroyed so long as you are alive. So, would anyone dare to go against the Ding Clan?”

Yang Ye closed his eyes slightly for a short while, and then he said, “I’ll deal with the Ding Clan. So what about all of you? You’ve plundered the oceanic clans and formed an alliance of your own. Don’t tell me that the Ding Clan taught was behind all of that.”

“The Ding Clan gets the main course, so can’t we have some leftovers?” said Liu He.

“Bastard!” Meanwhile, that merman roared furiously, “You damnable old bastard! How many women of my Mermaid Clan have you killed? All of them were tortured to death by you, yet you actually speak in such an upright and dignified manner? You’re really worse than an animal!”

Liu He glanced indifferently at the merman and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of your younger sister and all the women of your clan.”

Yang Ye chuckled and said, “Looks like you don’t even respect me!”

A wisp of ferocity flashed through Liu He’s eyes as he said, “Who do you think you are without your master? Do you really think you can surmount your realm of cultivation and fight us? All of those experts were merely afraid of your master who’s a Half-Saint. But the southern territory is over 100,000km away. I refuse to believe that your master’s divine sense can cover such a distance! Yang Ye, if you want to blame someone, then blame yourself for not being sensible. Because it’s the cause of your death.”

“Aren’t you afraid of my master’s wrath if you kill me?” Yang Ye spoke indifferently.

“If worse comes to worse, I’ll just conceal my identity and go into hiding!” Liu He spoke with a savage expression on his face.

Yang Ye nodded, and then he gazed at the others behind Liu He and said, “What about all of you?’

All of them were hesitant.

Meanwhile, Liu He spoke abruptly, “Everyone, he clearly intends to act against us. With the way he does things, do you think we’ll have a chance to survive?”

“Let’s do it!”

All of them stopped hesitating when they heard Liu He, and their figures flashed and instantly surrounded Yang Ye and Qin Bufan from all directions.

There were 10 Monarch Realm experts!

“I was quite hesitant before this, but there’s no need for that now!” As soon as he finished speaking, the Stone of Suppression appeared in Yang Ye’s grasp.

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