Chapter 689 – The 9th Pavilion!

Almighty Sword Domain

Their cultivations were instantly suppressed by the Stone of Suppression, and all the Monarch Realm experts here became Exalt Realm profounders!

They were astounded!

The reason they dared to take such a risk was because they were relying on the fact that they had a huge group and 10 Monarch Realm experts amongst them! Yet now, all they were left with was their advantage in numbers over Yang Ye!

Liu He’s expression turned unsightly for a moment before he spoke fiercely, “Everyone, there’s only 2 of them, but there are many of us. Do we even have to fear him? Let’s kill him and seize that treasure of his, then we would even be able to protect ourselves when facing Half-Saints!” Liu He took the lead and charged towards Yang Ye while he spoke.

The others felt that Liu He made sense, and they charged towards Yang Ye. Of course, most importantly, they had no way out of the situation now!

“Hey, this is between you and them. It’s none of my business!” Qin Bufan flashed over to the side and seemed to be unwilling to interfere.

No one paid any attention to Qin Bufan as well. All of their gazes had descended onto Yang Ye. Because so long as Yang Ye was still alive, then it might be they who died!

“Kill them! Protect that human!” The merman who led the Mermaid Clan’s forces hesitated for a moment before he made his decision. He was very clearly aware that the Mermaid Clan would definitely be annihilated if they killed Yang Ye. Moreover, it wouldn’t just be the Mermaid Clan, even the other oceanic clans in the surroundings might be annihilated as well. They only had hope of survival if Yang Ye was alive!

However, they were just about to act when a sword howl resounded.

Sword qi shot out horizontally and vertically, and then corpse after corpse crashed down from midair. Less than a few breaths of time passed before only 5 experts remained, and they were the 5 strongest experts in the group! As for the rest, every single one of them had been killed by a strand of sword qi!

The mermaids and mermen were stunned. Is he really at the Exalt Realm?

At this moment, they finally realized how terrifying the famous Yang Ye was!

The 5 remaining experts didn’t attack. They just gazed at Yang Ye as if they were looking at a monster, and their faces were covered in terror. Because Liu He who was at the ninth rank of the Monarch Realm had actually been unable to defend himself against Yang Ye’s attack and had lost his head just now….

Even though Liu He had been suppressed to the Exalt Realm, he was still an extraordinary expert at the ninth rank of the Monarch Realm! However, such an expert had actually been unable to resist just a single swing of Yang Ye’s sword!

All of them had been extremely shocked by that scene. One of them shrieked as he transformed into a ray of light that fled towards the distance. However, a ray of light that was even faster than him shot out from Yang Ye’s sword and instantly pierced through his chest, and then a Monarch Realm profounder like him exploded apart and transformed into a rain of blood.

The other 4 Monarch Realm experts intended to flee as well, but such a scene instantly made their bodies stiffen on the spot. One of them suddenly bowed to Yang Ye and said, “Sword Master, we realize our mistakes. Please spare us.”

The others hurriedly said, “We realize our mistakes. Please spare us!”

They couldn’t fight him nor escape him, so they had no choice but to yield. Because only then would they have a chance at survival!

Yang Ye put the Stone of Suppression away, and then he withdrew over a dozen extreme-grade energy stones and started to absorb the energy within them. The Stone of Suppression was a formidable treasure, but it consumed a huge amount of profound energy. A quarter of his profound energy would be consumed every single time he utilized it. Moreover, such consumption would continue as he kept it active. In other words, if he couldn’t kill his enemy swiftly, then it would only take 15minutes for his profound energy to be completely exhausted!

Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “If all of you acted in this way just now, then I would have definitely spared all of you. Yet now, acting like this for the sake of survival is a bit too late!”

“AH!! Yang Ye! Since you refuse to spare us, then we’ll take you down with us!” When they realized it was impossible for them to be spared, one of them rose his speed to its limits and charged at Yang Ye. Moreover, his stomach instantly started expanding as if he was 10 months pregnant.

The other 3 Monarch Realm experts hesitated for a moment before they charged towards Yang Ye as well.

All of them had chosen to detonate themselves!

Unfortunately, a ray of light flashed by at a speed which exceeded the ability of their eyes, and then their heads instantly flew up into the air before they could even explode.

The mermaids and mermen in the surroundings were astounded as they watched those heads fly into the air. How were they killed?

Yang Ye had utilized Lightspeed in this attack, so not to mention those mermaids and mermen, even those Monarch Realm experts didn’t know how they were killed when his sword qi’s speed was 5 times faster. Because it was too swift! It was swift to the point they weren’t able to notice its movement at all!

“How quick!” Qin Bufan spoke abruptly while a trace of seriousness appeared in his eyes.

After he dealt with Liu He’s group, Yang Ye and Qin Bufan were led to an island by the members of the Mermaid Clan. There was a palace on the island, and the killing intent in Yang Ye’s eyes grew even stronger when he saw it. Because it was so luxurious to the point it was merely inferior to the imperial palace of the Exalted Han Empire!

After they entered the palace, he noticed that there were many iron cages placed all around the hall, and women who didn’t have a strand of clothing on them were within those cages. Some of the women were still alive, but most were dead!

“I should have fucking killed a few just now!” Qin Bufan’s voice was filled with killing intent as he glanced at the situation here.

Yang Ye’s eyes were filled with killing intent as well. Even though he wasn’t a good person, he was absolutely incapable of doing such a thing! At this moment, he realized how severe the problem was. Presently, the human race held a dominant position on the continent, so the inherent greed of humans would definitely emerge. Once that happened, it was very likely that many members of the human race would bully and oppress the members of the other races!

The slightest mistake might really cause internal strife to arise throughout the continent!

After they rescued the women who were still alive, they went deeper into the palace, and they were shocked again when they arrived within a hall. The hall was filled with all sorts of treasures like enormous pearls which took numerous men who held each other’s hands to full embrace, a blood red coral that was over 100m long and wide….

“Did they plunder all the treasures of the oceanic clans?” asked Qin Bufan.

The merman said, “They take everything they see, and we even have to offer up a certain amount of treasures and women every single month. If any clan doesn’t provide good treasures or sufficiently beautiful women, then they’ll use all sorts of excuses to annihilate that clan!”

“Even though your oceanic clans lost its Half-Saint, there would be no lack of Monarch Rank experts, right?” Qin Bufan said, “Why would all of you endure it when they bullied all of you like this?”

The merman glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Presently, the human race has gained a dominant position, and it possesses numerous Half-Saints and ninth rank Monarch Realm experts. What can my oceanic clans do? What if it offends the human race? Wouldn’t we be annihilated? Coupled with the fact that the Sword… Sword Master once said that he would annihilate us, we didn’t dare offend the southern territory at all. We were afraid they would use it as an excuse, and then….”

Qin Bufan chuckled, and then he gazed at Yang Ye and said, “These crimes were your doing!”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I really should reflect on all of this. Send these treasures back to your oceanic clans and return them to their rightful owner. As for the oceanic clans… no, not just the oceanic clans, I’ll get a system created for the oceanic clans, devil race, and demon race. Regardless of whether it’s the oceanic clans, devil race, or demon race, all the races on the continent will be treated as equals. I guarantee that such an incident will never happen again!”

“Really!?” The merman was extremely excited, and his voice even trembled slightly. After the oceanic clans yielded to the human race, their future felt bleak to them. Because humans were inherently greedy, so they would absolutely not obtain peace and stability from yielding to the human race. The facts proved that it was exactly so.

However, Yang Ye promised that all the races would be equals in the future. That was undoubtedly tremendously good news for the oceanic clans. They would definitely not believe it if this promise came from anyone else. But they had reason to believe it when it was Yang Ye who gave the promise. Because they had no doubt that Yang Ye was the person who possessed the greatest authority on the continent!

“I keep my promises!” said Yang Ye.

“Thank you!” Meanwhile, a weak voice suddenly sounded out from the side, and then an enormous seashell suddenly opened up. A woman with the body of a human and tail of a fish appeared before them.

The woman was extremely beautiful. She had an inverted triangle face, curved eyes, dark blue pupils, and dark blue hair. The most striking feature she possessed was her waist. It was extremely fine to the point one could wrap one’s arm around it with ease.

“Sister!” The merman who led the group from the Mermaid Clan was shocked, and he hurriedly ran over to the woman and sized her up. He said, “They… they didn’t….”

She shook her head and said, “For some unknown reason, all of them left after I was captured.”

When she spoke up to this point, the woman gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Now, it would seem like it was probably because of you. Thank you. My fate might have been completely different if you were a step too late!”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “It’s good that you’re fine!”

She glanced at Yang Ye, and then she said, “I presume the Sword Master wouldn’t take a liking to any of these treasures. Big Brother, get the Watersoul!”

The Watersoul! The expressions of the other mermen and mermaid changed, and the merman who led the group even revealed anger on his face, “Qianlan, you….” The Watersoul was the ultimate treasure of the Mermaid Clan, but his younger sister had actually spoken of it in Yang Ye’s presence….

The woman called Qianlan said, “It isn’t just our Mermaid Clan that owes Young Master Yang a huge debt, even all the other oceanic clans do as well. Even though the Watersoul is extremely precious, we can still condense another while our clan exists. Bring it here!” As she finished speaking, her delicate voice became slightly stern.

The merman hesitated for a long time. When he saw Qianlan suddenly seem slightly angry, he didn’t dare hesitate any longer. He sighed softly, turned around, and vanished.

Meanwhile, Qin Bufan suddenly said, “You’re quite intelligent to use that Watersoul to gain a favor from this fellow. From today onward, no one would dare to bully the Mermaid Clan. In the end, your Mermaid Clan gained more out of this exchange!”

The woman glanced at Qin Bufan and said, “The Mermaid Clan is weak, and there’s nothing that can be done about that! Please excuse our weakness, Young Master!”

“That isn’t necessary!” Meanwhile, Yang Ye said, “I keep every promise I make!”

The woman grinned and said, “The Watersoul is condensed from the tears of the Patriarchs of my Mermaid Clan for generations, and it contains unimaginable energy. I noticed that Young Master Yang is still at the Exalt Realm, and the Watersoul would be able to help you break through into the Monarch Realm!”

Meanwhile, the merman returned, and he said, “Even an Exalt Realm profounder with mediocre natural talent would be able to attain the Monarch Realm by consuming the Watersoul. With Young Master Yang’s natural talent and strength, you’ll definitely obtain unexpected benefits when you consume it in the future!” As he spoke, he passed over a fist sized, translucent, and crystalline ball of water to Yang Ye.

“It can help me break through into the Monarch Realm?” Yang Ye’s voice carried a trace of surprise.

“Of course!” replied the merman.

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment and said, “Then thank you!” He put it away as he spoke. He was very clearly aware of the energy needed when breaking through into the Monarch Realm. He’d utilized the Blood Essence of the divine beasts and the Dragon Ancestor to attempt his breakthrough that day. Yet now, he didn’t have all of that. So, the Watersoul was definitely timely assistance to him!

“I’ll get someone to deal with the matters related to the oceanic clans. Don’t worry, she’d resolve it well!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye and Qin Bufan turned around and left.

As she gazed at the spot Yang Ye vanished from, the mermaid called Qianlan seemed to be lost in thought, and then red lips parted slightly as she spoke softly, “The 9th Pavilion of the 10 Nether Pavilion’s Ice Maiden… thanks you for this pleasure….”

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