Chapter 69 – Master?

Almighty Sword Domain

When she heard Zhang Heng still intended to look for trouble with Yang Ye, Xiao Yu'er's black brows had knit together slightly. Obviously, she was angry as well. On the other hand, Yang Ye seemed as if he hadn’t heard the young man at all, and he continued walking away with swift strides.

When he saw Yang Ye disregard him, a wisp of killing intent flashed past Zhang Heng’s eyes. He immediately moved forward and smashed his fist towards Yang Ye’s back!

Yang Ye had stopped moving at the exact same moment that Zhang Heng attacked, and his expression turned gloomy. He didn’t hesitate to turn around and smash his fist towards the young man’s fist.

A wisp of a ghastly smile appeared on the corners of Zhang Heng’s mouth when he saw Yang Ye’s fist smashing towards his own. In these past few years that he’d been acting as a guard for the association, even the members of the large clans within Rising Sun City had been extremely courteous towards him, yet this little kid before him had actually dared to disregard him. So what if he’s a friend of the Xiao Clan? I’ll make an example out of him today!

When she saw Zhang Heng actually make a move against Yang Ye, a wisp of a cold glow flashed in Xiao Yu’er’s eyes, and she said to the grey robed old man that had suddenly appeared by her side, “Senior Jun, save Yang Ye!”

On the other hand, the grey robed old man shook his head instead, and he didn’t make a move. He just stared at Yang Ye without blinking.

When she saw him refuse to lend a hand, Xiao Yu’er was instantly anxious. Unfortunately, it was already too late because their fists had already collided with each other.


The sound of bones breaking resounded. Xiao Yu’er’s heart shook, and she was just about to make a move to rescue Yang Ye when Yang Ye’s subsequent actions caused her to be stunned on the spot.

Shit! Zhang Heng cried out in his heart when his fist collided with Yang Ye’s fist, and he knew that he’d underestimated his opponent. Unfortunately, it was already too late, and the bones in his fist and wrist broke on the spot.

Zhang Heng was astounded in his heart and hurriedly retreated. However, right at the instant that he’d just retreated, Yang Ye charged swiftly towards him, and then Yang Ye raised his leg and gave him a knee to the gut.


The enormous force from this blasted Zhang Heng flying, and he smashed heavily onto the ground after flying a few meters away. However, right at the instant that he’d just crawled up from the ground, Yang Ye had suddenly appeared before him, and Yang Ye stomped his foot down towards Zhang Heng’s Dantian.

Yang Ye had never held back when he faced his enemies! He killed those he had to kill, and he crippled those he had to cripple!

When he saw Yang Ye stomping down at his Dantian, Zhang Heng was horrified. He’d never expected that the strength and speed of this young man would actually be so terrifying. Nor had he imagined that this young man would dare to cripple him right in front of the Talisman Master’s Association. Could it be that he isn’t afraid of the Talisman Master’s Association’s revenge?

At any rate, he was a First Heaven Realm expert, so the young man quickly recovered from his shock, and then his left hand slapped out to defend against Yang Ye’s lethal strike!


Zhang Heng was dragged a few meters back on the ground from the force of Yang Ye’s kick, and then he collided with the stone steps behind him. As if he’d sensed something, the young man disregarded the astonishment in his heart and hurriedly stood up. Unfortunately, it was still too late because Yang Ye had appeared once more before him, and just like before, he kicked towards Zhang Heng’s Dantian!

“Don’t you dare!” Zhang Heng’s eyes almost split apart from fear and rage!

A wisp of disdain suffused the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth. He didn’t argue with Zhang Heng about whether he dared or not, and he increased the strength he exerted with this strike instead.

Right at this moment, a grey robed old man suddenly appeared between Yang Ye and the young man, and then the old man utilized his foot to block Yang Ye’s strike.

When he saw the grey robed old man appear abruptly, a strand of bewilderment flashed past Yang Ye’s eyes, yet he was already unable to withdraw his attack at this moment. So, he could only allow his foot to kick towards the old man.


Yang Ye took over 10 steps back while the grey robed old man stood on the spot without moving at all. Obviously, Yang Ye had fallen into a disadvantageous position.

As he gazed at the grey robed old man that stood on the spot without moving and sensed the numb feeling that came from his leg, Yang Ye was shocked in his heart, and he said in his heart, What formidable strength! This old man is at least at the King Realm and might even be a Spirit Realm expert!

Senior Jun gazed at Yang Ye as he said slowly, “Good strength, and good speed as well. However, your control towards both of them is extremely weak, and weak control represents a weak ability to adapt to change. If I pressed forward at the instant you retreated just now, then the outcome you faced would be similar to this fellow behind me!”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a short moment, and then he cupped his hands to the old man and said, “Thank you for the guidance!”

Senior Jun nodded when he witnessed Yang Ye’s humble attitude towards this, and a strand of praise flashed in his eyes. Disciples of the sects were usually arrogant and haughty fellows, and he originally didn’t intend to stop or guide Yang Ye. However, out of consideration for the friendship between Yu’er and Yang Ye, he had no choice but to make a move. However, when he saw Yang Ye’s modest attitude, he instantly developed a slight good impression of Yang Ye.

Meanwhile, Xiao Yu’er arrived before Yang Ye, and she suppressed the shock in her heart and said, “Brother Yang, it was I who asked Senior Jun to make a move and stop you. You can’t kill him. Because once you kill him, not only will the Grand Qin Empire pursue the matter, even the Talisman Master’s Association will pursue the matter. Perhaps nothing would happen to you in the end, but it’ll definitely be troublesome!”

Yang Ye nodded slightly when he heard this, and then he glanced coldly at the young man behind Xiao Yu’er.

When she saw Yang Ye gaze at the young man, Xiao Yu’er seemed to understand Yang Ye’s thoughts, and she immediately said, “Don’t worry Brother Yang, Yu’er guarantees that he won’t appear in Rising Sun City again, and he won’t appear in any branches of the Talisman Master’s Association as well!”

When he heard Xiao Yu’er, Yang Ye paid no further attention to the young man, and he looked at Xiao Yu’er and said, “Miss Yu’er, thank you. If I come to Rising Sun City in the future, I’ll definitely pay a visit to the Xiao Clan. I have other urgent affairs to attend to now, so until we meet again!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye nodded to her, and then he turned around and left.

As she gazed at Yang Ye’s figure that was moving towards the distance, Xiao Yu’er said in a low voice, “In the past, I’d heard of Mortal Realm Profounders defeating First Heaven Realm Profounders. At that time, I thought it was an exaggeration. I never expected that there really are geniuses in the Mortal Realm that can defeat First Heaven Realm experts. I was truly ignorant in the past.”

The old man behind Xiao Yu’er said, “He’s very strong. He’d only utilized his fist to defeat Zhang Heng earlier, and if he utilized a sword, then Zhang Heng would probably be dead right now!”

When she heard this, Xiao Yu’er was shocked in her heart. Right, a disciple of the Sword Sect is only terrifying when that disciple holds a sword. But Yang Ye defeated Zhang Heng with his bare hands. No, I should say that he completely crushed Zhang Heng! Then what if Yang Ye didn’t utilize his fists and used a sword instead? How terrifying would he be?

“Yu’er, have you really become a Talisman Master, and Master Zhang even took you as his disciple?” Meanwhile, Senior Jun seemed to be slightly anxious as he asked this question.

Xiao Yu’er restrained her thoughts and nodded before she said, “It was all thanks to Brother Yang. If it wasn’t for him, then not to mention becoming Master Zhang’s disciple, I might not have even been able to become a Talisman Master. I really wish to thank him properly. Unfortunately, he has urgent matters to attend to….”

“Because of him?” Senior Jun was puzzled.

Xiao Yu’er nodded, and then she gazed at the direction Yang Ye left towards and said, “He’s a Grade Four Talisman Master, and his master is someone that even Master Zhang is extremely afraid of. Master Zhang took me as his disciple because he noticed I had a good relationship with Brother Yang!”

“He’s a Grade Four Talisman Master?” Senior Jun was shocked.

Xiao Yu’er nodded.

Tempestuous waves surged through Senior Jun’s heart when he saw her nod. After a long time, he took a deep breath and said, “Yu’er, you must make friends with him!”

If Yang Ye’s strength from before had only surprised him, then Yang Ye’s identity as a Talisman Master shocked him. What sort of monstrous genius is he? He actually possesses such formidable combat strength, and he’s even a Talisman Master!

Xiao Yu’er didn’t feel like talking about this matter any longer. She gazed at Zhang Heng that had already stood up and was walking slowly towards the association building, and she said, “Senior Jun, about my promise to Brother Yang just now…. What do you think…?”

Even though she’d promised Yang Ye, she didn’t have any authority in the Xiao Clan. At the very least, she didn’t have any authority now.

Senior Jun glanced at Zhang Heng and said, “We’ll make him vanish in Rising Sun City of course! Even though Zhang Heng has some acquaintances in the Talisman Master’s Association, it isn’t much to our Xiao Clan, and it’s just a little bit troublesome at most.”

If Yang Ye wasn’t a Talisman Master, then perhaps he would consider whether he should make a move to deal with Zhang Heng, but after he found out about Yang Ye’s identity, he didn’t have to consider at all.

Xiao Yu’er nodded when she heard this, and then she turned around and headed towards the Xiao Clan’s carriage.


Yang Ye arrived at Happiness Inn and found Ma Nan, and then he asked Ma Nan to take him to the Intercity Teleportation Formation. Ma Nan naturally didn’t refuse, and he hurriedly led Yang Ye to the teleportation formation.

Yang Ye had never expected that utilizing the Intercity Teleportation Formation actually required a few of 500 gold coins and 10 Energy Stones! Fortunately, he had no lack of Energy Stones and gold coins, so Yang Ye handed over 10 Energy Stones and 500 gold coins under Ma Nan’s shocked gaze, and then he walked into the teleportation that led to Southpeace City.

The Imperial Capital of Qin. The headquarters of the Talisman Master’s Association.

In a spacious hall, a few old geezers in dark golden robed were debating intensely. Right when these old geezers were locked in an endless debate, a young man walked into the hall. The young man walked over to an old geezer with fiery red brows, and then he passed an envelope in his hand to the old man before he said, “Senior Lin, this letter was sent to you from the manager of the branch in Rising Sun City, Zhang Yuan.”

A strand of surprise flashed in the eyes of that old geezer that the young man addressed as Senior Lin, and then the old geezer said, “Zhang Yuan? I don’t know him. Did you make a mistake?”

The young man hurriedly said, “No, Zhang Yuan stressed on having this passed to Senior Lin!”

Senior Lin frowned when he heard this, and then he received the enveloped. He immediately exploded with rage when he read the content of the letter, and he slapped the table as he roared. “What a joke! My disciple? I don’t have any other disciples besides my granddaughter! Which bloody bastard had the gall to pretend to be my disciple? Is he courting death!?”

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