Chapter 70 – Taking A Disciple

Almighty Sword Domain

When they noticed ‘Senior Lin’ becoming enraged, all the other geezers instantly stopped their debate, and they gazed at ‘Senior Lin’ while a white haired old man that sat opposite ‘Senior Lin’ said, “Old man Lin, what’s wrong?”

Senior Lin slapped the table forcefully once more, and then he said angrily, “A young man took the test to become a Talisman Master in the branch at Rising Sun City, and then that young man told Zhang Yuan that he’s my disciple. Moreover, Zhang Yuan actually believed him. How infuriating!”

The other geezers frowned when they heard this. They’d never expected that someone actually dared to pretend to be the disciple of a senior member of the Talisman Master’s Association. Could it be that he isn’t afraid of being pursued by all the powers in the Grand Qin Empire?

Moreover, they’d never expected that Zhang Yuan who was in charge of the branch in Rising Sun City had actually believed the young man!

“Immediately send someone to Rising Sun City to capture that fellow that’s pretending to be my disciple. I want to see exactly who dared to pretend to be my disciple. Right, demote that Zhang Yuan to somewhere else. He was actually deceived by a young man, he really lived for so long in vain!” Senior Lin instructed the young man at his side.

Earlier, when he saw Senior Lin explode with rage, the young man was extremely perturbed in his heart. Now, when he heard Senior Lin’s instructions, he immediately bowed, and then he hurriedly walked towards the exit.

“Wait!” Right at this moment, the white haired old man that sat opposite to Senior Lin said, “Old man Lin, this incident is slightly strange. I know Zhang Yuan, he was my disciple in name at one time, and I have quite a good understanding of him. He isn’t a brainless fellow.”

“It’s slightly strange?” Senior Lin said furiously, “What’s strange about it? All of you’re clearly aware that I only have a precious granddaughter. That young man obviously intends to utilize my name to gain benefits for himself. Actually, I slightly admire his courage because he actually dared to pretend to be my disciple! How audacious!”

“Old man Lin, you really need to do something about this temper of yours!” Meanwhile, a geezer on Senior Lin’s left said, “This matter is slightly strange indeed. If he really desired to obtain benefits from himself, then he wouldn’t have gone to a branch to take the test. At the very most, he’d have utilized your name to deceive others. But since he headed to the branch, then he probably didn’t do it to gain benefits for himself. After all, no one in the southern territory dares to offend our Talisman Master’s Association!”

The white haired old man that sat opposite of Senior Lin hurriedly said, “Old man Huang is right. Moreover, Zhang Yuan is an Earth Talisman Master at any rate, so it’s impossible for him to be deceived with ease.”

When he spoke up to here, the white haired old man looked at the young man and said, “Gather all the information related to that young man!”

The young man bowed to the white haired old man and said, “Elder Shen Mo, all the information related to that young man and one of the talismans he crafted during the test are within the envelope.”

When he heard this, the white haired old man called Shen Mo looked at Senior Lin that was still angry, and he said, “Old man Lin, look at the information within the envelope first. If you’re sure that you don’t know him, then you can issue an order for his arrest!”

When he heard the word warrant, the eyelids of the young man by Senior Lin’s side twitched. An order for arrest! Moreover, it’s even one from the Talisman Master’s Association!

In the southern territory, even the orders for arrest from the Grand Qin Empire and the Origin School wasn’t as terrifying as the order for arrest from the Talisman Master’s Association! Why? Because the orders for arrest from the Talisman Master’s Association had shockingly high rewards, and it even obtained the support of the Grand Qin Empire and the six great sects! Under such circumstances, no one could escape the orders for arrest from the Talisman Master’s Association!

“What’s the point of looking at it?” Senior Lin said, “I can clearly tell you that I haven’t taken any other disciples besides Bao’er. If I did take a disciple, then wouldn’t I have told all of you and asked all of you to take care of my disciple? I….”

When he heard Senior Lin going on without stopping, Shen Mo waved his hand, and the envelope on the table appeared directly in his hand. He withdrew the letter within the envelope, and then he read it out loud. “Yang Ye, 17, from Southpeace City. A disciple of the Sword Sect….”

Senior Lin interrupted Shen Mo and asked. “He’s a disciple of the Sword Sect?”

Shen Mo nodded and said, “The letter says he’s a disciple of the Sword Sect, and he just became an outer court disciple! Old man Lin, do you know him?”

Senior Lin shook his head and said, “Even though I reside in the Sword Sect, I’m not interested in the matters of the Sword Sect at all. Besides a few peak masters and that Geezer Zui that has gone roaming somewhere, I don’t have any interactions with anyone else, let alone a mysterious outer court disciple!”

When he heard this, Shen Mo tossed the letter aside, and then he looked at the young man and said, “Issue an order for his arrest. Besides that, remove Zhang Yuan from his position as manager, and ask him to come to the capital.”

The young man bowed to Shen Mo, and then he walked once more towards the exit.

“Eh?” Right at this moment, a geezer that sat by Shen Mo’s side gazed at the talisman within the envelope. The geezer took the envelope and withdrew the talisman. When he noticed the quality of the talisman, he said with surprise, “It’s actually a high-grade talisman? Eh? It’s even crafted from gold element Profound Energy. Eh? What pure Profound Energy! Eh? This technique is really similar to your technique, Old man Lin….”

When they heard this, all the other geezers walked over curiously to this geezer’s side, and when their gazes descended onto the talisman, all of their gazes were unable to move away any longer.

“A high-grade talisman! It’s really a high-grade talisman….”

“This level of purity…. Even First Heaven Realm experts are probably unable to possess such pure Profound Energy….”

“This technique is really similar to Old Man Lin’s technique. It’s just slightly green and stiff. However, it’s already extremely rare to be able to attain this level of skill at such an age!”

When he heard all of them speaking successively, Senior Lin was unable to sit still as well, and then he looked at the talisman. When he saw that high-grade Strength Talisman, Senior Lin was first shocked, and then he frowned because this technique was really his technique!

When he saw Senior Lin walk over to look at the talisman, Shen Mo said furiously, “Old man Lin, you were saying that you don’t know him? Just take a look, isn’t this technique yours? Let me ask you, is it really nice to play tricks on all of us?”

When they heard Shen Mo, all of the others gazed at Senior Lin as well, and the disdain and rage in their hearts were clear for all to see.

Senior Lin laughed bitterly, and he said, “This technique is indeed from my line of inheritance, but I really don’t know this young man called Yang Ye. Do I have any reason to use this matter to play tricks on all of you?”

When he heard Senior Lin, a strand of bright light flashed in Shen Mo’s eyes, and then he feigned rage as he said, “Old man Lin, do you really not know this young man called Yang Ye?”

Senior Lin nodded.

The rage on Shen Mo’s face instantly vanished when he saw Senior Lin nod, and then he said, “Since he isn’t your disciple, then I can take him to be my disciple. Right, in any case, I still don’t have a disciple!”

“How shameless!”

“I don’t have a disciple as well. I’ve taken a liking to this little fellow, so I’ve decided to take him to be my disciple. I’ll fight anyone that competes with me for him!”

“So what if we do? I don’t have a disciple as well, and I want to take him as my disciple as well….”

Meanwhile, Shen Mo said, “Mmm, all of you continue arguing slowly, I won’t be participating in it. Right, I’ve also decided to disregard the matter we were debating earlier, and all of you can continue debating it. Right, I suddenly have some matters to attend to, so I’ll be leaving first….” As soon as he finished speaking, Shen Mo turned around and walked towards the exit with swift strides.

All of the others were stunned, and then one of the old men said abruptly, “Shit! He’s heading to Rising Sun City to look for that young man. That cunning old man Shen! I’ll absolutely not allow such a promising young man to fall into his hands….” As soon as he finished speaking, he hurriedly chased after Shen Mo.

The other geezers came to a realization, and they charged off in a hurry as well. In less than a few breaths of time, only another old man that had been silent since the beginning and Senior Lin still remained within the hall.

Senior Lin was slightly stunned when he saw all of the others rush out, and his mind was in slight disorder.

“Lin Shan, you were slightly silly this time!” Meanwhile, the old man that sat at the seat of the host spoke.

“Senior Hou, what do you mean?” asked Lin Shan.

Senior Hou shook his head and said, “It wasn’t because of the high-grade talisman he crafted that all of them were fighting to take him as their disciple, and it was instead because they thought highly of his natural talent and potential. He was able to craft a high-grade talisman at the age of 17, and a possessor of such natural talent can be considered to be a genius even in the headquarters of our Talisman Master’s Association. Most importantly, it was because of his Profound Energy of the five elements. Of course, even gold element Profound Energy wouldn’t cause them to lose their composure like that. But look at the purity of that five element Profound Energy. I haven’t seen many with such purity even at the First Heaven Realm, whereas, he’s still only at the Mortal Realm. Do you understand now?”

Lin Shan smiled bitterly when he heard this, and he said, “I understood when they left. However, I’d already told them that I didn’t know that young man, so how could I possibly have the nerve to fight for him with them….”

Senior Hou smiled, and then he said, “Look at this young man’s technique. This technique is absolutely from our line. Our line only consists of my granddaughter, your granddaughter, you, and me. It’s impossible for that little girl of mine to teach another, and even if she did teach someone, then with her disposition, she would definitely tell me about it. Moreover, you yourself are sure that you don’t know that young man. So, there’s only one possibility, it’s very likely that this technique was passed down to him by that little girl of yours. Go ask that little girl about this!”

When he heard Senior Hou, Lin Shan was suddenly enlightened. Right, how could I have forgotten that little troublemaker, Bao’er!? With that little girl’s fearless disposition, it’s very likely for her to pass down the technique of our line to another!

When he thought up to here, Lin Shan hurriedly utilized a top-grade Transmission Talisman to contact Bao’er who was far away in the Sword Sect….

Right when all of them were heading to Rising Sun City to look for Yang Ye, Yang Ye himself had already arrived at Southpeace City.

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