Chapter 71 – Danger

Almighty Sword Domain

When Yang Ye arrived at Southpeace City, the sky had already turned dark. He didn’t stop at all and strode quickly to his home. However, at this moment, there wasn’t a single person in his home.

Yang Ye’s heart shook when he noticed that the stone house was completely empty. Could it be that they’ve already been captured by the Liu Clan?

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye’s expression instantly became savage, and a strand of invisible killing intent erupted from his body!

“Who is it?!” Yang Ye’s figure suddenly vanished from the room, and he appeared before a person who wore a black cloak that concealed the person’s face. Right when he intended to smash his fist towards that person, the person hurriedly said, “Brother Yang, it’s me. It’s me, Man’zi….”

Yang Ye withdrew his imposing aura and stopped himself from attacking. As he gazed at Man’zi who had taken off his cloak, Yang Ye said, “Man’zi, where are my younger sister and mother?”

As he gazed at Yang Ye’s bloodshot eyes, Man’zi was extremely shocked in his heart because Yang Ye’s strength was truly too terrifying. Because he hadn’t even clearly discerned how Yang Ye had arrived before him. When he heard Yang Ye, he hurriedly said, “Brother Yang, after that incident occurred, we were afraid that they would make another move against your younger sister and mother. So, we moved them to another place, and I was in charge of waiting here for your arrival. Come with me now to go see them!”

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he heard Man’zi because it was fine so long as his younger sister and mother were safe. “Quickly take me to them!”

Man’zi nodded, and then he put on his cloak before leading Yang Ye out of the house.


There was an ordinary stone house in the south of Southpeace City. Qing Hong stood at the door with a dark green longbow on her back while she held a pitch black and shiny dagger in her hand, and her gaze was sweeping towards the surroundings while she revealed a vigilant expression.

At a dark corner on Qing Hong’s right, Xiao Hei similarly had a vigilant expression, and he held a pitch black and shiny dagger as well.

A young girl around the age of 14 or 15 sat at a stone table within the stone house with her head resting on her hands, and she stared at the candlelight that was constantly flickering before her while seeming to be in deep thought.

A beautiful woman placed a large jacket on the little girl and tenderly rubbed the young girl’s head while she said in a gentle voice. “Little Yao, go to sleep first. Your Big Brother will probably be unable to rush home today!”

The little girl lied down sideways and leaned into the beautiful woman’s embrace before she said in a light voice, “Mother, will Big Brother really come back?”

The beautiful woman smiled, and then she said, “What do you think? If Ye’er finds out that Yao’er’s in danger, then he’ll definitely rush back home even if he has to give up being a disciple of the Sword Sect.”

The little girl smiled sweetly when she heard this, and then she said, “Little Yao knows that. Big Brother dotes on Little Yao the most. But will Big Brother be able to defeat those scoundrels from the Liu Clan? Oh, that Liu Clan is truly detestable. Why do they keep looking for trouble with our family?”

When she heard the Liu Clan being mentioned, a strand of cold light flashed in the beautiful woman’s eyes, and then she hugged Little Yao tightly as she said in a gentle voice, “Don’t worry. Mother won’t allow the Liu Clan to harm you or Ye’er. I absolutely won’t!”

Right at this moment, the beautiful woman suddenly turned her head and gazed outside, and she frowned.

On the roof of a house not too far from this stone house, four black clothed people were staring at the stone house where the beautiful woman and the others resided. One of the black clothed figures said to a black clothed figure in the lead, “Young Master, I’ve already determined that Yang Ye’s younger sister and mother are hiding within this stone house. As for those three people by their side, they’re mercenaries from Green Mountain City. However, I don’t know why they’d come here to protect Yang Ye’s mother and younger sister!”

It was none other than Liu Qingyu who was in the lead of this group! When he saw Yang Ye ascend to the 20th level, he knew that he had to eliminate Yang Ye. Otherwise, with the enmity between Yang Ye and his Liu Clan, not only would Yang Ye not spare the Liu Clan, Yang Ye wouldn’t spare him as well. On the other hand, if he wanted to deal with Yang Ye, then he had to lure Yang Ye out of the Sword Sect, and in order to lure Yang Ye out of the sect, he had to utilize Yang Ye’s mother and younger sister!

Liu Qingyu spoke in a low voice. “Deal with those three mercenaries later, whereas, Yang Ye’s mother and younger sister must be captured alive. Only by capturing them alive would Yang Ye be afraid and leave the Sword Sect!”

Meanwhile, another black clothed figure said, “Senior Brother Liu, these three mercenaries aren’t a problem. But once a battle begins, then the public security force of Southpeace City will make an appearance. Once they make an appearance, then we’ll probably achieve nothing like that last time!”

This black clothed figure that spoke was a disciple of the Sword Sect as well, and he was even ranked on the Outer Court Rankings. The reason he’d come here with Liu Qingyu to deal with Yang Ye’s family was that he had no other choice. Because he usually followed by Liu Qingyu’s side, so once Liu Qingyu came looking for his help this time, he was utterly unable to refuse. After all, Liu Qingyu had helped him do all sorts of filthy things!

It wasn’t that he was unaware of Yang Ye’s potential, but it was only potential in the end. Yang Ye was only at the Mortal Realm after all! If Liu Qingyu really dealt with Yang Ye, and he hadn’t stood by Liu Qingyu’s side at the critical moment, then he’d have extremely difficult days in the Sword Sect in the future days.

It wasn’t just him. Even another black clothed figure at the side was a disciple of the Sword Sect, and that person had similar thoughts as well.

Liu Qingyu grinned lightly and said, “Don’t worry, Junior Brother Chen Feng. The City Governor of Southpeace City has already agreed to help. In other words, the public security force of Southpeace City won’t appear in this area tonight. All we have to do is clear up properly after we’re done!”

The black clothed person called Chen Feng was shocked in his heart, and he said, “The City Governor of Southpeace City agreed to help? Brother Liu, your Liu Clan probably paid a heavy price, right?”

The corners of Liu Qingyu’s mouth twitched when he heard this. Chen Feng wasn’t wrong. For the sake of making the City Governor of Southpeace City help, his Liu Clan had paid a heavy price indeed. However, it would have been worth the price if they were able to eliminate Yang Ye!

“Brother Liu, Since the guards won’t make an appearance, then there’s utterly no need for so many of us to deal with them. Just Brother Liu alone would be able to easily deal with them!” Chen Feng spoke in a low voice.

Liu Qingyu glanced indifferently at Chen Feng, and then he said, “Brother Chen, what you said does make sense. I’ll make a move by myself later, and all of you only have to stand on guard at the side. I don’t want any mishaps to occur!”

When he heard Liu Qingyu, Chen Feng cursed in his heart. You sly fox! Liu Qingyu is hell-bent on tying us together!

However, he was unable to refuse or object to it now, otherwise, Liu Qingyu would definitely shed all pretenses with him.

After a short while, Liu Qingyu raised his head to look at the sky in order to determine the time, and then he said, “Alright, the guards in Southpeace City have probably been dispatched somewhere else now. Let’s make a move. Remember, those two women must be captured alive!”

“Understood….” As soon as they finished speaking, four figures charged towards the stone house where Qing Hong and the others resided.

Liu Qingyu was the first to arrive before the stone house. As soon as he descended to the ground, a dark green arrow whistled towards him.

A wisp of disdain arose on the corners of Liu Qingyu’s mouth when he saw this dark green arrow, and the arrow instantly vanished with a swing of his hand. After that, his figure flashed as he kicked at Qing Hong’s stomach!

Qing Hong was shocked in her heart. She wanted to dodge, but Liu Qingyu’s speed was truly too swift, and she was utterly unable to avoid his attack. Right when Liu Qingyu was about to hit Qing Hong, a figure appeared like a shadow behind Liu Qingyu, and then a wisp of cold light swept towards the back of Liu Qingyu’s neck!

When he noticed the dagger that assaulted him from behind, dense disdain still hung on the corners of Liu Qingyu’s mouth. He withdrew his leg that was kicking towards Qing Hong, and then he turned around and kicked Xiao Hei.


Right when Xiao Hei’s dagger was only a few centimeters away from Liu Qingyu’s neck, his figure was blasted flying and smashed heavily on the ground.

On the other hand, Qing Hong had already retreated to the front of the stone house while she aimed an ink black arrow at Liu Qingyu, and she was bewildered in her heart at the same time. Why hasn’t Southpeace City’s public security force appeared yet?

Yes, if a battle between Profounders erupted within a city, then the guards would appear at the first possible moment, and it was exactly like that during their last collision. However, they’d already exchanged a few blows, yet the surroundings were still completely silent, and not even the shadow of a guard could be seen!

“Are you waiting for the guards?” Liu Qingyu walked slowly towards Qing Hong, and he laughed coldly. “They won’t be making an appearance.”

Qing Hong’s heart shook. In the beginning, she’d only suspected this, but now that she’d heard what Liu Qingyu said, that bit of hope in her heart had vanished completely. If the guards didn’t make an appearance, then she would be utterly unable to resist these black clothed figures before her.

But so what about that?

When she recalled the scene when Yang Ye gave her the high-grade Strength Talisman that day, Qing Hong took a deep breath and said, “You’ll have to step over my dead body in order to capture them!”

Liu Qingyu revealed a wisp of a brutal smile on the corners of his mouth that was covered by the cloth mask he wore, and he said, “I will!”

As he spoke, his figure flashed, and he instantly arrived before Qing Hong, and then he smashed his fist towards Qing Hong’s head!

These few people weren’t worthy of making him unsheathe his sword!

When she saw him instantly arrive before her, Qing Hong laughed bitterly. The gap between us is truly too huge!


A figure was blasted flying.

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