Chapter 72 – Flower Guard

Almighty Sword Domain

It wasn’t Qing Hong that was blasted flying, and it was Liu Qingyu instead!

As he gazed at the beautiful woman that had suddenly appeared before her, Qing Hong’s mind was blank. What the hell? A First Heaven Realm expert was actually slapped away with a swing of this beautiful woman’s hand?

Little Yao opened her watery eyes wide as well, and she gazed at the beautiful woman with an expression of disbelief!

As for those few black clothed figures that were standing on guard for Liu Qingyu at the back, all of them were dumbstruck, and they seemed as if they were petrified!


Liu Qingyu disregarded the surging shock in his heart, and he stood up slowly while the gaze he shot at the beautiful woman was filled with terror! As a genius that was ranked at the 19th position on the Outer Court Rankings, he felt that he would even be able to exchange a few blows with some Outer Court Elders. Yet now, not to mention fighting back, he wasn’t even able to see how she’d attacked!

Is she a Spirit Realm expert?

When he thought up to here, Liu Qingyu’s body started to tremble.

The beautiful woman glanced indifferently at Liu Qingyu, and then she raised her head to look at the moon in the sky and said faintly, “I only wanted to live a peaceful life. Just a peaceful life….” Her tone carried an extremely obvious feeling of helplessness.

Right at this moment, Yang Ye and Man’zi arrived, and both of them were stunned when they saw the situation in the surroundings. But in next to no time, Yang Ye recovered from his shock. After that, Yang Ye’s wrist twisted as a sword appeared in his hand, and he was prepared to deal with these black clothed figures before him first.

“Ye’er, let them leave!” Right at this moment, the beautiful woman spoke.

Even though he was slightly unwilling, Yang Ye didn’t dare to go against his mother. He immediately took a deep breath, kept his sword away, and then walked over to the beautiful woman.

When they heard the beautiful women, Liu Qingyu and the other black clothed figures recovered from their shock, and they didn’t dare stay here any longer. They immediately turned around, and with a few leaps, they vanished beneath the veil of night.

At this moment, the terror in Liu Qingyu’s heart really couldn’t be described with words! My God! My father actually wanted to marry a Spirit Realm expert as his concubine?

When he thought up to here, Liu Qingyu’s entire body broke out in cold sweat. This is like the stories of being audacious to the extreme out of lust! Fortunately, that beautiful woman merely wished to live a peaceful life. Otherwise, the Liu Clan would have probably ceased to exist since a long time ago!

“Senior Brother Liu, we brothers won’t be joining you in this matter any longer. Farewell!” Right at this moment, Chen Feng spoke to Liu Qingyu from the side, and then he turned around and flashed towards a different direction.

“Senior Brother Liu, I’m bidding my farewells as well….” The other disciple of the Sword Sect left as well.

Liu Qingyu grunted coldly when he saw them leave. Even though he was slightly displeased in his heart, he didn’t stop them. After all, they could be said to have offended a Spirit Realm expert. Even though this Spirit Realm expert seemed like she didn’t intend to pursue the matter, but could anyone guarantee that she wouldn’t change her mind?

So, if they wanted to live, then they had to rush back to the Sword Sect. Because they could only be unafraid of the beautiful woman after they returned to the Sword Sect!

“Young Master, do you….” The last black clothed figure couldn’t flee because he was a guest elder of the Liu Clan. He was bound together for good and bad with the Liu Clan! Even though he was unable to flee, it didn’t mean that he wasn’t afraid because that was a Spirit Realm expert!

Liu Qingyu said in a low voice, “It’s fine. She has already said that she only wishes to live a peaceful life. You return and tell my father about this matter. My father will know what to do.”

“Then what about you, Young Master?”

“I’m heading back to the Sword Sect. I must return to the Sword Sect because I have an agreement to battle her son. If she finds out about it, she might choose to eliminate me first. After all, her son is only at the Mortal Realm now, and I’m already at the third rank of the First Heaven Realm.”


“But what? Do as I say!”



The Imperial Capital of Qin.

Within a luxurious room, a beautiful woman that sat cross-legged on the bed suddenly opened her eyes, and then she said in a low voice, “You still fought in the end!”

As soon as she finished speaking, the beautiful woman swiftly stood up, and then she walked out of the room and said to another pretty young woman that stood outside the room. “Gather the Flower Guard. Feng Yu has made an appearance in Southpeace City. Head immediately to Southpeace City.”

“Yes, Elder Feng Yi!”


In the stone house, the beautiful woman stretched out her hand to touch Yang Ye’s handsome face, and then a strand of a gentle expression flashed in her eyes. She said, “It has already been two years. I never expected that Ye’er has already grown up into a man.”

Tears shimmered in Yang Ye’s eyes. After two years, I’ve finally returned home.

After a long time, he asked. “Mother, you… you’re really a Profounder?”

Yang Ye was still unable to accept that his mother was an extraordinary expert. After all, they’d lived together for over 10 years, and the impression he has of his mother was one where she was gentle, virtuous, and never caused trouble. This change in her image was too sudden.

The beautiful woman nodded, and then she pulled Little Yao into her embrace. She rubbed Little Yao’s head and said, “I’ll tell both you and Little Yao everything about me.”

When they heard the beautiful woman, Qing Hong and the others who were sitting at the side exchanged glances before they swiftly withdrew themselves from the stone house.

When she saw then withdraw themselves, the beautiful woman said slowly, “I was an outer court disciple of the Flower Palace in the past. I met your father by coincidence, and we fell in love. After that, I left the Flower Palace!”

The Flower Palace! Yang Ye was shocked in his heart, and he couldn’t help but clench his fists together tightly. Even though Yang Ye didn’t know much about the Flower Palace, he’d heard of it. After all, the Flower Palace was an extraordinary power that was merely inferior to the Origin School.

The Flower Palace only took female disciples, and it even had a famous rule. This rule was that once one joined the Flower Palace, then one was prohibited from love, romance, or getting married. Once a disciple violated this rule, then even if that disciple fled to the corners of the world, the Flower Palace’s Flower Guard would capture that disciple and inflict extremely cruel punishment upon that disciple.

So, when he heard that his mother had betrayed the Flower Palace for his father that he’d never met, Yang Ye couldn’t help but become anxious.

Little Yao asked in a light voice. “Mother, is the Flower Palace that power that doesn’t allow others to get married?”

The beautiful woman nodded and said, “Exactly. The reason I concealed my strength for these past 20 years was that I was trying to avoid being tracked and captured. Unfortunately, I’d still fought tonight. I think that they’re probably already on the way to Southpeace City. So, Ye’er and Little Yao, both of you must leave Southpeace City as soon as possible. Otherwise, it’ll be too late!”

Yang Ye stood up and said, “Mother, I’ve never asked you about Father in the past. Now, I want to ask you about him. Is Father still alive or has he been murdered by the Flower Palace?”

When she heard Yang Ye say the word father, the woman’s figure stiffened while a pained expression flashed on her face.

A cold glow flashed in Yang Ye’s eyes when he noticed his mother’s expression, and he said in a cold voice, “Mother, Father really died at the hands of the Flower Palace?”

Yang Ye’s mother shook her head and said, “No. Your Father isn’t dead. But… just don’t ask about it. Listen to me and leave Southpeace City with Little Yao. I’m their objective, and so long as they find me, then they probably won’t look for the both of you. Even if they want to find the both of you, both of you haven’t cultivated Flower Palace’s cultivation technique, so they have no way to find the both of you!”

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “If we leave, then we’ll leave together! If Mother doesn’t leave, then I won’t as well!”

“Little Yao won’t leave as well!” Little Yao who laid in her mother’s embrace spoke in a firm voice.

“So, now that you’ve gained some ability, you don’t intend to listen to me anymore?” The beautiful woman was slightly angry. Yet she seemed to feel her tone was too heavy, and she eased it up and said, “Ye’er, be obedient and take Yao’er to the Sword Sect. With Yao’er’s natural talent, the Sword Sect will probably take her in. So long as both of you’re at the Sword Sect, then the members of the Flower Palace will probably not head to the Sword Sect to look for trouble with the two of you!”

Yang Ye didn’t say anything.

A mother knows her son best. So, how could the beautiful woman not know what Yang Ye was thinking?

She said, “Ye’er, so long as Little Yao and you’re safe, mother wouldn’t have any regrets even if I’m taken back to the Flower Palace. But if you act on impulse and cause the deaths of Little Yao and yourself, then even if I died, I wouldn’t be able to die in peace!”

Yang Ye raised his head to gaze at his mother, and he said, “Mother, the reason I worked hard to become strong was to protect you and Little Yao. If you’re gone, then even if I become the strongest expert in the southern territory, it would still be meaningless! In short, I won’t leave. If they want to take you away, then they have to step over my dead body!”

“Mother, I won’t leave as well. Little Yao wants to be with you and Big Brother forever!” Little Yao’s immature face was covered in a firm expression.

“Silly child, silly children….” The beautiful woman embraced Yang Ye and Little Yao, and her face was covered in tears.

“What a touching scene. Since all of you love each other so deeply, then there’s no need to leave. All of you can stay in the Flower Palace’s Passionless Cliff for a few tens of years.” Right at this moment, a cold and indifferent voice that didn’t contain any emotions drifted into the stone house.

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