Chapter 73 – Feng Yu

Almighty Sword Domain

When they heard this voice, the expressions of both Yang Ye and the beautiful woman changed abruptly. Yang Ye swiftly stood up before his sword appeared in his hand because if someone wanted to take his mother away, then that person had to step over his dead body!

The beautiful woman laughed bitterly and said, “What’s coming will come in the end.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she held Yang Ye and Little Yao’s hands and walked out of the stone house.

Five beautiful women that were light blue colored dresses that were covered in flower patterns were standing outside the stone house. There was a gorgeous and lifelike flower of unknown name embroidered on their left chests. Under the rays of moonlight, it emanated a crystalline and dazzling glow.

As he gazed at this emblem, Yang Ye knew that they were from the Flower Palace.

On the other hand, Qing Hong’s group of three that were originally standing on guard outside the house were lying on the ground now. Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief when he noticed they were still breathing and had just fallen unconscious.

A wisp of a complicated expression flashed in the eyes of Yang Ye’s mother when she saw the beautiful woman in the lead, and she said, “Feng Yi, I never expected that you joined the Flower Guard!”

A wisp of a cold smile suffused the corners of the beautiful woman called Feng Yi, and she said, “Yeah, it took you by surprise, right? All those years ago, your natural talent far exceeded my own, and if you didn’t leave Flower Palace for a man, then your accomplishments now would have probably far exceeded my own! However, unfortunately, you who people called Fairy Feng all those years ago actually fell willingly and betrayed Flower Palace for a man. Because of that, you’re actually only at the second rank of the Spirit Realm now.”

Yang Ye was shocked in his heart when he heard this. This beautiful woman actually knows my mother, but it seems like there’s enmity between them. This isn’t good!

Yang Ye’s mother shook her head and said, “I don’t want to talk about the matters of the past. Feng Yi, out of consideration that we used to be from the sect, let me ask of something from you. Let my children go. It was I who violated the rules of the palace, and it isn’t related to them. So long as you let them go, then I’m willing to return to the palace with you!”

Feng Yi glanced at Yang Ye and Little Yao, and then she said, “Feng Yu, do you think it’s possible? According to the rules of the palace, they must return to the palace with you and be punished. As for whether you’re willing or not, it isn’t up to you any longer!”

“They’re innocent!” Feng Yu spoke in a low voice.

Feng Yi laughed coldly and said, “If they’re your children, then they aren’t innocent. Actually, I really don’t understand what was so good about that man? You actually betrayed the palace for him. Don’t tell me it was because of love. If he really loved you, then he shouldn’t have gotten entangled with you, nor should he have brought you away from the palace. Moreover, don’t tell me that he didn’t know the Flower Palace’s rules!”

A wisp of a painful expression flashed on Feng Yu’s face. After a short moment, she shook her head and said, “I don’t want to speak about the past. Feng Yi, out of consideration for the fact that we used to be disciples of the same sect. I beg you to allow my children to leave.”

“Impossible!” Feng Yi spoke in a low voice. “My refusal isn’t because I envy you. I admit that I’d envied you all those years ago, but when I saw how you are now, I don’t feel envy any longer. Because you’re unworthy of me feeling envious of you. You ought to be clearly aware of the reason I refused. The rules of the Flower Palace aren’t something that you or I can change or go against. They must return with you to receive their punishment!”

Feng Yu still wanted to say something, yet at this moment, Yang Ye gazed at his mother as he knelt on the ground, and he said, “Mother, there’s no need to beg her again. Your son is useless. Even though I’m unable to protect you and Little Yao, I can live and die with mother and Little Yao.”

“Yao’er wants to live and die with mother and Big Brother as well. Yao’er won’t leave mother!” Little Yao held Feng Yu’s hand tightly and spoke firmly.

Two rows of crystalline tears flowed once more from Feng Yu’s eyes. She pulled Yang Ye and Little Yao into her embrace, and then she said, “It’s I who is useless. I don’t have the ability to protect both of you. It’s mother that’s useless….”

When she saw this scene, a wisp of a complicated expression flashed past the eyes of a few beautiful women at the side. But they quickly recovered their calm. Even though they pitied these three people before them, no one dared to go against the rules of the Flower Palace, let alone them!

Feng Yi’s expression was calm while the emotions in her eyes didn’t fluctuate at all. Just as she’d said, she really had been envious of Feng Yu in the past, or it should be said that all the disciples of the ‘Feng’ generation within the Flower Palace were envious of Feng Yu. Because at that time, Feng Yu was called Fairy Feng, and no matter if it was in terms of strength or natural talent, she far surpassed everyone else. So, no matter how hard they worked, they were unable to compete with her! At that time, Feng Yu ruled the younger generation of Flower Palace!

Of course, at that time, even though she was envious of Feng Yu, Feng Yi didn’t dare offend Feng Yu at all. After all, the entire sect had placed emphasis on fostering Feng Yu at that time, and the sect had to rely on her to seize a position on the Ascension Ranking. However, unfortunately, this disciple that the Flower Palace fostered with all its strength had betrayed the palace for a man, and this utterly infuriated the Palace Master and the other elders at that time.

It was precisely because of this that the Flower Palace was still hunting Feng Yu after so long had passed.

When she thought of what waited for Feng Yu upon returning to Flower Palace, Feng Yi sighed in her heart. She couldn’t deny that she’d taken the initiative to pursue Feng Yu at the beginning because she wanted to lay eyes upon Feng Yu who’d fallen from her prime.

Now, she’d seen it. Feng Yu had completely lost the elegant demeanor she possessed in the past, and Feng Yu’s strength was even much inferior to her. Logically speaking, I ought to feel happy from this sight, yet not only do I feel no happiness, I feel a type of sorrow instead?

Could it be that the rules of the palace are truly too heartless?

When she thought up to here, Feng Yi’s heart shook, and she hurriedly cleared her mind of these thoughts. After that, she looked at Yang Ye, and his family before she said, “Feng Yu, let’s go!”

Yang Ye turned around to look at Feng Yi. He took a deep breath before the Profound Energy within his body surged explosively. Yang Ye wouldn’t stand there and allow himself to be captured, nor would he just watch as his mother returned to suffer whatever punishment the rules of the Flower Palace provided for.

He knew that he wasn’t a match for these five people before him, or it should be said that he wasn’t a match for any one of these five people. But so what? For the sake of his mother and younger sister that were behind him, he would unsheathe his sword even if he faced a Saint Realm expert!

“Your courage is praiseworthy, but you’re overestimating your ability!” As she gazed at Yang Ye who’d unsheathed his sword, Feng Yi spoke indifferently.

“Perhaps!” As soon as he finished speaking, his figure had already vanished on the spot, and his sword carried strands of whistles as it tore through the sky and stabbed at Feng Yi who was in the lead.

Yang Ye didn’t hold back at all, nor did he dare hold back. He didn’t know Feng Yi’s exact cultivation, but he knew that this woman’s strength was absolutely not inferior to Bloodhand and Su Qingshi from that day. Moreover, he knew that he was doing something beyond his ability, and it was very likely that he would be directly annihilated in this exchange. But so what?

For the sake of his loved ones, not to mention death, he wouldn’t regret it even if his soul could never enter the cycle of reincarnation!

Yang Ye’s speed and strength caused Feng Yi to be slightly surprised. It wasn’t just Feng Yi, even the beautiful women behind Feng Yi and Feng Yu herself were slightly surprised. Because by attaining such a level of speed and strength at the Mortal Realm, one would be considered to be an extraordinary genius even in Flower Palace.

“Pretty good speed and attack power!” As soon as she finished speaking, Feng Yu swung her right hand at Yang Ye, and a strand of strong wind blew at him. Yang Ye’s figure was instantly blasted flying, yet the sword in Yang Ye’s hand seemed like an arrow that had left the bow, and it transformed into a dazzling golden glow that directly penetrated through the strong wind and stabbed directly at Feng Yi.

This time, Feng Yi wasn’t just surprised, she was slightly shocked. She’d never expected that Yang Ye’s attack would actually be so fierce and sharp to the point of directly piercing through the strong wind she created. Even though this strong wind was something she’d create with a casual swing of her hand, she was an expert at the eighth rank of the Spirit Realm! Logically speaking, the casual attack of an expert at the Spirit Realm wasn’t something that even Profounders at the First Heaven Realm were unable to resist.

As she caught Yang Ye that was blasted flying by Feng Yi, a wisp of shock flashed through Feng Yu’s eyes when she saw Yang Ye’s sword pierce through the strong wind created by Feng Yi. Obviously, she’d never expected that Yang Ye’s sword would be able to pierce through it.

When she made Yang Ye head to the Sword Sect all those years ago, besides for the sake of allowing Yang Ye to have the ability to survive in the southern territory, she’d also done it because of the Flower Palace’s pursuit. However, she’d never imagined that Yang Ye’s strength would actually be so formidable now!

He can’t be allowed to be taken to the Flower Palace! In merely an instant, Feng Yu decided. Of course, she’d never thought about allowing Yang Ye to be taken to the Flower Palace, and this thought just became even firmer now. After all, once they were taken to the Flower Palace, then even if Yang Ye was able to survive, his life would be controlled by the Flower Palace. She couldn’t allow her son to become a slave of the Flower Palace!


Feng Yi waved her hand casually once more, and Yang Ye’s sword was instantly blasted flying. Moreover, it stabbed towards Yang Ye at a speed that was countless times swifter than before.

When she saw the sword shoot over like a bolt of lightning, Feng Yu’s beautiful brows knit together. Right when she intended to make a move, the sword slowed down instead, and under the astounded gazes of everyone, the sword’s speed grew slower and slower. In the end, it arrived before Yang Ye as if it had strolled over.

As she gazed at the sword that floated before Yang Ye, a wisp of a solemn expression flashed in Feng Yi’s eyes, and as if she’d thought of something, killing intent flashed in her eyes. Obviously, Yang Ye’s potential and strength caused her to feel that he was a threat!

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